Elyounoussi and Taylor must play tomorrow


If Neil Lennon is anything like me, he will have spent more time considering Thursday’s game in Rennes than tomorrow’s in Hamilton.  That is unlikely.  Hamilton Accies have had a decent start to the season: beating Kilmarnock and a draw at struggling Hearts, putting a shine over a drubbing at Ross County on the opening day of the season and a home defeat to Motherwell.

On paper, this one looks straightforward; however, this game will not be played on paper, but some godforsaken polymer.  Nothing can be taken for granted.

While we have had plenty of time to salivate over new arrivals like Jullien, Bolingoli (yes), Elhamed and Bauer; Mohamed Elyounoussi and Greg Taylor have yet to wear the hoops.  If fit, both must play tomorrow.  It will be a long 90 minutes in France and we will need as much of the squad blooded and ready.

It’s good to have the real football back.

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  1. Wasn’t our 3 match package only £72, I.e. £24 a game? Still on hols but £144 for me and my Bhoy rings a bell….

  2. Didn’t realise Sevco were charging SO much more than us. £13 more per game. Forgot to bring calculator on holiday so Bear with me here. £13 times, say even 40,000 Is £520,000. 3 games, so a total of £1,560,000. I suppose they have to pay Ryan Kent’s first instalment somehow. And if the charge to away fans is €51, which converts roughly to, say £51 ;-) then they really are milking the Europa for all its worth. Can anyone remind me who their first away opponents are, the game they’re not handling any tickets for? HH (hola hola)

  3. Statement – recent sectarian violence in Glasgow



    Published on 13 September, 2019



    The Church of Scotland has released the following statement on the recent sectarian violence in Glasgow, and ahead of reports of a planned protest this weekend.



    Rev Dr Richard Frazer, convener of the Church of Scotland’s Church and Society Council, said:



    “Following the sectarian violence we have seen on the streets of Glasgow in recent weeks, we recognise that the decision made by Glasgow City Council to ban further parades planned for this weekend was not based on religious discrimination nor a desire to oppress the protestant faith. The City Council has a responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all within the city and in doing this the Council needs to take into account the advice it receives from the police and the concerns of the communities involved. We believe it is in this vein that the decision has been made and we are supportive of the decision.



    “As Christians we believe that our words and actions should seek to demonstrate a deep love of our neighbours and of those with whom we disagree. When we fail to do this we present a Christianity which fails to reflect the love and life and character of Christ whom we serve.



    “For many years now the Church of Scotland has acknowledged and publicly expressed our regret for any part our Church has played in sectarianism. We recognise that sectarianism remains a painful scar in the life of our nation but one which with sufficient will, resource, and collaboration we can tackle together as we seek to build the tolerant society we know we can be.”

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    It’s Friday the 13 th and a full moon, Shirley a statement from Ibrox due on any pish, super goon day😱😵👻💀🗿

  5. Silver City 1888 on

    I thought Sky had bought all the League games this season. I see we are on BT tomorrow. Does their exclusive deal start next year or have I entirely lost track?

  6. Church Of Scotland banned by FF for being too Christian and not Protestant enough.



    powerful statement , well done them.

  7. Resting players is only part of it. We have a large squad and at this stage we don’t know if Bauer is better than Elhamed, is Taylor better than Boli Is Elyounoussi better than Forrest, is Rogic better than N’tcham or is Bayo better than Griff.



    We feel the team that beat the Huns is our strongest line up but it may not be, obviously we can’t tinker too much in any particular game as every game is a must win right now but we need to see what every ghuy has to offer.


    If Mikey hadn’t got a few early games in, none of us would be shouting for his inclusion now we would be delighted to see his name on the team sheet,


    The same thing could happen for Bauer, Shved, Elyounoussi, Taylor Arzani or Bayo,


    We know the likes of Rogic, Sinclair & Griff did it for us in the past , can they get back to what they were.


    Obviously Lenny is looking at them all in training every day, we do not ave that luxury so we must trust our Manager but I want to see all of the above mentioned get a bit of game time over next month or two, & yes I would like a couple like Taylor & Elyounoussi on tomorrow.

  8. Excellent statement from the Church of Scotland. Mibbe, just mibbe, the times they are a changing. Well, here’s hoping anyway.

  9. BRTH


    Brilliant post regarding Lisbon 2017, and once again for ever grateful for all you’re help in getting me home,, and also Mosignor Charlie for his spiritual comfort at that time

  10. LUCKY JIM-out standing as always,for a moment I forgot I wasn’t there:-)


    Monsignor Charlie-belated birthday wishes




    Sitting in airport waiting to come home from Florida,back to work Monday 😂


    On tomorrow’s game,I don’t think we have to worry about Hamilton sitting in,that’s not how they play

  11. SAINT STIVS on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 7:36 PM


    Church Of Scotland banned by FF for being too Christian and not Protestant enough.


    powerful statement , well done them.





    As Gene mentions – the thugs that attack Irish marches and abuse Catholics have probably never seen the inside of a Church of any denomination. Bigots and thugs.






  12. Last Chance Saloon for Last Man Standing 13



    Evening. If you haven’t already entered, this is definitely the last call if you want to enter LMS13. first round kicks off tomorrow with the fixtures below. drop us a mail at cqnpredictor@gmail.com with your name, team name and first round pick and you’re in with a chance of winning what will be a very healthy lump of wonga, and more importantly, you’ll be supporting An Gorta Mor, which is the main cause being supported in this competition. For more details of the Memorial go to https://angortamorglasgow.com/



    For those who have already entered and haven’t yet picked a team for Round 1, you will shortly receive an e-mail reminder. If you’ve already picked and you still get a mail, it’s because there has been very heavy mail traffic to the organisers over the last couple of days and we may have missed it…..apologies, but just send me an abusive mail in return, and I’ll make sure your pick is confirmed.






    Bateen Bhoy and the awaypartyingagain CRC :-)



    PS. If Angelgabriel and Praecepta are around and read this….you’ve got mail, as Tom Hanks said to Meg Ryan…sort of.

  13. LMS13 Fixtures




    Hamilton Academical v Celtic 12:00


    Aberdeen v St Johnstone 15:00


    Heart of Midlothian v Motherwell 15:00


    Kilmarnock v Hibernian 15:00


    The Rangers v Livingston 15:00


    Ross County v St Mirren 15:00


    Liverpool v Newcastle United 12:30


    Manchester United v Leicester City 15:00


    Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace 15:00


    Norwich City v Manchester City 17:30

  14. Re the recent “marchin’ guff……….



    I take it sumbdy in” the blood o’ ooor blood, bone o’ ooor bone brigade” will make a statement deploring the reg’lar oranj odour walks and demanding that they are banned forthwith?



    Or….can we now mount enthusiastic “counter protests”…of the most “disruptive” nature whenever the krimplene-klad klan take to the Queen’s Highway or was the outrage and political oootbursts only allowed when there was a march of a Hiberno nature in the mix?



    As for the Chirch o’ Scoddland statement……well, it’s a start…………




  15. Gene, Wee BGFC,


    “Every journey begins with a single step”.


    We can but hope, encouraging development.



  16. NL should not be answering questions re the huns complaining about an injury to a guy called Jack,it’s got fk all to do with us

  17. in ither news……..



    “The rainjurz are to be kongratulated…………..”






    Seriously guid spin.




  18. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!!



    They were obviously hoping for a comment that could be construed as criticising Gerrard , so they could make something of it . Fortunately Neil’s too smart for them.

  19. FRIESDORFER on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 9:17 PM


    Gene, Wee BGFC,


    “Every journey begins with a single step”.


    We can but hope, encouraging development.







    Guten Abend mein Freund :-)))



    Absolutely agree.



    I would be good if both of the main Christian Churches in Scotland could do more to show a very public and united front about sectarianism and anti-Irish racism in Scotland.



    It happens locally – in Chapelhall where I lived for a while there was a good realtionship between both churches in the village- shared services at Christmas, etc. – that’s really positive.



    More of that approach, and more publicly, would be helpful.






  20. Watched Derby v Cardiff



    SPL level football skill level but fitter. Wonder how the training differs down there e.g. waghoen now looks fit, Max Lowe looked leaner



    Terrible game though; big cheer for Chris Martin coming on!

  21. St Stivs ,



    If your about , our mentor from our hot headed days has sadly passed on .



    Lots of good advice and guidance he gave to me in those yrs .



    Funeral is wk , details in tele , sad .



    RIP big Jim………………….



    You’ll never walk alone……….hail hail

  22. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    HAVING been instrumental in successfully revamping the football department, Rangers Football Club can announce that Director of Football Mark Allen has informed them he is to leave the club.



    Mark has decided that now is the right time for him to move on for family reasons and in order to explore other options, and leaves with the clubs best wishes.



    Spin that L 5

  23. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on

    ***LMS13 update***



    Bhoys and Ghirls



    Can I just say I was out recruiting for LMS13, honest! Do not listen to Bateen Bhoy, he is worse than Jobo :-)



    We are up to an amazing 93 entries, and just 7 off the century!!! So with one more Jobo sleep left, who is going to take us over the ton?



    A big thank you to all the entrants and indeed Bateen Bhoy for his work to date and his time and effort



    We have an amazing Seville beneficiary just been nominated. You will love it. Details to follow soon



    Thank you







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