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  1. Sidney Tim



    One good thing about Celtic not winning, it reminds us you are alive and well.



    I was at the game and enjoyed it. One team with nothing to win v one team with everything to lose.



    That is what makes football competitive and I thought Ross County deserved their point.



    With Mullgrew, Biton, Lustig, Matthews, Forrest, Fisher, to return we are not far short of a team that will give us good memories this time next year.

  2. notthebus



    17:50 on 29 March, 2014


    Just in from a freezing cold PArkhead.



    Whoever organised the “lap of honour” at the end should be shot.






    The players should have stayed on the pitch and then done the lap.


    Disappearing for ten minutes was just a stupid idea



    Well done Celtic !

  3. I am sure Leigh Griffiths is enjoying being a Celtic player, so would I, doesn’t make me any more excited about a Stokes / Griffiths front pairing next season.



    Will score goals against SPL dross, will come up woefully short in Champions League. have a horrible feeling they are Plan A with no Plan B

  4. Just in from the game. The storm never materialised. Liam Henderson’s header off the bar the only near thing. We had chances to create more near things but didn’t put the ball into the right areas.



    Oh well.



    O’Connell grew into the game and began to dominate headers. Looks very comfortable with the ball at his feet. Would need to see how pacey he is before passing judgement on his potential to be great. From today’s performance he is good.

  5. bournesouprecipe on




    Auldheid @ 18.31



    Sidney Tim



    One good thing about Celtic not winning, it reminds us you are alive and well.




  6. Had a pint in KDS after the game after staying to applaud and cheer the champions,



    I do not judge them on this game alone. I thanked them for a very good league campaign,



    Shame so many seem to think it was not worth celebrating together but hey ho, the world still spins.



    Good to see family, friends and the Celtic.



    Hail, Hail, young Oscar Knox and his family and support.

  7. kojo


    17:12 on 29 March, 2014


    Ye know..this jis Under-Line.. How


    Kojo.. thinks so differently fae Neil.




    Neil, Blithely , tells us that He wull Gie


    Sammi, a Number of Games..


    Although,Sammi is Deignin tae No be


    a nice Fellah.. In no acceptin the


    Terms of his Contract..


    Because, Neil. again tells us. wi a


    Straight face…




    Sammi, Needs the Starts,in order tae


    tae Keep him Ticking over ,nicely


    .. Because , Sammi is goin’ Tae Brazil,


    Wi the Greek International Team.







    ?? !!



    Shocked..! Ah’m SHOCKED !



    Ah Tell Yiz…!



    Intemperate Language Fae The Sage O’ Vegas ?



    We Should Reach An Understaunin’ Wi’ The Honduran F.A…



    To Use Him Sparingly…



    With A View To Keeping Him Match-Fit Fur The WC…



    In Return For Their Cooperation…



    In Not Calling Him Up In Future….



    For Meaningless Friendlies…..



    Ain’t It Great To Be A Tim!




  8. I thought O’Connell started off poorly but looked better and better as the game went on. He is only a young lhad. So, here’s hoping we have another good CB on the books. I thought we should have rested Izzy, as he is off to the World Cup. Is there anybody else on the books who can play lb? Efe is also off to Brazil; so, it might be a good thing to rest him too. Hopefully, our injured can get a few games under the belts and that goes, imo, for the likes of Marcus Fraser, if he is fit.

  9. Colour Blind Bhoy, pleasure was mine mhate.


    Great to meet CQNers today, some old faces(very), some new, some were new but the characters behind the Nom de Blogs were so familiar they were like old friends.


    BSR, a pleasure at last to put a face to the name.


    Connaire, glad you found the Pools Office and Ticket office are in different places:-)


    JamesGang, EuroChamps67, the list would go on, I’d miss someone out, but good to supply you all with your choice of badges, wear them with a bit of pride.


    And no you still can’t get my original ones, neither of them:-)



    Always good to meet up.



    Right, I am away oot on the Razz now.


    You know you are getting a bit older when your friend invites you to their birthday Party, and when you ask how old, they say 60!!!!!


    Young for a CQNer though.(judging by today’s evidence).



    My Dad’s mates are 60 FFS.


    Play nice.





    If I do come back on later, please ignore, I will be inebriated, slightly.

  10. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I agree with you. Stokes is not good enough for the European game.



    Griffiths, I think, will have enough sharpness and guile to very an effective player away from home, providing that get has someone who will play the ball early…..and MOVE.

  11. Doc


    Good to meet you before the game and get both badges,cheers.


    Game a bit flat,but enjoyed young Henderson’s and O’Connell’s performances.



    Hail Hail.