Indicators to look for from John Kennedy


Aberdeen are back at Celtic Park tomorrow, 10 days after their previous visit, having arrested their record breaking run of six league games without a goal by beating Kilmarnock 1-0 last time out.  Derek McInnes will be relieved to take part in someone else’s soap opera.

Prior to losing to Ross County, Celtic were on one of their best runs of the season: five wins in February since going down at home to the mighty St Mirren.  The performance and result in Dingwall surprised no one, though, even after five wins, there is a fragility about this team.

When the man running the US has a codename ‘Celtic’, there is a bit of symmetry that we appoint ‘The President’ as interim manager.  Having worked as a coach at Celtic for a decade, John Kennedy will relish getting his hands on the levers tomorrow, but he is no miracle worker.  Knocking this team into shape will take more than a few tactical or selection changes.

There are some indicators I am looking for.  Will he retain Scott Bain ahead of Vasilis Barkas?  Almost certainly.  Will Scott Brown retain his place ahead of Ismaila Soro?  Not so sure about this one.  Scott is a voice of authority among the players and will be a key ally to John.  You and I are always looking to the horizon, so we would probably opt for Ismaila, but corralling a couple of dozen egos is a tactical job in itself.  What we notice on the pitch is not everything.

If we do not have unanimous agreement on the unsuitability of Tom Rogic for the energetic, up and down the park, right side of midfield role, I would be amazed.  We have too many No. 10s and not enough wide right options.  A less-effective Ryan Christie is always preferable to Tom on the right.

Albian Ajeti, Leigh Griffiths and Patryk Klimala will all hope to make more of an impact under the new regime.  None has had the kind of run in the team required to reach peak performance.  All three will hope that changes between now and May.  John should pick Albian or Patryk and stick with him, we need to find out what resources we have in these two before we go shopping again.  No harm to Leigh, but we know all about him – and he’s a keeper (not that kind of keeper) for a while yet.

I doubt we will see a change from the midfield diamond, which apart from a haunting January provided a significant improvement in performances and results on formations from earlier this season.

Good luck, John.

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  1. Norrie M


    Agree other than Soro for Brown and Elyounoussi for Edouard. Also , how about trying Ralston at left back, I think Laxalt is too rash and costs us at least 2 or 3 dangerous free kicks against per match.



  2. @SPIDEY101 on 27TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:08 AM



    Apparently DOF is a done deal. Donegal Fergal from City is the man.

  3. Game day. Excited. But only a little. In fact, more of a curiosity than excitement. Unfortunately not enough days since Lennon departed for Kennedy to have much influence. Thinking specifically about fitness, which has been a major concern of mine since Rodgers left.



    Get players in their correct positions. Mikey Johnston on the left wing for starters. Forrest or Frimpong on the right – sorry, we have no right winger? Where is Shved anyway?

  4. I hope JK does not allow any of the players to influence his judgement.



    I’m thinking Broony here.



    Play Soro.

  5. Aberdeen have a big strong midfield we need to be able to compete and then use the superior skill that some have, unfortunately we are a wee team again .

  6. If anybody on here thinks greg taylor is a celtic full back.they need there head read.guys dreadful HH

  7. Reading back, sorry can’t remember who, there was a really good piece about results since 11th October; the Duffy declared his wages were being paid by Celtic.



    One point though, Duffy didn’t say how much his wages were. It’s OK to assume he was on 40K per week at Brighton. However, the way I read it was that Brighton were not contributing to his wage. Celtic were paying it all. But it may be that Duffy accepted a reduced wage to come here. So could easily have been a negotiator along the line,


    Celtic: We’ll pay half his wages


    Brighton: We’re not paying the other half


    Duffy: Hold my beer…

  8. lets all do the huddle on

    rogic brings a bit of entertainment onto the pitch with his flickery and trickery that might make some parts of the game a spectacle



    lets be honest theres nothing much else at stake



    most of the team hopefully wont be in the starting XI next season



    and it will be a different set up on the bench

  9. BRIAN F



    I like fullbacks to be tall.



    Taylor too wee and it shows.



    No harm to the lad, but not for me either.

  10. lets all do the huddle on

    as for mcgregor



    i think he might be yesterdays man as far as our squad is concerned



    wee-boyness is so last decade



    im wanting the new manager to change the physical dynamic of the squad

  11. lets all do the huddle on

    if we have any tall fall backs then get them in the team



    apart from ajer playing as makeshift right back – that he does well enough – im not sure we have any

  12. And no not advocating Bitton either for centre half right back or midfield , Hartson who knows about heading the ball described Goldson recently as a head on a stick Centre half, its still required in the game.

  13. LETS ALL……………….



    Play a player in his proper position?



    Never catch on!




  14. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/celtic-face-unthinkable-dominic-mckay-23574893



    another reason to dislike the rugby lot – hope they get pumped from now on in



    ended up at my 1 and only game in paris almost 20 years ago to the day (was working there) – had absolutely feck all in common with any of them – hadnt been to bed from day before, it was freezin and i didnt have a clue what the rules where – waste of time

  15. Was looking at our “reserve” players on the website.



    We only have ONE defender, Ewan Otoo. Signed from amateur football 2 years ago.



    What a shambles.

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    i definitely dont envy the new managers task in terms of squad building



    no quick fixes from what i can see

  17. Bada, agree re Johnston. He looks like an entitled wee naff lately. Petulant, lazy, and selfish. Had high hopes for him too.






  18. There should be no indicators to look for from John Kennedy .


    He should not be considered for the job at present.


    If the board felt he was good enough . He should have replaced Lenny months ago.



    He needs to go elsewhere and earn his stripes.



    If he wants the manager/ head coach role at Celtic .



    If it is true that Lenny gave him no indication that he was resigning, then it would appear that their relationship was not one of complete trust.



    JK does not have the stature to entice and command senior players IMHO.



    That being said .



    Unless there is a complete change of tact .


    Celtic aren’t in the market to attract too many of that type.




  19. Johnston is what 21, been out for a season,


    Needs given a chance, or are we just writing him off ???



    I think Soro, does deserve a chance, he is 5’7″, and we are saying the team is too wee ?


    Like others I do not rate Greg Taylor as anywhere near Celtic class, another that’s far too wee for left back


    Laxalt is the best we have for left back at the minute

  20. Johnston seems to have suffered from not being given a clear role in the team . Seems to me that he’s not been played wide (a winger) or a striker or a mid-fielder.

  21. I would reconsider my team, and play Klimala & Ajeti up front ?


    Odsonne wants away, so give others a chance ?


    (May devalue his selling price is the risk ???)

  22. Bhoyjoe








    Sadly, I think French Eddie loses value every time he takes to pitch this season



    My team would be



    Barkas (we need to know if he can play)



    Welsh Ajer Duffy Laxalt






    McGregor Turnbull Mo



    French Eddie Polish Paddy



    HH jg

  23. lets all do the huddle on

    I think Soro, does deserve a chance, he is 5’7″, and we are saying the team is too wee ?




    wee boyness isnt strictly about height

  24. I would only pick players who are going to be here next season. No point playing loans or want aways.

  25. Greg Taylor is the best left back at the club, so should be first choice.


    Don’t play any loan players from now until the end of the season

  26. Paul the Spark



    I see real merit in your argument


    Problem is we might struggle to get a game of 5s on that basis!🙈



    HH jg




    I like the look of your team.



    Has JK got the wherewithall to leave Broony out?



    We’ll see.