Hammond’s early work. Under a Glasgow sky


Nick Hammond, who was made temporary Head of Recruitment early in the summer, became permanent Head of Football Operations yesterday.  Considering he landed at the 11th hour, his work during the summer window was encouraging.

Christopher Jullien arrived for big money (for Celtic) but is looking the part in central defence.  On paper, Hatem Elhamed was an odd signing, but he has more than delivered above expectations.  Compare and contrast to the more-celebrated right back, Jeremy Toljan, who arrived in January before drifting into squad obscurity soon thereafter.

Boli Bolingoli came through a torrid start to life at Celtic but has been solid for weeks, while on-loan Moritz Bauer is challenging Hatem for the right back role.  Mohamed Elyounoussi’s arrival was an odd one.  I expected this to be Mikey Johnston’s major breakthrough season, so Mohamed’s arrival puzzled me.  Mikey’s subsequent injury has given the on-loan left-mid player the opportunity to make the position his own.

I expect Nick had a smaller role in the recruitment of Greg Taylor and Fraser Forster, but he would have been central to the arrivals of Luca Connell, Jonathan Afolabi and Lee O’Connor.

January could be Nick’s ‘difficult second album’.  There will inevitably be patches in the squad to be covered but the more important job is qualification for next season’s Champions League.  Work on that should already be underway.

Foundation Sleep Out at Celtic Park

Every year an increasingly large number of souls do more than just raise money for our homeless and poor, they sleep under a cold Glasgow sky.  The event, which is a critical part of the Celtic FC Foundation’s Christmas Appeal, next takes place on 16 November.

You spend between 10pm and 6am in the company of other Celtic fans who want to connect with our club’s founding cause, as well as one of modern society’s most pernicious scourges.  As I say about so many things your Foundation does, getting involved is a fulfilling and uplifting experience.

If this is for you, sign up here.

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  1. I do hope the victims of abuse find a sort of peace from the chaos bestowed a


    Upon them by the adults who abused them.



    Let the truth seer through,it will.


    It can’t do anything else



    Keep your counsel Celtic fans


    We know,here in the land of the reformation


    The masonic narrative vomited by those who can’t handle David Murray highly public and diarrhoetic LIQUIDATION of their own club,it’s volume has increased to the point they do not want to do insight,alas victims stand taller than any work place.


    I would ask all Celtic fans to think of the victims and not use their pain and agony in the fit for tattery.






  2. An Tearmann on 18th October 2019 1:51 am




    Not a word from the bastard new Rangers “Sevco” hierarchy that denounces their fans singing from rafters cheering on paedophilia. How does one even begin to pray for these pdogs?

  3. Henry joy



    Who cares what they say,do,think or act on


    It is certainly not for any Celtic fan to be on a par with,


    Subconcious old firmism imo,whether it be the convicted criminals new club or the one he advised liquidation as a way forward they both are wrong’uns




  4. Good morning, friends, and a BIg Happy Friday from a dampish but broken clouded East KIlbride. Be interested, as always, in Neil’s presser today where we will hopefully learn that we have a full squad (Corpus excepted) to choose from tomorrow.

  5. Good morning CQN from a dry and sleepy Garngad



    Off today for another bout of shopping for DIY shit, to keep her that must be obeyed happy.



    It would be good to see if we have a full squad to pick from (apart from RC), but I think Jozo is out for the year, I don’t know about others.







    D. :)

  6. Good Morning, mild verdant day in the Chilterns…



    FRANKTERRY @ 11:04 PM,



    Yes, it’s a disgrace, blaming school kids with a social conscience for the brutal consumerism forced upon them by two of the most selfish and morally bankrupt generations the western world has known.



    Still fitbaw tomorrow… back to winning ways.






    Hail Hail

  7. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Good morning all,



    Right everyone, I only lurk with the very occasional post but my work lunchtime break and my early morning cuppa reading through CQN is getting shorter and shorter!


    Everyone get back on! Let’s be havin’ ya!



    Unflounce yourself or whatever it may be called and start typing.


    Some of us need something to read you know!!

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Great call to arms Jimbob, welcome back. Unflouncing? Hmmmm?…


    … maybe Deflouncing. Should we have a Deflouncing Ceremony?



  9. Deflouncing peace talks…


    Deflouncing amnesty…



    Ah feck it I’m flouncing, so I can get to the Deflouncing ceremony..




    D. :)

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Anyhoos, last full day on the shores of an azure Adriatic Sea. Yet again the day has dawned bright, sunny and warm. Just gonna chill today and take a break from the bus or water taxi to Dubrovnik and stay in Cavtat. Cavtat is a lovely wee village, with a laid back vibe, and plenty of places to eat and drink, many on the waterfront. Our Apartment is just up the hill a bit from the old part of town and has the best view we have ever had. A ten minute walk the other day, towards Dubrovnik, took us to the newer “Resorty” part of town, still a beautiful coastline, but not so nice, imo. If anyone is planning Dubrovnik for a holiday, I would recommend staying in Cavtat, and travelling in to the City on a daily basis. Doesn’t bother us, but the only fly in the soup for some, might be it’s proximity to the airport. You can see the tread on the planes’ tyres as they come into land. On the plus side, your transfer time to accommodation is short 🤓



  11. HAG – enjoy, I for one love reading about all the far flung places our Celtic Bhoys and Ghirls visit.









    D. :)

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    “I beseech all who are Deflouncing, to make themselves known…” 😃






    Sounds like a beautiful place and you’ve had a great holiday.



    We had a couple of holidays in Croatia (Porec) many moons ago.



    Loved it and loved the people too.



    Thinking about Dubrovnik next year.



    Safe home!

  14. All the talk about our corrupt Scottish referees and also that if they don’t use VAR might hinder them getting European games, well hell mend them. Not sure if VAR would be any good to us, just another Hun in charge of a telly. 😂



    But it made me think… Why do we (in Scotland) not have any Asian, black or even different nationalities who have settled here refereeing games????Have you got to be Scottish?



    Is the corrupt SFA not targeting so called minority/ ethnic groups in their recruitment process, or is there none in their ludges???






    D. :)

  15. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Cheers. Trying to fight off the last day blues before we head back to reality. Cutting about in shorts and shades today… then I’ll be lighting the coal fire tomorrow evening when we arrive back in the frozen north. Ah well, if there wizny any doons, we wouldnae have ups to enjoy 🙃



  16. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Cheers. Most people seem to be nice. I say most, as I think some of the younger bar and waiting staff seem a bit grumpy. I can forgive that though. End of a long hard season for them. Who knows? Maybe their last week of employment. I’d be a bit hacked off, if I’d been serving some of the tubes that travel here from old Blighty to misbehave since last Easter.



  17. Maybe I’m in a minority of one but I shudder every time I read a post referring to Ryan as Corpus.


    I don’t wish to inflict my religious beliefs on anyone but to me it’s bordering on blasphemy.


    I have stopped reading Sandman’s ratings because of it but unfortunately it looks like I will either have to give up Social Media completely or just scroll past & keep my mouth shut.

  18. Corkcelt- I think it’s a bit of fun, but I can see your point.


    Every time I read a post referring to Ryan as Corpus, I smile and think of that rascal Delanys Dunky and many more old school mates, as we used to attend Corpus Christie primary school.😂



    H H



    D. :)

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Option two for me, if I get a vote. You would be a big miss on here.



  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Few interesting issues raised in this blog,



    1. UEFA fine – slamming supporters for costing the club money, how much money was lost to the club through the failure of the executive to protect shareholders interests when Rangers and the SFA colluded to defraud Celtic of a place in the Champions league – they are now telling us that neither the SFA are interested in pursuing the issue. Complete lung ignoring their responsibilities to the shareholders. The are not Plc executive to protect or even consider the interests of other organizations they are there to ensure what happened is prosecuted either through the relevant organizations or criminal proceedings.



    2. Taylor’s absence from the first 11, this one is easy, recent rumor has it Taylor called the Griff fenian b’stard during a training session, the clubs lack of provided opportunity appear to support the rumor as true and if this is the case he should be charged with sectarian abuse and sold at first opportunity.



    3. The idiot climate deniers, the same people who presided and supported the investment in idiot education to produce our idiots for the future. Reducing education standards to allow their idiot children to well qualified in Mickey Mouse degrees like media studies ffs.



    4. Brexit, can’t remember who but recently advised on here that the UK spends more on NI than Europe, got to wonder why NI would want peace when they are raking it in from both sources, also got to laugh at the power the torys gave them. I am a supporter of European integration but the European Commission must be curtailed unelected oligarchs from banking are unqualified to know what is best for people, they only know about money and how to manipulate markets to maintain the status quo which has failed.

  21. Corkcelt


    It’s a shame you feel offended by a play on words. We won the big cup on the feast of Corpus Christi. Big Jock joked on the day that the masses were all ticket. I dare say quite a lot of prayers said that morning were answered.

  22. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    HAG and David, cheers for your replies.



    Deflouncing, unflouncing, teeth flossing, it’s all the same!! lol



    HAG, loving your Croatia updates. Mrs jimbob71 and I cruised the Adriatic for our 40th birthdays 8 years ago, we loved Dubrovnik.

  23. Ger57, I don’t see Big Jock’s joke as being in the same League. The term Body of Christ is sacred to me and I consider it offensive to be using it as a nickname for a player.



    However I fully realise that it is not meant to be offensive & guys using it are salt of the earth ghuys who just think it’s funny and don’t mean any harm by it.


    I also know that anything I say won’t make a blind bit of difference , the name is there now and people will continue to use it as long as Ryan remains in Celtic.


    My post was just me sticking my head above the parapet and saying not in my name.

  24. HAG



    I had guests, my Canadian cousin and his wife, staying with my wife and me in our place in Istria in the north of Croatia. They have traveled much of the world but were overwhelmed by Croatia. The coast line and the little hilltop villages.



    We also took them to Slovenia to the caves at Postonja which is the largest cave in Europe. The train takes you 2km into the caves and then there is a one hour walk around the various caves. This place is Disney for real.






    They both rated Postonja better than the Grand Canyon.



    In Ljubljana a waiter asked us where we came from and when we said Scotland, he said that the best experience he ever had with tourists was the tartan army. He said they all had a drink, enjoyed themselves, paid the bills and left good tips.



    Sadly back to a dismal Glasgow day today but happily Celtic are back at home tomorrow.



    Have a safe trip back.

  25. Corkcelt


    I fully respect your view, and your right to express it. In today’s secular western world, religious sensitivities are brushed aside. If one looks at those societies where religious leaders hold sway, where sticking your head above the parapet can be fatal, I’d definitely prefer the one where religions can be mocked.

  26. Ger57, I absolutely agree with you on your opposition to fundamentalism. At the outset I clearly stated I was not trying to impose my beliefs on anyone, I am not a politically correct guy, anything but in fact and believe it or not I have a good sense of humour.


    However I do find the nickname offensive & I feel I am within my rights in expressing this view on the blog, as far as I’m concerned that is the end of the matter, unless someone raises a point I wish to respond to.

  27. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    An Tearmann at 1:51am



    Beautifully said.



    Victims should be our first, second, third and every thought.



    Sevco lowered the tone (do they do anything else?)



    Celts have a choice to follow the lead or rise above it.



    Hail hail

  28. HRVATSKI JIM Absolutely loved Croatia. Stayed in Makarska old town and toured the Islands, Dubrovnik and over the hill to Mostar in Bosnia. The whole family remember this trip as a lifetime memory, still talk about it. I have a week long time leave and I am heading to Rarotonga next week with Mrs T. Coconut trees coral reef a few cold ones a wee dram no internet , a book or three. Bliss. The only downside is I will miss the Celtic results. Hail Hail.

  29. Corkcelt. Thank you for being true to yourself in raising the subject as you did. I previously raised the matter last year with Paul 67 and he mentioned to the person who had used the term with the result that thereafter he never used it again.

  30. Canamalar



    “2. Taylor’s absence from the first 11, this one is easy, recent rumor has it Taylor called the Griff fenian b’stard during a training session, the clubs lack of provided opportunity appear to support the rumor as true and if this is the case he should be charged with sectarian abuse and sold at first opportunity.”




    First of all, is there any reliability in the rumour? Otherwise, we are hanging someone for a supposed offence.



    Secondly, do you really think a player should be charged for using that term, even in anger? No second chances- no education on the matter.



    Thirdly- “the clubs lack of provided opportunity appear to support the rumor as true”- No it doesn’t! Unless Kouassi, Miller, Bain, Hendry, Arzani, Shved, and Connell have also called Griff a Fenian Bassa , then there are hundreds of reasons why a player has not been picked so far.

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