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  1. Stars


    No, that’s nothing like I said, nor implied.


    Pedro does his job, no more no less, he does a very decent job with bringing in sponsorship, I assume he is responsible for it, now I am struggling as to what else he will do that is furthering the well being of the club.


    Maybes you could enlighten me, serious question.



  2. GFTB


    I have met both you and Canamalar. I know many Tims who know Canamalar. We are from the same part of Glasgow. Not me you were talkin about. I would guess that many CQN guys you have met, have also met Canamalar. Don’t fall out wi a good Tim fae Partick. ???

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Couldn’t turn in with that question left hanging, you’ve already agreed, he saves the clunb from administration and liquidation every week ffs ?

  4. First touch. Every player has improved since Brendan’s arrival.



    Big Tom Rogic already ahead it, usually after messing up 3 times at the start of a game.



    However the guy who has the best touch every time, nearly, is – not Calum though he would be close – James Forrest.



    Not only does he control the ball but often beats his man with the first touch. Inside or out or roundabout. Today he displayed all of his skills.



    And yon Toljan had a pretty nifty spin touch today which bamboozled the Saints defenders. Brilliant.

  5. JTT53


    Hiya Jim


    Was not at the game today. My one man bhoycott of the FTSFA Cup. Watched it live on a stream. Wished I was there. Dichotomy ?



  6. DD



    Apologies mate … you didn’t even come into my thoughts on that subject …. somebody else offered their opinion on this particular subject

  7. Bit of fun, but interested to know what my fellow posters’ ideal Top 6 finish would be. Here’s mine –


    1. Celtic


    2. EKFC


    3. Dundee Utd


    4. Hibs


    5. Dunfermline


    6. Queen of the South

  8. DD, totally understand your stance. I think Auldheid &Co. are going to be looking for threats of such action around season ticket renewal time. To get some movement from the board re. the SFA.

  9. celticrollercoaster on




    As the CEO of the club. he lead the way, as you would expect. when the opposition establishment team was cheating with the support of the SFA to challenge this and make a difference, Not only were the tainted titles stripped, but the untainted ones which do not belong to the tribute act were also removed, Res 12 was also sorted successfully with a ban for the new Rangers for a number of years in European football. The referees now need to declare their team allegiance and cannot referee the team they support. The game is now on a level playing field



    What more do you expect?







  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on








    Bayern Munich


    Manchester city


    Real Madrid





    Have I taken that too far



    Right try again to fall away

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The question is not why P.L. earns so much.


    It is why do the others earn so little.


    Is it possible that Dermot Desmond and the others do it out of love ?







    Calculator Time.


    20,000 per week equals 1,000,000 per annum.


    The players are rippin` us off shock.


    What else do they do ? Apart from playing football .

  12. DD 10.52pm



    Never do I not … not sure why but I have never went for anybody on here but I seem to attract a lot of unwanted attention :-)



    I must write cheeky :-)

  13. TET


    Wee prayer and candle lit for your cause this morning. Praying to my patron Saint Jude for her.



  14. Jobo


    I know, problem is I dinny have six scottish teams that I could list ;-)






    Same here, even the Canman ;-)


    Seriously tho, they are all good people, even tho keyboards have an effect on some ;-)






    Apart from that, wtf has he done ?





  15. Jobo, Not sure Chris Sutton would agree with Dunfermline being on your list!



    Plus there was an unholy alliance with Dunfermline’s CEO/owner? and David Murray and The Bank of Scotland. None of it to the benefit of Celtic.

  16. GAVIN Masterton – one time owner of Dunfermline FC and Chief EXC of BOS went bankrupt with debts of 1M. Very pally with David Murray.

  17. DD



    Am just about to hit ma kip but I now appreciate within minutes you were protesting your innocence:-)



    Love it ?



    I am a bit slow but I get there in the end … Brendan Rogers is here to break records along with Scotty Sinclair & Scotty Brown ???

  18. Top Six


    Celtic, of course


    Albion Rovers, naturally


    Ross County


    Partick Thistle




    Raith Rovers


    Positions 2 to 5 can be randomly interchangeable.


    The The The Govan Rangers will be the YoYo club with successive promotions and relegations from Divisions 2 and 3.


    I can dream CSC.

  19. 50 shades of green on

    6 teams thats a tuffy.







    2.Ross County….(family in Dingwall.)



    3..whoever play sevco next…






    5 ..Blackpool…



    6… Struggling here but at the moment its Rosenburg…?

  20. Well it’s that time of the wee sma’ hours wance more and even the arthritic creaks from the house settling down to a night’s slumber have ceased, leaving me alone with only Quasi Modo like tinnitus pealing as an echo of the emptying of Cumberland Street bottle bank….which I will commence restocking in a few hours with now evacuated bottles from a night on the musical Merlot and dramatic Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold.



    Anyway, to bore any night owls I’ve just dug up another memento from the past…another product of a brain fed by the joys of discourse with the likes of Pablophanque, Lurgan53 and El Diego Bhoy… this one dates back to 19th January 2007……….






    Youse are all probably far too young to remember those days when as a wee boy, the groundsman used to leave the big corner gates on Janefield street open?



    But I can.



    A few of us used to sneak onto the train at Blairhill, jump off one door and back on another avoiding the ticket man until we got to Carntyne or Belgrove. We were maybe 6 years old at the time.



    And then we’d make our way in to the empty stadium and……just sit there.



    Not one of us had been to a game at this time; but our uncles and aunts, mums and dads and a whole variety of important people like jannies, priests, teachers, polis, undertakers, meter-men, Provi man, ice cream men and rent-men talked incessantly about this magic called Celtic.



    There was Tully, Fernie, Fallon, McStay, Evans, Peacock, Thompson, McGrory, Delaney, and myriad other giants clad in green and white hooped armour!



    We just listened, learned, and stored it away for rainy housebound days when we relived the legendary exploits with an imaginary ball, on an imaginary pitch, in a real and all too inadequate bedroom. We would shoot into an imaginary goal, dive on the bed in a vain attempt to make a last ditch save, and then belt round all 6 ft of the shared bedroom silently screaming at the top of our open mouth, until we had to stop for breath and to prevent a burst blood vessel.



    Get-togethers and parties were not complete without a rendition of the Coronation cup song, or my Uncle Peter’s favourite – Land Of The Pope and McGrory.



    Day in, day out we had our own pre-internet blog where the conversations were posts, the descriptions were video links, the sun always shone when we won, the talk was short if we lost, but the crowds were huge, noisy and dedicated to the cause.



    True or not? It didn’t really matter!



    We had no telly, little radio, and no streaming. Only the waiting for the buses and trains to come back, the triumphant stride of singing witnesses to the latest heroic deeds, or the silent trudge of hunched pallbearers returning from the recent bereavement and interment of our hopes – for another week.



    And so with the magic of our minds’ eyes when we stole into the ground, we just sat there, looked around this citadel, and closed our minds to the grim reality of a grey world. Suddenly the sights, smells, sounds, cheers, groans, passes, shots, saves and goals were as real as the day they had happened and for me, Jim and Tommy it was as magical as we had imagined it would be.



    Boy was that great!



    Anyway I’m now in the winter of my years and such romantic nonsense can be cast to the four merciless winds.



    We all know better now!



    Don’t we?



    A Whisper in Paradise




    Your whisper enticing, as clouds leave the skies


    Your warmth so inviting, is calling me home


    I turn to avoid you, but you won’t let me roam,


    Your heart pulls me closer to my Paradise



    El Paradiso, yes our Holy Ground,


    When life has deserted it’s there will be found


    My ashes upon the green grass in bliss


    A breeze soft caressing a heavenly kiss.



    The days when you held me in your welcome arms


    Those nights of great drama when we dared to dream


    Of hopes and of pride in Celtic our team


    No one can replace your spirit or charms!



    El Paradiso, yes our Holy Ground,


    When life has deserted it’s there will be found


    My ashes upon the green grass in bliss


    A breeze soft caressing a heavenly kiss.



    A choir starts softly and starts to resound


    Of Walfrid’s great passion to feed starving souls


    Those seeds he sowed then have flourished in shoals


    O’er St Patrick’s waters and St Andrews’s ground.



    El Paradiso, yes our Holy Ground,


    When life has deserted it’s there will be found


    My ashes upon the green grass in bliss


    A breeze soft caressing a heavenly kiss.



    Big Jock is awaiting with Jinky to greet


    With Bobby and Ronnie a welcoming smile


    Till then I’ll just wait at this stage for a while


    Where magic is conjured from mesmeric feet!



    El Paradiso, yes our Holy Ground,


    When life has deserted it’s there will be found


    My ashes upon the green grass in bliss


    A breeze soft caressing a heavenly kiss.




    Hail Hail




  21. @The Mail On Sunday – “Jeremy Corbyn likes nothing more than, sitting on the floor, singing IRA song’s!”



    Bless him.

  22. Only read back to last page and I gather a theme going on… Top 6 teams…..



    1. Celtic current team






    3. Win Jansen season team



    4. Centenary team



    5. 7-1 team



    6. Coronation Cup team



    Hail Hail ?☘️???

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    MATT STEWART on 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 1:49 AM



    Big Jock is awaiting with Jinky to greet



    With Bobby and Ronnie a welcoming smile



    Till then I’ll just wait at this stage for a while



    Where magic is conjured from mesmeric feet!






    Instantly reminded me of this :