Hearts still to pay supplier


The devastating news that Hamilton Accies were scammed out of £750k prompted Hearts to acknowledge their own victimisation on Friday evening: “Heart of Midlothian can confirm it was the subject of an internet fraud earlier this year. The matter is now part of an active police investigation and therefore no further comment will be made.”

What Hearts didn’t say is that the £80k they intended to pay to their supplier “earlier this year” remains outstanding. You can decide if that’s a result of arrogant bloody-mindedness or a financial tightness. I could believe either. The club should accept that whatever crime took place, they still need to pay their supplier.

This type of scam is far from rare, I know several victims and (literally) dozens who have been targeted in this way. Hearts initial reaction – telling no one about it, is the most common, as it averts reputational damage, but the wider interests are better served by making the scam public’ alerting other potential victims of the need for vigilance.

Hamilton Accies do great and expensive work developing young footballers. I hope the club have the wherewithal to continue.


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  1. Interesting times.


    Hamilton appear to do everything above board, so hopefully they can continue.


    Hail Hail

  2. Douglas Park second biggest shareholder at Accies, surely given his involvement at Sevco that is against the rules.


    Hail Hail

  3. The Hand of God Now that would be a nice gesture, something like an interest free loan,great wee club. H H Hebcelt

  4. Nice to see Big Jimmy back.


    It was a grand morning here up to an hour ago, then the winds started to pick up but nothing special.


    Last few minutes it’s started to really blow hard. Nature is really a powerful thing.


    Predictions yesterday was that we would see the worse of it around noon.


    I’m surrounded.by big trees a couple to the back would hit the house if they came down, hopefully that won’t happen.


    Anyhow I’ll be an Irish Jobo for the morning, nothing else to do, everything closed, nobody venturing out.

  5. Good morning CQN


    From a very wet St.Andrews


    Hope you are all well not been much


    Looking to move house and running a wee business


    Takes a lot of my time up but hopefully after the new year


    Things will have settled down



    Hail Hail



    Come on you Bhoys in green




  6. Sat 16th Oct 1937


    League Game


    Celtic 4


    Jimmy McGrory


    Malky MacDonald


    Johnny Crum


    Gordon (og)


    Queen’s Park 3


    Jimmy McGrory:Played and scored last Goal


    for Celtic (retired from playing).

  7. DD


    Like BMCUWP, I’m jealous annaw. Hope you all have a wunderbar time in Munchen.


    Tell the Lisbon guys I was asking for them and hope to do it all again some day.



  8. Cork & Shannon Airports more or less closed, Dublin still open but storm hasn’t reached there yet.


    Already delays & cancellations. I think Gordon was saying there were some Tims over here for a few days due to travel back today to catch flights to Munich, I wouldn’t be too confident about there chances.

  9. On the bus to Edinburgh airport, following in the trail of DD – see youse in Munich.



  10. Strangely calm here in the Hebrides, all change this afternoon. All change this afternoon, good luck to our friends in Ireland you seem to be getting hit first and worst.. H H Hebcelt

  11. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Safe journey to all Tims heading for Bayern/Munich/Munchen or whatchamacallit in Germany.Bucketing here and very windy so no golf today… (trains probably off anyway as sea comes over lines at Saltcoats)



    Cheers mate, but come Wednesday IF I still feel like this then I will need to rely on the radio. as I can’t go out, especially drinking ?



    Whats the German for ” Wunderbar” ? LOL.


    Has anyone checked out on you tube The McCoys and the song” Hang on Sloopy” from 1965, and the sexy superb girl dancer Liz ?


    Go on….gie yersel a treat Bhoys.



  13. Cosy corner bhoy


    If I was playing today, it would probably improve my game:-)


    Your comment on being lucky to see 59 wins in 10 years really puts things into perspective.


    Hope you are well sir.



  14. You have to wonder how a club the size of Hamilton can have so much money slopping about that they can lose £750K (if that amount is correct).



    Did it go in one tranche or has it been a long running, ongoing dipping that no one has noticed?

  15. Empty seats – it’s the October school week. Quite a few regulars are away. Some of them in Germany all ready.



    57000 attendance . Top 10 in all Europe.

  16. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    TAL: How you doing mate? All well here except not walking 100per cent just now and using buggy for golf.Met ACGR and another lhad from the golf in Lisbon , graffiti on the wall I think in hospitality on Saturday and they got me my pint! Good lhads looking after the old,


    Had on your Toronto CSC top on Saturday and funnily enough it hasn’t been to a losing game. Didn’t wear it to PSG as want to keep it lucky:) :).

  17. So far Ophelia, hasn’t been too scary. One big tree out in Green Area in front of house split & a massive part of it is down.


    If I had a chain saw, there is enough wood there to see a ghuy through the winter.


    Apart from that it’s just gusting away, no great rain or anything like that.

  18. DD, Sipsini, Ms S and myself just sat down to a beer in Stuttgart Airport, the adventure begins




  19. CCB


    Saw a picture of those bhoys with their hospitality tags on, or maybe it was their polis id tags:-)


    Hope your mobility improves and you’re able to get down for a kebab next time we meet :-)


    Keep wearing the “lucky top”



  20. Hand of God


    Whlist I admire your sentiments, why should we help Accies. I mean, if Celtic were in that situation who the hell would help us, exactly!!!!! The country would be rubbing their collective hands.








    Well done wi the 7/2 CQN Nap,and 16/1 first goal on Saturday.



    Bet you wish you’d doubled them!



    No golf on a Monday,that tells me either you or the weather are not good. Or that my Mum has given you one of her looks yesterday!!!

  22. Why doesn’t Douglas Park help out Hamilton with the money they lost.


    Or does he only put money into his other team.


    Is no one asking why he can have shares in 2 teams IN THE SAME LEAGUE.


    Naughty Naughty.

  23. Almore, It’s coming your way,


    Think it has shifted a bit to the West, Knowing the Dub’s Luck it will probably miss ye completely.


    So far it hasn’t been too bad but apparently the eye of the storm will be knocking around between noon & 1pm. By all accounts it’s worse around the coast.

  24. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    FC Bayern München – Celtic FC


    Referee: Sergei Karasev (RUS)


    Assistant Referee 1: Anton Averianov (RUS)


    Assistant Referee 2: Tikhon Kalugin (RUS)


    Additional Assistant Referee 1: Sergei Lapochkin (RUS)


    Additional Assistant Referee 2: Sergei Ivanov (RUS)


    Fourth Official: Maksim Gavrilin (RUS)


    UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (NED)

  25. Guten Morgen !



    Nice day . Sun and cloud . Low 50s . Feels cold in comparison to way down south .



    En route to Berchtesgaden and that Eagles Nest thing . Did a really interesting / informative walking tour re Hitler / the Third Reich and Munich yesterday . Some really intriguing stuff re what Hiitler did or didn’t do during the very short lived Munich Red Soviet Republic in 1919.. Mighty fine curry in a place called Dhaba last night !!!!



    Your choon for the day —Shinehead –



  26. CorkCelt:Still blue sky here but clouds moving in quickly. Diving for cover around noon. Stay safe.



    Good luck to all traveling to Germany. Bad Ass for me on Wednesday.





    I worked with Ronnie MacDonald about thirty years ago. Not my type of company in the pub-nor I his,I suspect-but a decent enough fella. Quite the cost-conscious type back then,so surprised he got done over.



    He’s done very well in keeping Clyde alive,then pushing Accies forward over the years,and clearly puts a lot back into the community too. The club doesn’t deserve to go under because of this.



    Like you,I’m not sure about Celtic helping them out to that extent-though it would be nice to offer them some assistance.



    Maybe some sort of benefit match could be arranged,but for that sum of money to be realised,it would have to be at Celtic Park. Maybe March international week,or summat,against say,Feyenoord whose players won’t be doing much that week either!

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