Celtic will win despite the First Minister


Let’s be clear on the rules, football has been granted special status and operate within different Covid guidelines to the rest of us.  This is why players could travel to and from the UK for international duty this month without having to isolate.   Players were permitted into Scotland this week who in the last two weeks have been to countries where they would normally have to isolate on landing here.

Nicola Sturgeon made a personal intervention into Celtic’s season when Boli Bolingoli broke isolation rules.  Celtic were not allowed to play for two weeks after this event.  I was so angry at Bolingoli I did not complain.  Rules were changed on the hoof to punish Celtic but there was culpability, so fair enough.

Ryan Christie is healthy.  He has been told to isolate at the whim of the same First Minister.  Kieran Tierney, who is also healthy, is also subject to political whim.  But not by a government that has kettled Arsenal fans in the manner this government kettled Celtic fans.

I grew out of political fantasies years ago.  Politicians are not your friend, they are not even good friends to those they share a rosette with.  My colours are green and white only, and we will win tomorrow despite the whim of the First Minister.

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  1. TONTINE TIM on 16TH OCTOBER 2020 5:01 PM


    Thank you so much for a quite excellent post. I remember a lot of it. I think you mentioned the 0-4 defeat to the foe malign in a Cup replay of 1961?? It was played on a Wednesday afternoon. Celtic had been very unlucky in the original drawn game and a young Jinky had played a blinder. His reward – dropped for the replay.


    I heard the score on the radio and told Alec Byrne’s young brother who would not believe it.


    Those were days of despair. The team would play like world-beaters for a couple of games before succumbing to mighty Airdrie. But God is good to those who wait.

  2. Excathedra44



    I remember the semi against St Mirren altho I wasn’t in attendance.



    3-1 FT is what I recall but those were the days of the gripping live teleprinter results show.


    When the thing would stop fir 30 secs halfway through a result & coupon checkers across the nation held their breath.



    The rest of you post concurs exactly with my recollection.






    Maybe there’s just too many shame games to go round.



    Time for correct & unique labelling.



    Excathedra…that was a Willie Fernie led St isMirren, of course…well gubbed we were.




    I remember that well. It was disgrace heaped on defeat. The thing is, we hadn’t beaten them 5-1 at Love Street on the Monday night that week. I think.

  4. Jullien didn’t train today so unlikely to play. So either Welsh in a back 3 or play a flat 4. Frimpong will struggle in a flat 4 and we’ve nobody to play in front of him. The midfield 3 picks itself, Brown, Ntcham and McGregor. Apart from that it’s all up in the air.

  5. Putting things into perspective moment…



    French teacher decapitated in Paris by enraged parent after he shows pupils cartoons of Mohammed in free speech class. Police shoot parent who refused to surrender.




  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Not so ‘Old Firm’ fan-dabby-dozy, as the State prevents a perfectly fit, covid tested, young athlete from earning his corn.



    Be careful what you wish for.



    Jimmy Krankie is ruling your life.

  7. fourstonecoppi on




    Jimmy Krankie is ruling your life……..?????




  8. If I were Neil….












    * – if Jullien fails to make it

  9. I was at that semi-final at Ibrox against St Mirren when we invaded the pitch to try and have the game abandoned. I was also at the semi-final at Hampden where they also beat us. We had some fine games against them at that time. They had the likes of Tommy Bryceland and Gerry Baker , who, I think, played for the USA.

  10. It always thrills me ,,the memory bank of the team on here..


    i cannae remember feck all of games gone past…


    So that said ..My first game was away to Killie sometime christmas 59


    If anyone got details of that gemme i would be eternal grateful”’


    We got beat……My cousin told me i was unlucky and couldn’t go to a game again”bassa”


    i was 7 …i recovered…And now looking for TIK TOK TEN

  11. weebobbycollins on

    Re the St Mirren semi-final at ibrox…the invasion that day was a deliberate attempt to get the game abandoned. If my memory serves me at all, I think there was a game somewhere, possibly the week before, that was abandoned and ordered to be replayed…this apparently encouraged the invading element of our support…though the game was eventually played to a conclusion. However, Bob Kelly stated after the game that had it been abandoned Celtic would have conceded defeat.

  12. cornelius



    I was at the shame game. At Celtic Park.


    You mentioned one at Ibrox, that’s the one I asked you about.


    The “Summit” followed the Scottish Cup replay.


    Celtic FC took part.


    Shame about that.

  13. Celtic Mac



    In my last post I said



    “But it was game after the infamous summit to which I refer.” at Ibrox.



    I also said “Maybe there are too many shame games to go round.”



    Hence my remark that our recollections coincide.

  14. CORNELIUS on 16TH OCTOBER 2020 9:21 PM





    Depressing to say the least.

  15. angst levels ?



    thank fluck its Neil Francis that leads us rather that the precious on CQN.



    Neil and Scott go do what you always do, skelp the huns.



    we might lose a battle, but I think we won the last 9 wars.



    grow a pair , get stripped, stop frettin, ffs,



    If I linded up in a tunnel with both those guys, it must fill you with confidence,

  16. Iniquitous



    No doubt – their side is convinced they’ll turn us over.



    There will be few sweeter times to beat them.



    We have a battered team selection but they are missing a few too.



    Shame about Jullien but this is a chance for Stephen Welsh to prove how steady he is.







    Welsh Duffy Ajer



    Frimpong Brown Ntcham McGregor + Laxalt or Elyounoussi



    Griffiths Ajeti



    5 subs to use :- Klimala, Rogic, Turnbull, Dembele, Soro or Taylor

  17. something that gets on my tits for ever.



    speculation about the team,



    total waste of everybodies time

  18. SAINT STIVS on 16TH OCTOBER 2020 10:48 PM




    I saw Julian today, he was walking fine,




    Thank God he’s not lost any pace.