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  1. Macjay 2.17pm



    The 29th of December was a pivotal point of the season … Celtic were not as bad as some would have you believe, the Huns weren’t as good as some would make you believe … as for our game next Sunday, I for one won’t take anything for granted for one simple reason during their cheating years 1986-2012… we at least got a few victories against the cheats when they obviously had better players (financially doped) so even though we have the better players I will make my prediction around this time next Sunday :-)



    In fact stuff that ….



    Rangers 0 Celtic 3 .. Griffiths 10mins, Griffiths 43mins and Edouard 67mins :-)

  2. We need to get in their faces next week – as a glass completely empty guy – it’s not over until it’s over.

  3. Very strange post-match interview with McGregor and Davis with McGregor giving snappy one word answers



    Neither of them lookin particularly happy or indeed relieved and no real ‘this is the boost we needed, we believe we can still win it’ fighting talk you would expect from a team who are actually not out of the title race yet

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GERRYFTB on 8TH MARCH 2020 2:36 PM



    A hundred says your prediction is wrong .




  5. This great save from McGregor, Billy McKay hit the ball straight at him. Either side and it was in. Missed a sitter.

  6. Watching a bit of the Bayern Munich game – in the stand level with the goal – fans are wearing white so that an image of T — (for T mobile) is visible – like a permanent Tifo


    Strange – and as for the Bayern top looks like they’re wearing it inside out.

  7. the prospect of the seaon being shortened makes a convincing win next week all the more important.



    i dont want them having any wriggle room to argue they were still in the running.

  8. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    ‘Ross County 0 Rangers 1 as Ryan Kent’s deflected winner relieves Steven Gerrard pressure – 3 talking points’



    Hardly ‘simply the best’.

  9. ernie lynch on 8th March 2020 3:25 pm



    the prospect of the seaon being shortened makes a convincing win next week all the more important.



    i dont want them having any wriggle room to argue they were still in the running.




    Very negative I know, but I’d take a point next week.

  10. Matt Stewart on

    Just a fleeting visit as I am still writing the scurrilous tale of what really happened on December 29th 2019.






    Some, none or even all of what follows may be true, possibly true, imagined, made-up or the product of drink…in which case it could be or might not be all of them, some of them or even none of them…who knows? Well someone does, or maybe no one does or possibly everyone does ….anyway….




    • It had to be explained to Stephen Gerrard that the sudden upsurge in whispered conversations regarding Covid 19 was not in reference to their new Eastern European signing target.



    • It seems that the Ibrox board are in a quandary over how to approach the Corona virus and their remaining games. They are currently meeting to decide whether their upcoming fixtures should be played on Championship Manager or FIFA 2020. (or potentially Space Invaders)



    • Similarly concerned fans have now voted re dealing with the potential pandemic and have agreed that all games should be staged behind closed eyes….. (to match the closed minds that has been their hallmark since they were founded in 2012). If this doesn’t improve their team’s form, they will extend wallet closures.



    • Following today’s game in Dingwall the BBC have received a stern letter of rebuke from Edmiston drive requesting that Billy Dodds’ be sanctioned by the broadcaster for ‘loose talk and incendiary language’. It seems that following a foul being awarded to the Ibrox team, just outside the RC (that’s Ross County by the way) penalty box, Dodds informed the listening public that Rangers had lined up two LEFT-FOOTERS! It seems that paramedics had to treat a number of those using earphones.



    Right back to the scribbling….



    Hail Hail



    Matt (oh and a happy new year)

  11. Thought that we had set the tone for the season with the 0-2 win at Ibrox. Overall, they played like men possessed just before the New Year. That said, we had chances to equalise in the last 15 minutes.


    If we win next Sunday, it’s a procession to the title. If we draw, it will be a slightly slower procession. These games are not enjoyable.

  12. Next week they have to win . But it is possible if some of our players do the usual when we play them , NOT TURN UP. Lenny should know who has the bottle to get into them ,pick the men for the job Neil and we will put this league to bed once and for all .

  13. Gene 2.38pm



    Goodness knows what cheating went on before the cameras … it’s bad enough when we can see it … my 1986-2012 is based on what I witnessed .. Souness … Butcher, the Stevens, Wilkins, and blinking Chris Woods … do you know what, I would rather have a honest Carl Muggleton than a financially doped English internationalist :-)

  14. Macjay 2.21pm



    Your on … I have my hundred pennies 100p is yours to win … if I get the times of the goals wrong I will happily send you a quid :-)

  15. Don’t really understand rugby too much … but would prefer Scotland to win … gonnae be a long 7 days waiting on our next game… we complain about too many games then complain about having to wait 7 days for our next game



    No wonder some say fitba fans are fickle :-)



    Remember Leigh 10mins, 43mins & Edouard 67mins …



    I hope I live to see the day French Eddie goes mental … he is far too cool to be a centre forward 😎

  16. Just sitting here thinking on a Sunday afternoon as I can smell the Sunday dinner cooking away … I wonder what Jmccormick is cooking ?? Probably a lot more adventurous than what we are having …..

  17. Looking very good for Scotland Gerry 28-10 less than 10 minutes left. Scotland have it won. They need another try for the bonus point. Think they will get it.

  18. Corkcekt 4.42pm



    Scotland in the light blue is even better than the “royal” blue :-)



    Always happy when my country wins



    And let me add Hamilton Tims posts are very much appreciated as a wee daftie I thought I knew about the hunger strikes … reading the diaries ever year educates me more … in the 80s I knew far more less than I thought .. I try not to comment too much as people on these pages lived through this stuff



    Hail Hail

  19. Billy Gilmour joined Chelsea after rejecting a professional contract with Newco. Chelsea paid them development compensation as is required. Newco are entitled to nothing going forward.

  20. GFTB



    last night I watched BOBBY SANDS 66 DAYS on netflix.



    powerful documentary.



    his words are spine tingling.

  21. Saint Stivs 4.58pm



    Have saw it … I thought a very hard watch … I should probably watch it again … I was at high school in the early 80s… without having a clue about the serious stuff in modern studies we were all asked to be a MP, I went for Sinn Fein … the teacher went a bit bonkers at me… BigShuggy will remember Mr McCann … a very good teacher but that was the thinking back then … Bobby Sands, in my opinion was in a place that his haters will never ever be able to be

  22. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    SG, woefully under experienced to cope with the demands of sun-wed-sun football

  23. fairhill bhoy on

    IHTCMNBTJM-SG,woefully under experienced full stop.


    Only seen some of the first half today but my god!!

  24. Fairhill Bhoy 5.31pm



    Was in work yesterday and read your post about your Da going to the game



    Made me laugh



    I know you do, but treasure every minute

  25. Paul67 et al



    There was more football played at Murrayfield than there was up In Dingwall. Always wonder why rugby players don’t kick the ball forward on the ground more often, and then chase after it, could make it a better game. Then there are those antiquated rules, getting a red card for punching an opponent? Never see that in football. Still a good win for Scotland.


    Not as good as the Celtic win yesterday mind you, looked like the Saints were a man down and all. Great to see El Hamed back on the pitch late, hope he stays fit through to the end of the season.

  26. Macjay 5.51pm



    A grand !!!!!!!



    The only grabs you’ll get from me is




    For it’s a grand old team to play for …. 🎵🎵