Headcount and the left back slot


Headcount is still a thing in football.  When fit last season, Greg Taylor, was first choice left back.  During his several injured periods, Josip Juranovic moved across from the right to cover.  In the early weeks of Ange Postecoglou’s tenure, before the arrival of Josip, Adam Montgomery (then 18) was used.  You knew when illness was really affecting Celtic on the three occasions Boli Bolingoli made the squad.

Bolingoli will remain the choice only when there is absolutely no alternative, although he will hopefully depart this window.  Until this morning, that left Celtic with Greg and Adam.  The latter has now joined St Johnstone on loan.

If we follow the headcount rule, we can be confident that Argentinian left back, Alexandro Bernabei (21) came through his medical without issue and will be confirmed shortly.  I cannot see Adam Montgomery being allowed to leave otherwise.

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  1. BW @ 5.31



    Good spot.



    AV proposal — I’m sure our resident property “no man” will be on soon to tells us that they are living in cloud cuckoo land and it will all end in tears with a plague of frogs and liquidation a certainty.



    Back in the real world it looks as if they are building on a scale similar to the JS / LL stands with the addition of a row of hospitality boxes.



    Regarding our season ticket waiting list — any news as Jr is currently waiting on an update to his application along with 4 of his mates. Any chance they will increase the number of season tickets above the historical 53K maximum.



    I would be happy if they got a 17 game ticket — no TFOD2.1 games — if they were to be made available.



    Plus it would be just my luck if I have time to go to the games next season and they are all sold out — no more RD era mad dashes at 2pm to get to the Holy City for the Train and pick up a ticket at 2.50 after a light jog from QS.

  2. ERNIE LYNCH on 28TH JUNE 2022 4:27 PM



    Surely only a homophobic and transphobic dinosaur would use the phrase ‘real man’ nowadays






    I don’t think that phrase is the most homophobic part of that comment…

  3. SFTB @ 5.55



    AV have only got half of our support.


    Plus they are mainly from Brum and love a moan / any excuse not to go.



    I hope CB are not running Saturday shifts if they all decide to go.


    Solihull is safe as they are all BC fans / Zulus and the ECh is seemingly not worth the money.

  4. SFTB,



    It wasn’t a direct comparison, just a club taking action. We need a strategy beyond waiting for a new league to accept us.



    There’s something about the main stand being a focal point for deeper hospitality pockets in need of taking in the disco lights and GB atmosphere – the football tourist and on champions s league nights you could name your price.



    Feels like we are well in need of a revamp to one stand. If not now then when ?




  5. Surfing in Madrid



    🚨Alexander Bernabei ya se realizó la revisión médica en Escocia.


    *️⃣El Celtic está preparando el contrato para que firme en las próximas horas hasta junio de 2027.


    *️⃣ Lanús vendió el 90% de su ficha.



    Looks good

  6. I was at Villa Park twice during Euro 96. Great ground, good transport connections and a hotel/pub/beer garden beside it. Great fun

  7. BIG WAVY on 28TH JUNE 2022 6:21 PM



    “Feels like we are well in need of a revamp to one stand. If not now then when ?



    When the economy is more settled, inflation is under control, we aren’t facing real wage decreases, there isn’t a war in Europe which is driving up energy prices which are already at an all-time high. And the cost of living crisis is under control. And we dont face expensive borrowing costs.



    And we dont have the uncertainty of a referendum, which could have a very serious effect on the economy in Scotland both in the lead up to it and after.




    How much will it cost?



    Who is going to pay for it?



    How are we going to pay for it?

  8. Note I said could not will.



    But the uncertainty is bound to have an effect on investment in Scotland.

  9. Villa Park is too small for the fanbase. The increase in capacity will help to pay for th cost of the stadium, which will end up costing far more than £100m.



    Celtic Park isn’t too small for our fanbase

  10. Celtic40me



    I agree that we don’t need the extra capacity; discussed this with my sevco in law on Saturday as we passed Ibrox



    The sevco game would take 80000 probably but empty seats every other game



    The issue for me is modernisation; the main stand is old and should be revamped to avoid creeping costs and to get 5 star UEFA status. Possibly boost by another 2000 seats but the back room is key.

  11. Big Wavy for the main to be redeveloped,Celtic Supporters will need to get rid of some on the board Dermot Desmond would be the first one along with 2who have a season ticket and the best seats in the house Rod Stewart Billy Connolly for life ,who have a combine of about £400 million or more ,who could build a new Stand and still have plenty in change,and there is plenty on the present board who are well heeled who could contribute to other projects,mind you can’t take all your riches when you depart .

  12. AV will be in the championship next year.



    whiney scouse lad will be found out without his coaches telling him what to do.



    i passed villa parl just on monday, its shit.

  13. C40 @ 7.04



    You suggest the following events are issues:



    War in Europe


    Huge global economic uncertainty.


    Significant local economic issues.


    Europe — GB economic conflict.


    Falling living standards.


    Tax increases.


    Fuel poverty.





    Well they were all issues in 94 when Wee FMcC got involved.


    And he managed to build a stadium and generate new revenue streams.



    Consequently all you are putting forward for excuses for the status quo / managed decline.



    We need to plan for the future.


    We need a growth agenda for the club.


    We need a plan to generate a T/O of £200mill.


    We need to rebuild the Main Stand.


    We need to match AP’s energy.

  14. Ss



    Not to us hopefully; fits the Scotland team (most of the time) but too slow and happy to let his man run off him for the current Celtic set up



    Not sure he was the answer in 2018 either; probably would have taken McGregor’s spot

  15. CONEYBHOY on 28TH JUNE 2022 7:22 PM



    I can see the need for modernization but it has to make sense for the club and, most importantly, for the team

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Stadium capacities …



    A lack of vision both on the part of Old R@ngers and a great many top English clubs is a root cause of the problems of last 30 years.



    A modern Ibrox was the genuine envy of UK clubs 40 years ago ….



    … complete with paltry 44,000 capacity.



    That figure became the benchmark as clubs upgraded to all seater stadia.



    Boleyn Ground, Highbury, White Hart Lane, Goodison, Stamford Bridge, Anfield, Elland Road, Villa Park and ….



    … Whisper it,



    Old Trafford ….



    All went through the 36,000 to 44,000 capacity seating transformation.



    Along came a visionary.



    “60,000?” they sneered.



    And over the next 25 years the rest followed



    … either bulldozing, moving home or just plonking sticky-outey anomalous stands … The structural equivalent of the cuckoo’s egg … next to older stands.

  17. MADMITCH on 28TH JUNE 2022 7:35 PM



    We needed a new stadium in 1994, we don’t need a new stand now. We’re in a very different situation



    How was the new stadium financed in 1994?



    His would we finance the new stand now?

  18. MM



    It is a hard lesson to learn but the alternative or opposite to accepting your blueprint or dictum is not Doing nothing, doing the same old thing, being a stick in the mud, a Status Quoer or a managed decliner. That’s just very cheap rhetoric. The equivalent of “Come on- jump off the wall- I’ll do it just after you do it!”

  19. offcourse, there is an argument, that by extending ibrox with the club-deck, even with debenture holders finance, that that was the first domino to over stretched financing, it had to be paid back sometime (or not at all)



    remeber also when ibrox modernised to 44,000 (9000 of it standing) their average crowds were 18,000 ish.

  20. The huns were ahead of the game in building an all seater stadium. A shame that a tragedy due to underinvesting provoked it but they raised the funds and sacrificed the team for the stadium. Long term it paid off. Now they have an old stadium



    SS. The club deck probably was a folly, as you say. Done during dodgy Dave so always suspect.

  21. C40 @ 7.46



    And with a shrug you were gone.


    Nothing about your analysis being totally against what Wee FMcC managed to achieve.



    We do need a new Main Stand now — it is a 51 year old rebuild of a 1920’s original so most of it will be coming up for its Centenary very soon. So if not now then when or do you think that it will last forever?



    Or do you want us to live in a 1994 world forever more?

  22. CONEYBHOY on 28TH JUNE 2022 8:00 PM



    I was at Mimtec at the time.


    Murrays acolytes talked often of how grand the new deck was going to be, and the span of steel, an internal order to Murray Metals using the banks money not the debenture money, longest steel span in a stadium blah blah blah.


    They all jumped in for seats with a name plate, £1200 i think was the cheapest, from memory that got you access to a lounge but not a box, and a right to buy a season book, that was it,




    total mugs.



    better still when they turned up for games and realised many of the seats couldnt see the dugout side touch lines,


    wah wah wah.

  23. CB @ 8.00



    The pools built the three stands at TFOD1.0.


    The budget for the team was not impacted in any way.


    In fact they managed to win the league when they were in prime money gathering mode.



    The Charity Commission was very strict with their pools operation.

  24. bournesouprecipe on

    Some poor soul fell out of the club deck at the Harry Style’s concert, I hope he’s ok. Twitter verdict was naturally, “penalty to Rainjurz’. A few thousand fell out the same stand after they’d paid for their ‘seat for life’’ with the infamous Rainjurz bond.



    Buyers who went the same way as the face painter, et all.



    Floating pitches CSC

  25. Your typing cak again, first rangers did not win the league during any of the ibrox rebuild, 79






    Although later events, such as the Hillsborough disaster and the subsequent Taylor Report, vindicated this plan, Rangers were taking a significant risk.[11] The whole plan was estimated to cost £6 million, which no other club could have afforded in a short period of time.[11] The development was funded by the Rangers football pools operation, which was the largest club-based scheme in Britain.[11][17][18] The first phase of the plan, which began in 1978, was the removal of the east terracing and its replacement with the Copland Road stand.[11] The same process was repeated on the west side of the ground a year later, with the two identical stands each holding 7,500 seats.[19] The redevelopment was completed in 1981 with the replacement of the Centenary Stand by the 10,300 capacity Govan Stand.[19]



    The new Ibrox had a capacity of 44,000 and was opened with an Old Firm game played on 19 September 1981.[19] By this time, however, the development cost had risen to £10 million, which depleted the club financially.[19] This resulted in a difficult period in the history of Rangers, as the average attendance fell to 17,500 in the 1981–82 season, including a crowd of only 4,500 for a game against St Mirren.[19][note 1] The redeveloped stadium was partly blamed for this, as some fans felt that the new ground lacked atmosphere due to the spaces between the stands.[19]

  26. At one point after Fergus took the reins we had the biggest club football ground in Great Britain. Man Utd caught up and took over, and over time Arsenal also went to 60,000 followed by more recently by West Ham, with Liverpool, City and Spurs not too far behind. Everton and now Aston Villa follow, and possibly Chelsea if they can figure out how to do it. Point being Fergus set the template despite the naysayers such as Michael Kelly of the old guard. Thing is he always left the possibility of further expansion should the need demand it. We are there now, build it and they will come. Not every week, but we did not get 75-80,000 in the old Park either, but sometimes we did. Made the point on here before that the PLC was the right vehicle for Fergus, it enable investment in the stadium and the club, not now, it is a vehicle for ownership, for inertia and for stasis. It will not take us anywhere. We need to move forward once more, think positive, think like Fergus.

  27. who gives a flaying fux anyways, they died playing catch up.



    lesson, dont build things you dont need. or cant afford. cash flow problems regarding property bring companies down all the time.






    Murray commissioned architect Gareth Hutchison to find a way of adding a third tier to the Main Stand.[22] This was a highly complex process, as the Main Stand facade had become a listed building and Murray wanted the existing structure to remain open during construction.[22] The contractors removed the original roof and added a temporary cover while the work carried on above.[22] The Club Deck, which cost approximately £20 million, was opened with a league match against Dundee United in December 1991.[25][26] The redevelopment of the Main Stand was partially financed by a Football Trust grant of £2 million and a debenture issue that raised £8.5 million.[22][25][26][27] Ordinary fans bought debentures for between £1,000 and £1,650 each, which guaranteed the right to buy season tickets for at least 30 years, along with some other minor benefits.[22][26]




    The facade of the Bill Struth Main Stand.


    Four columns were built through the existing Main Stand to support the Club Deck, which resulted in approximately 1,000 seats having a restricted view.[2






    four toilet block coulmns had a dream.

  28. CB @ 8.00



    The CD debacle was a schoolboy howler on behalf of the designer.


    They got the sightlines all wrong and you could not see the original touchline.


    The park had to be moved northwards so that the touchline came into view.



    The scuttlebut at the time was that the seating treads / bases had a slope that aligned with the original touchline — unfortunately the sighline for a seated adult is 1200mm higher and all you could see of WS as he paced the touchline was his hands going up in the air as he claimed for a penalty.



    Not good but funny all the same.



    Wee FMcC was more cute — he had his guys look over the M/field rebuild that was building at the time and copied the seating arrangements — 44 rows lower tier / 28 rows upper tier — as they had been checked out.



    For the pedants on the blog — the North Stand is slightly different as they had to give up a few rows in the Top Tier so that it did not interfere with the lease conditions attached to the plots in the graveyard behind the Janefield wall.

  29. Yeti @ 8.15



    As always you are answering questions no-one has asked / comments no-one has made.



    The disaster was the driving force for the stadium rebuild.


    1974/75 was peak fund raising for the TFOD1.0 pools operation.


    1977 the plans for the rebuild we published.


    1978 they started building.

  30. bournesouprecipe on

    In this day an age we’d be needing some State Aid to rebuild the Main Stand. Jack (malcontents) McGinn had the original ‘blueprint’ in his hands at an open day a long time ago. Fergus had other ideas.

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