Griffiths has earned right to do what he likes on social media


Last night Leigh Griffiths ‘Liked’ a Twitter comment suggesting either he or Bayo were likely to leave the club following the arrival of Patryk Klimala.  What subsequently kicked off was sufficient for Leigh to delete his Twitter account.  The original comment may be valid, and Leigh’s reaction was certainly ill advised, but he, more than anyone in the squad, deserves some slack from the support.

Leigh Griffiths has earned the right to do pretty much whatever he likes on social media, within normal taste guidelines.  Since he arrived at Celtic six years ago, he has exceeded expectations, scored goals and been an important part of our story.  His interaction with fans and kids outside the stadium and at events is generous and increasingly rare.

He is also 29-years-old and naturally fit.  His story has a few chapters still to write.


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  1. `This might be the year that doom is correctly foretold but don’t expect me to believe it before it has happened.`SFTB



    For someone who thinks he would make a Kant of it, the above is not a bad philosophy at all.


    Cheerio for now.



    PS For song possibilities alone, I hope we sign Soro :-)

  2. And fwiw, I agree with Canman, though he puts it better than I could.


    We had a unique chance to put clear green water between us and ‘thems’.


    Paul’s words said we would.


    Desmondo’s words made it doubtful we would


    Peter’s (in)actions confirmed our fears.



    Hence the devil is back.



    HH jg

  3. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    AN DUN on 15TH JANUARY 2020 4:21 PM





    It seems very strange. I don’t think this deal will be done





    Doesn’t add up, either they are very inexperienced or the Israeli club just have a very different way of doing things




  4. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    MCNUT on 15TH JANUARY 2020 4:33 PM



    We should get answers very soon. They can’t pull this ‘one more game’ thing again!




  5. JAMESGANG on 16TH JANUARY 2020 9:09 AM


    And fwiw, I agree with Canman, though he puts it better than I could.



    We had a unique chance to put clear green water between us and ‘thems’.



    Paul’s words said we would.



    Desmondo’s words made it doubtful we would



    Peter’s (in)actions confirmed our fears.



    Hence the devil is back.





    If we beat Sevco at Parkhead we would have had a 5 point lead having played a game more. That would still leave the title race within the margin of error despite taking 6 points off them


    They have improved this year. They have 17 more points from last season if you compare the same fixtures. That is out of our hands.

  6. BOGNORBHOY on 16TH JANUARY 2020 9:10 AM




    Thanks BONORBHOY fore your kind words.



    I have Three troublesome Heart Arteries. The Doctors are having a meeting to decide whether to bother inserting “Stents”, as to do so may be a waste of time due to “other issues” that are going on outwith the trouble with the heart Arteries, so they are leaning towards giving me a Heart By Pass ?


    I will probably find out quite soon about the decision ?



    I had a “Angiogram” yesterday in the Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank, but because they are delaying any decision about “Stents” etc, they allowed me to come home last night….reluctantly.


    HH mate.

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Id say at least three variables


    Improve at the same rate


    Improve at a better rate


    Stop improving




    I suggest we need the last one and for us to maintain or better our improvement.



    The difference is we could pretty much guarantees our improvement through investment significantly greater than they could match.


    But that’s not happening, is it ?



    So it’s in the lap of the gods and officials

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big Jimmy,


    My old man had bypass done when he was 55, he was told it would be good for another 25 years, he turned 90 in December.

  9. Sevco have played exactly half of their league games and have 50 points?



    Do people expect them to get to 100 points?



    Surprises me how many Celtic fans have absolute confidence in the team across the city

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting first / second half of season discussion.



    Another significant factor is money.



    Money is tighter in the second half of the season … if you don’t have any to begin with and are surviving month to month.



    Actual bills to be paid.



    Fewer Euro games.



    Players on half season loans – kicked out in August to save wages – return to club



    No participation bonus payments to help Rob Peter to pay Paul.



    All of these make it harder to sustain the “onwards, upwards, we have unstoppable momentum” BS message that so many swallow.



    Hail hail

  11. FASTBHOY on 16TH JANUARY 2020 10:14 AM


    Timaloy29 If we had won at Parkhead we would have been 8 points ahead with a game more played.





    I got my maths wrong. Thanks for pointing out.

  12. Celtic won 11 league games on the spin before losing to Sevco.



    Celtic have 10 league games until the next time we meet them. There is a run there that the team is capable of going on again.

  13. Big Jimmy


    Whatever they decide will hopefully be for the best and it usually improves lifestyle , so keep it lit 👍

  14. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on

    Big Jimmy



    Have a look on line for Bob Mortimer, his description of his own bypass experience are very ‘human’ and quite funny. I first came across his openness about it on his fishing Programme with Paul Whitehouse – also worth a look on iPlayer (you don’t have to be a. angler to enjoy).



    Wishing you all the best




  15. Re Keeping clear water between ourselves & the Huns, I agree with Timaloy.


    So far this year with 2 exceptions against Cluj & the last game against the Huns. we have been playing well.



    We have absolutely no control over what the Huns win apart from when we play them head to head,


    So far we have played them 3 times this season, winning 2 & losing one.



    The Huns have been doing extremely well , apart from games against us I think they have played 34 times between domestic games & European games and I can only remember one defeat. That was away to Young Boys & even then they only conceded the winner in the 4th minute of injury time.



    Much as hurts me to say it, but that is a bloody impressive record and if they keep that up for second half of season they probably will win the Title.



    Personally I don’t think they can or will keep up this pace, I feel they will falter & drop points but either way all we can do is keep winning our games.



    If we win all our games we win the Title,


    That has to be our objective.





    Great news about your Dad…Magic !






    Thx again Bhoys for your kind words.



  17. Jinky- enjoyed the fishing programme as well,even though you couldn’t pay me to do it, 2 funny guys,with very similar stories.

  18. Are any posters confident that Patryk Klimala is a significantly better player than Jack Aitchison?

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    The delay in having your procedure must be very frustrating. Try and stay positive, and try to do what’s good for you.


    As you are stuck in the house, boredom will be a problem, but the link below is a good way to kill half an hour or so. Hail Hail to you.




  20. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on



    Ismaila Soro’s move to Celtic is being reportedly held up by a dispute between his current club and the player’s representatives according to SunSport.



    The player has been linked with a move to Celtic for some time with the defensive midfielder apparently playing his final game for Bnei Yehuda on Wednesday.



    However, it’s emerged that the dispute is holding up the deal and now the club have released a statement claiming the player could be in the squad next week if things aren’t sorted.



    A statement from Bnei Yehuda said: “It’s impossible to know at the moment whether Ismaila Soro will be in the squad for our next game against Hapoel Kfar Saba on Monday or not.”


    Bnei Yehuda have not been holding back in their use of the player considering a deal looks agreed in principle.



    It was a surprise they risked the player and his potential fee to play him in a cup game this week.



    If the dispute is correct then there’s very little Celtic can do at their end.



    The dispute appears to be centred around his representatives owning a percentage of any transfer fee and the club are trying to negotiate it with his agents.



    Nothing is ever simple!






  21. CALL_OF_JUAREZ on 16TH JANUARY 2020 11:02 AM


    Are any posters confident that Patryk Klimala is a significantly better player than Jack Aitchison?



    Jack is 5′ 9, little impact against the SPFL hammer throwers, and played for Alloa and plays now in the 4th tier of England.



    Polish Paddy is bigger & stronger & faster (6’0), playing at a higher level, valued more and a better strike rate.



    No guarantees in life but I know who I’d pick out in a lineout now.

  22. The Battered Bunnet on




    I said:



    Objectively, we have less room to improve and a smaller margin for error.






    You said:



    You are using only half of an objective equation here.



    The league is not won just by the team that does better in the second half of the season than it did in the first, or by the team that makes most improvement from last year to this.



    It can also be won by the team thaat deteriorates least in the 2nd half of the season in terms of points accumulation. Both Sevco and ourselves have improved on our first half-season performance form last season to this. Sevco have improved by dramatically more than us.”



    That’ll be the other half of the equation I termed “margin for error”.






    You also said:



    “If regression to the mean is built into this equation, then they should be expected to fall further and faster than us.”



    I’d say that it’s unlikely one could establish with any confidence the mean performance of the current Sevco team, as each year they have increased the budget and quality of player. Only when they reach steady state – budget and quality sustained over a number of successive seasons – will the data be reliable, and even then the data is influenced by the quality of the league as a whole, not a given team in isolation. We might find in due course that they are currently performing below the ‘current period’ average.



    The biggest influence on points won is the performance in the 34 matches against the rest of the field. There is a clear performance gap this season between Sevco and the rest of the SPFL runners which, if sustained over the coming seasons, would create the circumstances to reset historical averages/points accumulated.



    This season it’s likely that both teams will finish with more than 90 points, the first time that has occurred since 2004/05. Season 2002/03 ended with Celtic and Rangers tied on 97 points each, which was the first time a team has gained so many points and not won the league.



    Celtic’s 3 year average is 91.6 points. My sense is that 91 points will not be enough to win the title this season. The margin of error has reduced, by how much remains to be seen.



    Little of which adds greatly to the sum of human knowledge :¬)

  23. Call of Juarez, I’ll speak for myself, I haven’t seen the new Bhoy play so I do not know if he is more a French Eddie or an Amido Baldie.


    The reports are that he is fast & strong & the clips I’ve seen bear that out.


    He obviously has been scouted by Hammond & Pedro has been convinced to shell out 3 & a half million.


    We have bought pups before so there is no guarantee.


    In general the players brought in since Lenny returned have done OK, Generally I like Eastern European players, I trust Lenny so I’d be optimistic that Polish Paddy will do well for us.



    Jack Aitchison is a very decent player and is doing well at Forrest Green Rovers & I hope he does come back & do well with us like Christie & CalMac,


    However Jack is on loan for a year, we need a Striker now so let’s hope Polish Paddy does the business,


    There will be movement in the Striker Department, Eddie will go net year. there is still plenty of room for Jack if he is good enough.

  24. Thanks Wavy.


    Didn’t realise Patryk was 6 foot. He looked smaller on youtube.



    Reckon Jack is not the quickest but he has a wee bit of guile about him.



    Also reckon 2nd tier in Poland cannot be too different to 4th in England.

  25. CALL_OF_JUAREZ on 16TH JANUARY 2020 11:02 AM


    Are any posters confident that Patryk Klimala is a significantly better player than Jack Aitchison?





    Listened to a podcast about Klimala by 90MinuteCynic



    They had an expert on Polish football to give his opinion on Patryk. I think the gist of it is, that Klimala had an attitude problem earlier in his career. I’ve heard Cillian Sheridan suggest the same.



    He came of age a bit in 17/18 when on loan to a lower league side. He came back full of confidence but didn’t back it up last season.



    This season he seems to have figured things out and came out the traps. His talent has always been lauded as some expected him to be the next Lewandowski.



    However, he’s only really backed it up the first half of this season and we got in early. It seems a risky signing. It could be a high-risk high reward scenario though.



    I don’t think his talent has ever been in question though.

  26. BIG JIMMY…. my comment the other day re fathers riley and fitzsimmons (the easy ones) mr Madill was the curved ball, he was CEO at BJO PRIMARY, for all my time there and yours too :)

  27. Big Jimmy



    You’re in brilliant hands at the Golden Jubilee. Wonderfully skilled and dedicated medics.






    HH jg

  28. CALL_OF_JUAREZ on 16TH JANUARY 2020 11:29 AM


    Thanks Wavy.



    Didn’t realise Patryk was 6 foot. He looked smaller on youtube.






    This one is small. This one is far away






    HH JG

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