If you want to know why this clubs is special…


The Celtic Supporters Association Rally in the Kerrydale Suite last night was a complete joy.  On the way out I remarked that the club was in good hands with the Association.  This was their 64th annual rally, over generations they have protected and cultured the unique spirit of our football club.

For me, it was the third opportunity in a week to hear the Thai Tims, who performed an excellent set.  Paul Lennon of the Good Child Foundation is a real inspiration and example to us all.

It was also a great opportunity to spend a few hours with many from the CQN community, always a treat.  I know one CQN’er who is going to think twice before digging up Tom (“get your facts right”) Boyd on the blog again, just in case our former treble winning captain reads it and goes looking for him on a night out.

To continue the spirit of what we are all about, on Saturday 19th May there is a charity dinner in Glasgow for The Andrea Kearney Fund, which supports women who are diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy.  The fund in memory of Andrea, who was diagnosed while expecting her fifth child and died in 2008, aged 41.

It promises to be a great night for an important cause, I hope you can support it.  You can book tickets here.  I look forward to seeing you there.

You can buy a hard copy of the new issue of CQN Magazine via Magcloud here.

The graphic below is just for a flick through, to read the magazine go here to it’s dedicated site.

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  1. miki67 – Celtic special steak pie for me, ketchup, pepper, cup of tea….. a wee huddle, a rousing rendition of YNWA, the Green Brigade, watching the bhoys strut their funky stuff on a sunny afternoon…. now that’s a footiefest :-)

  2. ianinascoli on

    The chairmen of the other SPL clubs are well aware of the moral argument for excluding the horrible lot. However all of these clubs are all in debt and their bank managers may be setting their agendas.


    Is there any major sport free from corporate greed? :-(

  3. Mountain_Bhoy is Neil Lennon on

    what a kafuffle.. a wounded and dying animal – lashing and scratching, trying desperately to avoid sinking into the eternal mud hole..



    RFCia, are gubbed, wake up folks! SPL next season?!! nae chance



    as for our own “club”, Celtic is a PLC, not a club – nothing will be done which can impact shareholder investments (including significant hedge funds). Our board are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Perhaps our revolution under Fergus was in fact flawed, becoming a PLC? coming back to bite us? just a thought and not necessarily my opinion. but perhaps worthy of discussion.



    Im aff Scottish fitba if the Huns are allowed at all to rob the creditors and tax man and start a fresh in the SPL. Afterall, what is the point in supporting a morally repugnant and clearly corrupt and ‘fixed’ sport? plenty of other things to do with my hard earned money and finite time.

  4. Folly Folly on




    I see the dilemma (and it pains me greatly), but there’s no way of avoiding the facts: we have reached a seminal moment for the club: where folk need to decide one way or the other; there is no fence to sit on.



    And the saddest thing is that by following our consciences we will hurt our club, severely …




  5. Paddy Gallagher on

    One is famous for their pies, one for their lies, but its all mince!

  6. blantyretim on

    ITV coverage of FA cup final slightly ahead of ESPN..



    853 on virgin…

  7. James_Oregon on

    Posted this a couple of days ago, did not see a reply.


    Who has the bigger travelling support? us or them.







  8. Paddy Gallagher on




    We have more that go to the games, they have more ‘travelling peepil’.

  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Have accepted being cheated out of three champions league and titles, there is recourse to rectify this through the courts, so far they have been remis and are damaging the shareholders value.

  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    Just read back and I feel Celtic should refuse to vote on ‘Sporting Integrity’ grounds.

  11. Mountain_Bhoy is Neil Lennon on

    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on 5 May, 2012 at 17:14



    very good point! who would celtic plc sue?

  12. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    Commentary from Wembley as the teams line up:



    ‘Didier Drogba – well, he’s just a big loveable lump, really. Graham Norton seemed to get inside him last night…’



    I had no idea.

  13. Tae Awe the ..”Proclaimers” oan here..



    Here is the Sixty four Dollar Question..



    “Whit … EXACTLY .. dae ye Want the Celtic Board Tae Dae ?”… as the Showgirl Said tae the Bishop..



    “Heck. Ah am A Showgirl.. No.. A Mind Reader!!



    Nota Bene:



    The Woid.. “EXACTLY”, in the Sixty Four Dollar, Question.






    Still.. Laughin’

  14. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Folly Folly,


    People refusing to blindly follow a corrupt board are not responsible for that boards damage to the club.


    Don’t let emotional blackmail cloud the responsibility.

  15. James_Oregon on

    Paddy Gallagher – Thanks, that means that if the Celtic travelling (away) support boycott the other teams we have a bigger impact on their purses than the huns – right?







  16. blantyretim on




    not bothered, bet Drogba to score at anytime but other than that just want a good game

  17. Paddy Gallagher on

    James_Oregon on 5 May, 2012 at 17:18 said:


    Definitely right – they wont be able to boycott a league out of their reach.

  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Mountain hoy….,


    The sfa and spl, both are complicit in cheating, both had corrupt fc reps on board during the cheating are therefore responsible.

  19. FF



    Agree 100%



    I honestly don’t know what for the best.



    I agree with both sides of the argument to a degree, as has just been said we are not a club, we are a business, and the business will do what’s best for the business.


    The PLC give not a jot for the fans, they should mind you, cos without said fans they are gubbed as a sucesfull business.



    My take is we do have the option to press the button, we threaten to resign.


    Now I know the suits won’t do this, they will stay in bed with the hun, OF will prevail.



    Options, not much of a choice really, like it or lump it.



    Turn my back I am hurting what I love, don’t turn my back I am condoning the cheating and corruption.



    There is an oportunity to rid ourselfs of the cancer, albeit a very small one, but one I believe we must take.



    Maybes the next week or so will throw up a few other scenarios,who knows.



    At the moment it’s a feckin dilema that I would rather not have to ponder.

  20. blantyretim on




    someone said on here during the week that we have a larger travelling support at 6 venues, orcs the other 4

  21. The FA have totally devalued the FA Cup. Never thought I’d see the day when I couldn’t be bothered watching the Final. I’d rather listen to the huns defending the indefensible.

  22. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Simple take legal action, but then I don’t expect someone who told us we’d always be at the back of the bus to expect us to fight.

  23. Folly Folly on




    Earlier I floated a guess at between 10,000-15,000 SBs not being renewed next year.



    If it comes to the worst, I actually hope my guess is woefully short …




  24. The artist formerly known as Mr Fhireball on



    [] `’–.._


    ||__ `’-,


    `)||_ “`’–.. \


    _ /|//} “–._ |


    .’` `’. /////} `\/


    / .”””.\ //{///


    / /_ _`\\ // `||


    | |(_)(_)|| _// ||


    | | /\ )| _///\ ||


    | |L====J | / |/ | ||


    / /’-..-‘ / .’` \ | ||


    / | :: | |_.-` | \ ||


    /| `\-::.| | \ | ||


    /` `| / | | | / ||


    |` \ | / / \ | ||


    | `\_| |/ ,.__. \ | ||


    / /` `\ || ||


    | . / \|| ||


    | | |/ ||


    / / | ( ||


    / . / ) ||


    | \ | ||


    / | / ||


    |\ / | ||


    \ `-._ | / ||


    \ ,//`\ /` | ||


    ///\ \ | \ ||


    |||| ) |__/ | ||


    |||| `.( | ||


    `\\` /` / ||


    /` / ||


    / | ||


    | \ ||


    / | ||


    /` \ ||


    /` | ||


    `-.___,-. .-. ___,’ ||


    `—‘` `’—-‘`



    is stalking Rangers, not Celtic.

  25. reilly@17:23


    Depends which time zone you are in mate. The billions of consumers in Asia love this time for kick off…


    Reyna just blooped..1-0 Chelsea!

  26. leftclicktic on

    Bunburybhoy 16.55


    Our Board can do eff all until they can see(in law) that our club’s interests have been compromised. That is it.


    I would remind everyone that Celtic knew when written laws were obviously broken when we played FC Scion of Switzerland.


    Well Said I for one will wait to see what our board does but if there only response is a strongly worded statement and not dragging the SPL & SFAs A##es through every court in europe, then i will make my decision.


    until then WE’LL SEE ,TICK TOCK


    Teams like Johnstones killie can ignore sporting integrity till they are a wee bit bluer in the face. but when the time is right and choices have been made.


    When the green pound does not go through their turnstiles because of the shortsighted choice of their chairmen & board their fans will know who killed their club,and it wont be the fans of the club that stood up for the cause of fairness & sporting integrity. If our board dont stand up for that cause, Then I fear they will pay the same price .


    I THINK OUR BOARD WILL DO WHAT IS RIGHT BY US, and I have not always thought that but this time I do.


    PS.This is what we bring to your ground Mr Johnstone.





  27. My dear,dear,dear,friend… Kevtic.. @ 17.06.






    Thanks fur the .. Pinkety Pinkety!



    There is.. Not a DAMN THING .. in ..PRACTICALITY..


    that the Celtic Board ,kin Dae. in order tae Prevent ..



    WHIT AH SAY..is



    An INEVITABLE and Pre- Ordained, EVENT..frum Taking Place.



    The G.A. will be . Admitted.. as a NEWCO to the S.P.L.


    Premier Division.



    That is as Soiten…. as yer Tak .. Sugar, in yer Tea!



    Say…Wait a Minute..



    Mebbe, there ur some Eccentrics oan here. Who Dinna Tak Sugar.???





    How aboot?


    Jist… as Soiten as Punch Needed Judy!



    Yep.that’s Bettah!





    yer pal..who likes Ye aloater.



    Still, Laughin’

  28. What is the Stars on

    There is an awful lot of nonsense talked on here sometimes (not least by me) but FFS Canalamar


    Sue who ??



    We lost the league so we are going to sue cos its not far.childish nonsense,And as for this sitting on the back of the bus nonsense.Maybe in your little fantasy world you do live in Alabama in the 1960s and are a black person,but get a grip


    Lifes too short for this crap

  29. James_Oregon on

    Paddy Galagher & Blantyretim – Interesting, maybe it’s time for the Celtic support to threaten a blanket boycott of every away game if the “newco” are allowed in or sanctions against them rescinded or lessened in any way (due to the intimidation).



    It would put the SPL teams in a quandary and force them to show their true colours – let the huns in, benefit from the hun support (and cheating) but lose all revenue from the Celtic support, which way will they go?



    We need to let them know.




  30. Is Charlie Sheen Happy on

    I read this today:-


    Michael Johnston – Kilmarnock Chairman – “clubs are mindful of a sporting integrity aspect but the commercial benefits outweigh that.”


    This seems to be endored by the press. Surely these cannot be the words of a fit and proper person to run a football club. He can’t have said this?



    Hypothetical Problem:- Rangers liquidated to stiff the creditors and a new company to be given a place in the WWSpl?


    Precedent:- Michael Johnston – Kilmarnock Chairman – “clubs are mindful of a sporting integrity aspect but the commercial benefits outweigh that.”



    Hypothetical Problem:- A far east betting syndicate wants to give the SPL £350m to fix the results of games?


    Precedent:- Michael Johnston – Kilmarnock Chairman – “clubs are mindful of a sporting integrity aspect but the commercial benefits outweigh that.”



    Hypothetical Problem:- A big club wants to avoid punishment/relegation for paying referees or players to fix matches?


    Precedent:- Michael Johnston – Kilmarnock Chairman – “clubs are mindful of a sporting integrity aspect but the commercial benefits outweigh that.”







    IN GOALS, Andre the Giant


    RIGHT BACK, Randy Orton


    CENTRE BACK, The Undertaker




    LEFT BACK, The Big Show


    RIGHT MID, John Cena






    LEFT MID, Stone Cold Steve Austin




    FORWARD, CM Punk



    WWSpl!!!! The best league in the word of Sports entertainment!!!!”



    Seriously, what’s the point of watching it if this goes through? I love Celtic but they’ll be playing in a league that endorses cheating.

  31. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Folly folly,


    I expect your estimate to be short too.


    The board are old hands at the emotional blackmail, but I think their flippancy on this issue will stun them.


    I’d expect the green brigade shows to stop, but then that has been something the board have been trying to do for a long long time.



    The best message the support could give about the depth of feeling would be a half empty Celtic park next week.

  32. Folly Folly on

    That said, I am clinging to the hope that the 2 big issues still to be resolved (the big tax case and the wrongful registration of players) finally dissolve the Hun carcass.



    If these turn out badly for the Foe Malign, there may be no need for hiding behind procedural jiggery-pokery …




  33. i will renew my season book,but i will not be going to away games ,my money will be spent on celtic ,and by the way is drink served on these nights out at celtic park,just asking ye ken

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