Christie and managing your assets


Surely Ryan Christie deserves a season at Celtic to show what he can do?  It was a sound enough idea to buy him and immediately loan him back to Inverness.  He has flourished at Aberdeen, but with only 10 Celtic appearances in what will be three years since joining the club, he has not been given a platform to show what he has.

I get that competition is great for the creative mid spots at Celtic, but our plan should be to develop players into first team regulars, or enhance their value and sell them profitably.  Ryan is doing well enough at Aberdeen to attract interest from the Football League, but with a few medals and perhaps Champions League experience under his belt, he would be a more valuable asset.

Celtic players are worth more than Aberdeen players, just as Manchester City and PSG players are worth more than Celtic’s.  Bring Ryan in for next season, make a decision on his future, or work to enhance his value to the club.

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  1. Good evening friends.



    As already endorsed by BRT&H, that James Forrest piece posted at 7:21 is an absolutely fantastic read, albeit a good 20+ minutes. Love it when there’s a single article that pulls all of the strands (and there are so many) together. Off to try to sleep now although I do now have so many thoughts flying round my head (makes a change!)

  2. Big Packy,


    True story re Jimmy Logan,


    Many many years ago my mum and dad won a competition in the Sunday Mail, the prize was called a `second honeymoon`, where the winning couple would be taken to a fancy restaurant, have a Champagne slap up meal at a table hosted by Jimmy Logan, They were having a lovely night, enjoying the craic as well as the Champers. Mr Logan was being a wonderful host, then he asked my Mum how many kids she had. 5, came the reply. (My youngest brother hadn’t been born yet, so this was pre 1965) Next question was how many were at school. 2, she answered. Next question was the inevitable. Which school do they go to? St Johns, she replied. End of conversation, practically turned his back on them for the rest of the night. My Mum was a genuine very honest (and religious) woman who would never speak badly of anyone, I remember her telling my gran the story when they returned home. Years later I asked her about it and she confirmed that is what happened. She wouldn’t lie. So, no, I don’t think Mr Logan would be a follower of the Hoops.

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    All sorted now thank goodness.



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    What reason is given for Hampden being red, white and blue?










    They’re all huns?





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    I wondered how long it would take for the question.



    I most certainly am not, far too handsome for that mob.




  6. The biggest wake up call to all the deluded on here,is that, Bournemouth posted a turnover of 136 million in their accounts.They said,most of that is due to Sky money.


    Will some on here begin to approach some form of reality.?I doubt it.


    We cannot compete.Get that into your thick skulls and sit back and enjoy the success we are having at home.


    Stop your f ekin moaning and enjoy what you have now.



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    Always a dead give away when the new guys claim to be handsome..



    Ur ye sure yer no a sticky bun:)) 66 instead of 67, that”s crafty ah’ll gie ye that:))



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    Definitely a hun.




    David…proddy name


    66….year England won the world cup.



    Elementary my dear Watson




    66 is my year of birth, so not only a handsome Tim but a young handsome Tim…




  11. David 66 not to be confused with myself D66, but like yourself a long time lurker who only registered about a couple of months ago and have only posted occasionally, and DEFINITELY not a hun, perish the thought!

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    Hope you are well and we still have that amazing Lisbon 67 rug you kindly donated for Shay, thank you. Hopefully auction it over the coming months with a few other amazing prizes.



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    If she gets another 8 people to donate £5, then she will sell the owners for another race. Just think you could have BT, POG, bateen bhoy. Twists n Turns or SFTB as your jockey :-)







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    Good thing about lurking for so long is you get to know the wind up merchants and you fall into that category.



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  14. Gooooooood Evening CQN


    A couple of points tonight ( and yes I am doing a scenic tour of Englandshire)


    CRC & CQN community, from Laura, a huge Thanks for the support of “Let Us Shine” Ghirls school in Ghana


    Some brilliant and hilarious horse names in that list with special Jockeys


    Anyone welcome to join us at the race night tomorrow at 7.30, St Mary’s primary school, Bannockburn.


    Brilliant seeing our own Lionsroar67 post today :-)) and he was spoiled with AnTearnann popping in for a visit – thanks Dan


    BRTH & Emeraldbee – not happy with that list :-) did we not win a few other cups ? e.g Fairs Cup ??



    Now finally, looking at our squad, I have said a few times, gave Ryan Christie a chance in our team, and I think he would do well, creative, energy, mobile and wants to play with us



    PS – printed the programs for the race night, a very heartfelt Thanks to CQN in the notes – sorry can’t copy over to show this, hopefully some smart cookie can tomorrow



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    never met you.



    name is for the coffee, but i did see tim horton play. i came to canada in 1968.



    ps. met torontony at the irish club.

  19. Stolen from Twitter…..








    You get around! Good time of year to go there,no hurricanes!



    All nine pages sent to you. Had I known you had a problem opening mails,I’d have sent them all in one hit.



    Still,it’s well worth a read-and I numbered them in case one didn’t get through.



    Hope you have a great time,bud.




  21. Incidentally


    Still Game on the tele dooooon in Englandshire


    Wonder if they got the jokes tonight – hilarious episode :-)))

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    I have been lurking for about 6 years after my mate (Fergusslayedtheblues) told me about this fantastic site.


    Never really plucked up the courage to post, but this week has been an inspiration and a reall tear jerker at times. Without knowing some of these guys personally ( think I know 1 or 2) I admire everyone who has posted this week…incredible





    It has definitely brought out the best in many. Incredible to think we are nearly at the end of an international week and we haven’t started fighting amongst ourselves yet!



    Aye,been just like old times…

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    I was genuinely shedding a tear reading some of the posts.


    At the same time in awe of everyone on here this week.




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    Hey you, I can assure you I was an accomplished jockey until my daughters pony threw me over it’s head going over a jump in the front field. Lol. How’s the dugs? Well I hope. HH

  26. whats all this double D,s and six six …..



    smiley stormy danny bhoys thing ….



    welcome aboard …




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    WEEFRATHETIM on 22ND MARCH 2018 11:25 PM



    Hope you’re well?



    Maybe see you at the corner next home game?







  28. What is the Stars on

    Sick of all this lovey dovey nice guys r us nonsense.


    Anyone fancy a good old fashioned no holds barred name calling threats etc type of argument. Plenty of abusive names etc.




    Songs Debate


    Poppy debate






    Buddhism even feckin nudism .Anything to end this peace and love stuff


    Can we all just not argue along like we used to.


    This site has gone to the dogs.


    Feckin even has dogs posting!!!!

  29. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Evening all.



    In anticipation of this week’s friendly BBC Sport Scotland have put an article on their website recounting Scotland’s shock defeat to the same opponents at Italia 90.



    I remember the game vividly.



    Scotland’s match day squad contained eight current or future Rangers players and three well known Rangers supporters.



    The Scotland manager supported the Ibrox club.



    We lost 1-0 after our STRIKERS missed several good chances to score and our DEFENCE went to sleep allowing them to take the lead.



    The BBC caption shows a picture of Celtic MIDFIELDER Paul McStay.



    Great work guys! Enjoy your chuckles while it lasts.



    The printed press will go first but you won’t be far behind them.

  30. CRC



    Won’t be there till I get this op I’ve been waiting for for over a year. Three cancellations and well pissed off. Had my fourth pre op in a year last week, so hopefully get sorted in the next 12 weeks. Will be renewing anyhoo, so, hopefully will be back next season. Have not made one game this season. Grrrrrrrr. Take care Mark, looking forward to meeting up again. HH

  31. see Mary,s young lad has just picked a Hawk by the name of John Bolton to be his new National Security Adviser….he is in favour of pre emptive strikes on North Korea ,,,


    will we get to the ten in a row?



    smiley radioactive flag day thing