Irresistible Kyogo


It was as though a light switch had been flicked.  Celtic produced a devastating display of football that blew Dundee away.  The contrast from Tynecastle of Denmark just a week earlier could not be more marked.  In truth, losing by six goals flattered the newly promoted side.

Kyogo Furuhashi was irresistible.  He was like a gyroscope, moving left-to-right, dropping deep and making timed runs into the box with devastating consequences.  Liel Abada and David Turnbull had a focus for their quick forward passing.  Gone was the Ryan Christie who snatched at chances, replaced by the Ryan Christie who opened the defence with darting movement and passing, recording three assists in the process.

Callum McGregor dropped to the deep midfield position in place of Ismaila Soro, the captain had a big role in how quickly Celtic kept the ball moving.

Ange Postecoglou is still working on his defence, which looked nervy on occasion.  Dundee should have done better with a header from a corner kick that David Turnbull was out-muscled at.  The corner was conceded by Carl Starfelt when he lunged to atone for not getting his head on a long ball forward.  Mistakes lead to set pieces, which have too often led to goals.

It was my first game since St Mirren in March 2020.  It was a joy to be back.  My usual seat is in the back row of the North Stand, but for this one, I was in Row C, at the front of the Lisbon Lions’.  In all the years Celtic Park has been in its current configuration, I never knew how wet the front of that stand can get.  More importantly, the video advertising hoardings blocked visibility of the near six-yard box.  I’ll stop complaining about the permanent gales 142 steps into the sky.

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    Who would win in fight with Tom Daley and Raheem Stirling?





    Fight would be 50/50 but Raheem is a clear favourite for the diving

  2. “All areas within the Main Stand and the front three rows of the Lisbon Lions and Jock Stein Stands are unavailable for this match.



    These restrictions are for UEL games in August only.”



    Does anyone know why the Main Stand is not available for season ticket holders on Thursday night?



    That’s 10,000 empty seats x £19….


    I’ve crunched the numbers and by my calculations that’s….. a lot of lost revenue.



    And leaves myself , the Jr. Onlookers and 9,997 others in search of a seat.






    The Onlooker

  3. BADA BING!! on 9TH AUGUST 2021 2:41 PM


    Ernie- you have a point, re the Board thinking we might not need as many players in, due to a couple of good results….



    Really can’t see that happening.Ange saying earlier,he is maybe expecting a couple in this week.Negotiations ongoing.Ange knows what he needs.

  4. Spilling coffee onto my PC 5 minutes before KO meant I missed the first 2 goals.


    Thanks to Mrs C’s back up PC & help from Chris at the Celtic TV helpdesk I saw the rest.



    Kyogo’s runs, pace, touches passes & goals were the stuff of dreams for a player’s home debut.


    Comparisons with Henryk & Kenny occurred watching his display.


    Ryan Christie on another day would have been MOTM – he was that good and he’s impressed every time he’s stepped onto the park this season.



    The footage of Kyogo’s ovation when he came off was electric. His smile, waving & determination to shake the hand of everyone of the back room staff will endure. Here’s his reaction at being MOTM





    Ange’s on field pre game interview had to be delayed as he responded to the crowd’s enthusiastic applause for him.





    A few comments about swallows & summer etc, but when you’ve had a birdless & rough 18 months I think we’re entitled to be happy with yesterday as a performance and as a good sign of things to come.




  5. Anthony Ralston…………if he was from Brazil that goal he scored would be one of the greatest.



    Watched him when on loan at Dundee Un. and thought this lad is excellent going forward some great balls into the box but can he defend, i don’t know and still don’t,but he is playing out of his skin and maybe with some good coaching and then my friends we would have one brilliant RB.

  6. Tom McLaughlin on

    The Onlooker



    The reason for the Front Stand being empty is to allow subs, non-playing squad members and officials to social distance during tbe event, rather than sitting together and among supporters. It’s a condition of allowing full crowds in and is a temporary measure.

  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    JHB on 8TH AUGUST 2021 10:22 PM



    …….so why do you abandon all your common sense &



    instincts just because it’s Celtic and you like what you saw today?



    That’s not coherent and smacks of desperation……






    your reply bears no relation to what I actually posted – as follows….



    “You’d be the star man at a party !



    Try being happy when we win and sad when we get beat, works for me :-)”






    please explain

  8. Tom McLaughlin on

    I suspect that when a player is as out of favour and unpopular as Barkas is with the support just now, his every action and inaction is forensically examined and passed around with spreading rage. If he stopped during his warm-up to tie his laces I’m sure another video would appear, slaughtering him for tying the left boot first.



    Edouard is also a victim of this, perhaps to a slightly lesser extent, as evidence by his being accused on here of feigning his post-match injury to keep himself out of the team until he can work his ticket to another club.




    In my wildest dreams,I sadly can’t see Big Tony ever being called”Brilliant”.Yes he has improved going forward,but crossing not a strong point.Not the quickest,so difficult to get to the byeline.


    Now his two goals were”Brilliant”.Instinctive,had no time to think,just did what was required.He is not blessed with a great deal of flair.All the drawbacks,I have mentioned,others entitled to disagree,would maybe stop him being an Ange 1st pick,similar to Taylor on the other side.


    I would be delighted if both were backup in the squad,because the sheer effort of both,is inspiring.


    I really hope he does go on to great things.Good bhoy.






    Some of the shots that were fired at the goal during the ” Warm Up”…would and SHOULD have been easy for any Goalie including Barkas to CATCH or Punch away…WITHOUT having to DIVE to the ground as several were at Head and Chest height !


    IF a Goalie is NOT prepared to take part in ANY ” Warm Up” for ANY Team….then WHY do Goalies always enjoy an EARLY TOUCH or CATCH of a Ball in the early stages of ANY Game etc…to get a ” Feel of the Ball”….what ” FEEL” did Barkas get ?


    You are expecting me to believe that Barkas was TOLD to get stripped but NOT take ANY part in the Warm Up…and just stand still on a goal line, just to allow Shots that were Head and/or Chest high fly BY HIM….Whats the feckin point of that …was he TOLD to stand on the Goal line and just ALLOW any Shot to hit him on the Heid and maybe knock him oot , because he certainly did NOT attempt to use his hands at any stage from what I saw.



    IMO He simply took the Huff cos he had been dropped…Simples.


    I expect ANY Celtic player to be unhappy at being dropped…THATS FINE…I get that…However IF he has simply taken the Huff….then he should be punished by the Club imho ?





  11. SAINT STIVS on 9TH AUGUST 2021 1:26 PM


    doom merchants on, even when we win, jeese oh.





    Even I agree with you. I’m still on a high. Why are they looking to bring down the mood. There isn’t a team in Scotland who would have withstood that onslaught from Celtic yesterday.

  12. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 9TH AUGUST 2021 4:24 PM




    I wouldnt slag off any Celtic player stopping during a ” Warm Up” to Tie his Laces, so I dont see what point you are trying to make ?


    In FACT…I would EXPECT any Celtic player to stop and tie his laces during the ” Warm Up” in case he tripped and injured himself obviously.



  13. Rolling_Stone on

    Christie on Lennon: “The gaffer has told me to shoot on sight if I get the chance” Christie on Postecoglou: “The gaffer’s put a big emphasis on the attacking players and their final product.”

  14. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    The scouts watching Eddie last season and again this season will not I expect have given positive feedback….



    This from Celtic Star…



    “Southampton are closing in on a £15m deal to sign Adam Armstrong, despite links to Celtic’s Odsonne Edouard. The Saints are chasing a replacement for Danny Ings, who departed for £25m to Aston Villa”



    All in all I would expect Eddie to be with us for the rest of this season.

  15. Re the transfers out of OE & RC, imo there would be nothing wrong in offering both an extra year or so with a pay increase that allows them to leave next summer. An excellent season under Ange would see both command a greater fee to better destinations and allow us time to plan replacements.



    Re defenders coming in, I think Ange wants hunger, ability, a good attitude, pace & height across the back four. Buta @ RB smaller but good going forward then either Brandon Soppy or Cameron Carter-Vickers who play RCB & RB. On the left Ben Davies LCB or LB & Scales as a LB, LWB & cover for Davies @ LCB.


    I’d say Bolingolis for the off so Scales could compete with Taylor & Montgomery for the LB slot.


    Feverish imagination, what do I know.



  16. CORNELIUS on 9TH AUGUST 2021 @ 4:05



    A few comments about swallows & summer etc, but when you’ve had a birdless & rough 18 months I think we’re entitled to be happy with yesterday as a performance and as a good sign of things to come.




    I agree 100% with this. Where I take issue is the extrapolation taken from one win against a poor team who never ‘laid a glove on’ is that we are ‘ready to roll this season’. This is so premature as was “10iar is in the bag” after a few games last season….and the signing of Duffy..

  17. ROCK TREE BHOY on 9TH AUGUST 2021 4:13 PM



    please explain




    I was not singling you out personally, if it came across that way, I’m sorry!!!



    Can I refer you to my post below.



    JHB on 9TH AUGUST 2021 5:01 PM

  18. VINNIETHEDOG on 9TH AUGUST 2021 1:32 PM




    Doesn’t mean they are not the best we’ve faced – they beat us didn’t they?

  19. glendalystonsils on

    BSR from earlier .



    I almost feel sorry for Barkas looking at his demeanour . His is one situation where that old headline beloved of the rags ‘End My Celtic Hell’ might apply. Let’s hope some Greek club does him , and us , a favour .

  20. Tom McLaughlin on

    ST TAMS on 9TH AUGUST 2021 4:25 PM


    I thought that as of today there was no need to social distance




    Yes, but on Thuesday we’re not playing a Scottish team.

  21. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 9TH AUGUST 2021 1:40 PM


    you grudge each and every one of us a bit of joy at one fantastic performance and result, telling us not to get carried away, with the air of superiority and arrogance of someone who thinks he knows better than the rest of us.




    I grudge Celtic supporters nothing and wish them everything….I’ve been a Celtic supporter for fifty years plus.



    I enjoyed the game for what it was, an exercise against a poor team and in which we could have scored eleven goals quite easily.



    What I say is that it will be as irrelevant as our first home game win over Hamilton 5-1 last season if we don’t improve overall. That is not doom & gloom, just reality.



    The squad is sparse and on paper much weaker than this time last season.



    My view is different – I am not on the ‘bandwagon’….but I enjoyed the game and Kyogo.

  22. !!BADA BING!! on 9TH AUGUST 2021 5:23 PM


    Ben Davies loan rumour, with £3 million to buy option…






    Middle name is Keith, sign him up! Did he turn out for Liverpool at all last season?





    I do feel sorry for Barkas or any other Celtic player in the same boat, but Barkas has had plenty of chances to shine etc and has failed to convince me…and probably many others ?


    Sometimes these things happen, and it doesnt work out for either club or Player.




  24. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Does anyone know the name of the new full back we have signed who has scored two goals which are already contenders for goal of the season? And where’s Ralston? 😀

  25. CaddingtonCommon on



    You really have sunk to an all time low. Come on moderators, do your job.



    Re talk of the board thinking about the need to spend less as a result of yesterday’s outstanding performance, I am sure Ange will not be ditching his shopping list anytime soon.



    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  26. I think for Barkas’s sake, he should return to Greece to be near family etc. Couldn’t have been easy being here last year, with no family or close friends, amid the COVID restrictions and the way the team performed, he must have had a heavy heart. If he does go back he will most probably be a rip-roaring success, I hope he is! por cierto.

  27. I watched the highlights earlier and as well as the beautiful, exciting football a couple of other things stood out-



    Christie ran in from the wide edge of the box to console/encourage Kyogo when he missed his first chance



    In the huddle at the end (which I loved) Hart is nodding away at everything McGregor is saying and Abada is clapping him.



    I have a feeling we might have a change of culture at last 👍🏼

  28. We now have a striker who scores goals and a keeper who saves goals.



    Of course we’ve improved.




  29. Jock’s Immortal Lions,



    I read a good comment earlier, along the lines of –



    I’m not sure who has taken over the body of Ralston, but I’m willing to put the ethics of it aside for the time being 😅