Football protocols above and beyond NHS


In the first and almost certainly only time I’ll ever quote Motherwell manager, Stephen Robinson, the Motherwell manager said, “”The protocols [football has]adhered to are above and beyond anything else, it’s above the NHS frontline staff.

“And football can give respite from the mental health side of things. In a world where things are complicated and strange, football can be that relieving factor, that little bit of joy and happiness.”

But holding test events?  Testing is anathema to governments in Edinburgh and London, where superstition is the route followed by our governing twins.  Instead, they open the pubs for fans to congregate indoors, untested and without any chance of proper supervision.  There is no scientific evidence for this preference, in fact, this choice goes against all evidence.  Football is the most prepared industry in the country to allow staff and public to participate, as Stephen Robinson said, more so than the NHS, but your governments chose differently.

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  1. Paul67 et al



    Neil Lennon has asked Nicola Sturgeon to come up with a “Smart Solution” re allowing supporters to attend football matches, as heard on Radio 5 news.


    Presumably the smarter the better.




  2. The Blogger formally known as GM 1.22pm



    Jeez oh .


    Any opinion, thoughts or maybe even a wee tad of compassion for many at risk that didn’t


    “ make poor life choices “ .



    Burnley 78




    Jason Leitch debunked the Sweden scenario last night on TV .


    They still had and still do have restrictions.


    Do they have fans allowed into the fitba in any significant numbers.

  3. Kinglubo



    An explanation of your post re SoT would be the decent thing to do.



    I am certain that what you said is not true but why did you say it?

  4. I see Greg Taylor did the pre-match conference interview today.



    In typical fashion, he passed every question back to the interviewer.



    Boom, tish (before the Taylorettes go searching for their pitchforks)…..

  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Stephen Robinson is talking rubbish in some respects – at the very least, he is being selective.






  6. Before health and safety











    Jimmy Simpson of Rangers concedes a penalty in frustration after Johnny Crum had given him the runaround.


    Despite the fact that the reported crowd of 83,500 was less than the ground record of 88,000 gates at Celtic Park were closed and an estimated 10,000 were turned away as 50 people were treated by ambulance men.


    There was however good news for Queens Park who took on Third Lanark at Hampden before a crowd of 25,000, swelled by the Parkhead overflow.This game was also reported as an attendance of 92,000 which would have made it a pre-war record attendance at Celtic Park.


    The Edinburgh derby at Easter Road was watched by a record breaking 37,600 crowd and there were many injuries due to crushing.


    In the Second Division a record was also set when a crowd of 19,700 turned up at Stark’s Park to see Raith Rovers take on East Fife.







    Kennaway, Hogg, Morrison, Lynch, Lyon, Paterson, Carruth, MacDonald, Crum, Divers, Murphy.




    Divers, (2); MacDonald.





    Jenkins, Gray, Winning, McKillop, Simpson, Brown, Fiddes, Venters, Smith, McPhail, Kinnear.




    Referee: M. C. Hutton (Glasgow).


    Attendance: 83,500






    There were unprecedented scenes at Celtic Park, Glasgow, where Celtic and Rangers played. Over 80,000 spectators were present when the gates were closed before the kick off, .and many could not gain admission. Half-an-hour before the game commenced there were huge queues at all the gates and mounted and foot police had considerable difficulty in controlling the crowd. It was estimated that close on 10,000 were locked out while many people inside the ground who were unable to see the match demanded their money back.



    So serious was the crushing within the ground that ambulance men were kept busy throughout the game, and at two sections of the terracing at the west end of the pitch hundreds swarmed on to the track for their own safety. Over 50 persons were attended to by St Andrews Ambulance Association for crushing and fainting.



    The game itself was eight minutes late in starting apparently to enable the large crowd to settle. During the first half the swaying of the dense mass of spectators directly behind Celtic’s goal was ominous particularly when each goal was in turn bombarded. The first break-in by the crowd on to the playing field took place shortly before the game had started, and about twenty minutes later the barriers between the stand and the west end goal were rushed. In a few seconds there was a large crowd on the track, while a number of boys dashed behind the Celtic keeper’s goal, and had to be chased back by the police.



    When Divers scored, six minutes from the interval, the swaying started again, and people jumped the barrier for safely. There were many women among the spectators and a number of them were among the casualties. Fears that a serious mishap might occur were increased when a crush barrier collapsed at a section of the terracing where thousands of Rangers supporters had gathered. No one wase injured in this instance.

  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BAMBOO on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 2:05 PM


    In the UK only 700 died of just covid alone -apparently.





    The point being what exactly? Few people die of “just XXX alone”. People with diabetes often die of heart conditions that are, in part, complications of their underlying diabetes. People with peripheral vascular problems and bad circulation often have strokes and die.



    Covid-19 triggers many related problems in systems and organs within the body – brain, lungs, heart, etc. People may die of those problems in combination with Covid-19. The Covid-19 disease does not, entirely-in-of-itself if that’s your point – kill all of the people who die as a result of contracting the disease. It harms systems and organs that may lead to death, it triggers hyper-responses in the body’s immune system that lead to death (‘cytokine storm’ essentially leads to the body killing itself), etc.



    The point in the initial post is nonsensical.



    I agree you have the right to make it, but I’d suggest that is carries little weight as a serious, fact-based argument.








    More nonsense I’m afraid.






  8. Midfield Shield Celt on

    Thank you CQN for all of the welcomes yesterday. 👏


    I don’t want to get involved in discussions about Covid, but Motherwell’s manager is raising a good point. It is concerning as to how many SPFL clubs can survive without cash at the gate’s?

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Interesting fire sale at Barcelona.



    Does anyone here on BQN (sorry) have any intel on what’s driving it?



    Or even just gossip.



    The 8-2 defeat?




  10. SAINT STIVS on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 3:10 PM



    I am desperate to get back to the fitba to see just how rubbish the team is.




    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  11. Anybody else having problems with javascript ? Got it switched off but now getting ads , been working fine for best part of 2 years until today ?

  12. SAINT STIVS @ 4.07


    Thanks for posting that. Despite missing Chic Geatons and Jimmy Delaney we ran out comfortable winners against the deid club.


    My dad , who would have been 100 on Monday loved the ‘38 team.

  13. Midfield – There is 1 club in particular that if they went bust I would not lose any sleep over.



    Step forward Sevco2012 ⚰⚰⚰



    D :)

  14. BORGO



    we were chatting about crowds.


    So a wee look into the huge attendances, most happened around 1936-1939.



    Looking at some, Hampden had crowds over a 100,000 for like 12 games in a row.



    East Fife, Motherwell, Kilmarnock, games without the other 2,



    the 2nd most attended cup final was Motherwell v Dundee, 136,000, i mean it is just incredible

  15. My Lord the Blog is getting weird.


    Bamboo coming out with the strangest theories, King Lubo welcoming the much missed South of Tunis back but it unfortunately it appears that he is not back.


    The rest arguing about something that none of us can control or even influence.


    Governments will ultimately make the decisions about when & how many will be allowed to attend outdoor events and they will be advised by the Health Professionals.


    Personally I’m writing this season off as far as attending a game is concerned.


    This will leave Football in a dire place & unless the Governments directly subsidise Sporting Bodies, many Clubs , venues & events will disappear,


    Their could be a major realignment of Football within UK and in Europe and it is possible that Celtic might be a beneficiary to any such change,


    In the meantime the focus has to be on surviving this Pandemic as well as possible and in helping those who need help.


    Beyond that what happens will happen and there is feck all any of us can do about it.


    In the meantime the Tories are dashing madly into a no deal Brexit, utter lunacy.


    We are living in dangerous times.

  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    CORKCELT on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 5:13 PM



    Agree with that – standout weird (and not in a good way) things are:



    – the post about SoT – if that’s anything other than either true (and everyone else has missed him posting), or a genuine mistake, then that really doesn’t bear thinking about


    – Tories / no-deal BREXIT






  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Football has huge collective political power. Is it really going to stand passively by and let the rugger types in Edinburgh let many of our clubs go to the wall? Time to get the football base mobilised with a bit of leadership from the SFA and SPFL. A lot of votes in that caucus.

  18. Corkcelt


    The rest arguing about something that none of us can control or even influence






    I disagree – the virus is spread by humans so it is only us that can influence its spread.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    St Stivs @ 5:00pm.



    Well said.



    Back then times were hard but the national game was ours.



    Obviously it is a much more comfortable (and safe) experience now but the Scottish game, tragically, has also lost probably 3 generations of potential fans.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    But if you take the largest home attendance ever as a rough benchmark, one club’s retention of its fan base is miles ahead of all the others.



    What a club.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  21. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Do the SMSM badger Gerrard every week about the return of fans and Sevco’s finances?



    Jeez, it’s the biggest, smelliest elephant in Scottish football.

  22. Before the pitchforks are out for Stephen Robinson & The Credentials (fine band in their Burns Howff haydey), he made a specific and limited point. This is from The Herald:-



    “Stephen Robinson, the Motherwell manager, has witnessed first hand the impact the outbreak has had on his own family in that regard since March.



    He believes Scottish football has played an important role in raising the morale of the nation since it restarted at the beginning of last month and has expressed hope that games are allowed to continue behind closed doors going forward for that reason.



    “If we are talking about going into another lockdown or semi-lockdown, football is the one thing in the community that keeps everyone going mentally,” said Robinson.



    “The mental health side of things is absolute huge. My mum’s on the phone worried that she’ll not get to see anyone for the next two months. Things like that and not being allowed out of your own postcode at the moment are a worry for people.



    “There is a real mental health issue too and I think football is the one thing that keeps people going. It gives them a purpose. It gives everyone a goal in the community to keep positive.”



    The Scottish government requested that two Aberdeen and Celtic games were postponed last month after it emerged the Pittodrie and Parkhead clubs’ players had broken strict coronavirus safety protocols.



    And Holyrood warned they would have no hesitation in shutting down the sport again if there were any further breaches of regulations.



    But Robinson believes that Premiership clubs have dealt with the Covid-19 protocols introduced by the SFA and SPFL Joint Response Group brilliantly and sees no reason to take that drastic action despite the rise in positive test results.



    “I’ve no doubt that Scottish football has coped very well,” he said. “We’ve had our lapses and people have made mistakes, but they are young people and they do make mistakes at times. They’ve learned their lessons from that.



    “As a whole, Scottish football is an example to everyone. Our testing regime is above and beyond what anyone else is doing and I include the NHS in that. Frontline workers aren’t getting tested as often as our footballers are.



    “The protocols we adhere to around the club – the players don’t sit together with the two metres distancing, the checks and the tests – are stringent.



    “We are simply doing a lot more than the rest of society to keep going and something else has to be taken into consideration because football is a huge part of people’s lives.”



    Despite his endorsement of how Motherwell and their top flight rivals are dealing with the crisis, Robinson admitted he lives in constant dread of somebody at Fir Park contracting the virus.



    “I just think we are going to have to live with this now,” he said. “We live in a bubble, but our players don’t live in a hotel, they go home to their family. People go to work and there is obviously a risk.



    “Every time I get tested I am scared stiff. We cover every protocol and we do that at every game, but when they go back to their families, if they were to touch something and somebody touches the same surface they can get it.



    “There will be people who test positive and we have to live with that. No matter what we do, people will test positive, that’s just the nature of this virus and we are no different from anyone else.”



    Motherwell will take on Hapoel Be’er Sheva in the third qualifying round of the Europa League in Israel – where a three week lockdown has been reintroduced nationwide due to a steep surge in positive Covid-19 cases – tomorrow night.



    Robinson, whose side beat Coleraine in Northern Ireland in the last round, is confident the trip will go smoothly due to the precautions that UEFA have insisted are in place in all of their club competitions.



    “Wherever we are, whether the country is in lockdown, it doesn’t affect us,” he said. “We went to Belfast and we were only allowed in our bubble. We weren’t allowed to socialise with anybody else. We have a room on our own and the boys are allowed in there to mix and socialise. Outside of the football club, we aren’t allowed to mix.



    “We are staying in single rooms and the protocols that are being followed have been fantastic. They make you feel safe and secure. I have no worries or concerns for my players at all.”



    There is little prospect of fans being allowed in to stadiums any time soon despite successful test events at Pittodrie and the Global Energy Stadium earlier this month.



    The First Minister stressed yesterday that the relaxation of guidelines scheduled to take place on October 5 is unlikely to happen.



    Robinson knows that doing well in Europe this season will help Motherwell to balance their books.



    “It’s already brought money into the club,” he said. “Finishing third last season and going through two rounds has helped tremendously. The longer we can stay in the competition the more beneficial it is to the football club.



    “Like every other football club, financially it’s going to be massive to us. We don’t have a big benefactor, we don’t have someone pumping millions of pounds into the club and I think without the sales of James Scott and David Turnbull this year we would be in trouble.



    “If you add that to the third place finish and the European run, that’s what probably keeping the club going. We need fans back as soon as possible as does every other club in the league.



    “No fans would be a bitter blow, but in the context of the world and what’s going on there, we have to be governed by the First Minister and whatever decisions she makes.”

  23. One Day At A Time, that old country music classic and now in the current Covid climate It’s a case of one match at a time in the world of football. We just do not know where the current football season is heading, could it end abruptly or make to next May, we sincerely hope for the latter.



    Interesting regarding the return of some spectators to football, I tuned into Ulster’s rugby European Cup match in France last Saturday and was surprised to see quite a large crowd in the stands. I’m not aware of the Covid situation in France but I don’t think it’s much better than this side of the water.



    See Ferencvaros beat Dynamo Zagreb to progress to the playoff round of Europa so they wre not the pushover we expected and a timely warning regarding tomorrow night against Riga. Julien is out but we have an able deputy Nir Biton in the squad if needed. Celtic conceding goals in the opening minutes of recent games is a bit of a worry. Let’s hope we reproduce the form the team showed in last season’s Europa.