Football protocols above and beyond NHS


In the first and almost certainly only time I’ll ever quote Motherwell manager, Stephen Robinson, the Motherwell manager said, “”The protocols [football has]adhered to are above and beyond anything else, it’s above the NHS frontline staff.

“And football can give respite from the mental health side of things. In a world where things are complicated and strange, football can be that relieving factor, that little bit of joy and happiness.”

But holding test events?  Testing is anathema to governments in Edinburgh and London, where superstition is the route followed by our governing twins.  Instead, they open the pubs for fans to congregate indoors, untested and without any chance of proper supervision.  There is no scientific evidence for this preference, in fact, this choice goes against all evidence.  Football is the most prepared industry in the country to allow staff and public to participate, as Stephen Robinson said, more so than the NHS, but your governments chose differently.

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  1. Paul 67 – it’s no surprise that someone in football wants crowds back. Because they allow games to be televised in pubs doesn’t make it right.

  2. “Your governments choose otherwise.” – Paul67.



    In case nobody clued you in – in case Peter didn’t point it out to you – these are YOUR governments as well.



    You are starting, more and more, to sound like a party political broadcast mate, and it’s getting old.



    And you know what? Aside from a handful of Tories who don’t want anything shut down, there is nearly uniform support for these restrictions amongst the political class.



    So governments advised by scientists on the one hand … and Stephen Robinson on the other.



    What are his credentials?



    Honest to God, this is desperate, desperate stuff now.

  3. There’s a world of difference between a ‘better than the NHS’ regime that’s for players and staff, and measures that are needed for fans.



    I saw talk of Dortmund having 10k fans the other day but the German clubs are restricted to fans from the local area, to prevent incoming and outgoing spread. Glasgow was already on enhanced lock down to try and curtail spread.



    Talk of pubs and clubs ignores the fact that they’re supposed to be adhering to strict rules, and one of the announcements yesterday is that more money will be spent to ensure that’s the case.



    We are where we are.



    By the way can you show us the evidence you talk of? Reputable journals only please.

  4. Great to see James Forrest being lauded by Erik Sviatchenko…invisible he is not! Deserves a song more than most…



    Some are too quick to put players down…we don’t need Escape goats. The only escape goats I wish to see are the ones fleeing the masonic halls…

  5. From Previous thread.


    This is from Celtic Wiki.


    Record attendance (home): 92,000 against Rangers in 1938. A 3-0 victory for Celtic. Record attendance (Europe): Hold the record for the highest attendance for a European club competition match: Celtic v Leeds Utd in the European Cup semi-final 1970 at Hampden Park, Glasgow. Official attendance 133,961.

  6. BORGO67 on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 11:12 AM


    I remember as a kid seeing our record attendance was 92,000. Always bugged me then as theirs was well over the 100,000 mark.



    Borgo see 12.51.


    Celtic Wiki agrees with you.

  7. incorrect Paul.


    they can follow protocols to rhe cows come home but ALL tests,well the ones done privately are all verified by NHS



    yup i agree with you football is important for a number of reasons at this time.


    as far as holding test events the club league and fa should be shoutinc from the high heavens alas we as a club default to the eunach res12 answer were the same ol girns are made by you and by us the fans but we have no indication exactly what our club are doing with our govwrnments.



    i suppose that may change as R4 this morning mentioned a 15m suppet plan for Scottish football.


    football is not prepared.maybe an idea to get those stadia maps and 1 way systems familiarised by if allowed in there are limited chances of congregating.not seen one at all


    alas i dont think we will have any fans in imo.hope to bw proven wrong

  8. JAMES FORREST on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 12:43 PM



    Since when did political consensus prove anything?



    Politicians think about politics



    Paul67 has a perfectly valid viewpoint on this

  9. Football manager believes fans should be allowed into football games.


    And quotes the protocols are above anything for the NHS frontline staff.



    How does he know that ? Is he a medical professional now ? Qualified in anything ?



    It is about as relevant as what the loose women are saying about it on tv.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ron B – from previous thread …



    Yeah, saw the wiki page subsequently.



    Incredible how the Wiki page for record home attendances for English clubs doesn’t discriminate between league, cup or European matches …



    but the Scottish equivalent page does.



    Not actually incredible – if the Scottish page mirrored the English ….



    … Celtic’s 136,505 home attendance would be top.



    Anything to make Sevcoites feel good I suppose.



    Any wiki editors on here?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  11. lets all do the huddle on

    “…nstead, they open the pubs for fans to congregate indoors…”





    you clearly havent been in many pubs the last couple of weeks



    i have



    and the word ‘congregate’ certainly doesnt describe what folk can do when in there

  12. KINGLUBO on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 12:55 PM





    Really great to see you back on the site, you had us all worried.




    Did I miss something. Wonderful news if this is accurate. …….and not just for the choons!

  13. The reason that pubs and reastaurants are allowed to open but fans aren’t allowed into stadiums is that in the case of the former,but not the latter, the economic benefit outweighs the risk to public health.



    Peter Lawwell is a smart guy, so surely he understands the point.

  14. Guru Robinson



    “And football can give respite from the mental health side of things. In a world where things are complicated and strange, football can be that relieving factor, that little bit of joy and happiness.”



    he obviously is not on CQN on a match day

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    This is lunacy.



    Shutting down society and impinging on the rights of the majority to protect a small sub-set of the population (many of whom are at risk because of poor life choices) is crazy.



    I’ve said it before, if you feel ‘at risk’, don’t go out, don’t go to the game, don’t go to the pub, don’t go for a meal, don’t go to the cinema. It’s your choice, but please respect the right of others to get on with their lives.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good article Pablo.



    Incontrovertible that the football “industry” has been given lesser consideration than other sectors.



    Whether you think that is actually important – in the wider scheme of things – is a matter of opinion (and strongly held opinion if debates on here are anything to go by).



    Big frustration for me ….



    I think our legitimate case (my opinion) would have had FAR greater legitimacy if Bolingoli hadn’t been a tube.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  17. Saint Stivs – I don’t think nurses and doctors are being tested every week, which is probably what is being referred to (unless this has recently changed).


    My cousin is a nurse in Glasgow. Back in May she, along with several of her ward colleagues, had a fever and other covid symptoms. They were sent home to isolate. None of them were tested to confirm that they had Covid. They all returned to work after a couple of weeks as if nothing had happened.


    Draw your own conclusions. I assume it was statistic manipulation and political PR.



    Personally I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to allowing fans back to football. Strong and valid arguments from both sides. It’s a judgement and whoever makes it is going to upset one side or the other. I think the likelihood is that the grounds will remain closed until 2021. By which time Scottish football will have been largely destroyed. Only my opinion.

  18. I hope it is the last time you use Stephen Robinson as an expert witness. His club Motherwell are in a different place to Celtic.



    It is possible to at least allow a test event at Celtic. In fact as we have a machine at Celtic park we could even test a sample of fans before a test event. If this is a success we should be able to increase the number in margins. In fact Testing a sample at each games could help information on virus spread.



    Perhaps if Celtic offered a process involving testing before a game then it might be possible to finance from the fans. I would pay a £10 for a test to allow me to be elliglble to attend the game.

  19. are crowds allowed anywhere outdoors ?



    what is the special case for Scottish Football ?



    Could it simply be that the authorities dont want the burden of policing, controlling and supporting any event, no matter the size ?

  20. “And football can give respite from the mental health side of things. In a world where things are complicated and strange, football can be that relieving factor, that little bit of joy and happiness.”







    I would question whether a socially distanced attendance would provide that benefit.



    There’s a reason why at mid week cup ties against lower division teams the few thousand fans present tend to congregate together rather than spread out around the stadium.



    ‘This is lunacy.’







    You’re right.



    It is total lunacy.



    Why did you post it?

  22. Good article highlighting the inconsistencies by govt. we’re back in lockdown not because of footballs back, but because bored spoilt bastards can’t play by the rules and they decide to go to pubs, beaches, parks, house parties no masks no hand washing. The rules don’t apply to them y’see and they’ve f’d it up for the rest of us. I’ve read some amount of shite on this subject, football fans will go to pubs, football fans will crowd trains and buses etc. These may well be valid points, but f all to do with football, it’s between you and the transport minister, licensing etc. Football currently being demonised by footie fans…and we haven’t been in a stadium for seven months. Honestly couldn’t make this shite up….

  23. 486 confirmed cases in Scotland yesterday.



    highest confirmed number on any single day



    7.8% of tests are positive.



    significant outbreak at University of Glasgow, hundreds self isolating



    yip, people should just be allowed to choose for themselves.

  24. Kid on tv now, 1st year student at UOG.



    Aye I am isolating, and the Uni is getting us food in, aye we had a couple of big parties, but the Uni did tell us to come back, so, nobody could see this coming



    Free education isnt working on this occasion



    In ither news, the A83 is open again, hurrah

  25. SAINT STIVS on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 1:36 PM


    486 confirmed cases in Scotland yesterday.



    highest confirmed number on any single day



    7.8% of tests are positive.



    significant outbreak at University of Glasgow, hundreds self isolating



    yip, people should just be allowed to choose for themselves.






    I think Paul’s point is, that if things are so bad, why keep the pubs open?



    They are undoubtedly less safe than socially distanced outdoor activities.



    So yes, infection rates are on the rise but football is being held to a much higher standard than other recreational activities.



    Pubs, Cinemas, Shopping Centres, Restaurants, and even bingo halls remain open.

  26. Yesterday morning on Nicky Campbell’s Radio5 show a caller was unchallenged when he related the following…



    “My window cleaner told me ,that a friend of his died in a motorcycle crash and guess what they put on the death certificate ? …yeah…. Covid!!”



    It is a reflection of the lowered levels of news coverage that gives a tinfoil hat wearer the same the same level of airtime as epidemiologists.



    Blogs don’t have to hold a higher level , however we laugh at transfer rumours which start…. ” my mate was talking to a taxi friend of his , and guess who he picked up at Glasgow Airport”?



    I would like to see Stephen Robinson’s credentials before accepting his comment on NHS Protocol.



    Stephen Robinson should be considered as having a vested interest regarding football.



    We all should be considered as having a vested interests when it comes to a global pandemic.



    Football is a welcome distraction but should be way down the priority list.



    The Onlooker.

  27. There’s Paul again, ranting like an old unionist uncle at Hogmanay.



    Nicola Sturgeon hinted at lunchtime that if they controlled the purse strings to extend furlough they’d have kept hospitality closed. As they don’t and the economic consequences of closing all pubs and restaurants would be dire they’re allowing them to open. It’s a trade-off but not one I’m happy with. Yes, pubs should be closed AND football shouldn’t have fans for the moment.

  28. CONEYBHOY on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 11:50 AM


    Big Jimmy and David66







    Re: Derek and Clive. Me and my mates got hold of the Derek and Clive Get The Horn audio when at school. Played it in the library and nearly died laughing







    I got the DVD years later and still gets quoted when i meet up with the Glasgow lads







    ‘i knew a girl from Amsterdam…….’




    I havent heard that CD…but I think the one that I had was the very 1st Derek and Clive…maybe around 1973/74…which was just a copy that a workmate had done for me via the old Cassette Tapes.


    In the one that I had, one of the “scripts” was about going to see Spurs v Norwich….and Peter Cook was telling the story to Dudley Moore…and he started off by stating…



    ” I went to see Spurs versus Norwich the other day…bunch of F…… Wan…. those Norwich…and this bloke said to me…. ” Hello”….I replied…” What do you mean Hello ?”


    So I kicked him right in the Balls…and as he fell to the floor, he went ” AARGH”….So I said…” Dont you AAARGH me…mate….so I kicked his Feckin teeth in” !


    I am aware that the above may not appear very funny in type…but when you hear Peter and Dudley acting it out…it was Feckin hilarous….it was a riot at parties when I would turn the music off…and play Derek and Clive Tape instead.



    Thats why I was always in the kitchen at parties…now that would make a good wee song LOL ?



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