Gangster clubs, brutish fans, identity politics


The Daily Record’s political editor today published information obtained from the Scottish Government by a Freedom of Information Request, where Police Scotland note Newco “actively engaged” supporters to break lockdown rules in March this year.

Following Newco’s game with St Mirren on 6 March, Police Scotland received assurances from Newco that they would encourage fans to stay at home.  The Police memo stages, “Whilst assurances were given this did not materialise.”

The Police go on to stage Newco made “numerous statements encouraging celebration, including from the manager (Steven Gerrard).”

“Both the Manager and players actively engaged from within the stadium with fans gathered in disgraceful displays of encouragement, in solid opposition to the public safety issues arising, to their responsibilities given the privileges under which football operates, and to the commitments they had made around public communications.”

The Government should have acted on this information in March.  Football privileges were being actively flouted by one club but it took further incidents this month before Nicola Sturgeon felt it necessary to take on Newco.  This is in stark contrast to her grabbing the mic. when Celtic followed her own rules during their trip to Dubai.

You will see not contrition from Newco.  Instead, they will deflect and distract.  Let them sink in their own sewage.

Gangster clubs operate across Europe.  They stir-up identity sentiment among brutish fans and intimidate politicians who need to fish in the same identity waters.  It takes brave political leadership to stop the rot.

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  1. GREENPINATA on 21ST MAY 2021 11:06 AM





    David 66,















    What is the point of mass vaccination if we are all still locked down and controlled.?


















    Less than a third of the uk population has been fully vaccinated.







    So there’s sill plenty of scope for mutations to develop and spread.







    A mutated virus might defeat the vaccines.

  2. We have had 3 or 4 mutations all proven that our vaccination is effective on these.



    Open the pubs/Restaurants to sell alcohol after all does the virus know the difference between soft drinks and alcohol?? No of course not.



    Absoloute Shambles



    D :)

  3. squire danaher on




    It takes some contortion to observe the Huns being given a kicking by Police Scotland and find a way to make the First Minister the villain of the piece.

  4. squire danaher on

    Re vaccine



    My layman understanding is that even if vaccinated, an individual can carry and transmit the virus to others.



    While the CQN bevvy squad may have been fully vaccinated the vast majority of the population have not and it is possible to either transmit the virus or carry/spread it even if vaccinated.

  5. So the SNP government, to further their own ends, attempted to appease Der Hun, and have now (hopefully) realised the error of their ways and have come to regret their decision.



    Whereas the Celtic Board……………..????

  6. DAVID66 on 21ST MAY 2021 12:19 PM


    ‘We have had 3 or 4 mutations all proven that our vaccination is effective on these.’







    You can’t play Russian Roulette with public health.

  7. Ac cordi ng to the mental Turkish sports media,Celtic target Boupendza,has shown a wish to remain in Turkey.Thats if one of the big money clubs come in for him.Good striker.

  8. It’s just political considerations isn’t it?! March happened before the election, the weekend after. The SNP we’re going to say nothing before the elections. Sad, but a fact of life.



    The test is what happens next – is it hollow words or will we see some action?

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Yup. Spot on. I emphatically agree with every word here. It’s the country we live in. The rules don’t apply to huns.



    But Desmond wanted them back. This is the price we pay.

  10. Not much football being talked about.Lynch in like a shot,with his own Pseuds Corner branch of wee snide posts.

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    Good stuff Paul.



    Would love to hear the cowards on the board call this out instead of siding with Sevco.

  12. Spidey


    Very valid point. Politicians, of all persuasions and hues, will behave differently the week before and after an election.


    Alas, the police have no such excuses.

  13. “DAVID66 on 21ST MAY 2021 12:19 PM


    Open the pubs/Restaurants to sell alcohol after all does the virus know the difference between soft drinks and alcohol?? No of course not”



    The virus might not be affected by drinks being soft or alcoholic but behaviour is.

  14. David66 @12.19


    Not true . 2 people in a Bolton hospital with Indian variant . They both have had 2 jags each


    Source – Hancock

  15. lets all do the huddle on

    no politician will ever stop me going to Bolton



    taste and sense will



    but not politicians

  16. Paul 67



    Traditionally the politicians are scared of the intimidation from the right wing thugs … so anything that can get brushed under a carpet gets sweeped



    They are totally out of control from board , team , and nutters , I sense that they will screw it up themselves over the summer

  17. There is no element of shock, or, even surprise at the content of Paul’s piece. We are inured to being treated as second-class citizens in Scotland. Minority groups are ALWAYS second class wherever you go in the world, maybe not by design, but certainly by habit & repute.



    In Scotland it has ALWAYS been by design – hostile actions over one hundred years have become an unpunished, unnoticed & largely unreported habit. Our reputation has been traduced by the “one’s as bad as another” mantra, and, of course, a disgusting sub-text blaming Catholic schooling.



    How any of us could consider independence and cutting ourselves off from our many friends in the UK, greater in number than the entire population of Scotland, astounds me.



    If independence ever transpires, it will be something that our community will bitterly regret over time.



    The constituency that at this moment in time rides roughshod over us with de facto impunity, will be a larger force and have more influence, as a much bigger fish in a smaller pool.



    We have had what amounts to a centrally-controlled National (Guard) Police Service forced upon us in the last few years – what other services will be brought ‘in house’ after independence?….well it is not hard to imagine that the first on the list will be Education, and we should all know where that will inevitably lead.



    Minorities are ALWAYS second-class citizens!!!

  18. Guys,



    We cannot lock down forever. You are correct about health must come first. Well mental health, stress and anxiety is affecting more people than Covid.



    5 years in Scotland until we clear the NHS backlog.



    Paul 67 was correct after weeks ago.


    We are being played.

  19. lets all do the huddle on

    Traditionally the politicians are scared of the intimidation from the right wing thugs … so anything that can get brushed under a carpet gets sweeped




    thats why she kept East Ren at Level 2



    she feared getting attacked by local Tories armed with expensive italian hams

  20. So, when will the prosecutions begin?



    What will the football punishments be? Retrospective as always for sevco, so no damage to football operations.



    Let them sink in their sewage? Maybe. But I’d rather they were actively pursued for breaking civil and football rules

  21. timmy7_noted on

    JHB on 21st May 2021 12:49 pm



    Keep tugging your forelock to your Unionist Orange masters all you want I’m focusing on getting rid of them.


    I’ll never meet you in the flesh I sit at the front of the bus.



    By the way based on that post you should try looking up irony in the dictionary, it may help you with your posting nonsense problem.

  22. JHB,


    More tripe from you.I was never a 2nd class citizen in Scotland.Excellent education,excellent job.Around 90% of my growing up Celtic mates,the same.One,top management in the Ambulence service.Another a Fire Chief,in Glasgow North.Cardiologists,Doctors,Lawyers.Never knew any of them,or myself,to sit at the “Back of the bus”.


    Myself,my education,teens and early 20s in Scotland,enabled me to work all over the world in top jobs.Born in Govan,to normal,anything but wealthy,hard working Catholic parents,no Silver Spoon.


    You want to be at the “Back of the bus”,you will find plenty there.Tell you what though,the moronic scum,wrecking havoc in Glasgow,last week,will be taking up most of the places.

  23. Let me get this right….


    DESPITE me having the TWO Vaccines, I am NOT ALLOWED to travel to other areas OUTSIDE of Glasgow, and be INSIDE a Pub ?


    However, I can get a Covid Passport and travel ABROAD, and Drink in another country ( Including England/ Wales), and spend my money INSIDE a Pub ?


    Likewise with Travelling by Plane, I can FLY to England/Wales or some places out with the UK, with a Covid Passport and Drink INSIDE a Pub….


    For me and any other Glaswegians in order to FLY to England/Wales, or Foreign lands, I WOULD have to travel Out side my local area in the first instance ( Thereby Breaching Covid Rules), just to GET to a Feckin AIRPORT…and the same applies IF I wanted to SAIL anywhere, including places in Scotland itself ?


    Maybe I am a Chump…but the above is a total CONTRADICTION of what I can and can NOT do under Covid Rules ?



    I have just watched the Scot Gov Covid Brief on BBC lasted around 25 Minutes…wee Nicola made mention of the Scottish Cup final tomorrow, but she stated that FANS are NOT to gather in large numbers, including Pubs etc to watch the game or celebrate ?


    As far as I am aware Folk in Edinburgh and Perth etc are ALLOWED to Drink Alcohol INSIDE Pubs under Covid Rules as they are in ” LEVEL 2″…So why are these Folk NOT allowed to gather ?



    Lastly, NO MENTION WHATSOEVER about the Hun Players and staff conduct in relation to ” Gatherings” under Covid Rules….NOR NO MENTION of the Huns Terrorising the streets of Glasgow last Saturday either….

  24. JHB on 21ST MAY 2021 12:49 PM




    WHERE is the £350 MILLION A WEEK that the Tories and Brexiteers PROMISED the NHS after leaving the EU ?


    Simple question…all it requires is a simple answer.

  25. garygillespieshamstring on

    Let’s all do the huddle



    Many a true word spoken in jest.



    Affluent , past and potential future Tory area left in level 2 while Glasgow is treated more severely



    Cases higher but underlying data makes it ok for east ten to stay in level two. I suspect the underlying data is the number of former Tory voters she stood to alienate in a swing constituency was certainly a consideration.

  26. JHB on 21ST MAY 2021 12:49 PM




    Maybe YOU are Second Class…… but YOU are most certainly a FIRST CLASS CHUMP.

  27. Just how anyone thinks that any Government is”Playing them”during this Pandemic,is beyond me.Does anyone actually believe,they like paying out Furlough cash,keeping people from working,having lockdowns,seriously damaging the economy having the NHS,working flat out,whilst thousands of Ops are cancelled weekly,is their idea,of “Playing ” the public.


    The main cause of the latest lockdowns,belongs to the incompetent Government in Westminster,who allowed thousands of Indian travellers into the UK,for 17 days,and spread throughout the whole of Britain,carrying the variant.Heathrow the starting point.Pointless blaming anyone else.

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