Fife, soft tissue and protecting investors


A stream of criticism appeared in yesterday’s comments section to greet media coverage of yesterday’s Scottish Cup draw away to Inverness Caledonian Thistle or Dunfermline on 4 February.  Such is our lot (long) after shock cup defeats; remember, these guys literally have to write something.  No one mentioned 1961 so put your money on a trip to Fife next month.

A few moments ago Celtic confirmed Beram Kayal went through his operation yesterday and is now targeting a return to action for preseason.  Irrespective of the circumstances of the incident in which he was injured, Beram’s is another in a long list of soft tissue injuries Celtic players have suffered in recent seasons, a fact which should engage minds at the club.

Rangers issued a really curious statement following the suspension of trading in their shares by the Plus Stock Exchange.  Many Rangers fans have invested thousands of pounds in club shares and bonds, so one would have expected to read the obligatory suggestion from the company that investors take professional advice when addressing the withdrawal of the share disposal service.  Still, at least they didn’t suggest “Rangers Football Club PLC could survive any administration event but feels it would not be the end of the world if it didn’t”.  That kind of comment from those charged to look after their interests really would alarm shareholders.

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  1. Salihi scored 46 goals in his first two seasons with Rapid but eight of his 11 league appearances this term have come off the bench and could be available for a cut-price fee.



    The forward scored, along with now Rangers striker Nikica Jelavic, when Rapid drew 3-3 with Celtic in the Europa League two seasons ago.



    Salihi told the Kurier newspaper: “Celtic is a club with a great name, this could be a good step for my career.



    “But I know nothing concrete. The deal would have to be right for all parties, including Rapid.”




    Anyone else wonder why he has hardly had a game this season if he is that good?




  2. Gutted about Kayal Paul. Like many I’m a big fan of the wee man but his style of play means I doubt this will be the last time he sees the treatment table.



    Lennon is right, we have some strength and depth in there but he will be missed.

  3. TheprivatememoirsandconfessionsofAMomoSylla on

    Hail Hail.


    This very infrequent poster would like to wish everyone belated best wishes for the year ahead.


    I don’t think I have been called a hun for a long time. Not a wish just an observation.

  4. I thought Kayal had been out of sorts in the weeks leading up to the Rangers game, but felt in that game, up until he was injured, he was playing at a high standard. He will be missed, though it is fortunate that Ledley has now returned from injury. Here’s hoping he and Wanyama can forge a partnership in the middle of the park.






  5. Bad news about Kayal, hopefully he has a speedy recovery.


    Joe Ledley, in my opinion, can step into his position.

  6. rangers now talking about trying to introduce a ‘British Cup’. Obviously pursuing other revenue streams during the 3 year UEFA ban…




  7. Paul67



    Aye -those investors will be very concerned -however, don’t you get the sense they either dare not say a word or are inclined to adopt a stoic, resolute silence…a by-product of the secret squirrel culture they seem to revel in



    methinks the private rumblings within the walls of the halls, will be getting to fever pitch soon enough



    it will take sites like this for outsiders to hear about it tho’







  8. TheprivatememoirsandconfessionsofAMomoSylla on



    Thank once again for your fantastic site. I lurk daily and scroll through the night shift now and again. Invaluable opinions and insights as ever.





    10 January, 2012 at 12:24



    Right,not posting any more.



    For a bit.



    I’m podium-chasing.



    Mind,I’m miles behind,so you lot have a chance while I catch up,haha!








    You Macchiavellian sod…..

  10. Kayal’s injury is bad news for the team on and off the field. A player collecting a big wage while not playing isn’t good and Kayal will have spent many months not playing in just his first two seasons.



    If there is a plus side, it is that he won’t be sold now and we should have him for all of next season. A season in which he will once more have it all to prove. As the old saying goes, he will be like a new signing once he is fit and raring to go.

  11. If pushed I’d say I was still in the ‘we need a Centre Back camp’ as opposed to striker. Glenn Loovens, Kelvin Wilson, Danny Majstorovic,Thomas Rogne haven’t convinced over a sustained period, for a variety of reasons, not least injury records.



    Charlie Mulgrew and Victor Wanyama have been better CB’s even though they are not specialists in that position, and long term beyond January we still need to invest some of the budget in that area.



    I’d like a Celtic built from the back, at the moment we’re a bit propped up, and makeshift.



    *He posts after the 17 point swing*

  12. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    It would be better if Celtic scratched their head about how they are going to get Scottich referees to punish our opposition for persistant fouling, serious foul play and violent misconduct. Watch the injuries reduce after that.

  13. Syd,



    Like I said I want the same as you, earned glory and a club that lives the ethos, but mate it is now my bed time (I only stay up this late so I get to read Paul’s new article, so often it takes me to bedwith a smile) now do me one favour mate, this isn’t easy but if you concentrate it will put a smile on your face… close you eyes and clear you mind, banish all those negative thoughts, they are the devils work, banish them, now just for a moment, this might hurt a wee bit, but just for a moment, concentrate hard, banish those negs, clear your mind… now just imagine that you were a hun on your way to bed and feel their pain… okay open your eyes, wake up – you are still a Tim, for a moment you felt their pain.



    Night Night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite and think of all those huns thinking about… well whatever they think about. Wipe that smile off your face.

  14. Asonofdan



    It was said somehwere else new manager employs a conter attacking system which does not fit Salihi.9or so new manager thought)



    As I said at end of previous post FF were getting all excited about him at weekend


    if we want him get in fast as we dont want to get into a auction with Whytey warchest.

  15. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    saltires en sevilla 10 January, 2012 at 12:33:


    It appears that the majority of their investors don’t give a monkeys for the future of their club as long as they are winning the league, regardless of how they win it.


    A lot of our fans share the same blinkered outlook.


    KITALBA 1212 from previous



    If I was his age,with the qualifications he wants,I’d be off to Australia or Canada like a shot.



    It really is a shame,but I think there is little for him and those like him in this country.



    Those two countries are hugely resource-rich,and have the protection of the US,which I think will be important in the decades to come.



    The UK,much as I love it,is not,and will decline over that period.



    Everyone has their day in the sun,and we’ve had ours. C’est la vie.




    London is still one of the biggest engineeing centres in the world. Out here you get the diversity and opportunity to gain the practical experience to go back to the U.K.

  18. How very dare you post a new article :-(



    From last:


    LiviBhoy says:


    10 January, 2012 at 12:26




    10 January, 2012 at 12:18



    I will speak to my old man. I do remember that the improvements at Celtic Park were minimal and that the attendances never added up to what was in the ground but I have never heard about the Cayman Islands story.




    Haha, I recall a game in the early 90s, when our capacity was cut from 61,000 to 53,000 and we played home games against the orcs and then Aberdeen in quick succession with the former being all-ticket; the latter not.



    I used to stand under the old scoreboards in the Celtic end and the usual (aside) discussion as we approached HT was always the crowd.



    This particular day, the Aberdeen game, we were saying that we were packed in as close at our part than for the orcs game a week or two previously. The main stand was full. The jungle looked overfull and certainly had more than from the previous match (as there was overspill onto that massive swathe of yellow steps). The Aberdeen third was jammed packed and the rest of that end had a good number within.



    ’45,000 for sure’ big Ped says to me, ‘they cannae have it any lower than that’



    34,000 IIRC – cue much laughter.



    Looking back, I’m quite angry that everyone seemed to simply joke about it.

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