Ferencvaros, the best since Honved and Videoton


I am old enough to remember Videoton winning at the Bernabeu and clubs like Ujpest, Ferencvaros and Honved mentioned in respectful tones, but Hungarian football did not troubled anyone for 35 years.  Ferencvaros then got the colours all lined up on their Rubix Cube last season and, as a consequence, present a more considered challenge that we would expect any other season.

The existential problem when facing four qualification rounds against comparative minnows, is that while you will be better than most, or even all, the law of averages suggest that one of them will get everything right on and off the field.  Due to their status in the game, this will be impossible to maintain, but on their day a Videoton can beat Real in Madrid.

This Ferencvaros may be the best team to come out of Hungary in 35 years, but their challenge is now the difficult second album.  The stars aligned last season but the sky is ever-changing and while they may remain a good side, it will be near-impossible for them to perform to as they did last season, by merely drawing in Barcelona, as they did last year against Espanyol.

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  1. This team are every bit as good as CluJ, we will have to be better defensively than we’ve been for the past two season’s qualifiers. C’mon the hoops.

  2. Has wee Nicola now supplanted Wattie Smith as “Naesurname” ? Treated very reverentially on CQN in a similar way to which Sevco are by the SMSM. In both cases no pertinent questions asked and given that neither show discipline or restraint in fiscal management, both obviously believe that money grows on trees.



    Big Wavy…” I’ve no idea what you see.” Of course not.


    “You don’t appear capable of sharing it.” What would be the point? I won’t change your mind.


    I admit I’m not great for the blog. I just enjoy watching Celtic and having a laugh…





    Here’s hoping your team win tonight fella!!




  4. Hope NFL tightens up the defensive aspect because Ferencvaros break quickly and could cause problems, no cavalry charge SPL style please.



    This would mean a return for El Hamed on the right flank, the one and only Greg Taylor, along with El Younoussi on the left and Olivier Ntcham to retain his starting berth.







    El Hamed
















    El Younoussi,





    Score prediction 4-0

  5. Look at schools.



    Safe for over 1000 teenagers and over 100 staff in one building but no to 700 in a 60,000 seater stadium.



    C’mon you snp supporters, let’s hear it.



    Next to Belgium in deaths per capita, exam results elitist/class fiasco, deaths in care homes but it’s ok for pubs and schools and soon gyms and swimming pools to be open.



    Rugby is fine but, forget it you football scum.



    Wee Jimmy Krankie and her team of absolute wasters doing what they like and no-one calls them to account.



    Oh for a decent Labour Party.

  6. Don’t we need to buy Turnball before the Glentoran match or he’s cup-tied?



    Squeaky bum time as per….

  7. RC on 26TH AUGUST 2020 2:05 PM


    broonie and ON in the same starting 11 is not a good combo.




  8. I don’t like posting politics on here, especially because those of any political persuasion who just see it their way, and no other way. About this deficit. Why is it that Norway with approx the same population of Scotland and the same Oil price! can have 1 Trillion $’s, yes $i Trillion$’s in a state owned Oil trust for their citizens and the UK has a debt of over 1 trillion £’s, which Scotland, an oil producing region for the UK, has a deficit of £20 Billion? Help!!! por cierto

  9. ………….. The match against the Hungarian champions will be Neil Lennon’s 54th European tie as Celtic boss, taking him one game beyond Martin O’Neill’s record. Both managers have won 26 of their 53 European contests




  10. Markiebhoy 1:15pm



    Watching the same movie again in relation to football is I am afraid to say a sign of age. Pundits and those with a pay agenda like to tell us the game is unrecognisable eg ‘modern full backs’ but actually very little is new.



    It’s the same old game and whether you have new players or indeed a new board or manager the same mistakes are made just as social media contributors go from one extreme to another because of a win in Rome or a defeat at Livingston.



    Brown and Forrest are unpopular amongst many at the moment and Frimpong is being lauded. Personally the first two must play 90 percent of games and el hamed would play ahead of the defensively naive young man…albeit he has potential.



    Football needs to be enjoyed more in the moment.

  11. JHB on 26th August 2020 1:42 pm



    Any football related thoughts?


    I bet you think the tories would run Scotland better.



    Turning on their own population……………………..complete and utter bunkum.

  12. glendalystonsils on




    Those sheets are pre-printed . Neil has a ream of them in his desk drawer. JF and ten blanks.

  13. glendalystonsils on

    2 keys for tonight;



    Do not point gun at foot



    Do not remove safety catch.

  14. vale bhoy on 26th August 2020 2:06 pm



    You answered your own aggressive question, Scottish Labour no longer exist as a party.


    They are a Unionist lobby group who would rather the tories were in power than people who genuinely care about Scotland.

  15. DeniaBhoy on 26th August 2020 1:30 pm



    Absolutely spot on, in my45+ years of watching Celtic I have those very same thoughts before every European tie .



    In my recollection we very rarely are well beaten we mostly shoot ourselves in the foot. Cluj was the perfect example.

  16. Delaneys Dunky on



    My suspicions of you are confirmed.


    You are simply a British Unionist troll.


    Never a Celtic supporter.

  17. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Suppose we played Sunday’s match with an egg shaped baw ( even thougn it would favour Murderwell ), would that be acceptable to the Scotgov?

  18. hi ghuys ,ok ill stick my neck out, all day ive been thinking of the league cup final in 57 dont ask me why, niven shearer and caldow thought they were the bees knees, nothing could get past them, well george what time is it,its seven past niven, love saying that😎 so here goes, celtic 7 ferencvaros 1.👍

  19. JHB


    Stick to the football you know nothing about politics, what are you a red tory or blue tory? What have both of these parties done for Scotland this century except take us to war or economic austerity. I’ll be quite content to wait to get into Celtic Park when its safe to do so.

  20. From what I have read on here, the MSSM have been promoting Ferencvaros and telling us to worry.


    Since that promoton, I have read on here that Ferencvaros are pretty darned good and we are worried.


    William Hill has Celtic at 1/6 to Qualify.

  21. Crystal Palace very close to completing the deal for Eze at QPR.



    Good to see one of Eddy’s admirers look elsewhere.

  22. Haven’t read the intro or any posting. Happy that Paul 67 put up a new post.was beginning to think I was on FF site with all the negatives about Celtic on the last posting, how many games have we lost this season?


    Off to bed and clock set for 4-1/2 hours from now. Surely somebody happy with being a Tim and still going for a quadruple TREBLE. HH

  23. From what I have read on here, the MSSM have been promoting Ferencvaros and telling us to worry.


    Since that promoton, I have read on here that Ferencvaros are pretty darned good and we are worried.


    William Hill has Celtic at 1/6 to Qualify.



    We should win but we’ve all seen versions of this movie before. I won’t go into why I’m worried (as I am looking obsessed) but let’s just say I had hoped we would be in better shape by QR2.




  24. Why was it safe for the SNP to allow 1,000 Rugby fans to attend the Glasgow vs Embra Rugby match last week but its unsafe to allow a smaller number into CP?



    I know that being pro or anti-Independence is more important than football but is SNP party loyalty more important? What would it take for some to say, actually, their party haven’t performed very well there?



    The Labour Party, for all its faults, allows debate and dissension. It has resisted Tony Blair’s attempts to turn it into an “on message” party of fodder voting.



    For too long the SNP closed ranks and its block voting had the hallmarks of a cult. Thankfully, we can now see signs that dissension is growing amongst the ranks (2nd Independence party, the “Salmond was innocent” rump, and the senior MSPs not seeking re-election). It will do the SNP some good to bring this out in the open like a mature and secure party would. They need to rid themselves of the tendency to stifle debate and to look to legislate the country into becoming better wee Scotsmen.



    The day they admit, without backtracking, that they know there will be a long period of austerity in going forward to Independence is the day I promise to seriously consider voting for them. If my fellow Scots elect to say, with eyes open and economically informed, that Independence from the UK is worth the economic depression that will inevitably happen for, at least, 5 to 10 years, then so be it.



    But don’t try and sell me the idea that we can get our own flag and a quick increase in living standards because I know that is a lie. And I don’t want to dress up as either a Jacobite or some other Walter Scott invention of what a Scotsman should look like.

  25. less of the negativity and shout from the heavens the quadruple treble is still well and truly on

  26. Congrats to Jonathan Afalabi for making the Ireland U21 squad. Anybody know if he stands a chance with us?



    Seen very little of him.

  27. Think they should make Turnball come out and wave to the crowd tonight having signed this afternoon.

  28. MMcC @ 2.31



    Stupidity at that level needs to be called out.



    The Nats have had 13 years to try and knit together an economic strategy not based on oil of tax gymnastics to suit US multi-nationals — and guess what we still cannot build a ferry or profit from renewables.



    TB / GB rebuilt public services after nearly two decades of Tory indifference and decline.


    The spent money and put money in working peoples pocket which has been forgotten all to quickly by Nats with an axe to grind.



    As for wars — you really are scraping the barrel with this.


    I wonder if you are thinking about Kosovo when you made that comment.



    They did not invent Saddam neither did they arm him when it suited or turn away from the havoc he was causing inside his border or ask others to do stuff they were not willing to do themselves.



    If you hadn’t noticed national and international strife / conflict is a growth industry today both within and outside the UK’s sphere of influence — which is getting smaller by the day — and you might take time to consider the influence of nationalism and separation in that state of affairs.



    Trump / Brexit / IndyRef2 — all cut from the same cloth.


    Find someone else to blame for your own failings — once you have that your in easy street.


    Mexicans / Brussels / the English — you know the script.



    You might want to look closer to home for the people trying to stir up conflict — the face painters / the nut jobs / the sleeping bag Nats — they have no sheets left after the printed “English Go Home” on them and hung them from various bridges.



    More thinking and less sloganeering would help everyone out.

  29. I’m nervous for tonights game . Not because I know anything about the opposition, but how we have been playing so far this season with a very disjointed looking midfield . I would leave Christie out for Ntcham, Ajer for Bitton and Elhammed for Frimpong.


    NL needs to get this right tonight and not repeat what happened against Cluj.