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  1. No sure what the lists are about. No read back. Paul McStay was my hero as a Bhoy. Loved that man. Lubo is the finest footballer I have ever seen in the Hoops. What a player. One of the best footballers I have ever seen in my life.


    Henrik was superb what a striker fearless.


    Lubo was the kind of player that people would come and watch play the game and a certain Zinedine Zidane grew up with pictures of Lubo on his bedroom wall. Pretty much says it all. The man ran riot against good teams in his mid 30’s if he came here mid 20’s he would be one of our greatest players of all time. The variety and quality of goals were superb. His skills and technique were breathtaking at times. When he trapped the baw with his erse against the Jambos I took my season ticket out and waved it about saying that’s worth the whole book wee man.


    I wish we had Lubo in Seville and I wish we had him a few years earlier but by god I am thankful for Dr Jo and for seeing a genius like him play for Celtic.




  2. the glorious balance sheet on

    The Daily Mail have us taking Steven Fletcher on loan.



    Worryingly I think there might be something in this. In his “State of the Nation/ We`re on the Right Track” 2 page spread in the Daily Record last year in the wake of the CL exit to Maribor, Peter Lawwell confirmed that Celtic had enquired after Steven Fletcher but had been put off by his £37,000 per week wages.



    I wouldn`t be surprised if we`ve reached agreement with Sunderland on a loan with us covering 50% of the wages. They are trying to move players off their wage bill and the Little Genital has been moaning about financial constraints.



    Kramaric has been mentioned tonight but I don’t see that happening. Leicester paid £9 million for him only 7 months ago. If he goes on loan itll be to a club on the continent I`d think.

  3. corkcelt on 30th August 2015 11:55 pm




    You just have to smile, some guys cribbing that we are hoarding money, others worried about pending losses and bleak times. Thank God we have a steady hand on the rudder, the much vilified Peter Lawwell.



    *better hope that sydney quim is on night shift or he’ll be jumping all over you for that

  4. TGBS….



    Not the slightest chance of us paying 50% of SFs wages!



    He’s probably on £80k p w! Possibly more.



    Totally ridiculous of course but there it is…




  5. skyisalandfill on

    Winning captains. It would be good if when you logged in it would take to the most recent post.



    I’m worried about Celtic.


    RD I think is a good manager but has been caught out a few times in Europe.


    I like his philosophy, demeanour and vision but results will tell. The EL campaign must define his season.



    It’s crucial.



    If Ronnie fails,where do we go next.



    I personally shudder at the thought of Roy Keane, Malky Mackay or anyCeltic minded EPL stalwart at the helm.



    We had to raly on a CGdouble wonder save at the weekend to keep it relatively comfortable.



    Like I say I worry.




  6. James ‘Tav’ Tavernier…lol lol lol




    Wigan reserve team legend…….




    Please tell me Celtic will do these bastards next year….




    I’m not so sure we will ……

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Tontine Tim on 31st August 2015 1:03 am



    Unacceptable description .


    Not in reference to P.L.

  8. I read with some amusement andalarm, weemingers vodoo economics tonight. And I thought.



    How cleverly people use terror or at last the threat of terror to scar you into the things that you fear in the first place.



    Celtic have, for years, used predications of doom to keep you in your place whilst at the same time demanding your money with the same menaces.



    At the same time inventing non accounting terms like net bank debt to sustain your fear.



    At the same time employing cqn to sustain the ,yah.



    You my friends are part of a fascinating experiment into the frailty of humanity. The weakness and strength of faith.



    It’s amazing really.



    I have noticed that my fewer and fewer contributions to cqn have diminished in terms of reaction as we of course polarise.



    Celtic I have concluded, in a very real sense, are dead.



    The majority though linger, not realising this, and paying their money as instructed. Our erstwhile leaders however realise that they have nothing to say that is positive. They are flogging dead horses.



    What you used to believe as Celtic is dead.



    You helped kill it.

  9. Neganon2



    If you view it as dead why not just move on and leave others to enjoy what they see differently.



    Your perception is your reality.



    I respect that. I cannot change it.



    Keeping flogging a dead horse is surely not a good thing for you to be doing.



    ‘Let it go’ as the therapist would say.

  10. Burnley78,



    It has taken me 35 years to take me to this point.



    I realise it’s ecruciatingly painful for people to read this stuff. It’s holding a very painful mirror to all our faces.



    But it’s incredibly important.



    We are now part of a farce. We don’t need to be though.



    We have a choice and that choice is about self respect. It’s also about the legacy we leave to our children.



    We cannot allow those who run Celtic to continue. They have proven themselves not just inept but corrupt.



    Does anyone want to explain I am wrong?

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BURNLEY78 on 31ST AUGUST 2015 2:42 AM





    If you view it as dead why not just move on and leave others to enjoy what they see differently.






  12. the needle in the haystack on

    Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how many of the – “My love for Celtic is unconditional.” – brigade are on here giving it – “That’s me just renewed – wouldn’t miss it for the world.” – when, the big bad cheating hun is back doing what they do best, knowing full well that, the only force who could kill the huns stone dead as well as, the Celtic deceivers (if they realised it) are, toothless as well as being, bought and sold not only by the clubs hierarchy but, also by their carefully planted smoke-screen merchants who have misled countless thousands of Celtic supporters into hoping that, we’d be away from here(SPFL) when the newco / sevco thingy came back.


    The downsizing of Celtic FC was worked into top gear when, in 2008 the huns wrecked Manchester and at the same time, destroyed any hope of Celtic FC ever playing in England.


    Since then, Celtic being aware that the huns were on the verge of financial collapse, the clubs hierarchy took money from Celtic supporters for SB’s in the full knowledge that, the game was rigged with the aid of honest mistakes to ensure that, Rangers would win the next 3 league titles and get the CL money to stay alive and, Celtic’s directors which included a fomer cabinet minister / war mongerer would look the other way.


    At one time, during this corruption, the only resistance to this evil came from Celtic fan Terry O’Neill on Radio Clyde’s phone-in.


    A shocking state of affairs.


    In a way, maybe the snobs who fill the over-priced seats at Celtic Park are needing taught a lesson to rid them of their smugness, we’ll see.

  13. rudicantfail on 30th August 2015 11:15 pm




    Auld heid…..



    People waiting for the Chilcott report know as much about the Illegal invasion of Iraq than Celtic fans do about Resolution 12……



    We all know wrong from right mate…..



    We all know how disproportionate the ‘punishments ‘ will be



    Don’t patronise me mate….You have a resolution that is parked up and destined to fail…




    I wasn’t patronising you. I was calling you a dick in a not so subtle manner but obviously too subtle for you to notice.



    I have no control over the outcome but at least I’ll have made an effort to achieve one.

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    NegAnon2 on 31st August 2015 2:48 am


    Does anyone want to explain I am wrong?




    You are wrong to express your opinions as if they were fact.



    Only a hypocrite could complain vehemently about an organisation he considers to be inept and corrupt,yet continue to support it. I assume you do support it.If not,then why do you continue to pretend to care?


    Do you want to explain where I am wrong?



    One further thing.


    Do you ever consider the feelings of others who do not share your view?

  15. Auldheid. Not quite up to date of res 12



    What is the latest status. I know , a long hard road



    Cork So PL is a massive Celtic fan



    I have also heard he is a massive family man and that he protects their privacy and wants to make their lives financially secure



    You and I and disagree on what a smooth passage is


    You think it’s ok to fail against our competitors who have half of our resources



    I think it’s not good enough and man at top has to take the blame and not be rewarded





    If you read back on AULDHEID’s posts over the last 24 hours or so,he has been more open about Res 12 than was the case beforehand. Pity I had to resort to some boorish behaviour to get it out of him,but I’ll apologise next time I see him.

  17. This Summers signings are preparation for winning 5 and starting the next three CL qualifiers. Celtic get slagged for not signing and slagged for signing. Last years signings were not enough to get to the CL. Celtic are making moves to fix that. The charismatic centre forward still not found, no disrespect to Griff who is banging them in for fun. He needs a partner up front.

  18. I’m a bit late to the party, but enjoyed reading all the Top 5’s this morning…



    King Kenny


    – my first ever hero in the Hoops, I still remember my Da’ taking me to my first ever away game at Broomfield (Airdrie) for a SC 3rd round match on 29th Jan 1977 – a special treat for my 7th birthday !



    Champagne Charlie


    – untouchable in his first spell at CP. My first OF game was Charlie’s finale at Ibrox when Celtic won 4-2 after being 2-0 down at HT, Charlie scored TWO penalties in the 2nd half.



    The Maestro


    – from c.1986 to 1994 I went to almost every game home and away, and there was one player who was head and shoulders above everyone else in Scotland… from his defence splitting pass against “them” on New Years Day 1998, the left foot volley in a victory at Ibrox, and the 94th minute goal vs Hearts in a 2-2 game at Parkhead… what a player !



    King of Kings


    – phase one, for stopping the 10 in 1998… and then phase two (after his broken leg) for being the most accomplished, unselfish, ultimate professional player I have seen at CP… definitely some of the best ever Celtic days were down to HL… 6-2, Boavista away, Seville, SC & LC Finals, 50th goal at Ibrox.



    The Holy Goalie


    – I lived through a generation of average goalkeepers at CP, and then Artur arrived. What a goalie, what a character, what a man… and he stuck it to “them” at every opportunity. God Bless Artur Boruc !



    Others that came close… Lubo, The Bear, Macca, Stan Petrov.




  19. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Quiet train this morning with all the civil servants on English holiday



    Who can I berate on the phone today now. Enjoy your long lie my friends.



    The foggy dew is the song for this morning

  20. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Can’t disagree with any that you picked, but what makes Paul special is the other 4 left us, Paul didn’t



    And probably the other 4 played in better Celtic teams




  21. Gerryfaethebrig on




    First day off in months surely we are allowed a wee bank holiday, school run beckons, a fathers work is never done !



    Foggy Dew on a Monday morning, good choice

  22. Good morning friends and a Big Hoopy Bank Holiday Monday from a clear skied, sunny and particularly gorgeous looking East Kilbride. And on the tee at 9.20 too ;-)

  23. Morning Timland from a warm hun free mountain valley.




    Your figures are very worrying indeed.


    I trust they are on the button, and you say worrying times ahead for the fans.


    What your figures show, is that the great hero Pedro is making a total arse of running the club, from top to bottom.


    I was under the impression that the finances were under control, and it was the team that was being neglected, but your figures throw that assertion out of the window.


    But as ever, the board lovers will refuse to pay any heed to it and Pedro will be proclaimed as the all conquering hero.


    The overriding desire to get the OF back on track is coming to fruition, sadly.



  24. Morning all.



    Bright down here. Bright on here?



    Not too impressed by our going after Fletcher, if true. Would he come anyway? He must be on a wee fortune with Sunderland.

  25. ET….






    Only chance SF comes to us is if Sunderland pay 75% of his wages!!!




  26. I heard he was dead on

    Steven Fletcher is another Robbie Keane – linked with Celtic at every transfer window.

  27. Hail, hail, fellow Tims.


    Reading back, I see that Rudiryecatcher and Neganon have been punting their usual bile. Pair of pricks.

  28. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    If we bring in Fletcher it shows that Park and our ceo continue to chase targets that have been on their radar for several years


    We lost out on Fletcher when he was available and is not the answer to our strikers problems


    Overpaid injury prone and probably only thinking about his retirement fund


    New ideas required not looking back to passed failures

  29. I think, because of the bank holiday, that we have until 6.00pm tomorrow for any signings. Only about 70% on the sure-of-that-ometer