Griffiths has earned right to do what he likes on social media


Last night Leigh Griffiths ‘Liked’ a Twitter comment suggesting either he or Bayo were likely to leave the club following the arrival of Patryk Klimala.  What subsequently kicked off was sufficient for Leigh to delete his Twitter account.  The original comment may be valid, and Leigh’s reaction was certainly ill advised, but he, more than anyone in the squad, deserves some slack from the support.

Leigh Griffiths has earned the right to do pretty much whatever he likes on social media, within normal taste guidelines.  Since he arrived at Celtic six years ago, he has exceeded expectations, scored goals and been an important part of our story.  His interaction with fans and kids outside the stadium and at events is generous and increasingly rare.

He is also 29-years-old and naturally fit.  His story has a few chapters still to write.


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  1. when i was young my mam moved us to stockholm crescent in paisley.



    we didnt want to go , didnt want to be there, hated in the beginning.



    years later we moved again.



    and now o really miss it

  2. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a blissfully wet Melbourne.


    Hope they fires are all oot.


    Haven’t read back yet, is Soro signed?


    Have the huns had their baws booted by Big Ash ?…again.


    Have the craven msm got a Celtic bashing headline out…again


    More importantly did Big Jimmy get through his op o.k.


    H.H . Mick

  3. BANKIEBHOY1 on 15TH JANUARY 2020 9:15 PM






    What “Story” ?




    He’s put out the fires in Australia and cured climate change with love

  4. Saint Stivs on 15th January 2020 9:22 pm






    If McNutts owns 1% of celtic shares, then his posts on here are interefering and influencing the share price, and could be construed as insider dealing.





    Love it.



    Hail Hail

  5. BB



    Surely “The Story” now can only be with regards to a (belated) Hampden reaction?



    Scottish authorities are OK enough ( so far) with our fans being taunted in horrible fashion.


    No outrage, no challenge to thur Level best guff……..nothin’.



    Substitute Neil for either of those toerags and would there have been a delayed reaction?




  6. BB – can you imagine Broonie doing that? He got charged for waving to the vermin last season

  7. Bankie, substitute Broony for the throat slitting and bang……outrage in media, followed by swift punishment of minimum 5 game ban. It would have been accompanied by a report from Polis Scotland stating he could have caused a riot. The silence is an embarrassing indictment of Scotland and it’s SFA.

  8. Corkcelt, he pointed his raspberry ripples at him in a provocative movement.



    Remember when we used to call someone a ‘spangle’ if they were daft?

  9. BB et al………



    Aye. Can ye remember when yon Nob Mclean asked on-air if there was anything “sinister” re Artur’s blessin’ himsel’?



    And BB, I agree we should have challenged sevco directly following the gestures.


    I got the sense even the hun commentators were appalled but quickly regained komposure to say nowt.

  10. Nowt from The Polis…………



    A penny for Wishart Frazer’s thoughts and Brither Krawford’s…………….



    Any polis escort/ protection?

  11. iShorties piece on Fat Charlie…………quoting another orange nugget, doesn’t even read properly.



    Fake (tan) News………….

  12. Exactly guys if we beat Sevco at bigotdome in March what would happen if Lenny makes a throat slitting gesture??



    I doubt if nothing would be said.



    D. :)

  13. Bada



    Ah well if tales from the meeja are coming out,they will have to run it by editorial control/knuckke in the bloo room.


    Probably it won’t happen as brither beaton is ‘trooserup’ for the loving cup,prior to knucklin doon for his team and a wee sing song in the croon bar.might even see a rare statement!!lol

  14. 17 year old Hun convicted of sectarian singing,Billy Boys,and Neil Lennon,a Fenian bassa,told by Judge,if he is a good boy for 6 months ,he will be treated leniently.



    No doors being kicked in now it seems.

  15. ART OF WAR @ 10:16



    “Spangle” wins the internet for me today. Will use it on my team call tomorrow.



    Thanks for that!

  16. Bada Bing



    What story was pulled and from where ?



    Like you I am astonished / very frustrated our custodians have not made more publicly about this and I have been hoping something was being done behind the scenes to have it dealt with.

  17. The Battered Bunnet @ 9:59 am




    “The only difference this year (and last) is a Subjective, not an Objective, one.”





    Beg to differ, old Chap. The objective difference between this season and others in recent years is that in those previous seasons we had considerable room to improve.




    Last season, for example, we had dropped 18 points after 20 matches. This season we have dropped just 8 points at the same stage, yet the gap to our nearest challenger is closer.



    Objectively, we have less room to improve and a smaller margin for error.









    Sorry for late reply- have had visiters this evening.



    You are using only half of an objective equation here.



    The league is not won just by the team that does better in the second half of the season than it did in the first, or by the team that makes most improvement from last year to this.



    It can also be won by the team thaat deteriorates least in the 2nd half of the season in terms of points accumulation. Both Sevco and ourselves have improved on our first half-season performance form last season to this. Sevco have improved by dramatically more than us.



    If regression to the mean is built into this equation, then they should be expected to fall further and faster than us.



    That argument usually getrs met with the argument that what Celtic did in winning the past 8 leagues has no bearing on what we will do this year.



    If so, I counter that with the view that, equally, there is no reason to expect that Sevco will have as good a 2nd half to the campaign as they did in the first.



    In the end, it is a subjective judgement, as to which way it will fall. It will be determined each week for the next 3 months or so by 11 to 14 players and their backroom staff, not by Fantasy Managers on a blog.



    The world is littered with failed subjective prophecies. We have had 8 years worth piled under a carpet somehwere on CQN.



    This might be the year that doom is correctly foretold but don’t expect me to believe it before it has happened.



    HH and Good NIght to you all

  18. Thanks for the responses on Turnbull at Motherwell.


    I hope the lad recovers and comes good for us.


    Apologies for being so late with the thanks.


    My almost 3 year old grandson was down this afternoon and left the place in chaos and us shattered as a full back trying to mark Jinky.


    Thing is he will be back tomorrow to continue the devastation.


    Good night and God bless.

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Conversely there are reasons to suggest they will not, since their improvement is over the course of two years as opposed to our one year

  20. Not too long ago I wished a warm welcome to Mr McNut. Nothing has changed.



    I cannot understand the animosity.


    He has made some very good posts ( some I agree and some I don’t agree with ) and in my opinion has enhanced the blog.



    Keep the posts coming sir.



    HH to all.

  21. Good morning CQN from a very calm and mild Garngad



    Hopefully we will see Sorro sign later today or tomorrow.



    Get another couple in please Celtic.



    Don’t know if true but I read that NFL asked for 3 first team ready players, I just hope these guys are up to speed and ready for first team football not in late February early March.






    D. :)

  22. So what have we learned…..



    McNut might be a Hun or might be a Tim.



    Norrie is a 100% Deffo a Wolf of London Road Hun, collapsing our Club with his mischievous share trading.



    CQN – Celtic News, not Fake News






    HH jg

  23. PS continued …..



    And that as a wean, Jobo fair adored his Advent calendar!



    HH jg

  24. Canamalar



    “Conversely there are reasons to suggest they will not, since their improvement is over the course of two years as opposed to our one year”



    I would not use the word “reasons” (maybe fears or suspicions). Look at our league performances during 8iar and the original 9iar (or Rangers during the late80s and 90s)- there is no linear progression year on year. Some leagues are won by improved league totals and some by reduced. Form always fluctuates. Suspecting that they or us will go up or down in form, is a pure subjective hunch- that’s why bookies are richer than us.





    James Gang-



    I did ok in Arithmetic and Statistics but Pure Maths is more akin to Musical Ability and that I do not have. Similarly, never studied Philosophy and, if I tried to venture into that field, it is a Categorical Imperative that I’d make a Kant of myself.

  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I am looking at the recent trend under their new manager which suggest if their improvement continues at the same rate we need to improve our trend. There is nothing in their two year improving trend to suggest they will falter as you suggest.

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