Celtic v Ross County, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 14:00.

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    I’m sure DD’s Preferential Shares have collected a suitable dividend evry single year.



    He is the problem, not the solution.



    Hope you and yours are good!

  2. Go tell the Spartim on

    I’m only hitting the refresh button to see if anyone’s been mutually consented



    Ever the optimist CSC

  3. Canman


    The bit I didn’t agree with was the CEO being taken out of the recruiting process, after re reading it, it meant the managers recruitment, so I also agree with it all.








    The all seeing all knowing canamalar predicted Lenny would be treated exactly like BR and the same clamour for blood would be the result. The only difference is those who thought there was any alternative on offer are now giving it the I told you so dance without knowing the steps.




    This was never going to end up any other way regardless of how much Lenny could achieve, he needed to be undermined in the same way BR was undermined to ensure Scottish football became “competitive” Kennedy is now the the man in the frame to ensure competition keeps the suckers distracted from the Plc business plan.




    I don’t expect you to see any further than your gloating “I told you so” position that’s exactly what’s expected from you, how we got here appears to be beyond your reasoning, else your a plant to try and keep things dumb.





    I’m certainly not saying I told you so. I’ve been saying it since Cluj regularly. It was always going to happen because we appointed a manager whose methods are out of date. He was condemned out of his own mouth. He didn’t think things like tactics and team shape and formations were all that important. He left that to others. Anyway I have no intention of chewing the fat with you over this. My original point is that tonight you came on the blog to have a go at Celtic supporters. Not many of the posters on here who didn’t want Neil Lennon as manager have come on here to have a go at Neil’s many supporters. That’s primarily the difference between us. I don’t have a go at the pro Neil Lennon fans. I have a go at Neil Lennon himself for his shortcomings. You have a go at people like me, Celtic supporters, for not bowing down and worshipping our manager.

  5. Players have seen moves away rejected. They’ve seen exposure in the champions league disappear due to crap tactics. They have seen the laughing stock of Europa pile on with even more dumb decisions. They’ve been thrown under the bus several times. They have a regime to learn their trade that is a massive drop from what they’ve known and where they’ve been. The play in a team with no system, making it up as they go along and they frankly hate their football.



    They are unhappy. Ever been in an unhappy, toxic workplace where you are the brunt of the org’s ills?



    Utter failure of leadership with Lenny, his coaches and above him.



    These things just ‘are’. They don’t make people evil but we are a dysfuncrtional team and have been for a while until it has now imploded.



    I hope we can learn from it as this experiment is dead in the water.




  6. The galling this is, Brendan Rodgers costs Celtic nothing….the club probably made a direct profit form Leicester for his entire tenure

  7. Canamalar



    “Paranoia is why every human being exists today, ”



    I think there is a bit more to it than that myself.



    “who said it was a bad thing ?”



    It is not in and of itself a bad thing, but it does tend to stifle objective thinking. All in my humble opinion of course.


    I just don’t see the “Kennedy as interim manager” notion having much in the way of mileage. But what do I know? Maybe you have the inside track?

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Maybe not even football fans, Britain has an excellent record on agent provocateur activities, managed to keep the working class divided and condemning each other for hundreds of years.

  9. Martim1980



    You’re probably correct that Head of Security would make the call, but I suspect that the CEO would at the very least have been consulted.


    The optics of the confrontations will do more to harm the reputation of Celtic FC than the result.



    Wretched stuff all round.

  10. GEEBEE1978 on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:23 PM



    Thats you and I finally on the same page🙂



    gutted mate, there is no way to take the sting out of this run, very painful.

  11. FAIRHILL BHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:54 PM


    Bhoyfromsky-silly attention seeking.Are you big packy in disguise 🤔




    FB – I like 😂



    D :)

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Ray Singh…,


    There really is no much more than that to the survival of the species else we’d have been eaten by better predators, it’s really simple.


    You don’t need the “inside track” just follow the form.


    Cheap as chips.

  13. Aipple the Christmas lights have bern up here since Remembrance Day usually not until after St Andrews Day. Most people are scunnered and want something tae brighten their life up.



    St Stivs, after we went out of the cup tae Falkirk in the replay TB stated he knew what was wrong and how to fix it. The Bunnet took care of that.



    After fraudgers effed off in the middle of the campaign, he who never had a Plan B BTW, it was JK who took charge of the squad at swinecastle and Easter Road, Lenny let us all know that.

  14. SAINT STIVS on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:37 PM


    that is an auto correct classic – trying for tadgers, types out as badgers




    Gerrybhoy more of a stagger than a run…if that needs auto correct after predictive text😂



    D :)

  15. lets all do the huddle on

    I expect Neil is negotiating his payoff.



    And why souldn’t he?




    if he is on a 1 year rolling contract as he probably is



    then theres no negotiation needed



    the pay off is 1 years wages



    thats the point in them

  16. Canamalar,


    it has been the “cheap as chips” option that has led us down this particular rabbit hole.


    Not even OUR biscuit tin trailblazers can have failed to spot the folly in attempting the same approach again.




  17. Let’s all….



    Severance should be straightforward.



    Here’s my take – the board have no effin plan B beyond Kennedy (nod and wink post 10IAR I suspect) or distressed temporary purchases like Strachan, Keane or O’Neill but realise we ain’t gonna buy it.



    Desmond needs to be woken from his slumber to find a golf-playing type currently unemployed and with enough oooomph to save the board’s bacon. There’s nobody there.



    I want a revolution. We’ll probably get a changting of the guard..




  18. FU , is this not the case.


    But Petrov admits he will forever be in debt to Gordon Strachan for the way he helped handle the situation.


    Petrov explained: “He (Strachan) was great with me. I played really well and you know when I wanted to leave I created a little bit of friction with the club because I wanted to leave, I was so long here… he was great.


    “He understood my desire; he said ‘I agree with you’. But you know what he said to me?



    “He said ‘I know you’re angry, I know you want to go, but give me another six months and teach the other ones to play with the same desire as you’.



    “Naka just came in, you had the young boys like Shaun Maloney, Aiden McGeady and Stephen McManus. He was clear with me.


    “Honesty is the best thing in football and he was honest.


    “I signed my contract, the club got the money for me, I stayed another six months, I gave everything I could and then after that Gordon just shook my hand and said ‘Thanks very much’.


    “When you have an understanding and relationship like that, you know it’s a special place.”

  19. lets all do the huddle on

    the folk at the ground got 1 thing right



    the players are a bunch of shite bags and cowards



    ive been saying it for a very long time



    a team of physically and mentally weak fairies



    no heart, no guts, no fight



    shoved off the ball at the slightest touch



    out muscled and out jumped by opponents who arent even as big as them



    defenders, midfielders and forwards all included in that



    and theres folk asking what the latest is with james forrest and mikey johnston



    they fall into the very same bracket



    our squad needs fundamentally restructured to get guys in who can put up a fight on the pitch when things arent going our way

  20. Notthebus, fraudgers was the highest paid manager in our history and was given plenty of money tae spend, after he got Eddy tae accompany the Moose he then said he wanted out, when the Kaiser telt him tae GTF he downed tools and was given very little money after that.



    As for his comment about the place being full of wingers, WTF are they now. Players were bought in spite of him as it was known he would be for the Joe The Toff as soon as a decent club came in.



    Before we took him on he couldnae buy a job, it was mutual as we were good for him and he us.



    Leicester are only a middle of the table club and he’ll dump them like he did us, Swansea and Reading.



    He’s a narcissus and was never a Celtic supporter according tae his cousin Nigel who did say his da and siblings were but not him, he was a Sheffield Wednesday fan.

  21. 67 European Cup Winners on

    If DD is committed to Celtic he will have one objective on the table today



    What do I have to do to win this league



    Whatever that is – do it



    I can but only hope




  22. NOTTHEBUS @ 7:33 PM,



    As well as the Leicester City money, we made revord profits and more doubled the value of the squad.



    BR & Co certainly put more money into Celtic than they took out.



    And as TET’s earlier post highlights, brought more value than oir CEO has done in 17 years.



    Hail Hail


    RC on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:47 PM


    FU , is this not the case.



    He was too nice a guy to mention the BULLYING he got and was not A HARDMAN that could stand up for himself.



    Now if you were as good as STAN would you pass to NEIL LENNON backwards every time you got the ball.

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