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  1. Well, players used to play shit all night long


    They made us cry, they done us wrong


    They hurt our eyes open, that’s no lie


    Tables turn and now their turn to cry



    Because we used to love them, but it’s all over now


    Because we used to love them, but it’s all over now



    Pete used to run around buying every tube in town


    He spent all our money, playing his ‘high class’ game


    But now we’re out, it’s just a pity how we cried


    Tables turn and now his turn to cry



    Because we used to love him,


    but it’s all over now


    Because we used to love him,


    but it’s all over now



    Well, I buy my season ticket every month of May


    To make sure we’re ready to play the Celtic way.


    But now the shirts been shrunk, to fit those who let us down.


    Still trying to take us for that same old clown



    But I still love Broony,


    but it’s all over now


    But I still love Lenny,


    but it’s all over now



    But I still love Celtic,


    but it’s all over now




    Onlooker /Jagger / Richards CSC

  2. GREENPINATA on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:43 AM









    What about individual responsibility?






    What about it? Ultimate responsibility rests with the people at the top, who will now be controlling the narrative that you are basing your opinions on. See also Bobo Balde, Jackie Macnamara, John McGinn etc. Anyone who crosses Lawwell gets trashed, Trump style.

  3. we currently have the worst group of so called centre backs Julien , Ajer, Bitton,Duff y , you couldn’t make a centre half out of the 4 of them and don’t get me started on goalies, midfielders, wingers and strikers.

  4. The insults OUTSIDE Celtic Park, by approximately 50 people, hurled at Neil last night are rightly condemned by all. The club then issue a statement regarding this. Did anyone see the statement by the club when 25,000 people sang sectarian songs at a Cup Final, or even more so, when 8,000 people continually sang sectarian songs INSIDE Celtic Park? Did I miss it? por cierto.

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on




    Big Issue – Big Moment – Big Decision



    Peter Lawwell is the ISSUE


    PL has a solid record in terms of domestic trophies won and financial stability


    But infallibility has alluded PL he seems to have trouble understanding people


    When dealing with Petrie over McGinn PL believed he would get McGinn on the price he thought was right – he had no idea it was a sellers market and he would need to pay ( an extra £500k allegedly) being immune to the people skills needed to secure a deal PL cost Celtic millions as well as a natural Scott Brown replacement


    He is doing it again today – NL should have been sacked after we were knocked out of the CL but PL would need to pay him a year salary – so PL thinks he will wait until NL resigns he thinks he is saving money – he is costing Celtic a fortune PL has not learned from the the McGinn deal NL is going nowhere until he is sacked


    With BR, an outstanding Manager, PL could not match BRs ambition for Celtic worse he could not manage his expectations or BR as an employee – he screwed up the relationship


    PL at this point was getting tired of people challenging him – he wants to do whatever he wants without interference He controls everyone and everything at Celtic – he has dictator tendencies


    There are rumblings that any decent manager would not be willing to work with PL


    BR would not recommend PL as a supportive CEO i’m not sure Ronny Deila, Martin O’Neill, Gordon Strachan and now NL would either



    Dermot Desmond is the big MOMENT


    PL has got away with his issues in the past ,because we were winning and the Balance sheet was strong


    DD was prepared to put up with PL as long as he did not have to worry about the financial side of Celtic


    DD made a few quid and let PL run the show


    But now after PL convinced DD that NL was the answer not only are we not winning but DDs money is being squandered so this is a big moment for DD stick or twist !!!!



    Be it DD or PL (if he survives) one of them has a big DECISION


    Go for a quick fix with a view to trying to win the league or wait until the right man is available and willing to come, effectively accepting that the league has gone



    DD has all the cards I have no idea how he will play them but his next decision will influence the next 10 years



    On a lighter note I feel for Paul67 and how he writes his post today


    PL will try and have him focus on the actions of a few fans outside last night


    Or we may get the NL is being obstructive by not resigning


    Or the players let us down


    Or it had to end sometime






  6. Team for Thursday –




    Elhamed, Welsh, Duffy, Taylor


    Henderson, Turnbull, Soro, Ntcham


    Ajeti, Klimala


    Throw in a couple of subs and keep the rest at home, Covid-free and training hard



    Then for next Sunday –




    Elhamed, Jullien, Ajer, Laxalt


    Frimpong, Turnbull, McGregor, Christie


    Griffiths, Edouard



    Too soon?

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    Do we seriously think that Lawwell will replace the present manager with a top quality one?



    Cheap option to get us through to the season’s end, then cheerio.

  8. Jobo – You’re just trying to spice up the CQN player of the year competition aren’t you?




  9. One upside I suppose is that we won’t be seeing any more articles calling for fans to be readmitted to stadiums for a while.

  10. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    I like the 2nd team you put up but I don’t know enough about Turnbull. Midfield maybe a bit soft?

  11. If Strachan gets the Job it obviously means no-one else wants it. 10IAR is a too much pressure for many a good manager !

  12. Have visions of Strachan stepping out of his shower at home this morning and Lawell standing there with a towel in his hand.



    “Get your whiteboard Gordon. You’re hired.”




  13. Jobo:


    “Then for next Sunday –




    Elhamed, Jullien, Ajer, Laxalt


    Frimpong, Turnbull, McGregor, Christie


    Griffiths, Edouard”



    I would go with:




    Elhamed,Bitton, Jullien,Ajer ,Laxalt;





  14. I saw a comment somewhere else suggesting bringing in Gordon Strachan to assist Neil Lennon. Maybe not the worst suggestion I’ve seen. Probably not the best either 😂

  15. I know who i don’t want, but i have no idea who I do want.



    There simply isn’t a credible candidate , so a short term appointment is inevitable I fear.

  16. just shows you how far we have sunk in player quality , Elhamed is slower than Lustig when his legs had gone.

  17. Ernie and Big Wavy (both above) have at least given me a genuine, if slightly guilty, laugh this morning.



    Thanks guys!

  18. We approached 2 English based managers after the Sparta home game and both declined.


    Poisoned chalice

  19. Jobo 10.58am



    What if your Thursday team pump Milan 3-0



    Do they still get benched next Sunday :-)



    Cheers for the football topic

  20. 4-3-3





    Elhamed, Jullien, Ajer Taylor






    Frimpong Edouard Griffiths.



    and the back 4 just because we don’t have any option

  21. Gerry:


    `What if your Thursday team pump Milan 3-0`



    I don`t think we need worry about that :-)

  22. RC


    I had forgotten about Taylor.


    I would go with him instead of Laxalt in my selection. I think Diego is a bit overrated.

  23. Hot Smoked 11.22am



    You never know :-)



    Hope springs eternal and all that



    Bring back big Fraser .. we win our two games in hand and only 5pts behind Stevies Galaticos…. who by all accounts are having an amazing season … maybe things aren’t as bad as we think



    By the way … am trying to convince maself not anybody else :-)

  24. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I don’t agree on the ‘whataboutery’ going around in response to last nights club statement.



    Re: the neds, by all means protest in a socially distanced way, but no need for the abuse and aggression towards Celtic staff and players and indeed the bobbies.



    Sadly, there is a % of society that will react like this, regardless which club they support. Some of that % within our support came out last night and disgraced themselves.

  25. ST TAMS – As I recall, Phil Mac was the source of the story re Celtic speaking to two English managers. He gets very little right these days, be it from CP or from Sevco. His source at ibrox left the building years ago. So he just repeats the same financial crisis stories hoping that one day he’ll be able to say “I told you so”.


    Jim White had said PL was golfing in Scotland with Howe, because someone had told him.


    Wonder if the golf club was shut just for them? Or are mobile phones not allowed on the golf course 😂 seriously, no one around to take a photo?



    Whatever our board do, it isn’t leaked to Phil.

  26. 67ECW @ 10.50



    PL is a second rate property bean counter who would be totally out of his depth in a paddling pool.


    He has made mistake after mistake over the past 14 years where he has been allowed to make decisions.



    Starting with the TG window.


    We started looking at three players — average age 23 and got none of them.


    Brought in 3 players average age 28 and 3/4’s who cost a lot but had no future.


    PL big issue is that he has some good ideas but doesn’t follow through.



    Then once he has found something that works or seems to woirk — once — there is no moving him even when it is all falling down around him.



    To much ego and not enough analysis.


    He does what DD want’s without thinking — so he is OK there then.


    It is when he has to work / think on several fronts that things fall apart.



    He wastes money.


    He loses us money.


    He has not delivered on revenue.


    He has not delivered on player acquisition.


    Pennywise pound foolish at best.


    Too agent friendly — to the detriment of the club — at worst.



    2016 to 2018 should have set the club up for “life”.


    His willie waving competition with BR in the summer of 2018 has destroyed that future.


    He — and DD — should have been able top see through the BR act but they couldn’t.



    BR act — new teeth / new burd / new horizons — and worked him for what he was good at.


    DD couldn’t see past the 2002 debacle with MON and allowed PL to start s*it stirring with BR when BR started to pontificate about new challenges.



    The way to sort it out was to fish for a new manager who was more complete than the BR with CL L plates that they had in front of them.



    Some paper talk about various “German boy band personalities” and CL results / the next stage for the club would have kept BR on a short leash.



    However they are not that subtle and PL is only big on one thing — his ego.



    We have been a slow motion train wreck for 30 months.


    This shambles is a shock but it is not a surprise.

  27. From Sentinel Celts




    Spare a thought for Peter Lawwell who was up all night thrashing the keyboards to publish on his blog.


    His usual playbook in full view.


    Below are the titles of 4 articles on his blog.


    1-Unacceptable :Celtic statement. – Lash out at fans.


    2-Christie ordered to leave Parkhead. -Players afraid of fans.


    3-Disgrace:Sutton brands angry mob. – Disgraceful fans.


    4-The day Lenny threatened to quit as Celtic boss. – Careful what you wish for.


    Like Neil he has been consistent with his tactics which are long past their sell by date.


    Deflection and blame never introspective or positive going forward.



    The very same fans who have gone above and beyond this season by fully subscribing to expensive season tickets to watch their team on tv and pay additional fees for the privilege.


    Is it any wonder we are in such a mess with the arrogant leadership we have?

  28. still can’t fathom out why we always under pressure form a single striker when we have 3 so called centre back playing also are we the only team in the league who never have an advantage when we get a corner or have a free kick in the opposition half but we are always under pressure when we are defending against the same

  29. Celtic having forever been treated as second class in Scotland compared with Rangers and Sevco is almost bound to have created a feeling of inferiority in our supporters. Winning the Ten would go/have gone a long way in removing that insecurity so became massively important to most of our support. I feel that weight on our collective shoulders is proving too much to cope with hence the angst/anger at the moment.


    I do not think we will win the Ten but it really would be so,so good if we did.





    The above is my main point but in saying it, I thought, ` If we were to win the Ten from the low we are in at the moment, the response would be such that Celtic Park would (Covid permitting) still be sold out next season if the capacity was 80,000. Would The Board really want to jeopardise that?`

  30. glendalystonsils on




    I stand corrected . I’m quite aware there are some nutters among our support.

  31. If you’re on fairhill bhoy – thanks for putting me right last night – I’m still trying to process yesterday’s second half. Anybody could see we needed a tiny bit of width – anything, running to the corner, hit and hope anything rather than RC trying to beat 11 men or slip a wonderball to OE using quantum tunnelling.



    I have depression myself so I can’t tell you how much I admire lennie; an inspiration.


    It’s clear now that he can’t vary the game enough given



    the team unlearning the BR years


    broonie’s a year older


    covid absences


    bedding in many new players all of a sudden


    covid absences


    injuries to front foot players- his chosen motivation


    disspointment at the new players


    the fuggin ten


    the hun have learned how to play us


    the hun have a settled first 11 – I couldn’t even name our first 5 let alone 11


    ridiculous hun machine penalties

  32. I hope Neil is sacked today. Alongside Kennedy and Strachan.



    If we sack Neil but keep the management team otherwise in place then we’re in trouble. The season will be finished.



    We’ve flaws not being addressed on the training pitch so make wholesale changes now.



    Lawwell has known today was coming for weeks, I hope he’s used the time productively to identify a top coach…