Celtic will win despite the First Minister


Let’s be clear on the rules, football has been granted special status and operate within different Covid guidelines to the rest of us.  This is why players could travel to and from the UK for international duty this month without having to isolate.   Players were permitted into Scotland this week who in the last two weeks have been to countries where they would normally have to isolate on landing here.

Nicola Sturgeon made a personal intervention into Celtic’s season when Boli Bolingoli broke isolation rules.  Celtic were not allowed to play for two weeks after this event.  I was so angry at Bolingoli I did not complain.  Rules were changed on the hoof to punish Celtic but there was culpability, so fair enough.

Ryan Christie is healthy.  He has been told to isolate at the whim of the same First Minister.  Kieran Tierney, who is also healthy, is also subject to political whim.  But not by a government that has kettled Arsenal fans in the manner this government kettled Celtic fans.

I grew out of political fantasies years ago.  Politicians are not your friend, they are not even good friends to those they share a rosette with.  My colours are green and white only, and we will win tomorrow despite the whim of the First Minister.

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  1. Melbourne Mick on




    Doesn’t matter we all don’t see eye to eye, but when the family get the


    gither, we’re a force to be reckoned with.


    Keep on keeping on mhate.


    H.H. Mick

  2. Jimmynotpaul , thanks for your post . My son and daughter don’t think we are a lovely family when they are asked to clean their rooms 😀😀 a big thank you to those who responded to the post about my dad’s last Celtic game.

  3. BSR



    i think your first 11 pick is highly likely. I think though that Jullienne will play RHS of 3 with Duffy centre and Taylor will play LWB instead of Laxalt. He’s earned it (despite my reservations on his style and potential)



    Would love to see McGregor back in the central attcaking mid role but that would leave Ntcham and Brown in anchor roles and we don’t want to go back there (in saying that; worked a treat in 5-0 2018 title winning game)



    With no training time with full squad, i think there will be no major shift in shape or team from Perth.



    No idea what to expect tomorrow until 10 mins in i think

  4. BBC on-line


    Headline: Old Firm fans urged to stay at home


    Text: The first minister has asked Old Firm fans not to gather or travel to try to watch this weekend’s game.



    No she effin didn’t. She specifically referenced Glasgow Derby and “Celtic v Rangers” game. Unlike yesterday, she made no mention of O** F***.



    Does my head in.

  5. Had a ticket for the 1957 final, my dad and two uncles but i took the flu (think it was Hong Kong flu at that time) listened to the game in bed.My cousin got my ticket One of my uncles was a huge Dundee Utd. fan and said it was the best display he had ever witnessed from a team(“just put that team in for Scotland”)with a couple of exceptions of course.

  6. Down to 2 new cases only and zero deaths for a state of 6million.


    Small lockdowns easing come Sunday – will take over-cautious leadership over ageist sacrifices anyday!


    Our team shall be:




    Julien, Duffy, Ajer


    Frimpong, Brown, McGregor, Taylor


    Ntcham, Rogic






  7. Good afternoon, friends.


    Having personally listened to Saint Nicola’s daily briefing today I can confirm, without fear of challenge, that not only did she say “Celtic v Rangers” in that order, she did so only a few moments after referring to tomorrow’s Glasgow Derby. So maybe she takes it day about as yesterday it was definitely “Rangers v Celtic” and “Old Firm”.


    I don’t think she has any particular vendetta against Celtic. Against football, maybe.


    My colours aren’t green and white “only” as I’ve just enjoyed a very successful International Break celebrating 3 wins for my other team.


    Having said all that, tomorrow can’t come quick enough – just over 22 hours until kick off….

  8. Melbourne Mick, apologies for delay, Timternet crashed


    Think the Water tastes the same in Antigua as Melbourne 🤣





    so much for FREEDOM, only if you do Not have the audacity to have an opinion, which runs against the SNP propaganda agenda.


    And I have no interest in Politics, before you all respond


    Paul67 not allowed “Freedom of opinion” when runs against others, whose opinion Must be listened too and correct 🤔🤔🤔



    I will add from a business perspective in my work place


    Employees told to isolate, we have them tested, if test is negative, they return to work (were classed as key workers during lockdown), absolutely No requirement to self Isolate for 14 days


    Why is Ryan Christie treated differently ?


    Test positive, it is 10 days isolation


    The s the lies businesses are following


    Unless you are told by a politician the rules are not for them ?



    Do Not trust any politician or party



    Like Paul, only party that matters to me


    The Green and White, with a golden stripe, Party



    Hail Hail

  9. TIMHORTON on 16TH OCTOBER 2020 2:12 PM





    Brown will start against them, he has to…………IMO





    I know mate but I’m not a believer in the mythical powers of a footballer who is needed to point, cajole and shout a lot in the professional game. Bring him on a la St Johnstone and play a young, more mobile Celtic player instead from the start.




  10. @AlisonGConroy


    Albian Ajeti is fit to play for Celtic tomorrow. Edouard is back & will be assessed later today. Neil Lennon wanting answers about Ryan Christie’s availability.





    Which is nice.

  11. CaddingtonCommon on

    Has anyone noticed the similarity between a contentious article by Paul and an immediate critical post by James Forrest ?



    I think we should be told !

  12. you grew out of political fantasies years ago



    did you Paul?



    you have written a lot of them lately!



    eg boli broke uk quarantine law






  13. The political classes are anti working class and all about showing bonny scotland as a land open to all. They cant stand anything that makes them see their reality belongs to them only. The truth is much darker and unpleasant to face. Being of irish decent and / or any other minority group in scotland is not easy.



    The options seem to be:



    a) roll over and follow the majority, reject your cultural background.



    b) embrace your culture but often pretend your one of them (laugh at their racist jokes, dont challenge the fucked up views and beliefs) and not effected.



    c) embrace your culture and standing up for yourself (you will likely to called sensitive, uptight, plastic paddy’s, just as bad as the racist who attack you etc.)



    I reckon most people from minority groups find themselves between b and c most of the time depending on the situation I.e work, social etc.



    Until Scotland and it’s people can face up to the intolerance to ‘the other’ it will never truly be a country open to all.




  14. Hi Big Jimmy. Trust you are well. Is MOLLYKATE one (or two) of your burds?



    2-0 to the good guys tomorrow!

  15. It would seem that Arsenals success in having our old friend cleared to play stems from his ‘three month immunity’ having previously tested positive back in August. Take from that what you will. What I would say is that if our success tomorrow swings on not having Ryan, Hatem and Nir then someone isn’t doing their job right. Win the first ten minutes and it’ll be jelly and ice cream from there on in…



    Cheers Bhoys. I am reasonably okay apart from the Side Effects of some Tablets that I must take each day…URGGH !


    I am just grateful that Im not a Hun…..MORE URGGHHS


    As for “MOLLYKATE” ?…I first heard it at Celtic games around the late 1960’s, so i dont know if its Scottish or Irish for…”Murder this mob Celtic ? ”





  17. Big Jimmy – you enjoy your weekend to my friend.



    There will be copious amounts of T – Lager getting drunk in this household of 10 manana.😁🍺😁🍺😁🍺



    D :)




    You could be right with Jullien Duffy and Ajer.



    But Greg Taylor needed help and NL has provided it with Laxalt,


    behind closed doors isn’t a normal debut game.



    I’d throw caution to the wind and give the Serie A man a jersey, if he’s fit.



    Probably a fan verse manager view but NFL knows best.

  19. Big Jimmy.


    From the Urban Dictionary.




    Beat up or “batter”


    Aw he just got molicated


    I’m gonnae molicate you

  20. So we are seeing the playbook from the movie contagion scaring the daylights out of folk. Peoples mental health and life’s works being rendered worthless by elected bampots who are not remotely qualified to make decisions never mind capable of stepping up.

  21. Sturgeon is a politician first & last.


    She makes all decisions through that beveled glass – carefully weighing up the costs & benefits.


    She listens to her echo chamber of advisors & selects a course of action to best suited for her & her agenda.


    As evidenced by her decisions over the last 7 months – some work & others are disastrous.



    Does she care about Celtic or their fans?


    Only in so far as it helps or doesn’t hinder herself, her party or her agenda.



    She can’t afford to be universally seen as biased against Celtic but if she can plausibly justify decisions that disadvantage Celtic – she & her party’s higher echelon really doesn’t care what we think.



    EG MacAskill’s dishonest comment after the Ibrox shame game – the one that ignored the anti-Catholic bile by thousands of their fans.


    EG Kettling Celtic fans by police as a training exercise for them in implementing that Act.


    EG Bolingoli-gate where she couldn’t wait to weigh in compared to Calderwood-gate where she did everything she could to not intervene.



    For me, the rest of her politics here is irrelevant – even if some want it to be otherwise.


    Celtic & it’s fans are amongst those who are more likely to find themselves expendable when she has choices to make. Our demographic is only sometimes relatively important to her – usually election time.


    I’m never surprised by anything she says or does because if you follow the thread of political expediency you can easily predict what her next move will be.



    Whatever happens tomorrow on the pitch, around the stadium or in Blackpool – she’ll use her exclusive platform on Monday to exploit it to it’s fullest potential.



    Time for a Celtic hero to emerge tomorrow, or even an aging one to remind us all why they hold that status.




  22. Seems that there are more than a few Celtic supporters, and not just on here, subjecting themselves tae a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth prior tae the morra’s game. IMHO, we show up we win, and pretty comfortably tae.



    Most of us can all recall hearing that for this game the form book went out the windae, since the influx of non Scots and Irish players I don’t believe this is in effect now.



    But there were times when we went intae the game as underdogs and yet prevailed.



    I recall my da coming home ecstatic one Saturday at tea time after watching us gub deidco 4-1 at hades in the League Cup.



    Considering he was only 14 when we won both the League and Exhibition Cup this was possibly the first time he saw us win over there.



    Yet 4 days later we would lose 0-4 at Parkheid in the corresponding game



    We all recall or have heard about the 7-1 game aka “oh hampden in the sun”, what is not known, or possibly forgotten, is that they went intae it as strong favourites.



    This may be attributed tae both sides having concerns over the centre half position with their iconic players and captains in that position retiring, geordie young and the Big Mhan.



    We had tried out John Jack, who had played in the final the year before in what was his only season as a regular but his tea was oot when his poor clearance in the Scottish semis against kilmasonic earlier that year resulted in Dick Beattie fortuitously conceding a penalty.



    I recall when Dick was finally found guilty of bribery about 7 year later my da saying that we owed John Jack an apology, for as clumsy as he was he got blamed for something that was outwith his control.



    Anyway we badly needed a centre half and in desperation Bobby Evans was moved intae that position, which worked out well for both parties as he went on tae appear for and captain his country in that position replacing the aforementioned geordie young.



    Deidco however bought the upcoming Queens Park centre half deemed at the time a future national side star and captain beating us out; there is a Ghod right enough.



    We also had a very young right back who had only made his debut a couple of months before replacing Frank Meehan who in turn had taken over from veteran former Commando Captain Mike Haughney who had emigrated to the States that summer.



    It was thought at the time young John would be no match for “old mother” hubbard, John incidentally only played for us 43 times in 7 seasons.



    So here we have a rookie full back, an inside forward at right half with the regular in that position, another transformed inside forward, moved tae centre half.



    Up front 2 free transfers from the Bully Wee and the Buddies respectively with an inside/centre forward who had been converted tae left back on the left wing and only because the player in that position, who had played well in the semis, was in the eyes of Sir Bob not tae be trusted against the thug that was shearer, not to worry wee ten thirty’s time would eventually come.



    Bertie talks about how he could have been a legend twice over if he had played at hampden that glorious afternoon, well 2 players that did were on the bench in Lisbon, wee Neilly and Iron Mhan Sean.



    Apart fae “dickie valentine” at centre half this was a really strong and physical hun side. When I hear our supporters sing “and as I look around me I sometimes have to smile”, well I still do when I recall that shearer who also played in the 9-3 game at Wembley, “bette” davis and sammy the clug baird were in the losing side that glorious afternoon in the sun.



    I grew up during the “years in the wilderness” October 19 1957 until April 24 1965, a period when we played them 35 times winning only 6.



    Those victories constituted 3 Glasgow and1 Charity Cup 2 of which were by the toss of the coin while 1 in extra time.



    We also had 1 in the Scottish only tae lose very heavily 0-4 tae the Buddies in the semis 0-4 and 1 more in the League Cup at hades which was 5 days after one of the Glasgow Cup games.



    My memory of the latter was as a wee paper bhoy skipping down the road when the shipyard workers on their way home delivered the good news tae this wee happy loddie.



    That run ended with the victory I have mentioned before on John Thomson’s 33rd Anniversary.



    Ironically at the end of that season we beat them again 6 days after “Billy’s Bumper” Scottish Cup win and before the season was finally complete the Glasgow Cup was added tae the Scottish in the Parkheid boardroom.



    However, during this lean period there was always hope in our hearts approaching games against them, it should also be noted that deidco didnae have it all their own way as well



    Even with all their alleged “great” players the greigs, baxters, hendersons etc they only acquired one treble and one double and those were in successive years.



    Hearts, Dundee and Kilmarnock all won the Title, Clyde St Mirren and Dunfermline the Scottish, while Hearts were League Cup winners 3 times.



    We were still competitive in the first 4 years of that period, that IMHO was mainly due tae the Big Mhan coaching the then called “Kelly Kids”, after that it was all downhill for us until his return.



    2 year after Lisbon in a game that they were going tae put us in our place as we had both the wee mhan and the bear out, the latter had failed a fitness test but the deidco centre, who had a poor disciplinary record even while at Easter Road, was also out due tae an accumulation of bookings, so in response our wee talisman, who also had a short fuse, was also predictably booked knocking him out of the final.



    This feeling was not just at hame and this was during the nae net period and also when most overseas phone calls were made during the off peak period, after 6:00 pm EST (11:00 pm Parkheid time) and so the huns like their brithers at hame and in the black north were totally convinced we were there for the taking.



    I was over here then for the first of my tenures, at that time the flagship TV station CBC always showed the FA Cup Final live.



    That year it was Man City complete with Mike Summerbee, Colin Bell and Franny Lee v Leicester who had outlander goalie Peter Shilton, former Motherwell and Hibs payers Bobby Roberts and Dave Gibson respectively as well as the upcoming and much sought after Alan Clarke who would be at Elland Road before the start of the new season and who we would all see at hampden 12 months later, a game to savour.



    However, not so as the CBC phones were ringing off the hook by angry Scots, this was an area that still had annual tangerine walks with the top brass including mayors, chiefs of police etc having to be members of the lol, demanding the Scottish Cup Final be shown instead.



    It got so bad with the insults to the switchboard off the charts that they announced no game would be on but the FA Cup could be hard on CBC Radio and that is how I heard that it was 1-0 early doors for us and then when the commentator said another goal up in Glasgow, 3-0, where did the 2nd come from is all us Tims would ask.



    After the dust was settled they announced a tape delay of the Scottish game would be shown the following Saturday. Personally I would be back hame living in time for the Harry Harry game and in Milan 13 month later.



    So much for them knocking us off our pedestal, another treble was back in the Parkheid board room and it would have been repeated the following season if it hadn’t been for r ight h un davidson. Keep that in mind for the morra.



    Canada, especially the Toronto area, post WWII had a huge European immigrant population at the time; with them they brought their culture, food, faith, music and sports.




    Nae Blue Jays or Raptors and although hockey was king “soccer” was also very popular with teams, similar tae the Junior ranks at hame, in the Toronto and District League, such as the Toronto Italia, Toronto Irish, Toronto Celtic, Maltese Melita, Toronto Royals who played in the calvinists colours, possibly because of “Glasgow deidco supporters cub” who also fielded a team.



    In fact one of the reasons that fitba didnae take off professionally up here like down in the States at the time was the allegiance shown by the “new Canadians” to their clubs back home.



    After the FA Cup final the victorious Man City side headed for a North American tour landing at the then Toronto Malton Airport. They were the new FA Cup holders so the media was there tae greet them.



    Legendary Everton and Arsenal player and now City manager Joe Mercer, a close friend of the Big Mhan, when being congratulated on the cup win replied that it was a good job they weren’t playing that amazing side Celtic and their great manager Jock Stein as they would never have beaten them, or words to that effect.



    This was reported on local TV and in the now defunct Toronto Telegram, whose sports desk we used tae call at 12:00 EST on a Saturday for the scores.



    Then there’s the Mike Conroy final, I was back over here then so my knowledge of this game can be attributed tae my da.



    With 2 centre half’s and a back up either injured or suspended, once again we draft in a youngster, Mike Conroy tae play out of position with big Roy of the Rovers mentoring him.



    Ironically with Dom Sullivan also out injured Mike may have replaced him in the midfield, however Big Billy pulled a Jock and played 2 right wingers on the right side of the attack with the “rubber mhan” on the left wing.



    As the sportscaster on the late night Buffalo NY news, huge Irish and Polish Diaspora, said on the Sunday night after showing footage of the riot when asked what the final score had been, “the Catholics won 1-0” tae a huge cheer fae the studio.



    As Big Billy said after the Centennial Double “”There is a fairy tale aspect about this club that shows its head every now and then”



    So looking ahead as FDR said the “only thing to fear is fear itself”, well that is apart from the 3rd knuckle officials.



    But let’s not forget what opinionated failed chelski coach beale said when discussing slippy going tae Bristol in the summer that Lenny was a lousy coach and manager and he should stay as the trophies are just round the corner.

  23. I see the Hun zombie idiots have been piling cash on there team, so much so that the odds are slashed and they are favourites.



    Anyone know the actual in shop price for a Celtic victory?



    D :)