Hearts, Thistle, deny fans disclosure


It must cause some cognitive dissonance for Hearts and Partick Thistle to use the excuse that as the Court of Session refused to hear their claim against the SPFL, they are not prepared to allow the subsequent arbitration panel’s judgement to be published.

In a joint statement, the clubs wrote: “Hearts and Partick Thistle always wanted this matter to be heard in open court in the interest of total transparency.  If the SPFL had not sought to have that court action sisted for arbitration then all hearings would have taken place in the public domain, including any necessary examination of witnesses, consideration of documentary evidence and full legal submissions.

“We do not believe sharing the judgement on its own would be appropriate.”

We are deep in Trump-populist territory here.  The SPFL insisted the rules were followed and the Court of Session agreed, neither the League nor the Court had any choice in the matter.

The clubs’ statement goes on: “The SPFL went so far as to tell the member clubs that if they even wanted sight of their Answers to the Court of Session petition, they needed to enter the court proceedings.”  They did not add that the SPFL were legally obliged to restrict distribution of Court submissions to petitioners.

The arbitration panel’s judgement is the only document produced; this is the only item that can be disclosed. All parties need to agree to disclosure, the SPFL, Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers all gave permission, while Hearts and Thistle – the losers, declined.

The rules state that is the end of the matter, no one from the winning side has any complaints about disclosure rules being enforced by the losers.  So why are Fran and Anna still digging themselves into a deeper hole?  “In the interests of total transparency”, they wanted the SPFL and Court of Session to conspire to break League rules and as that did not happen, they want zero transparency.

Is it any wonder Hearts finished well below Hamilton and Ross County, while Partick finished 10 points adrift of Arbroath with these two in charge?  A period of self-reflection might reveal these two were significantly culpable in their clubs demise, and are wholly responsible for whatever punishment is handed out for breaking the rules by going to the Court of Session.

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  1. I’m probably a minority of one but I think Political Correctness has gone way overboard, particularly where it relates to humour.


    I also hate these fashionable sayings, Like ‘ Taking a Knee’ I’m OK with taking the piss,


    Anyhow each to their own.


    Regarding POTY, maybe we should rank all the players 1 to 16 including unused subs each voter could also have a Bonus Ball worth 5 pts which he can use 3 times a year to reward a remarkable performance plus a Booby Prize which would deduct 3 & a half points from a scapegoat. Booby Prizes would need an endorsement from a nominated Mine Shafter.

  2. Melbourne Mick on




    Bring it on, love seeing all the old, and marvel at all the new Glesgy.


    H.H Mick

  3. James McCarthy would be a no from me



    Made a good livin in England but for anyone who has watched him play for Ireland he has been very ordinary, seems to lack any real drive and, dare I say it, hides when the going gets tough



    Would maybe take a chance on Turnbull but only if we are losing someone (ie Ntcham)

  4. Melbourne Mick on

    Feck ! CORKCELT it’s hard enough arguing with myself


    who the top 3 are lol.


    H.H. Mick

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A Top 3 works for me,sometimes a poster would say a guy had a great game,and I would think he was average, all about opinions, so with 3 you would generally get the right outcome.

  6. broony is a celtic legend and will lead the club to 10 in a row.



    have some respect .

  7. Bada



    Indeed. I thought Christie was brilliant in the first half on Sunday. Others though he was invisible



    All about opinions and all that




  8. Just got our new home strips delivered. Fantastic quality unlike the Castore photos I saw today! 😂

  9. AoW


    I enjoyed that but i was more nervous waching that than i ever am actually cycling !

  10. I’ll have another go at making somebody smile.



    I need to re-home a dog, it’s a small terrier and tends to bark a lot. If your interested let me know and I’ll jump over my neighbours fence and get it for you.😀

  11. Back to Basics / Glass Half Full….






    Hope you’re right…..



    Once the noose is around their neck, and they’re at their last breathe…..hope that the trap door beneath their feet opens suddenly…..😎



    They must be the world’s “best” at hanging onto life…..no doubt a pact made with the devil when sipping from their “Loving Cup”…..



    Wish that I could be more “ecumenical” and “Christian” in my thoughts towards them however my emotion always gets the better of me……



    C’mon The Celt’s……

  12. TURKEYBHOY on 4TH AUGUST 2020 12:56 PM


    Dont know if anyone has watched the ,Eurovision,The Story Of Fire Saga,movie.Brilliant send up of the Contest,with Will Ferrel and Rachel Mc Adam starring.Their is a wonderful song in it for Jeremy Frimpong,called Ya Ya Ding Dong.They play it early,and at the end.Great chorus.Give it a listen.Movie is quite good as well.




    My daughter worked on that film and got a credit on screen. They got her Polish first name correct but managed to spell her Irish second name wrong! She also said that Will Ferrell was really friendly and down to earth- doing a Kieran Tierney and turning up with a Tesco bag. Rachel McAdams was a wee sweetie too.


    Missing Dalyan this year😟

  13. Just a wee thought on Klimala aka Polish Paddy. Seems street smart and repeated runs like that of when he scored if they don’t end up in him scoring could easily leave a nice hole for any of the 3 behind to slip into to slot away a finish. With the other movement discussed, – nightmare to defend against-could be tasty 😊

  14. To those whos kids got the results they deserved, I salute them, well done.



    In a horrible kick in the teeth to others, how do you explain to a kid that her great efforts on subjects that were crash courses and marked as A,B,C, in prelims beome B.C.D. from the SQA.



    That really is stinking.

  15. Where are Der Hun getting the money? They also get deals done very quickly. It is barely 2 weeks since Defoe got injured.

  16. Watched Eurovision last night- not a euro vision fan but film was funny. Will Ferrell started life on Saturday Night Live and his straight acting in hilarious sketches often had crew and cast in stitches. Comedy genius!

  17. SCANIEL on 4TH AUGUST 2020 3:47 PM



    If you don’t mind me asking, what dept was your daughter in?

  18. JOBO BALDIE on 4TH AUGUST 2020 11:49 AM



    Some of us gave Scott Brown one of our 3 votes on Sunday ;-)






    Incredibly alarming.



    When there is good intel out there, such as Celticbynumbers, providing credible facts and evidence. It would seem some fans will not allow themselves to see the wood for the trees.


    Some sort of blind sentiment.


    Anyone, and I mean anyone who thought Brown ranked as one of our top 3 players on Sunday, I would strongly recommend they follow a different sport. Maybe a sport that they will find easier to understand.


    Darts maybe… Swimming ?


    I don’t know, but clearly they have miniscule understanding of football

  19. Just back in



    After s good start Ireland are struggling



    England 202 for 5 with 22 overs to go.

  20. Spain recorded another 8,500 cases over the weekend. Second wave – don’t think the first is done yet.

  21. Where they getting the (undisclosed) monies from?



    Embdy in scoddland interested?

  22. Ruggyman, There are constant diametrically opposite views bring espoused here.


    Each guy thinks the other doesn’t have a miniscule understanding of football.


    One guy last week said Polish Paddy had no pace, said he was as slow as a week in jail.


    I thought Brooney had a poor game on Sunday judged on his usual lofty standards.


    That is most likely because a few cameos stood out in my mind, however he did have a few positive cameos and they could well have stuck in the minds of the 3 guys who voted for him.


    Either way it’s no big deal.


    The POTY is just a bit of fun & despite the odd strange vote, the cream will rise to the top & the right player will come out on top.

  23. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Bankie the ‘fee’ is ‘undisclosed‘. What does that tell you?



    He was their second choice after Kamberi knocked them back.



    I won’t be losing sleep.