Griffiths has earned right to do what he likes on social media


Last night Leigh Griffiths ‘Liked’ a Twitter comment suggesting either he or Bayo were likely to leave the club following the arrival of Patryk Klimala.  What subsequently kicked off was sufficient for Leigh to delete his Twitter account.  The original comment may be valid, and Leigh’s reaction was certainly ill advised, but he, more than anyone in the squad, deserves some slack from the support.

Leigh Griffiths has earned the right to do pretty much whatever he likes on social media, within normal taste guidelines.  Since he arrived at Celtic six years ago, he has exceeded expectations, scored goals and been an important part of our story.  His interaction with fans and kids outside the stadium and at events is generous and increasingly rare.

He is also 29-years-old and naturally fit.  His story has a few chapters still to write.

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    Good post.



    It seems obvious we cannot afford many slip ups in the other 34 games (or rather the 16 remaining).



    I cite Neil Lennon’s first full season as Celtic manager as an example. This was the last time we failed to win the league in the 2010-2011 season.



    Our results against Rangers (RIP) were: LWWD



    That was 7 points for us. 4 points for them.



    So we got the better of the head to head. We got 92 points (slightly better than the average you cited) and we STILL lost the league title.



    We dropped 22 points across those other 34 games.



    So far this season we have dropped 5 points in 18 against the rest.



    We have a run of 10 games til the next meeting. Let’s see if they can keep up to our pace.



    We did win 11 in a row in the run up to the last meeting.

  2. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    CALL_OF_JUAREZ on 16TH JANUARY 2020 11:29 AM


    Thanks Wavy.



    Didn’t realise Patryk was 6 foot. He looked smaller on youtube.





    He is smaller on youtube :)







    I remember Mr Madill , as being the Headmaster at BJO, but I cant put a face to the name.


    However, I can picture the faces of fathers Fitzsimmons and Reilly.


    Father Fitzimmons was a lovely Guy, and of a large frame.


    Father Reilly and I, didnt see eye to eye on a couple of issues. In 1977 just days after I was Married to my 1st wife, I had to ask him to leave my home as he insulted my new bride, due to her being Non Catholic and also because we didnt get married in the Chapel or Church.



  4. Big jimmy.


    I had a triple by pass nearly Ten years ago.


    My big artery was 95% and my 2 others were 90 and 70 % blocked


    You should be okay as these surgeons know they’re stuff and are highly skilled.


    It is painful afterwards as they have to cut through your chest bone .


    The sorest part though is when you sneeze you will have to get a rolled up towel


    and hold it to your chest when you sneeze (still hurts ) but you will get better.


    Hope I haven’t scared you in anyway but you will be fine my friend .

  5. This season sevco has beaten teams from Denmark, Poland, Portugal and Holland as well as beating us.


    I think that this suggests that they can beat hamilton, Ross county and all that the spfl can through at them.


    Do not forget the influence the football authorities will excerpt.


    This will be very tight and we make to beat sevco twice to win this league.


    If we don’t sign players who can have an immediate impact we may not succeed.



    Thx mate for your kind words.



    I did Post on here a couple of times asking you to get in touch as I had lost my previous mobile and your number etc. We must have a few Beers again when I am Fit ?


    God Bless you and the Family.



  7. Log in, kicked out. Seems you have to post something, anything to not get immediately logged out when you try to read the latest posts. Been an issue for months.

  8. All the best, Big Jimmy.


    Cpmments like this from SIEMPRE should help cheer you up?



    `He is smaller on youtube :)`




  9. Big Jimmy,



    A pal of mine collapsed when running the Birmingham marathon two years ago, at the age of 53, he had three heart attacks at the scene. The medics saved his life and he went in to have a double heart bypass.



    Brand new these days, still running for fitness and enjoying life.



    Initial recovery is always difficult from any surgery , these guys are expert plumbers so you’ll be fine and fighting fit in no time.

  10. Debating whether Sevco will drop few or many points in the second half of the season is pointless (pun intended !).



    Our job is to win every league game. If we focus on the league, give it priority over the Europa and get a few more first team ready players in to cover injuries then we’ll be fine.



    Our transfer market dealings this month so far is worrying me much more than Sevco.

  11. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on




    “That argument usually gets met with the argument that what Celtic did in winning the past 8 leagues has no bearing on what we will do this year.



    If so, I counter that with the view that, equally, there is no reason to expect that Sevco will have as good a 2nd half to the campaign as they did in the first.”



    I’m not sure how you those two positions are comparable? The first half of the season and the second half are three weeks apart. It’s slightly longer than a mid-season international breaks. Unless there is significant transfer activity for both us and Sevco, stands to reason that the season will continue in the same vain.



    What happened 8, 5 or even 3 years ago is completely irrelevant now. Different teams, managers and circumstances. For example, no one would argue that MON’s team had any effect on our title winning team of 11/12.

  12. Sevco have 9 of their next 14 games at Ibrox. I don’t think they’ll drop too many points and will almost certainly go above 90 points.



    We have to win our next 11 games to be confident of taking this title. It’s a run we’re more than capable of making should we strengthen the squad and keep key players fresh for the league games.

  13. Hello again all you young rebels.



    I know you’r all waiting on me posting, and then the new header


    from Paul will come up, so there i’ve done it 8-))


    H.H . Mick




    “Unless there is significant transfer activity for both us and Sevco, stands to reasonthat the season will continue in the same vain.”



    There doesn’t need to be a material change in personnel for results to change.



    Last season Sevco exited the transfer window with praise for signing Defoe and Davis. They still dipped.



    Napoli were twice “winter champions” of Serie A under Sarri but fell short. Juventus didn’t go on spending sprees in either of those January windows



    I’d question people’s expectations in a winter window. Generally, the only players who move are guys who are completely out of favor at their current club. For example, Giroud to Inter on loan.



    The biggest deals like Haaland & Minamino were due to release clauses being met (like Klimala)

  15. My expectations of the window are based on P67’s and Harry Brady’s party fed line about assembling a squad to win every remaining domestic game.



    I don’t see that so far. We’re one bad injury to Julien or Edouard from being up that creek without a paddle.

  16. Agent’s holding up Soros deal,way back in the day UEFA and all Football Clubs made a big mistake by giving approval to professional football players to have there own Agents .When I was working my I answered to my Employer,and I’m sure that’s should have been the same for these football players,But as you get older you see and hear what’s really happening,Corruption is the real enemy in U E F A and all Football Clubs,nothing benefits the ordinary supporter,still getting ripped off for what to have these cheating people having the best off both worlds.



    Thx Bhoys for your advice and support etc.


    If/When I do get the Heart By Pass, maybe I will get back to enjoying my Beer once again…..and also that I can get back to chasing the Burds ?



  18. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Maybe Paul’s agent owns a percentage of the new article and won’t release it until he has a podium.

  19. Motherwell manager Stephen Robinson is to stand trial next month accused of assaulting his partner.



    Robinson, 45, appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Thursday charged with allegedly grabbing Robyn Lauchlan and pinning her against a fence at the city’s Waverley Bridge.



    He also faces a breach of the peace allegation relating to the incident on 13 December.



    The Northern Irishman has pled not guilty to both charges.

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