Fletch lives!


And we’re back to 2009.  Steven Fletcher was wanted by Celtic in January that year.  The misinformation about why he ended up going to Burnley for £4.5m instead of Celtic is legendary, and we all like a legend, so there is no need to trouble anyone with facts.

The talent Scottish football fans knew he had back then has been confirmed by the 11 years he spent in English football.  If he accepts Celtic’s offer of a contract he will join former Hibernian team mate, Scott Brown, as one of the older members of the squad.

I read some are a bit animated about what this means for the other strikers but I don’t see it moving the dial much.  No first team player will be sold on the back of recruiting a 33-year-old.  If he arrives, we would have a better-than-Lewis-Morgan option in the event all other strikers are unavailable for a cup final or European game.  And remember, it is prudent to have as large a squad as reasonably possible this season; fixtures could be delayed, then come thick and fast.  This is a low risk cover option with no particular strategic importance.

Loving this #9inarow challenge idea; a 9k run is on the agenda later.  Maybe run past a few Darwin Award pubs, if you know what I mean……..

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  1. I have never seen Fletcher play in teams who create the number of chances and play in such a positive manner as we do. This will be interesting to see how he does in a team like ours. If he gets a chance.

  2. While not blown away by the prospect of Fletcher as cover it sure beats signing someone on a 4 yr term to not even warm the bench and end up on loan somewhere.



    We’ve had games around Christmas in the past where we ain’t had a target man up front.



    Not jumping up and down but not sweating he is an Eddy replacement.



    5 subs allowed so strength in depth.

  3. Being reported in usual places that Fletcher talks are off due to offer of one rather than two year deal.

  4. Paul 67,



    I had my say on Steven Fletcher in the last article. Is Steven looking for a 2 year deal which will basically be his retirement fund.


    2009 Yes.


    2020. No.



    Like yourself I watched the friendly against Hibs at Parkhead. We raved about our young players and the need to give them a chance.


    I have not changed that view.



    Regarding the huns as it is a common theme on CQN ( They are our closest rivals, so no surprise there )


    We shall soon see if their acquisitions improve the team. I think it is premature to mock them ” only” spending circa £6m.


    What I still cannot understand is where the f@ck are they getting the money.


    If your skint, your skint. £6m or £26m, it makes no difference if you have zero.



    HH to all.

  5. While I initially thought it was a joke, if he is to replace Bayo, is fit and doesn’t break the bank then I suppose it makes sense



    Still need a left back, centre half and another winger imo




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  7. …..☘️☘️☘️☘️….








    …☘️……………. ☘️




















  8. The editorial mentions Fletcher as an option in European ties. I might be missing something – it happens – but it seems that travel restrictions coupled with quarantining may well make European competitions impossible.



    On Fletcher, as a Hibs player against us at Parkhead, he was once switched to midfield for the second half and he was superb.

  9. In my opinion Fletcher was not good enough for Celtic in 2009. Since then I have seen nothing to make me reconsider. He still isn’t good enough for Celtic. He is also too old and will block a celtic youngster from opportunities. If we lose Eduoard after by the end of the transfer window, then we need another striker, I hope younger and better than Fletcher.



    We have Eddy, Klimala, Griffiths, Bayo. Aitchinson and 4 others are listed as reserves. So currently we have 9 strikers and usually only play one per game. We don’t need another

  10. I didn’t fancy Fletcher in 2009 either. I’m not convinced he would have got us the title.



    I won’t be shedding a tear this time if he goes to Stoke for a couple of years.



    It’s amazing how a couple of signings across the city can send some Celtic fans in a negative tailspin. The zombies start to gloat as if they’ve achieved something and it upsets the more sensitive souls in our support.



    They are crying out for the club to spend millions just to shut them up. Barkas? That was a week ago. Old news now.



    Aye but what about John McGinn eh?



    Part of the problem is arguing with people who have wild imaginations. Celtic are just a couple marquee signings from European quarter finals etc.



    I have faith in Lennon and Hammond. 2 months to go.

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Seems deal is off,Stoke offering double what we have,he still wanted to come to Celtic……could be length of the deal is the problem.

  12. If he goes to Stoke he can hang around in the ‘Celtic transfer rumours of the decade’ Whatsapp group of Joe Allen, Liam Lindsay, Tommy Smith & James McClean…..

  13. We currently have 2 centre halfs and 2 wide men, 3 if you include Karomoko. That is the areas we should be concentrating on.10 days until first EC qualifier

  14. CQN hand wringers on Rainjurz latest ‘throwing down the gauntlet’ to Celtic, need to review wee Alfie’s 30 goals by January form, and reconsider that they’ve in any way strengthened with two very dodgey ultra available strikers replacing the family jewels.



    Will be glad to see the back of the wee torn faced toerag even although Moussa Dembele scored more goals against us, than he managed.




  15. St Tams



    We have 5 centre halves (KA, CJ, NB, EH and SW). A new one would be nice but I’d be amazed if he was bought with the intention of breaking up the 2 Chris’s.



    A new winger would be nice but the way we play and the contributions they make, I’d include Taylor and Frimpong in there as shown at the weekend.

  16. Bourne



    Spot on. Replacing a man who literally kept them in it pre-Xmas single-handedly is their challenge. I watched them last weekend and the ponderous, uncreative play is still their trademark with the odd rapid break (which has served them well in Europe).



    They have a style, they are well drilled but if you sit in they don’t have the quality to break down other teams enough. The pressure is all on them to get it flawlessly right.

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