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  1. It’s not just one game, that is getting beaten in a cup match for first time in 4 years, its seeing the same thing over and over again, despite being told that the coaches will learn, they’ll talk to the players, things will change blah, blah, blah – this season we have been papped out of 3 competitions already and won 2 out of our last 10 games – it’s a shambles of epic proportion and was seen by many as coming down the tracks for long enough. Act swiftly, decisively and with conviction and we still may be smiling at the end of the season when we look back on things.

  2. Magnificentseven on



    SYDNEYTIM on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:12 PM



    Who would replace Neil Lennon? Only asking.



    You are asking the wrong question, the question is, should Lennon be replaced, the only answer is yes.



    Who replaces him is a different question

  3. Croppybhoy 11.18pm



    I also have three nieces who are teachers …I don’t give a flying fcuk about me … again maybe my spoilt brat post was me … hope you & the your good lady get through all this shoite ok



    Football is just football …



    Really hope you did not think my my previous posts were not a dig at your good self

  4. No Jungle No Rebellion No Soul on

    KELVINBHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:28 PM


    What if the board don’t want us to win the league, so that the Ibrox club stays alive?

  5. Gerry,



    Tuned in last night for Nicky doing his DJ.



    The Mchuills crowd funding seems to be going well and on target.


    I’ll look forward to that pint.



    Cheers and HH.

  6. Neil Lennon will be replaced, of that there is little doubt.



    However his departure will not be decided by a self entitled mob singing Lennon, Lennon GTF.

  7. Kev … 11.33pm



    Are you enjoying Celtic not winning ?



    Some say a broken clock is correct twice a day …



    You gave waited 9 years to “maybe” be correct ;-)



    By the way I still smile at your post when you said Gerryfaethebrig you used to be ok before you joined the clique …



    Hail Hail



    Mr McQu

  8. No Jungle No Rebellion No Soul on



    It was being spoken about on Celtic cyberspace the other week, that DD had spoken to two English manager’s and that, they’d been put off by what happened to Brendan Rodgers.


    Celtic will become NON corrupt if only, season ticket holders withheld their renewal money for six weeks, forcing, Lawwell, DD etc, to run the club from their own pocket’s. But the board know that season ticket holders are weak willed, so they pose NO threat to the corruption from an, Old Firm survival driven board.


    So, the corruption continues, sadly.

  9. GFTB



    You have nothing to worry about, I don’t take it as a “dig” aimed at me and even if it was I wouldn’t be overly concerned. I have been called a lot worse than “spoiled brat” believe you me!



    I share your concern and love for our club and people who are passionate are bound to sometimes come to debate and argue.


    I tend to think that’s is a healthy thing because for one it will stop us ever allowing what happened to the huns, happening to us.


    As a support and community we tend to ask questions of power rather than take what they say at face value all the time!


    I hope that you and all your family get through this horror show for the next few months until hopefully the vaccines arrive and we can begin to get back to some sort of normality!



    Yours in Celtic



    KELVINBHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:28 PM


    What if the board don’t want us to win the league, so that the Ibrox club stays alive?



    If that’s what you think, fill yer boots.

  11. Not reading back before giving my honest take (tho I did hear some radio bawbaggery earlier).


    As Lenny said, we played pretty well and mostly controlled the game but to no great effect.


    Broony was best he’s been in a long time, Diego and Elhamed both great but Lady Luck just wasn’t with us.


    Clear that too many players are dreaming of bigger leagues, and it shows in their actions and efforts.


    A deflating, defining moment. Gutted for us – and defo for Neil – but The Stranglers probably say it best:





  12. No Jungle No Rebellion No Soul on

    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:35 PM


    NO JUNGLE NO REBELLION NO SOUL- never seen you on here before, a hunfiltrator…..



    What a dreadful, and defensive thing to say. I only managed to get logged on earlier, been lurking for years hoping good people like yourself, would finally pull back the curtain and discover that the great oz is badly needing to be retired.



    i will say the same as John paul Dykes. Peter lawell is a extremely well paid CEO who should be able to find a stop gap replacement and have a longer term lined up. This is Killing a legend at our club, it is getting worse every day.


    Peter knew that Neil and peters appointed backroom staff would fail in Europe, but he thought we would have our usual domestic walk over which would appease the fans



    its now a prefect storm unfortunately



    tell you what, i would prefer if DD picks a new Boss , he has a better track record. and get lawell tae>>>>>

  14. Croppybhoy 11.44pm



    Cheers … right back at you



    For me this season is a success for one reason … my daughter (MissGFTB) has became a massive Tic fan … the Kano Foundation influenced her much more than her Auld man … it’s a big thing as her mum and two big sisters (my stepdaughters) are all Huns :-) .. even worse this season as they all love Steven Gerrard … am just happy she is a wee rebel … and is disgusted when we don’t win … I sort of like the fact she is “suffering” like I did at 12 :-)

  15. No Jungle No Rebellion No Soul on

    SYDNEYTIM on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:49 PM


    When Peter easily conned the season ticket holders into paying for, old Rangers priced tickets in 2016, maybe he got the idea from there that throwing away a possible 10 in a row wouldn’t be too much of a problem?

  16. A few weeks ago, a poster on here wrote that if the appalling performances continued, the moderate “Please Neil, just go,” calls could quickly turn to “Lennon, Lennon, GTF.” He was surprisingly prescient.



    PETERLATCHFORDSB???? had some excellent and eminently sensible suggestions as to the way forward, and I do hope the Board are paying attention. They have created this Omni shambles, the AGM may be a fiasco, and the elephant in the room is something that ECW, I, and others have raised – what manager worth his salt will want the job? If he does due diligence, he will call up Rodgers for an opinion. We know with 100 percent certainty what that will be. Peter Lawwell has poisoned the well, and shit in his own nest. The Irish Don has to fix this, because our inept CEO is incapable. I wonder if Paul67 will venture a timeframe on the forecast ‘get worse’ downward spiral or the depth to which it will plunge? Methinks we have a ways to go.



    For years we have been complaining about the vile abuse directed at Neil Lennon…



    So, who will be the first on here to say he brings it on himself?



    Have a good look at yourselves!





    Well I think I’ve seen everything now. What a silly post. Absolutely no one has said that Neil brings it on himself yet here you are coming on the Blog and practically throwing down a challenge for someone to do so and then you berate them by saying, ‘Have a good look at yourselves!’



    The mind boggles. Absolutely risible. We’re descending into comedy now.

  18. TET @ the edge of reason



    Who are they?



    Are they one specific person / group of people?


    That is just a laundry list of other people’s worries.



    Why stip there?


    What about Ebola / AIDS / Legionaires?

  19. David66



    This is an all-nighter :-)



    Big Jimmy



    Hope Slaters sorted your denims



    Get your bahookie back on here

  20. Neil Lennon made a very positive impact at the club which most influenced Brother Walfrid.


    Hibernian FC


    And then he didn’t….

  21. If Neil is staying so am aye …



    But I sort of like Martin & Roy



    Roy Keane came at the end of his career but his performance at Ibrox was simply immense … even at the end of his career he was magnificent.. one of the best performances at Ibrox that I have ever witnessed … not even sure if he was 100% fit

  22. Still don’t think he broke sweat that day



    Heard a wee rumour … he only passed to Aiden as he thought the rest of our players were shoite …

  23. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    How’s Croppybhoy? Missing a sing-song.



    I’ve also yet to see the terrible violence and “missiles” (?Exocet?Harpoon?Tomahawk?) being launched. Did see a fence fall against a police van – is that the one that was referred to as being thrown at and damaging a police vehice? Also not seen the vast hundreds or thousands some reports mentioned. I must have missed those.



    Not condoning abuse at Neil in any way – but PLEASE don’t believe the press or the foces of law and order about SCALE or DETAILS.






  24. Big Georges Fan Club – Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on 30th November 2020 12:39 am



    That’s true and fair. Just tuned in to UK news. Words are deliberate in their message dressed up as news but as I said to my dad when someone posted about the ‘gathering’ as the game finished, we gifted them the front and back pages.



    Still, unsavoury crap was done.

  25. I’ve been thinking it for a while….Big Jimmy needs to keep us all honest lol…



    Damn, where were we….what we doing?



    Lenny…thank you…mutual…it’s the only sense that makes




  26. No Jungle, No Rebellion is definitely KevJ.



    He has been a troll on here for years with the same narrative tell tale signs, You could programme a Russian Bot to randomise his posts so long as they included the words:-



    Macari, Jungle, Pishing doon yir leg, McGhee, Fighting (chasing) Huns at Hampden, downsizing,rebel, aff oot, £49, O** F***, John Collins at Ibrox, Blantyre. He loves Jeremy Corbyn, Jeanette Findlay and the racist Kojo apparently. How that gets reconciled into any working personality and set of attitudes is beyond me.



    If you believe his narrative, and I don’t, he’s been boycotting Celtic, since MON left and the events of 2012 are an irrelevance to that. He has turned up at some Celtic events, and sent Wishaw Tim as his emissary to another, and seems to be known to a small group of people. He claimed to have a terminal illness and many feared he had gone because he departed the blog for a short period.



    He has always trolled; it is his way of suporting Celtic. It would not be accepted in the real world, which is why he won’t meet with CQNrs openly again.



    As I said, he has been behaving like this for a long time. Nothing will stop him as he gets a perverse pleasure or affirmation from baiting. Any truth he accidentally alights upon is soon dissipated by the screeds of nonsense with which he surrounds it, and if you don’t like his current bugbear, he’ll be along to annoy you with a new one which might well be the very opposite of what was said last time.



    All that matters is the response.



    It’s ultimately a sad life but, if you make a bed filled with memories of pish and boys playing chases with each other at Hampden, it cannot be pleasant to live and lie in such a bed.



    Aff Oot

  27. QUADROPHENIAN on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:49 PM


    With respect, you must have watched a different game from me



    “we played pretty well and mostly controlled the game”. We played very poorly – no penetration, few shots on goal and shambolic defending. Having greater possession is not control of the game or dominance , it’s a gift from an opposition who park the bus and play on the counter. Their strategy is to give us possession and nullify it and play on the counter.



    “Broony was best he’s been in a long time, Diego and Elhamed both great but Lady Luck just wasn’t with us.”



    Broony was one of the better players but by no means great. Diego and Elhamed were a big part of the problem as neither created enough on the byline (mind you they had no support). Thy kept coming inside to congested areas adding to the problem.



    Players were all underperforming in that congested area so passing really poor and great chances squandered by big or expensive players: Ajeti, Edouard, Christie, Mo Elanoussie. I’m not sure that even with a new manager the 10IAR can be saved. The problems seem deeper and implicate nearly everyone involved.

  28. The one phrase that is a constant in The Boards response to Res12 (dont groan this is important) and the phrase is Celtic will act in the Company’s interests.



    I fail to see that our gradual decline whilst our main rivals improve is in the Company’s interests.



    I fail to see any agreement that requires The Board to be disingenuous thereafter (I’m being polite ) to shareholders AND non shareholding supporters is in the Company’s interest.



    I fail to see why ignoring the UEFA Licence fraud in 2011 and focussing on the lesser breach of rules in the monitoring period is in the Company’s interests.



    Finally I fail to see why not challenging LNS Decision with vigour at the time it was accepted by SPL Board (with a Celtic Director absenting himself) but worse ignoring evidence presented that contradicted the justification LNS stated in the Commission’s Decision is in the Company’s interests.



    Unless its a different Company of course.



    Today is just a further manifestation of what The Board believe to be in the Company’s Interest.



    Establishing exactly what that is and opening it for debate with shareholders (as it is an AGM phrase) and coming to some consensus might just put the Club back on the road to full recovery.



    It will certainly take longer than replacing Neil Lennon but if Celtic Supporters want real change rather than an aspirin for the current headache, what is in the Company’s interest needs to be opened up to examination.