Celtic v Ross County, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 14:00.

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    RC on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:33 PM


    still doesn’t give the preying hordes the right to chant their vile abusive chants towards Lenny , he deserves better than that , we are Celtic.



    If he would just admit the truth and go there would be no need for the abuse. He sounds like all the lying thieving TORY MP’S who come on tv every day same story same lies PIE IN SKY THE MORRA.

  2. NFL



    “”What I’m trying to work out is we’re more or less the same squad of players who were rampant last year and they’ve certainly not been rampant this year in any sort of consistent vein of form.



    “Whether it’s living in the pandemic or whether it’s without the supporters, if that is the case than we HAVE to adapt to that better.



    “But I think they’re just lacking a little bit of confidence, some of them.



    “We’re not playing anywhere near as well as we can and that’s on me.”

  3. To treat someone like Lenny in such away is despicable.2 decades and a helluva lot of success.


    More bottle in his pinky,than all those badgers outside.Cannot stand them.Wish someone would go outside,give them their 600 quid back,and tell them to GTF

  4. FB- respect ya a lot and yeah – I’m lashing out, I got to be honest. You got me. What is going on?

  5. FU


    so do you agree with the the preying hordes the right to chant their vile abusive chants towards Lenny tonight.

  6. I agree completely that no Celtic manager should be treated in that way.






    Has he resigned yet?







  7. Canamalar,


    just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you eh?




  8. FU


    If he would just admit the truth and go there would be no need for the abuse



    so what would that be

  9. I see in F1 Grosjean has survived a high speed car crash.


    Will Lennon survive that slow motion car crash??

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Ray Singh…,


    Paranoia is why every human being exists today, who said it was a bad thing ?

  11. Remember back when ……………



    ” we are all Neil Lennon “……..remember aye.. ?



    Faithful departed, look what you’ve started;


    An underdog’s wounds aren’t so easy to mend.


    Faithful departed, there’s no broken hearted,


    And no more tristesse in your world without end.

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh right, the stupid people who underestimate paranioa’s contribution to the survival of the species.

  13. Such a shame that Lenny has to absorb ALL the blame, sure he is guilty as charged but there are 5 players I’d get rid of tomorrow because they have a lip on and chucked it. Eddie, Ntcham, Christie, Ajer and sadly Rogic. All are a disgrace to their profession.


    What I cannot fathom is we know we have the power. Can the fans not organise themselves to buy a massive portion of shares and get a couple of fans to head up that consortium and take a seat on the board???


    The guy who really hacks me off is Ajer, OK, he’s not a centre half and should not be put in that position, but the guy really believes he’s the next Virgil or even big Franz, Wake up son, you are and always will be a journeyman player at best.


    The board too are a scandal and should have a look in the mirror seriously and ask a few questions of themselves.


    Celtic Forever

  14. glendalystonsils on

    I think the interview Lenny gave after the match might have been intended to reassure but it was so removed from what we saw on the pitch that it only added fuel to the flames.


    I’m not surprised that so many of these eejits reacted the way they did although that’s no excuse .



    Personally his interview angered me just as much as the team performance.

  15. Re the scenes outside Celtic Park, assuming we are seeing the end of a Generation of Domination, it was always going to end with a bang, no way will our supporters – high on years of unparalleled success – simply move quietly to the back of the bus, and of course if nothing changes – to quote Paul67 – it could get a whole lot worse😩




    Agreed. The part where he suggested that we might need to start working on set-plays to me was a massive admission of incompetence from him and his staff in recent months.




    ROCK TREE BHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:55 PM



    What salary is he on?






    Lets you and I ignore each other – you know it makes sense🙂

  18. onenightinlisbon on

    PHILBHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:15 PM



    Must be difficult to live on that right enough.

  19. Jaw dropping scenes on Twitter. Fences being thrown at Police Vans..I honestly, naively, didn’t think Celtic “fans “would be as thuggish as this.



    A real dark day today. Embarrassing to anyone who loves Celtic.

  20. SCHUMMI-I wouldn’t put ntcham in that list.I honestly think that he has been like that for a few seasons now

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Never seen Lenny’s interview but the quotes seen on here make me think he was trying to kill off any talk about dressing room discontent and his disappointment in the effort from some of his “stars”, I suspect that was under instruction with the knowledge it would further damage him and his position.


    He tried to be like GS, keep the criticism in the dressing room, problem is the dissenters don’t give a monkeys, they are on a promise.




    Can the fans not organise themselves to buy a massive portion of shares and get a couple of fans to head up that consortium and take a seat on the board???





    I know you are quite a new poster, however, are you from planet Earth?

  23. ROCK TREE BHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:18 PM



    Fully agree. I think what rankles with me is an apparent lack of effort on the pitch. I’m not saying that they don’t care but I can handle limited players looking like they’re giving their all more than decent players being out-fought by far inferior players.



    Had us and Sevco matched each other stride for stride and we were pipped to the post in a thrilling title-race, it would hurt but you’d have to put your hands up and know when you’re run is at an end….however, it’s this pathetic whimper in each competition that’s killing me.



    Losing the 10 to a Sevco treble fills me with dread.

  24. Glendalystonsils



    What you say makes sense – and the manner of our exit from 2 tournaments in the one week is what hurts.



    We needed a Dubai break least season to get on track and without a winter break this year we may have to get one by having fewer games to play than our opponents.



    As for outside Celtic Park tonight, it almost beggars belief.


    Mostly under 25s & some females amongst them.


    All actively trying to break a police line put in place to protect Celtic Park, Celtic employees & their cars from alleged Celtic fans hellbent on who knows what if they got through.


    Throwing metal fence panels at police vans..


    Directing their venom for the cops who’ve clearly been asked to attend there by the Board or the CEO.


    Ensuring that the headline tomorrow is all about thugs in our ranks…



    Respectable descriptions of these people eludes me at this time.

  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Do you think they are all Celtic fans?


    Serious question

  26. Robbed from elsewhere, I don’t agree with it all, but in the main it sums up things in a nutshell for me.


    Lawwell ain’t done that good has he.




    1,654 days ago Celtic appointed Brendan Rodgers.


    The share price was £74, almost exactly where it was when Lawwell arrived 12 years earlier. That was 12 years of zero shareholder returns in an era that football revenues exploded.


    The year before Rodgers arrival Celtic had to put tarpaulin over a portion of the stadium as they couldn’t sell out the stadium.


    We floundered under an unknown Scandinavian manager winning only 3 of the six trophies and failing to do anything of note in Europe.


    The CEO was cut out if the recruitment process as the club took a massive step forward in terms of modern football managers.


    The stadium was filled with 15,000 fans to recognise this great leap forward by the club, joyous scenes.


    We went on to win the next 11 domestic trophies on the back of the platform laid down by Rodgers.


    We qualified twice in a row for CL.


    The stadium sold out and turnover went over £100m


    The share price went up 120% in 18 months to £165


    Rodgers decided to leave Celtic.


    Instead of continuing this obviously successful strategy on all fronts the CEO regained control, after appointing the stand in manager in a fit of excitement in the shower room after a cup final win turning his back on a modern strategy.


    18 months later before we enter December we are out of two European competitions, out the league cup and falling behind in the league with so signs of any way out of one of the the worst 10 game run in our history


    The club looks rudderless and the stadium has just had fans protesting in the middle of a pandemic such is the frustration level.


    The share price has lost 75% of the gains it made in 2016-18. It would not be surprising if it returned to £75 by the end of the season.


    This means in an almost 20 year stewardship there will have been no shareholder value created.


    The only time the shareholder value increased was when the CEO was removed from the strategy.

  27. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Here, when I read that, I thought he was being sarcastic, and I’m still sure he was.


    I think that was a dig at the players.


    RC on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:08 PM







    so do you agree with the the preying hordes the right to chant their vile abusive chants towards Lenny tonight.



    Do you know why STAN PETROV left CELTIC.



    Did you see his face when he went up to collect his winners medal.



    Well when you find out come back on and condemn the protesters.

  29. Suspect there will be still be a match commander at the match even without fans if not the call would be from head of Celtic security.

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