Fragile limbs


The overwhelming request from an international break is that our players return injury-free.  Nir Bitton made an appearance as a second half substitute against Wales last night but left the field 18 minutes later, with a foot injury.

Nir is in the best form of his life and has carved himself out a deep-lying creative role in the Celtic team.  Central midfield roles don’t come up for grabs too often.  Two of our strongest players, Scott Brown and Stefan Johansen, compete for a small number of central midfield jerseys, although they are different types of players, so it’s important our Nir doesn’t spend too long on the side-lines.

Fraser Forster’s terrible knee injury last weekend was sickening.  The big guy is one of the most professional players in the game and is absolutely dedicated to his development.  His form in the FA Premier League this season has been sensational, recording more shutouts than any other keeper.

It’s a blow to Southampton too, who gave Celtic £10m for Fraser’s services seven months ago.

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    You going on Friday? Help yer mate drown his sorrows?

  2. BMCUW


    Hiv ye changed into yer workin clobber yet ?


    Haste ye back.


    Good night all


    Good night Lorna & Lesley

  3. leftclicktic


    23:07 on


    29 March, 2015




    It was grand sir


    even had time to play hide and seek with the wee mhan ,though he is rubbish at it ,



    ye just walk into a room and start singing Willie Maley and he cant help but join in,the look on his face when he realises he has fell for it again is priceless


    Happy daysCSC





    Belated Hoopy Birthday




  4. Delaneys Dunky on




    Was it not freaky that two Ayrshire lurking lassies know all about us?


    Get posting L and L. You will raise the IQ of the blog in an instant.





    Forty minutes,mate. Great to see you,as always.



    Last one


    We were playin SNAP the day ,the wee mhan got a pair, ye would have thought he had 6 numbers in the lottery,


    dancing and whoopin, only thing missing was him shouting Git it rooooooooooon ye papa.


    Simple things but magic thingsCSC.

  7. Sanna,



    That vidjoe is superb. Great watch, heartwarming.



    I still have a few dozen of the cup final flyers in my car. I give them away when I travel and meet foreigners who ask about Celtic, I give them that bit of paper and say go on that website that tells you more about what Celtic is than I can.



    I think you guys do martin Kane proud.



    Keep it lit.

  8. Delaneys Dunky on




    I am hearing songs I haven’t heard before. NKC musicians are top league. Ageless musical excellence indeed. Loving it! :)

  9. Delaneys Dunky on




    Admire your constitution. A 12 hour journey fae Ayrshire tae Swindon then straight onto a nightshift. Madman! ;))

  10. Morning Timland from a warm hun free mountain valley.



    Seems like spring has sprung, heating up big time, a few showers will be forthcoming in the next month or two, but what the, it’s warm, didn’t light the stove today, sure sign.



    Been a long week without the Celtic, this inter footy pish is just that, changed days from when I were a young fella, and I’m sure many on here feel the same, can’t abide it.



    Watched the scotland game earlier, and was over the moon when Gib scored, best goal of the game IMO.



    Torn with scotland, land of my birth etc, and youz know the rest, change the suits to an honest association and….as before youz know the rest, how feckin sad is that Eh.




  11. Delaneys Dunky on




    Extra hour light tonight. Spring is here and Ronny is about to win the treble. All good in Ecosse amigo. :)

  12. Looked at STV’s ratings and unsurprisingly Hutton and Naismith get higher marks than Brown.


    They probably wanted to give Mcgregor a higher score than Gordon despite neither playing.


    It was always thus.

  13. DD



    This extra hour thing fair fecks me up , haven’t recovered from the time change back in the early 80s :) imo, it’s pointless, but who am I to say, there was talk of Spain going to Brit time, but the cencus seems to be against it, don’t know why, we are on the same longtitude, if that’s the right terminology, seems like Spain only embraced their timezone cos of the Germans, the war n that, Portugal next door is in the same time as Britland.



    Anyways to the treble, can touch it mi amigo, so feckin close, but……chickens n all that.


    I am in the RD camp, have been since day one, just something about him told my feeble brain that he did indeed have it, whatever it is.



    My only worry is a bigger, sorry rephrase that, richer club poaching him, and they will, cos he will do the biz, his vision is unwavering, that is what will make him a top, top coach.



    Pedro needs to get his finger oot of his erse and offer him the earth.



    Glad all is sort of good in Ecosse, been many a moon since I set foot in my homeland, and apart from missing Celtic, I honestly have no desire to either, that mi amigo I find sad, can’t help the way I feel.



    I have found my home in the mountains.




  14. Delaneys Dunky on




    I know I would prefer to live in your mountains than here by the Clyde. Maybe someday? :)

  15. Leftclicktic….


    How right you are mhate… we will NEVER be recognized, accepted nor reported positively on, in this country.. they will never give us any credit.


    But we know who we are, what we do and what we stand for.


    Hail Hail, KTF, we shall not be moved.

  16. DD



    You and your family are welcome anytime for a holiday, free acommadation etc, it’s a special part of the world, a place where manana really means manana, tis what I really like about the place.


    Oh, and there are cheap caves for sale, and I mean cheap, esp with the exchange rate just now, a mate from Dublin bought one last month, put it on his CC, all in, taxes etc. 8K….that is euros BTW.


    A spend of 10K, euros and he has a holiday home that he can rent out if he wishes, make his investment back in a couple of years, think about it.



    Need to sleep now.


    Take care and god bless Timland.









    Hopefully I’ll only feel knackered afterwards. That’s how it usually works.



    Of course,I was a tad younger then!



    I’ll stoat through it,wi a glass of the pure in my mind’s eye,the working man’s reward…

  18. Delaneys Dunky on




    Fine mhan ye are. Loved being in your company this trip.


    Haste ye Back!





    That makes DD’s T in the park tent sound expensive!



    Glad to hear TBO is improving,bud-even if not as fast as you might like.



    Chin up,mate…





    Mutual,mate. great time.



    Mibbe see ya for a wee sesh in Cheltenham in the summer.



    Ah,well. this work disnae do itself-but I’ve caught up on some paperwork,haha!

  21. I Don’t see Richie Ramsey the golfer getting congralations on winning in Morocco. I Take he isn’t one of us.

  22. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Noted some debate on the issue of mental illness, here during the previous few days.



    Perhaps one of the most shameful acts of the SMSM, in my memory… was the vilification of Stephane Mahe.



    A perfectly sane and balanced individual labelled a mental case, for what?



    For having the cheek to go toe to toe with their pride and joy – their dead club.



    Such a disgrace.




  23. Jobo: don’t know what the weather is like in East Kilbride but it is raining Poles here in Dublin Airport, many of them with sore heads. Hope they had a good night. Off to Madrid with 80 thirteen year olds – weather will be 25 degrees. Adios

  24. Good morning friends.



    Despite the fact that British Summer Time started at the weekend it’s an icy, frosty, cold, clear skied start to Holy Week here in ole EK.