Christie and managing your assets


Surely Ryan Christie deserves a season at Celtic to show what he can do?  It was a sound enough idea to buy him and immediately loan him back to Inverness.  He has flourished at Aberdeen, but with only 10 Celtic appearances in what will be three years since joining the club, he has not been given a platform to show what he has.

I get that competition is great for the creative mid spots at Celtic, but our plan should be to develop players into first team regulars, or enhance their value and sell them profitably.  Ryan is doing well enough at Aberdeen to attract interest from the Football League, but with a few medals and perhaps Champions League experience under his belt, he would be a more valuable asset.

Celtic players are worth more than Aberdeen players, just as Manchester City and PSG players are worth more than Celtic’s.  Bring Ryan in for next season, make a decision on his future, or work to enhance his value to the club.

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  1. I’m distraught ….that poor wummin couldn’t get a cup of tea fae Marks on Sauchiehall ST because of that fire.




  2. seamus larsson, trying to find a website, that does doggy coats with green and white hoops, will let you know.

  3. Dundee Utd ..what are you thinking of? Mohsni ? One of the worst players I have ever set eyes on.*



    * not because he played for the hun.




    Haven’t seen you post for a while S!



    Hope you are OK!



    Mibbe you are still snowed in!

  5. been watching a you tube compilation of old scottish shows, got me thinking about who would be celtic minded ,out of francie and josie, the one oclock gang, the alexander brothers, lex mclean johnnie beattie, andy stewart ,jimmy logan, can only think of larry marshall from the one o clock gang and maybe jimmy logan.hh.

  6. BRTH……



    …………and it looks like we will be number 1 for a while yet!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mike in toronto on

    Hrvatski …



    I’ll throw the cat in amongst the canaries…. who was better… Henrik or Zlatan?






    4 leagues in Scotland, 2 in spain, 1 in England, and I CL



    325 goals in 576 games, and 37 goals in 106 games for Sweden





    2 leagues in Holland, 4 leagues in Italy, 1 league in Spain, and 4 leagues in France, plus 1 World Club Championship



    317 goals in 467 games (in top leagues ) and 62 goals in 116 games for Sweden.



    numbers favour big Z, but I always thought he faded in the big games…. but, then I look at his record, and he won the league most years he played in 4 of the top leagues in Euorpe … that says something.

  8. BRTH



    Ive mentioned previously.



    If anyone ever goes to Real Madrid visitor experience/tour they dont mention huns titles (previous).



    (Other visitor tour may differ)



    But they do have video footage of JJ at A De S testimonial.

  9. MIt


    for Sweden zlatan had the advantage of playing with Henrik whereas Henrik had zlatan :)

  10. MIT



    I remember Henke saying that he thought Zlatan was the best striker in the world.



    Hope Seamus and you are doing well!

  11. BRTH –



    As I scrolled down I feared the worst but the truth prevailed. Deserves a wider audience – including our own Club!

  12. mike in toronto on

    Gene :)



    Philbhoy …. my knock against Z was that, in spite of winning, he always seemed to wear out his welcome and seemed to move around a lot ….



    but then when you watch him …. for someone his size, he moved like a cat! think it had to do with all the karate he did … his movement and balance for such a big guy was phenomenal …



    but, the knock is, for all the leagues he won, he couldn’t lead a team to even one CL …



    although, to be balanced, did HL win the leagues with Barca and Man U? Not so sure … although he was the difference in the one CL cup final …



    but, if I am being honest, I have to think that Z’s record in far, far superior leagues has to take the day …



    but I still like HL better as a player … more of a team player (which is what I value most).

  13. hi folks got two questions


    i have potentially a family reunion coming up all tied to my grandfather he was charles mcbride from midlock st in ibrox (there is a claim to him being joe mcbrides uncle i’m looking fo an easy way to firm this up (or not)


    the reunion my involve the 25/5 lisbon dinner do. i cant find anything to send that promotes this, or even explains the nights events any help for both is much appreciated TIA…..H.H.

  14. garygillespieshamstring on

    Big Packy



    Johnny Beattie. I saw him compere the rally years ago. Can’t remember his real name but he is of Italian descent.





    I’ll forward your addy to BRT&H,I expect he’ll send you the info.