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  1. Good morning CQN from a frozen Garngad



    A great team performance yesterday and some great individual performances as well.


    I was not to kind when we were linked to Ollie Burke and I like to think that I am a reasonable man, so I would like to take this opportunity to say that he has been getting better and better and could be a massive part in getting us to the 8 and hopefully stay for the push for 9, well done Ollie. His pace and power must be frightening for defenders.



    A home tie tonight would be good.



    D. :)

  2. Matt Stewart another incredible post, not sure if you are a professional scribe, but you should be.

  3. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Good to return of Matt Stewart to the blog and even better to read his musings!


    Before I even read CQN,BMCUWP used to ‘send ‘ them onto me and as Cork Celt a scribe indeed ,a wordsmith even!


    Any tickets available for Thursday night?Granddaughter has decided she wants to go after sitting her exams and too late as usual in letting us know.BTW she is 20 and uni exams ,so ‘proper’ ticket needed.

  4. What, with Ollie Burke, james Forrest, Scott Sinclair, Timo Weah,Mikey Johnston ,Lewis Morgan and Jonny Hayes, we really do have millions of wingers.



  5. Lovely sunny day -way down south .



    6 teams apart from Celtic



    # 1 Berwick Rangers -early 1967 .. Gave me the pleasure of an encounter with a fat blootered blazer and slacks Bobby Shearer look a like Hun in the Black Bull in Milngavie …



    # 2 The Porto team, that beat Bayern Munich in the 1987 European Cup Final . Fabulous football , fabulous effort and the fabulous Paolo Futre



    # 3 – Pescara 2011 -2012 . Fabulous football -coached by Zdenek Zeman and featuring the teenage wonder that was Marco Verratti



    # 4 – Empoli 2013 /2014 . – First outing of Sarriball .. Geometry at its best . Doesn’t look like Chelsea are capable of doing it



    # 5 -Red Star Belgrade -90 /91 . Pancev / Prosinecki / Savicevic etc . Great team .



    # 6 – Kidderminster Harriers .Tried to go and see them the day before a Captain Beefheart gig in Kidderminster ( Frank Freemans Dance Club !!!! ).. Steward wouldn’t let my mate and I in — ” You don’t look like football types ” . I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since.




    Magic mate, your words could bring a tear to a glass eye.



    No offence intended to anyone on here with a glass eye.?☘




    A great actor .



    A man who told Betty Windsor to stick a CBE and a Knighthood up Her Royal Jacksie .. ” such snobbery is one of the things which keeps this country in the Middle Ages “

  8. Got a wee sneaky feeling around 9.18pm this evening it will be Aberdeen v Celtic that will come out of the hat …



    Hope Ross County prevail to keep our resident Ross Co fan happy, I need to admit from these pages through Alasdair I cheee on County and also include them in various coupons when trying to gamble responsibly :-) a few decent priced winners so far this season with RC

  9. GFTB


    That is not a `wee sneaky feeling `. It is a reflection of either a mistrust of the SFA or the negative feelings that Celtic supporters are encouraged to feel in Scotland.



  10. What is the Stars on

    South of Tunis


    Albert Finney


    Great Actor



    Watched him last night in a move called ” a man of no importance” in which he plays a Dublin bus conductor ( remember them) who is obsessed with Oscar Wilde.


    Very good

  11. A crowd of 45,000 turned out in curiousity to see Celtic’s first ever European game in this Fairs Cup tie.


    In 17 minutes Clark missed a penalty, after Mestre had fouled Divers, when he sent his spot kick high over. Ficha scored right on half time but the referee from Holland, Roomer, had marginally blown for half time.


    The game livened up in the second half and in 48 minutes Celtic scored when the unfortunate Verdu sliced Byrne’s cross into his own net.



    Valencia upped their game and Guillot equalised in 63 and then in 80 minutes the highly rated Waldo scored with a powerful shot which was unfortunate for McNamee who had marked him superbly throughout.


    In 85 minutes Pat Crerand, Celtic’s best player, equalised with a rising left foot shot.



    At the end of the game the Celtic players sportingly applauded their opponents off the field but the fans jeered as they were not impressed by Valencia’s heavy tackling and time wasting tactics.



    Valencia were highly rated but disappointing on the night and the feeling was Celtic had missed a good opportunity to go through.









    Haffey; MacKay, O’Neill; Crerand, McNamee, Clark; Chalmers, Craig, Divers, Gallacher, Byrne.


    Scorers: Verdu og (48), Crerand (85)






    Zamora; Verdu, Mestre; Chicao, Piquer, Recaman; Ribeiles, Roberto, Waldo, Guillot, Ficha.


    Scorers: Guillot 63 Waldo 80



    Referee: P Roomer (Holland)



    Attendance: 45,000






    Highlights in Black n White

  12. Our attacking play which had seemed so toothless is now terrifying sharp.



    Ollie Burke is seriously rapid. I’d use the entire Moussa money on him if he was available.



    HH jg

  13. SoT


    An excellent clip . Robbo is obviously a Hun but I am not so sure about Jack. A sycophantic Tim?




    PS I met the bold Albert at a party once. Unfortunately, I was too bevied to didplay my intellectual wizardry .

  14. Remember back in the auld days…


    When we were screaming for Sinky to get tae


    When wur CEO couldnae sign a decent fugin RB


    When we wur gnashing the wallies at having to take a West Brom sub on loan


    When we’da hunted Dedryck and Jozo


    And when wee Jonny was never in a month of Sundays good enough


    When Ryan was never of the right quality


    When – hate to say it but some did so – Broony was done







    Hail hail bhoys!

  15. WITS –



    Man of No Importance



    A fine film . Albert , Michael Gambon and the wonderful Tara Fitzgerald .



    Mrs S of T and I went to see the musical version — New York ( 2009 / 2010 ???? ) it was great .

  16. What is the Stars on




    I enjoyed it and obviously being set in Dublin was a big plus for me.


    Albeit a Dublin that doesnt really exist anymore..we are all too chic and cosmableedinpolitan now ( or we think we are)

  17. HOT SMOKED .



    Yes – But – I think it’s a great choon .



    Mrs S of T says it was a big hit in Italy. Big ,too, on the subversive wee radio ( ” devil’s music ) hidden in the dorm of a residential Convent school run by what Mrs S of T refers to as ” sadistic fascist Sisters ) in a late 60s Padova

  18. Hello again all you young rebels.



    What a display from Broony and the bhoys on Sunday, exiting times


    ahead when our injured parties are all back and up to speed.


    Talking about speed, what about that burst of pace from Oli at that


    4th goal? he made that big centre hauf look as though he was dragging


    a died horse behind him, think Keiran’s got competition for fastest man


    at the club now.




    Our Mornington golf club lunch is heading for a sell out this Sunday, a


    beautiful 33 degs expected so remember to slip, slap and slop the


    suncream, then slurp a few cold Guinness just to cool you down a bit


    you understand 8-))


    H.H Mick

  19. Glowing comments after yesterdays performance but, theres always a but, wait till we face the real speed merchants like Tavernier, Goldson and Worral.




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