Fans will be at Hampden, you can bet their lives on it


Politics is very much at play in football these days.  With Boris Johnson indicating yesterday that he expects up to 10,000 fans inside football stadiums from 17 May, you can expect his Holyrood shadow to propose a similar plan, perhaps a week later/earlier, as has been her way for 11 months.

If the 17 May date feels arbitrary, it is not.  Euro 20201 fixtures get underway a month later, offering populist governments a way to compare how far along the recovery road their surviving citizens are.  Governments in London and Edinburgh will permit domestic fans to attend games just in time for their flag waving opportunities.

There will be fans at Wembley and Hampden, irrespective of what’s going on in public health, you can bet their lives on it.

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  1. We should be setting our sights higher than Steve Clarke. He is 57 years old and not won a trophy in individual management.



    Good assistants do not always make the best managers.




  2. Lenny and his adopted training/coaching staff are dinosaurs in the modern football world.



    are EH and his training/coaching staff still available.

  3. JHB on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 12:32 PM



    How did Celtic ever contrive to get into this position? Brendan showed us the way until he was spooked into leaving by the appointment of Gerrard – his ego would not let him contemplate coming second in a two-horse race. Losing to Gerrard would have certainly precluded a return to the English Premier League – he knew it and looked to get out as soon as possible.



    *very refreshing tae read it wisnae PL that drove him away. Fraudgers who couldnae buy a job after Liverpool grabbed the opportunity tae increase his profile when DD offered him the job.



    I disagree that it was the fear of slippy that drove him away but his back up team who he would have known from Melwood.



    At the conclusion of the “invincible” season he stated that the pressure was that unbearable he thought he was going to have a heart attack. I was stunned when I read that as we were playing eff all at the time so how would he react when a decent opposition appeared, now we know.



    He must have been hawkin his mutton as no soon had we given him 9m for Eddy tae partner the Moose than he declared he wanted tae go tae China and take the Moose with him.



    He is a very smart man, as was MON, which is why the smsm shied away fae them but he was no match for the Kaiser who allegedly hauled him over the coals, reminded him of his contract, but also it seems increased his remuneration as well as having a clause inserted detailing a fee for us when not if he left.



    As it was Leicester on a horrendous run losing 8 and tying 4 League games came hunting, it looked as if he was off when Claude Puel was thrown a life line with victories at Chelski and home against Man City.



    Then on the day we lost at hades in a pathetic performance in what it seemed was his farewell performance it seems the deal was on hold, ironically the Foxes lost at home tae Cardiff but bounced back 3 days later at Goodison Park.



    Off we go tae Dubai on the back of 4 losses and 3 draws in the League although we did win the LC with no home games which is in itself evident how scheitd the opposition was as well as another early exit in the Champions League tae AEK with our current lame duck in goals for the opposition.



    We did return firing on all cylinders and playing with style, after all he had a reputation tae maintain, apart fae a defeat tae Valencia in the Europa 5 days before he finally jumped ship.



    The Foxes went back on the skid, looks now if the bold Claude had lost the dressing room as they lost 5 and tied 1 game, that final loss tae Crystal Palace I watched and it was evident he we a dead man walking, not that I cared at the time.



    In the meantime big Rafa’s name has appeared as the front runner tae take over, he however had the decency tae tell them that he wanted tae see out his contract, how novel is that, but would be there for the new season.



    So the Chairman gives Claude the sugar lump that day after the loss tae the Tigers and installs Mike Stowell and Adam Sadler as caretakers, that lasts a whole 2 days.



    When watching their game against Brighton the following day who do I see in the stand with that big phony grin but the Sheffield Wednesday supporter who has walked out on us with a crucial game at swinecastle the next day and a cup tie at Easter Road, where we has lost 0-2 in December, the following weekend.



    Thanks tae the much maligned big JFK, who like Frank Connor when Liam Brady was let go, steadied the ship which led tae 8 in a row plus another treble.



    Of course we all know what I have just written is a parcel of scheitd as the bonus thief/heated driveway owner drove him away.



    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    First time I wanted Chelsea win a game, playing the cheats A Madrid and looking like a team full of moreorless😵

  5. No great love for chelski. Have family in Madrid who are Atleti fans so kinda wanting them for the win…after tonight ‘fekin cheatin’ durty barstewards, a leopard disnae change its spots……don’t get me started on suarez.


    Sorry Moussa.

  6. The Celts on


    Al Jazeera




    freesat 203


    sky 513/14


    virgin media 622



    ‘Fans who make football’


    now 10.30

  7. !!BADA BING!! …



    Neil Lennon out,Kennedy is manager till end of the season



    I’ve heard nothing so far, but if it’s the case, it’s not before time. If nothing else, I’m glad that the pressure will be off the manager and hopefully some of the abuse will stop.




  8. PAUL THE SPARK on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 10:35 PM


    !!BADA BING!!







    Where you hearing that from?






    The sooper, soraway

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well from Video celts


    SunSport understands the Hoops board have been in crisis talks since Sunday’s 1-0 loss to Ross County. Lennon’s second spell as Celtic boss is expected to end imminently – with No2 John Kennedy put in interim charge




    I accept that Ireland was invaded and colonised by England whereas Scotland were voluntarily taken into a Union by a very undemocratic parliament against the people’s wishes in 1707. This so called Union is now so


    one sided and undemocratic it is long overdue being ended and as a member of a voluntary Union Scotland should be able to have an Independence referendum whenever its Parliament votes to have one.



    I hope that we can agree that as far as our team is concerned we badly need change as quickly as possible. Hail Hail

  11. I’m curious to know exactly what you think he is “due” for leaving us 18 points behind in the league, overseeing a calamitous run in Europe and crashing us out of the League Cup.



    Oh yeah, and for increasingly insulting press conferences which treated us all like mugs.



    Pay him the bare minimum that’s in his contract and get his kit-bag and assorted stuff out of Celtic Park never to return. Never, ever to return.



    Bridges well and truly torched behind him as a far as I’m concerned. An utter disaster of a season and on his shoulders entirely. In any other business he’d be out on his ear with nothing at all.

  12. He will drastically change it to disassociate himself with Lennon, and try to impress as a candidate…..please no,I bet we have 2 men on the posts v Aberdeen for corners

  13. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I was just thinking to myself this morning while sitting on the can that John Kennedy might be our manager next season :-0



    Like 2010 all over again only JK this time & he has 8 games to prove himself ;-)

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    Should there be a bounce from the team interesting to see the reaction of the fans, I wouldn’t credit Kennedy with superior tactics tbh😱

  15. As previously discussed



    Anyone who has backed J Kennedy in ‘Next Celtic Manager’ market will be hoping Scottish Cup gets started.



    8 league games left; some firms will pay out on temporary appt if they are in charge for 10 or more first team games.

  16. If true and he’s gone, It is for the best. Then all the best Neil Lennon, too many short memories by some on here


    I’m STILL standing up for NFL

  17. What a weird season.



    So many times this should have happened. But it happens now.



    If all it does is steal Neil mccanns thunder after getting the ICT job it will have been worth it.

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