Gangster clubs, brutish fans, identity politics


The Daily Record’s political editor today published information obtained from the Scottish Government by a Freedom of Information Request, where Police Scotland note Newco “actively engaged” supporters to break lockdown rules in March this year.

Following Newco’s game with St Mirren on 6 March, Police Scotland received assurances from Newco that they would encourage fans to stay at home.  The Police memo stages, “Whilst assurances were given this did not materialise.”

The Police go on to stage Newco made “numerous statements encouraging celebration, including from the manager (Steven Gerrard).”

“Both the Manager and players actively engaged from within the stadium with fans gathered in disgraceful displays of encouragement, in solid opposition to the public safety issues arising, to their responsibilities given the privileges under which football operates, and to the commitments they had made around public communications.”

The Government should have acted on this information in March.  Football privileges were being actively flouted by one club but it took further incidents this month before Nicola Sturgeon felt it necessary to take on Newco.  This is in stark contrast to her grabbing the mic. when Celtic followed her own rules during their trip to Dubai.

You will see not contrition from Newco.  Instead, they will deflect and distract.  Let them sink in their own sewage.

Gangster clubs operate across Europe.  They stir-up identity sentiment among brutish fans and intimidate politicians who need to fish in the same identity waters.  It takes brave political leadership to stop the rot.

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  1. The issue for me isn’t just about criminality or high hurdle evidential tests, but about the authenticity of the video. If its neither a fake or the subject of doctoring, then we can reasonably assume that FTP emanated from persons in that room/lounge at that specific time. That would see them categorised as sectarian, anti Catholic bigots which would cause huge reputational damage.



    Realistically I did not expect criminal charges against specific individuals or everyone in that room to be charged under ‘joint enterprise’ , but unless police confirm that the video was doctored they are guilty of nauseating anti Catholic behaviour, whether it is considered criminal of not.



    For completeness the new justice minister, Keith Brown, should ask Police Scotland for a full statement of reasons following on from their ‘extensive enquiries’.

  2. The Conservative and Unionist Party break their silence on Der Hun hordes rioting in Scotland, attacking Police Scotland (wounding Police officers), vandalising commercial and private property, and unequivocally guilty of anti Catholic sectarianism and anti Irish racism.


    This is the UK Unionist scum statement at large:


    “Humza Yousaf should apologise to the players and staff for getting this so badly wrong and apologise to the public for failing in his duty to calm down tensions, instead of stoking them up without foundation.”

  3. MAZZY on 21ST MAY 2021 9:37 PM



    In England this would be a political matter. Can you imagine if a video of man city celebrations showed staff singing songs mocking Allah with practicing Muslims present that even Boris wouldn’t demand action from the police.



    On Saturday they were filmed singing eff the pope while Defoe, a practicing Roman Catholic was there, and we’re now in the situation where the Scottish Tories are demanding an apology on the behalf of a football club.

  4. Re : Celtic40Me



    Good points and analogies. As to the tories – who had lost their tongues up until tonight – words fail me.



    Police will need to considerably elaborate on their earlier brief statement se we can see things in a much fuller context.

  5. Celtic40me



    In England this would be a political matter. Can you imagine if a video of man city celebrations showed staff singing songs mocking Allah with practicing Muslims present that even Boris wouldn’t demand action from the police.



    . Parliament Square in the run up to Brexit vote was very much like that was anti everything(race creed colour ex of empire) being sought out,it was only in the immediate days before was the crimplene cruisers made an appearance.




  6. Evidence of hun sectarian criminality does not rest on wan vidjoe…………………….



    it’s no’ necessarily aboooooot thur vidjoe……………



    it’s just scoddland leadin’ us that way…………………..






    Thuv been huns since they startit an’ thuv been huns sine they were put in


    thur place.




  7. lets all do the huddle on

    oxford manager getting interviewed after his teams play off defeat to blackpool



    he said his team need a bit more power and athleticism next season to go that extra step



    i hope our new manager realises the same about our squad

  8. Scotland as a leading light in The Enlightenment…………….?


    Increasingly feels like Ancient History.




  9. MAZZY on 21ST MAY 2021 10:08 PM



    I can’t see why they’d feel they need to say anything else on the matter. The won’t want to get into an argument if they feel they can avoid one



    I don’t want to get into Scottish politics but if the government felt as strongly about this as they seemed to initially they’d put enough pressure on the police to get more out of them



    There’s a lawlessness about things at the moment and none of the institutions seem to be interested in dealing with it. One can only hope that there’s something going on behind the scenes, the initial reaction to the riots and the racism at ibrox suggested that they’d had enough and something had to be done

  10. Unbelievable the Huns are taking legal action against certain individuals I.e Scottish cabinet minister, clearly angling for favours and /or apology … call their bluff see you in court pal

  11. BANKIEBHOY1 on 21ST MAY 2021 10:26 PM


    Scotland as a leading light in The Enlightenment…?




    The UK Unionist filth soon put that proud prod Scottish philosophy to bed once they dangled the carrot riches of slavery among their broods.

  12. Drambowiecelt on

    @Shaun….Aye good result i suppose….Never could stand those Airdrie huns…


    Downside .the youngsters on the hill givin it the bouncey bouncey… As a celebration


    Wonder where they got that from???


    My uncle Jim will be turning in his grave….

  13. AN TEARMANN on 21ST MAY 2021 10:13 PM



    Paul67 talked about identity politics in his leader the other day, the week just past might be a new record peak in it. You could argue that England is only just catching up with Scotland and the North of Ireland.

  14. BIG G on 21ST MAY 2021 10:43 PM


    Scotland is a beautiful open space, but who do you want to fill those spaces with.




    Healthier G’s please.

  15. Celticmac


    if you can catch up on world service playback


    on “world football” on Lille.not got the linky thing good chat




  16. Drambowiecelt on

    @Nick…must admit have never seen your name before…and you likewise mine..


    But i often think of Pablo..on a fri night.”after hours” when i was a lurker lol


    What a cosmopoltan selection that bhoy had….and could hit you big time.







  17. BIG G on 21ST MAY 2021 10:49 PM


    Personally, our country needs less. Cultural diversity and more ethniic diversity.




    Timely executed qualification of, “aw naw” :-)

  18. BIG G on 21ST MAY 2021 11:09 PM


    I wish I could shine like a turd 😳




    You’ll get yer comeuppance, just you wait :-)

  19. Paul67 has taken a lot of abuse for his views on the SNP and the Huns, but his predictions do seem to be coming worrying true.



    In the East End of London they’d say the SNP has been mugged off

  20. DRAMBOWIECELT on 21ST MAY 2021 11:22 PM

  that the famous “aw naw”… theres two of them?




    Naw, it’s BIG G oan in aw the noo.

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