If you want to know why this clubs is special…


The Celtic Supporters Association Rally in the Kerrydale Suite last night was a complete joy.  On the way out I remarked that the club was in good hands with the Association.  This was their 64th annual rally, over generations they have protected and cultured the unique spirit of our football club.

For me, it was the third opportunity in a week to hear the Thai Tims, who performed an excellent set.  Paul Lennon of the Good Child Foundation is a real inspiration and example to us all.

It was also a great opportunity to spend a few hours with many from the CQN community, always a treat.  I know one CQN’er who is going to think twice before digging up Tom (“get your facts right”) Boyd on the blog again, just in case our former treble winning captain reads it and goes looking for him on a night out.

To continue the spirit of what we are all about, on Saturday 19th May there is a charity dinner in Glasgow for The Andrea Kearney Fund, which supports women who are diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy.  The fund in memory of Andrea, who was diagnosed while expecting her fifth child and died in 2008, aged 41.

It promises to be a great night for an important cause, I hope you can support it.  You can book tickets here.  I look forward to seeing you there.

You can buy a hard copy of the new issue of CQN Magazine via Magcloud here.

The graphic below is just for a flick through, to read the magazine go here to it’s dedicated site.

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  1. What is the Stars on 5 May, 2012 at 17:53 said:


    In simple terms, I think as soon as the FTT result is known Celtic should make the case for sporting integrity public.


    Until the case is proven it is difficult for them to say anything, as no result has been declared, ie they may get away with if the tribunal finds in their favour(likely?).


    Everything up until that point is speculation, and we would be open to criticism if we jumped in with opinions that were based on speculation.

  2. ElDiegoBhoy on




    I reckon once the dust settles Celtic will have sold no fewer season tickets for 2012/2013 than they have for the last season or two.



    CQN, with a couple of dozen individuals at most sounding off, in my opinion is not representaive of the wider support.



    Just my opinion of course.

  3. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Bunburybhoy @ 17.22






    Nice tae Greet ye.



    Heck.. Ah dinna Remember, Us hivin’ any… Stramashes,at awe.


    This is a Celtic Forum.. and It is a Great Vehicle fur the Exchange o..







    If ,oan Occasion. Ah hiv a DIFFERING opinion tae Anither Fellow.. Celtic Forumer..




    Whoop De Doo!



    Fur ,THAT is How a Forum is Supposed tae Function!!






    Ah fully expect.. fur Ma Ideas tae Be Challenged by anither..


    Member of this August Forum, who.. has every right tae dae So… should He or She..consider ,Ma opinion tae. be


    Contrary tae.. well.. Thur Ain!



    Therefore,is does not Mak a Lick of Sense..


    For Me..or.. Ma Challenger..



    Tae Experience tak Umbrage,because of the Conflict of Opinon.



    Maks Poifect Sense…. Tae Me,pal!!








    NIce Chatting..





    Yer pal…who likes ye a loater.



    Still. Laughin’

  4. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Pretty crap first half in FA final…. Been good reading all the arguments for going / not going back depending on what happens to the Huns. Hard decision to make but one that will have to be made soon ( still not got my renewal forms yet )



    Hail Hail

  5. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    I phoned Clyde and amde the following points



    1. Without Sporting Integrity there is no business and it is folly to ignore that.



    2. Clubs in debt (like Kille) can use the same escape route as Rangers so why wouyld they vote for sacnctions?



    3. Celtic will lose income if the no punishment route is followed so I would expectthem to oppose.



    4. The SFA’s job is to protect the integrity of the game and TV contracts that harm it should not be allowed and that the SFA have the power not to grant a license without seeking an exception from UEFA.



    Response was SPL can do what they like on the contracts they reach – something that needs to be challenged- and that if an exception can be granted it will be.



    I was not able to come back and say this would require UEFA approval.



    They are desperate to protect their own livliehood.

  6. What is the Stars on




    I agree,but then again I am a board lackey.





    I very seldom agree with anything Ernie says and I think he is way off with his constant sniping at the board but really no need for personal abuse,


    Fair is fair,right or wrong he is entitled to his say.


    You should retract that A hole remark

  7. voguepunter on



    Never mind taking ole Ernesto to paradise ,take him to the matron ,so


    as she can take the hair oot his erse.

  8. What would you do if our board came out and made a statement saying it was wrong but they didn’t do doing anything about it ?

  9. EDB



    I know that you attended fewer games in the second half of the season.



    Do you intend to renew?




  10. oglach on 5 May, 2012 at 15:05 said:


    I remember that escape very well (known as the Irp escape). I heard about it on the radio as I drove to school – I had to work then.I think it was a Thursday morning and 2 were recaptured that nigt including your dad. I was in Armagh that weekend and learned that Dessie Grew had been injured and didn’t escape. His brother Seamus (shot dead in broad daylight by the RUC in 1986) was married to my niece.

  11. What is the Stars on 5 May, 2012 at 18:07 said:



    In general I tend to support the Board, after all we are not staring at the Abyss, the cheats are. It’s powder dry time still as far as the board are concerned. They can’t act until they are dealing in facts.

  12. voguepunter on




    Respect to you ,but I am not taking it back.


    fekin fed up with so called Celtic fans attacking our club.

  13. gebhoy is the taxmans tick tocking clock, tick...tock on




    In my experience of the support you are seriously misjudging the depth of feeling on this, its not just 1 or 2 or even tens of the support it will be thousands, and you can take that to the bank mate!




  14. EDB



    You may well be right, but as you say once the dust settles, a sizable proportion might not think the same if they see they have been conned, not saying that will happen.


    You even said the other week you were thinking of giving up your SB, many who are swithering might just say enough is enough, what is the point, the corruption and cheating willbe cranked up even more if they are allowed to get away with this.



    As I said our club stand to lose more than any other, and as ever one club stand to gain more than any other.

  15. Ghuys,



    Dignity’s last few British pounds run out in 3 weeks! 3 weeks!



    They have 1 offer from a Yank who has never seen a soccerball, no passport to travel to Scotland, a current owner who is a scurrilous rascal (sorry broke into a Speirsy), they are still in administration but the life support machine is about to be switched-off …..



    All the authorities are awaiting for the cash to run out to ensure that maintain all their body parts in tact from the neaderthals , however meanwhile we have excitable suggestions like:



    – CFC resign and go to the 3rd division


    – CFC sue Dignity and take them down


    – CFC sue the SFA / SPl


    – CFC board are untrustworhy and boycott season ticket purchases based on what Chick Young said!!!!!!!



    Sweet Jesus Mary and Joseph , get a sodding grip , sit back and relax and enjoy what is going on.



    I wonder how much progress has been made in the Tow Truck Bill’s offer since last week, the cube of sod all I suspect, has Bill penciled in a date for next week for a visit, or is he leaving it to his lawyers over a conference call. Laughable nonsense.




  16. Paul67, Anyone?


    Is anyone aware if there is, or will be a dvd of the Thai Thims songs, or indeed their visit to Scotland



    Thanks..Answers to:


    gerryquiff AT yahoo.co.uk

  17. I have to say, it’s funny that the boycotters, who want to do Celtic harm, probably fight each other for a ticket to ibrox, to help the enemy.


    Nowt stranger than folk, that’s for sure.

  18. James_Oregon on



    Rain forest? – Rain yes, but with cold, this winter just does not want to go away, makes me pine for Jo’burg, anyway it’s set to warm up next week (at last) time to get the golf clubs out and clean the cobwebs off.







  19. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Payed it out quite a few times.



    Take dunfermlines place as the demoted club


    Open negotiations with the sfl on the rules for complete transparency


    Open negotiations with the sfl on a tv deal


    begin legal procedures against the sfa and spl for lost earnings


    I honestly believe winning such a case would bankrupt both


    Leaving the sfl the only authority left to administer Scottish football


    Sfl then become Scottish governing body with rules already set up


    Would take a few years but well worth the effort


    And remember during the legal battle there will be not Scottish involvement in international competition so money tight.


    Tv deal struck and working for when sfl are governing body


    Refs belong to sfa new set up forced due to sfa defunct



    Now it might not all got to plan and when I offered this argument I offered it as a starter for 10 to be tinkered with but at least it’s going in the right direction as opposed to what you and many on here offer, nothing but lock tugging for the rest of our existence.

  20. voguepunter on 5 May, 2012 at 18:11 said:


    Agree or disagree with EL but I’ve been on and off the blog today and think he’s made some good points. I certainly never percieved anything he said as an attack on Celtic, but maybe I’m just a , ‘so called’ Celtic supporter too. Why don’t you just argue his points?

  21. Dear God it’s hard to read this site these days.


    Has everyone forgotten that we are the Champions?


    Whatever happens next will happen.


    I believe there are enough people fighting the good fight to ensure justice is done.


    If justice is not done then that is the time to rise up. Until then we should be celebrating every day.


    When we let their issues cloud our joy it is a victory of sorts for them.


    So stop worrying bhoys, enjoy being Champs and enjoy the sideshow.



    I also move that we insert the term ‘panic-merchant’ somewhere between ‘happyclapper’ and ‘mineshafter’ in the CQN lexicon…

  22. Houl yer wheest on 5 May, 2012 at 18:10 said:


    oglach on 5 May, 2012 at 15:05 said:


    I remember that escape very well (known as the Irp escape). I heard about it on the radio as I drove to school – I had to work then.I think it was a Thursday morning and 2 were recaptured that nigt including your dad. I was in Armagh that weekend and learned that Dessie Grew had been injured and didn’t escape. His brother Seamus (shot dead in broad daylight by the RUC in 1986) was married to my niece.




    Yes the men / car that was due to pick up my father had been stopped at a random Army check point and never made the arranged rendezvous. He decided to start to walking. I believe he was spotted walking across fields around 10 miles from the Kesh and was picked up by an Army patrol.

  23. What is the Stars on




    Interesting proposal,


    But why throw in the “lock tugging” insult.


    I suppose I deserve it I did after all accuse you of being a fantasist.


    So now we are quits on the insults.


    The thing is Rangers are looking at an extremely bleak future (at least in the short term ,10 years or so) and instead of enjoying the moment people are getting their knickers in a twist because they perceive that our board arent doing enough to kill them off.

  24. EKBhoy on 5 May, 2012 at 18:15 said:





    It’s all smoke and mirrors with Bill. Is he there to flush MBB out ? I think the newco route is where they’re going to go but I expect when it comes to it Bill’s name will be tipexed out and Murray/Kennedy’s printed on all relevant documents.

  25. This site is full of lazy pessimism and lazy conjecture today.



    This has a long way to run. The detail of the Tax case will flush out all sorts of individuals.


    McCoist himself will ne found to have gained from an EBT loan.



    Wonder if he will be the first in the queue to pay back. Or will he walk away.



    Despite what they say,.I feel many involved at Admin FC want liquidation. They do not want anymore bones to be discovered.



    I also believe they have missed the boat to get Newco in SPL next year.



    Cmon Hector time for you to play your card.



    Still hoping for a liquidation on May 25th. In Jock’s shadow for 45 years.

  26. lennon's passion on

    CQN only do talking,paul67 will be along soon to tell you the board is keeping it’s powder dry and the big gun will go off when the time is right. Back in the real world the Huns will be in the spl next season and it will give some people a great excuse to put the boot into Celtic.

  27. gebhoy is the taxmans tick tocking clock, tick...tock on

    Lennons Passion.



    Told ye about Chelsea, giving money away, they havent won it yet had a cheeky wee bet half time full time @ 4/1, easy money pal, hope you bet them!




  28. reilly1926 on 5 May, 2012 at 18:26 said:


    Agreed, the only survival route for Dignity is a massive share offering to the supporters, the Blue Knights are maintaining the CVA pretence and are also pretending to fall out with Duff £ Phelps.



    As you state, Bill Miller will be forgotten this time next year, all that is happening now is that Dignity is using its influence to force the various football authorities to do their bidding, they (Dignity) will fail!



    No Dignity next season until legal wrangles resolved.




  29. scottishleaf on 5 May, 2012 at 18:26 said:


    Bobby’s “Rythm of Time”




    Keep the faith Mo Chara.




    There’s an inner thing in every man,


    Do you know this thing my friend?


    It has withstood the blows of a million years,


    And will do so to the end.



    It was born when time did not exist,


    And it grew up out of life,


    It cut down evil’s strangling vines,


    Like a slashing searing knife.



    It lit fires when fires were not,


    And burnt the mind of man,


    Tempering leadened hearts to steel,


    From the time that time began.



    It wept by the waters of Babylon,


    And when all men were a loss,


    It screeched in writhing agony,


    And it hung bleeding from the Cross.



    It died in Rome by lion and sword,


    And in defiant cruel array,


    When the deathly word was ‘Spartacus’


    Along with Appian Way.



    It marched with Wat the Tyler’s poor,


    And frightened lord and king,


    And it was emblazoned in their deathly stare,


    As e’er a living thing.



    It smiled in holy innocence,


    Before conquistadors of old,


    So meek and tame and unaware,


    Of the deathly power of gold.



    It burst forth through pitiful Paris streets,


    And stormed the old Bastille,


    And marched upon the serpent’s head,


    And crushed it ‘neath its heel.



    It died in blood on Buffalo Plains,


    And starved by moons of rain,


    Its heart was buried in Wounded Knee,


    But it will come to rise again.



    It screamed aloud by Kerry lakes,


    As it was knelt upon the ground,


    And it died in great defiance,


    As they coldly shot it down.



    It is found in every light of hope,


    It knows no bounds nor space


    It has risen in red and black and white,


    It is there in every race.



    It lies in the hearts of heroes dead,


    It screams in tyrants’ eyes,


    It has reached the peak of mountains high,


    It comes searing ‘cross the skies.



    It lights the dark of this prison cell,


    It thunders forth its might,


    It is ‘the undauntable thought’, my friend,


    That thought that says ‘I’m right!’

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