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  1. Pretty.. Disappointing Hauf..



    Scrappy. Patchy… Tangled.. no finesse aboot Celtic..’




    N.. Ah want Finesse..



    Man the Match..



    So faur.. Steffi.



    Yes, He is Getting bettah by the Game..



    Ah like that.





    Still No Too Happy.

  2. Broonie playing with a hangover today ! Very poor game, wastefull, lethargic,disjointed.



    KTF 3-1

  3. bournesouprecipe on

    Inside Paradise



    Celtic caught in possession with both full backs pushed up in a flat back three,and punished. But the game is set up for a second half thanks to a deserved equaliser.



    Expect subs and a 4-1 win



    Hail Hail

  4. GG



    Could Be,pal. could Be..






    Broonie ,Is Due a Bad Yin..



    Recently, he is Making me a Believer. .in Him..



    Ah Know.. Ah hiv nevah bin a Great Broonie Supporter… but, the Lad has bi


    very Good..over the seasom



    So.. we wull Let hiv hiv his Badjin.. Today.



    n.. get it Over Wi.





    Still No Feelin Too Happy..

  5. Live from row 20 FS2 . Pretty flat but Leigh will liven up the second half. Overcast and grey.

  6. Erzaa, spearmint chewing, macarroon bars:



    Aberdeen 0 – 1 Dundee Utd


    Celtic 1 – 1 Ross County


    Inverness CT 2 – 1 St Mirren


    Motherwell 1 – 0 Kilmarnock


    St Johnstone 1 – 0 Partick Thistle

  7. Was shocked with Paul 67 last post


    Sky picked up that Celtic won’t sell


    PL straight on phone to Paul67


    Then a shocking post from Paul straight from PL


    1st game after winning league and lots of empty seats PL is responsible for that Fans have no top class players to watch

  8. good contest. We are s bit off the boil. They ate chasing hard and playing some good football along with hefty challenges.



    Griffiths had chance to put us ahead.



    Expecting a storming second half.

  9. Young Owenie,is Daeing Jist fine.



    He hisnae sold any Jerseys.. the day.. which is always a Guid Sign.



    N.. He is Handling everythin that comes his way.. wi’ Sang Froid Aplomb… n Skillful Dexterity..( He is?…ed)



    He soitenly. is..!!!



    The Experience,which he wull Gain,today.. wull dae him a world of Good..




  10. Gg. Don’t need a crystal ball to see corporate mismanagement



    Healthy crowd??? Have u heard about an emperor with nae clothes ???:)))