Football protocols above and beyond NHS


In the first and almost certainly only time I’ll ever quote Motherwell manager, Stephen Robinson, the Motherwell manager said, “”The protocols [football has]adhered to are above and beyond anything else, it’s above the NHS frontline staff.

“And football can give respite from the mental health side of things. In a world where things are complicated and strange, football can be that relieving factor, that little bit of joy and happiness.”

But holding test events?  Testing is anathema to governments in Edinburgh and London, where superstition is the route followed by our governing twins.  Instead, they open the pubs for fans to congregate indoors, untested and without any chance of proper supervision.  There is no scientific evidence for this preference, in fact, this choice goes against all evidence.  Football is the most prepared industry in the country to allow staff and public to participate, as Stephen Robinson said, more so than the NHS, but your governments chose differently.

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  1. Paul67 et al



    The protocols referred to enable football matches to be played, not to allow supporters to attend said matches. On a related matter, indoor sports are now virtually impossible, unless drinking alcohol is still classed as a sport, last man standing victorious as in days of old.

  2. Stephen Robinson doesn’t have a clue. Who on earth think that anyone gets joy and happiness out of watching Motherwell?



    I’m with you Paul on your stance on football. The more we continue to hide in our homes, the longer this thing is going to be around.

  3. Trying very hard not to socialise even after places opened. I have not been in a pub or a restaurant at all. On a few occasions, I could have been in the workplace, but stayed away. Sure I am saving on petrol, but I still spend money on occasional takeaway, and shopping. I had one xray at the RAH, i had mask on, didnt touch anything, did not sit, walked the corridor while waiting, everyone was well behaved, obedient, the place felt in real control, sparkling even.



    Furthest places I have been during this time a drive to ardrossan, a look at the lennox statue. And another day over to Tarbert and a walk around there.



    I was at Largs on Satruday afternoon, a long long walk, and that was difficult to avoid the non maskers, dog walkers, skaters, bikers, runners, and big big groups of kids, gathering on the beech.



    This while a celtic match is on, absolutely unheard of for me, but if the choice was not looking at the CQN Moaning Division, then it was nice to be in the sun.



    I did meet Pheersy, in the passing, he reffed in the morning told me only local games, you have to change at home, no showers, parents cannot stand at the side of the games. So it is all football, not just our level.


    I do have to say I am kind of cheesed off that all the directors, and several dozens others get into our matches, it is non essential, they should stay home.



    We spoke for 10 minutes or so, my wife said to me, you must really like him, you never stand and talk to anyone since this. She was right, that is the longest chat outside of a zoom call since lockdown



    I know we are all in different places, in our own heads and family circumstances, but I have not found this that hard. Just apply the rules, stay home , dont travel.



    Winter time may be more of a challenge.




    When did SOT post.






    Watching Ratched just now, great series and excellent acting, love nurse Buckets facial expressions.

  5. In the UK only 700 died of just covid alone -apparently.


    The peak was at least 4 months ago.


    What we got now is “cases” of which most are not ill -at all.



    But its not about the virus anyway. Its about THE GREAT RESET.



    Too much of a coincidence that its being rolled out right at this time?

  6. Living here in Spain, I was quite optimistic that we could find a way to live with covid. Our summer was fairly normal, pretty much everything was open and there were plenty of tourists around. As July and August progressed, the number of local covid cases crept up but this was always expected. Quick measures were taken (close nightclubs, restrict bar hours, private house parties etc.) and masks were compulsory throughout.


    From early-Sept, the season was over, the crowds have gone home and the local Covid cases have halved. This is mostly due to the fact so many people from Madrid have holiday homes apartments here. They came here sick, got others sick then went home.


    So, for now, it is back under control, our local hospital is quiet and we are all getting on with life. Vast majority of people take it seriously and behave responsibly. We hope the major outbreaks in Madrid do not once again result in measures nationwide.

  7. So Paul, how about test events – fox hunting, football watching or egg chasing – where you have to sign an attendance waiver agreeing that you do so at yer own risk. You confidently take responsibility for your choice.


    Now if you get the bug and the wards are full of people who had been isolating yet, say, their immune systems were simply more susceptible than yours, you’ll only get treated when – and even if – medical capacity permits.


    If individual choice came with those consequences would that fairly extend the notion of responsibility? History tells us that viruses love business-as-usual and they especially love crowds. Isolation stops bugs spreading.


    If some brave souls signed up for their own potentially personal ‘Game Zero’ yet they stayed healthy, there’d be a wee added frisson of excitement/touching cloth but hopefully no downside. Yet no guarantee of safety.


    I suspect the ultra-conservative (small c) approach is par-due to fears of legal liability claims that may arise should Covid get gnarly again.


    Maybe watching on the telly is just a short-term, socially responsible pain in the erse Eh, and they should be consistent, eschew the booze lobbyists and shut the pub doors for now.


    Oh and case you think I’m ‘Right’, I’m really not – just deeply into individual responsibility for the greater good.


    Roll on Riga so I can start defending wee Greg and big Ajer again. HH

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  9. Big Jimmy – Nothing has changed to let me go, but nothing has changed from stopping me from going. I don think.



    There are 17 of us in 3 caravans, me my wife, daughter, son in law and 2 grand kids in one caravan, my bubble or family who stay with me.



    Same as other 2 vans.



    So I don’t think there is anything to stop us going.



    I thought Sturgy might have put a radius on travel unless for work restriction in place but she never.



    So all good



    D ;)

  10. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Watched the whole series of Ratched, yesterday, today, excellent.


    As previous poster said, nurse buckets facial twitches are very funny


    also great acting by Sarah Paulson as Ratched.


    Another good series for anybody else bored out their tits by lockdown


    Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton a very underrated actor in my opinion.


    Enjoy. Mick



  11. DAVID66 on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 2:10 PM




    THREE Caravans ?…….thats a Wagon Train LOL !


    I do hope that you manage to all go and have a great time.


    HH Mate.

  12. quadrophenian



    That is what is known as the ‘Noel Gallagher School of Medicine’.


    But even John Stuart Mill might baulk at individual choice where a virus is concerned, although the biology of viruses wasn’t really understood in Mill’s time to be fair.

  13. Interesting that a group who are normally rebels and cynical about the MSM / establishment and big business on this blog seem to be happy to go along with an agenda ridden narrative from government t / big pharma and the controlling elite on this issue.



    But hey let’s not stop until we are all on a databank somewhere and our every move controlled and compulsory vaccinated ……



    Talk about ‘falling in line’.

  14. There is no lunacy involved in either side of the arguments over whether a large football stadium is able to manage a small crowd without adding to the risk of spreading Covid infections. No lunacy, just an absence of ears set to listening mode.



    There is also no scientific advice telling the politiians that small crowds cannot or will not attend stadia safely. They have run trial events in Edinburgh (rugby) and Dingwall and Aberdeen (football) to put these procedures to the test. The named individuals who attended all these trials (just under 2000 in total) have not, as yet, contracted Covid, nor have they been known to have communicated Covid to any others, as far as this can be known. Every one of them, including the football yahoos of Dingwall and Aberdeen behaved themselves impeccably and followed every restrition they were asked to follow. It was a successful trial. How do we know? Because, if it hadn’t- you would have heard of it. We knew of the cluster caused by Aberdeen pubs, by meat processing facories and by a Covid Testing Centre, apparently. Large crowd gatherings can cause Covid transmissions. these small crowd gatherings, socially distanced and dispersed quickly, did not.



    When the Government announced that these successful trials were not only , not going to be rolled out further, but were, in fact, going to be curtailed altogether, the only scientific advice they were following was Behavioural Science i.e. Psychology.



    By that, I mean, they were using the cessation of the football experiment as a means of conveying the seriousness of the pandemic we are facing. They knew, and still know, that there was no risk raised by their successful trials of limited attendance and they gave no reason as to why it was being put on hold.



    The reason they gave no reason is that there is no reason ( came over all Geldorf there and it’s not even a Monday). Well apart, from wanting to impress on people that large gatherings are bad and close proximity with others for sustained periods is also bad, and that these are things that the general public, and far too many on CQN who should know better, associate with football, even though Football in the New Abnormal does not and cannot produce these factors.



    This is a populist policy with Face Validity for many who do not look at the detail. And I use Face Validity as the accurate term, rather than Common Sense, which does not fit this action at all. Common Opinion is not the same as Common Sense.



    So, yes the Covid rate is rising and yes there is a need to impress on the general population that things are serious and they need to redouble their efforts as they were becoming slack and , finally, yes we are not that important to a productive economy, despite the Fraser of Allander report that said otherwise. So, Behavioral Psychologists (more likely an advertising firm who once had a module or lecture from a Behavioural Psychologist) have advised the government to use the football ban to get across the big message. Football is the poster boy for what not to do, not in the positive sense of a Kitchener telling you that Your Country Needs You, more in the warning sense of Loose Lips Sink Ships.



    We are being used as the warning poster not to gather in groups, that is the only science involved. Jason Leitch and the other medics know that the Track and Trace system has not shown the “crowds” at Dingwall, Aberdeen or Edinburgh to have been implicated in one incidence of raised risk, far less an actual case of Covid transmission. Yet they still believe it is a useful “metaphor” ban to use. That is why they gave no explanation as to why it was being stopped; they knew that you would take your own implications from this and , as 90% of the posts on CQN show, they were right to expect so. People who did not know there had been successful trials of safe attendance or never bothered to watch the crowds behaving themselves on admission to grounds, have concluded that this measure was taken to prevent crowds gathering, which is a good thing, so the ban must be a good thing.



    Further, those that believe the SNP can do nothing wrong, will believe that all opposition to the measure is party political and can be dismissed on the grounds that they have backed a losing party. As an argument, it is right up there with the Republican endorsement of Amy Coney Barratt. They will do it because they can do it and because it will send out a message.



    And, as someone familair with some of th tenets of Behavioural Psychology, my prediction is that they are on to plums.



    I spoke to someone earlier today who attended a Zumba class in a Dance Studio within a Sports Centre. Every one of the 12 participants had a 2 metre box to remain within and they proceeded to leap up and dance for the remaining hour in an enclosed room, working up a sweat and breathing heavily across their two metre boxes to the next Zumba-ist in line. On Monday, I spoke to a Garden Centre Cafe waitress who told me that they had been booked by 6 different individuals from 6 different households who expected to sit at the same table as they had been seeing each other regularly and were, therefor, in a “shared bubble” they thought, as they objected to being split up to separate tables. I, myself got into work the other day and had to enter an Office door where a group of cleaners, without masks were blocking and I had to squeeze past to get to the sanitiser, which was empty. All of you will have seen the deteriorating behaviour in street gatherings, shops and stores which you (most of you) attend. Those are the areas where the recent surge in virus spreading have occured. Very little of what was announced by governments this week will tackle those scenarios.



    Small scale football attendance has been sacrificed on the grounds of “Let that be a warning to you all” and it has been roundly applauded as we are allowed to go back to doing all the things which have been shown to contribute to the pandemic whilst being denied something which didn’t.



    Let’s hear that Big Hurrah for the Common Sense Approach!

  15. BAMBOO on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 2:05 PM



    I just googled the great reset and the first video that I clicked on was about the fact that man made climate change was a lie…



    I’m sure you’re a decent guy and a good celtic fan so i’m not going to insult you but please read peer reviewed work from genuine scientists as opposed to bullshit funded by extreme right wing think tanks.

  16. TIMALOY29 on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 1:41 PM



    In addition to Glasgow University, 500 students most living in student accommodation at Abertay University have been told to self isolate.



    Good luck with that one.



    Imagine a wee while ago people on here accepting, indeed pushing for mandatory vaccination ( if and when we ever get a credible one ) , a cashless society, mass censorship, profiling, facial recognition, 5 G infrastructure, grassing your neighbours that you previously clapped with and more draconian government control.



    You would not believe it.

  17. Amended post from yesterday. Just a wee bit tired of reading about the plague, so posting this to maybe offer a different focus for debate. The post was rightly corrected by SFTB so it is amended.


    I watched the Slavia Prague – FC Midtjylland game in its entirety yesterday. It finished 0-0, with a certain less than mobile Erik Sviatchenko marshaling a well organized defence.



    The Danish team was founded in 1999, and promoted to the Superliga in 2000. The owner of Brentford became the major shareholder in 2014, and in 2014/15 they won the Danish football championship for the first time.



    Now this is what rips ma knittin’. Their stadium capacity is 12,000, not 60,000. In 2019/20, they won the Superliga, 14 points ahead of Copenhagen, who drummed us out of the Europa League.



    When Midtjlland entered the Europa, they were gubbed twice by Sevco, for an aggregate of 7-3, yet here they are, on the verge of reaching the CL Group Stage, while we grub around unseeded in Latvia, in a lesser competition. They have a co-efficient of 14.5, while ours is 34. Even worse, one of Ferencvaros or Molde is certain to reach the CL Group Stage. This magnifies our lack of ambition and utter failure to plan for the CL, where we would have been a Level 3 team, with a lesser chance of drawing a Group of Death. We would have endured a few tankings, but earned £30M, which is going to be sorely needed this season. This season, because of relative seedings, provided a rare opportunity, and, once again, we failed to prepare.



    So why are we so consistently underachieving in the Champions League, compared to (with respect) relative minnows?





    The goal isn’t small scale football attendance.



    It’s large scale football attendance.



    So focus on the risks of large scale football attendance.



    And if the risks of that are too great why bother chuntering on about small scale football attendance?

  19. JIMMYNOTPAUL @12.53



    Thanks for clearing up the the question about our highest attendance.


    I was fascinated by that sort of stuff as a kid and the 92,000 figure always stuck.

  20. Chris Jullien hasn’t travelled with Celtic to play Riga tomorrow night.


    “We’ve only left Chris Jullien behind because he’s still struggling with his back,” Neil Lennon

  21. ernie



    I have to go out now. Before I do , let me turn your post on its head.



    The immediate aim is small scale football attendance; it will not lead inexorably to large scale football attendance unless it can be shown to be free of significant risk.



    So- you should focus on the risks of small scale attendance as it is the only show in town at present.



    Why chunter on about large scale attendance, if it is not on the cards and no-one is asking for it (just now)



    Aff oot

  22. Greenpinata


    We humans are very adaptable – extraordinary situations demand it.



    Now if only China hadn’t developed that virus.

  23. There seems to be no immediate prospect of crowds being allowed to attend sporting events. If the government or sporting authorities don’t come up with a financial support package many clubs will go bust.

  24. !!BADA BING!! on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 2:51 PM


    SS- great to see Big Judith on the backshift this week 😎




    ive obviously seen many Posts about Big Judith…is she the Scottish Weather Burd who was/is an Opera Singer ?



    is she single….just asking LOL ?



  25. GENE on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 3:09 PM



    Very true.



    However I am naturally wary and apprehensive of the emergency powers of the Covid 2020 act.

  26. Greenpinata


    Democracy ( if you believe such a thing actually exists / matters) seems to be a casualty in this pandemic.