Christie and managing your assets


Surely Ryan Christie deserves a season at Celtic to show what he can do?  It was a sound enough idea to buy him and immediately loan him back to Inverness.  He has flourished at Aberdeen, but with only 10 Celtic appearances in what will be three years since joining the club, he has not been given a platform to show what he has.

I get that competition is great for the creative mid spots at Celtic, but our plan should be to develop players into first team regulars, or enhance their value and sell them profitably.  Ryan is doing well enough at Aberdeen to attract interest from the Football League, but with a few medals and perhaps Champions League experience under his belt, he would be a more valuable asset.

Celtic players are worth more than Aberdeen players, just as Manchester City and PSG players are worth more than Celtic’s.  Bring Ryan in for next season, make a decision on his future, or work to enhance his value to the club.

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  1. James Forrest


    A good read thanks, an utter scandal that they SFA/Sevco have gotten away with this up to now.

  2. BT


    I know Scotland and the Huns used to wear the same coloured socks s but I didn`t know red, white and blue were the national side`s current (!) colours.




  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    For a man who educated children you strike me as being very naive or just plane ignorant of Scotland

  4. I had a very enjoyable day wandering around Malaga with Embramike.



    We put the world to rights during our meandering(s) and when you all wake up in the morning ,if the world has not righted itself as a result – its his fault. :)

  5. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Good Evening Fholks



    Norrie M (The CQN Artist formerly known as Cowiebhoy) who is travelling at the moment, and his lovely youngest daughter, Laura wish to pass on their incredible gratitude and sincere thanks for the CQN support for Laura’s charity race night which is being held tomorrow night.



    All the Jockeys have been sold exclusively to CQNers and indeed such was the demand that they have even sold two races as CQN Owners ( race 1 and 5)



    Remember the winning Jockey and Owner of each race will win one of the following posters ( The winner choses!)





    Of course, equally important is the bragging rights and indeed the head to head competition between the CQNers, so given that we have been looking all week for a list, here is one coming up







  6. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Here is the line up for Laura’s race night



    Race 1


    Heart & Sole Stirling



    Stall Horse Jockey Owner


    1 Inappropriate Horse Name 1 OneMalloy BMCUWP


    2 Horsing Around Phyllis Dietrichson PMTYH


    3 Frisky Felix Bateen Bhoy Toronto Mick


    4 Alwayscomesfirst Bateen Bhoy Twists and Turns


    5 Norrie’s Nag NorrieM Gus McKeen


    6 Blue Eyed Boy Mars Papa Gearoid1998


    7 Magnificent Seven Twists and Turns Iain Reynolds


    8 Ubba The Viking Nas Na Ri BlantyreTim



    Race 2


    Fiona Sutherland Aesthetics



    Stall Horse Jockey


    1 Gari Hoopers Horse OneMalloy


    2 Inappropriate Horse Name 2 Phyllis Dietrichson


    3 Shakira Mars Papa


    4 Little Larsson Dessybhoy


    5 DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo SFTB


    6 Due Date Bateen Bhoy


    7 Stud Finder Twists and Turns


    8 Welsh Wonder Nas Na Ri



    Race 3


    More Meal Prepping



    Stall Jockey


    1 Tullamore Dew OneMalloy


    2 Rooster Phyllis Dietrichson


    3 Inappropriate Horse Name 3 Twists and Turns


    4 Neigh Good Mars Papa


    5 I’m Ghana Win Iain Reynolds


    6 Plus 9 Points Murdochauldandhay


    7 Tulloch Gorum Twists and Turns


    8 Aidy Baby Nas Na Ri



    Race 4


    Michael R More Butchers



    Stall Horse Jockey


    1 Wear The Fox Hat OneMalloy


    2 Hoof Two Phyllis Dietrichson


    3 Odsonne James Gang


    4 Inappropriate Horse Name 4 PMTYH


    5 Dembelition Murdochauldandhay


    6 The Cowie Cruiser NorrieM


    7 Hugo-a-go-go Twists and Turns


    8 Mad Radge Horse Nas Na Ri



    Race 5


    Horse ‘n’ Hound Laundry Service



    Stall Horse Jockey Owner


    1 No Soup for You OneMalloy NorrieM


    2 Roary Rory Phyllis Dietrichson Dessybhoy


    3 Feed the Bear Bateen Bhoy Gus McKeen


    4 Lennons Bhoy BMCUWP BlantyreTim


    5 Hoojamaboaby Gearoid1998 Mars Papa


    6 Peevster Dena29 OneMalloy


    7 Sofa Can Fast Twists and Turns James Gang


    8 Black Beauty Nas Na Ri SFTB



    Race 6


    Double Bubble Candy



    Stall Horse Jockey


    1 Gin & Tonic OneMalloy


    2 Charlie Farley Phyllis Dietrichson


    3 Usain Colt Gus McKeen


    4 Pula! Pula! Pula! BMCUWP


    5 Sick Note Pete PMTYH


    6 Mobile Marco BlantyreTim


    7 Harry Cochrane’s Pocket Twists and Turns


    8 Al Capony Nas Na Ri



    Race 7


    James Hay Heat Services



    Stall Horse Jockey


    1 Neigh Bother OneMalloy


    2 Mo’s Mare Phyllis Dietrichson


    3 Golden Boy OneMalloy


    4 Lady Paris James Gang


    5 Run Away Gorden BlantyreTim


    6 Stella Gus McKeen


    7 Mo Anam Cara Twists and Turns


    8 Pony Soprano BMCUWP



    Race 8


    St Mary’s PTA



    Stall Horse Jockey


    1 Hoof One OneMalloy


    2 In First it’s Second Phyllis Dietrichson


    3 Cabeysbhoy NorrieM


    4 Hoof Hearted Toronto Mick


    5 Neigh Neigh Dena29


    6 The Invincibles BlantyreTim


    7 Lucky Number 7 Twists and Turns


    8 Senior Discount James Gang

  7. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Hi folks


    I know someone looking to post but is having trouble registering


    anyone else had trouble lately


    any advice would be much appreciated

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Considering my nephew Marco has cerebral palsy and has had over 20 ops to try to walk mobile Marco is a fantastic name??

  9. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    That’s amazing, as the horses have been separately sold and named.



    Hope you win? You picking the print of the Original Holy Goalie then?



    I will also be betting on that in race 6, as looking at the other jockeys you do not have much competition :-)







  10. mike in toronto on

    How come I got Bateen bhoy as my jockey?! I know there are a few on there who are much smaller than BB! Could I trade him in for Weefra?



    Are the other jockeys having to carry weight?




  11. mike in toronto on

    Bateenbhoy …. if we lose this raise, you know where the horse’s head is going to end up, dont you?




  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    What’s this? SFA/Seco connections? Need to improve media communication?



    I thought Darryl Broadfoot had that gig for years before moving on to a PR consultancy.



    You know, the guy who used to write for Rangers News, The Herald and is now is a regular on Sportsound.

  13. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    James Forrest on 22nd March 2018 7:21 pm



    THAT is a truly STUNNING and hugely Damning Article.



    Well done!




  14. okay as no one wants to answer my francie and josie question, im now listening to a track from a miles davis album, called alone together, blooming mindblowing. these are

  15. mike in toronto on

    big Packy



    The opening of So What on Kind of Blue … from the opening notes to Jimmy Cobb hits the snare, and Miles kicks in ….could listen to that every night, and never get tired of it.



    When are you in TO? Some good jazz at the festical this year.

  16. MIKE IN TORONTO, what musicians, how are you mike and how is seamuss larsson, frankie and benny send good wishes, mike definately gonna come over, last time was 1999, so its time i came back to see seamus.

  17. Good evening guys. Long time lurker first time poster. Go easy please.


    Can I say that reading some of the great/sad and sometimes harrowing posts over the last 5 or 6 days compelled me to register and post tonight.


    The courage of the guys to post of their harrowing experiences has been incredible and the responses to said posts from you all have been phenomenal.





    Long time lurkers are always welcome!








    It’s a tad lengthy,mate. Gimme a few minutes and I’ll mail it to you page at a time.