Irresistible Kyogo


It was as though a light switch had been flicked.  Celtic produced a devastating display of football that blew Dundee away.  The contrast from Tynecastle of Denmark just a week earlier could not be more marked.  In truth, losing by six goals flattered the newly promoted side.

Kyogo Furuhashi was irresistible.  He was like a gyroscope, moving left-to-right, dropping deep and making timed runs into the box with devastating consequences.  Liel Abada and David Turnbull had a focus for their quick forward passing.  Gone was the Ryan Christie who snatched at chances, replaced by the Ryan Christie who opened the defence with darting movement and passing, recording three assists in the process.

Callum McGregor dropped to the deep midfield position in place of Ismaila Soro, the captain had a big role in how quickly Celtic kept the ball moving.

Ange Postecoglou is still working on his defence, which looked nervy on occasion.  Dundee should have done better with a header from a corner kick that David Turnbull was out-muscled at.  The corner was conceded by Carl Starfelt when he lunged to atone for not getting his head on a long ball forward.  Mistakes lead to set pieces, which have too often led to goals.

It was my first game since St Mirren in March 2020.  It was a joy to be back.  My usual seat is in the back row of the North Stand, but for this one, I was in Row C, at the front of the Lisbon Lions’.  In all the years Celtic Park has been in its current configuration, I never knew how wet the front of that stand can get.  More importantly, the video advertising hoardings blocked visibility of the near six-yard box.  I’ll stop complaining about the permanent gales 142 steps into the sky.

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  1. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 9TH AUGUST 2021 7:28 PM






    SPOT ON Mate 100%.


    Nothing wrong with someone having a different opinion/view…However…this JHB Chump is the very same Chump who Posted that ” 60% of the Celtic support was/is Sectarian and Unintelligent” !


    Even IF that was ever partly true, how can ANYONE put a PRECISE PERCENTAGE on something like that ?


    In any case, NO Matter the percentage that JHB Chump came up with…it was/IS Grossly Insulting to this Celtic supporter and many more I suspect ?


    He likes to think that the rest of us hang on his every word, and that we are desperate to read HIS Views, as he appears to have views on EVERYTHING and KNOWS the precise workings of Celtic and its support…He DOESN’T…its as simple as that, he KNOWS as much as I do.


    He Posted on here a few weeks ago that ” He would repeat his views to anyone Face to Face” ?


    Somehow, I doubt it… so in MY book the Chump is also a LIAR !


    Someone on this Thread asked about ” Having a Pint with this Character” ? I would WAGER that HE has NEVER met with one single CQNr for a Pint or anything else …and for good reasons, and that HE has NO INTENTION of ever meeting anyone from here ?


    His arse wouldnt touch the Bar Stool.


    HH Tom.

  2. At the risk of stating the obvious…IF Malmo scored first Tonight…or go ahead at any time during the game…that HUN Support will turn on their ” Players” pronto ?



  3. onenightinlisbon on

    Wonder what repertoire of hatred they will spout tonight at Ibrox to fire up their idols…



    Malmo are no great shakes but ironically a full cesspit of bile might actually work in their favour.



    Their manager is right on the ball with his assessment of his opponent’s financial plight.



    We can all but hope…..

  4. AN TEARMANN on 9TH AUGUST 2021 11:48 PM


    Belmont Brian.







    last night you posted of family member and muay thia champion.respect.





    that is some art.and those guys take some damage and some of the fittest people i have met in life practiced it.





    Good luck and respect to him.













    An Tearmann



    Thanks for that, Daniel is a great lad from a brilliant family, all huge Celtic fans. If any posters have visited the Luton CSC they may know his dad, Paul or his Grandad, Terry.



    Daniel is currently out in Singapore teaching his art.







  5. Huns have a great run of fixtures,up until 1st Dec.In that time,only St Jonstone away,11 Sept,and Hibs away,1st Dec.We need to be really up for this 1st quarter.

  6. onenightinlisbon on

    I’m not expecting huge success this year as Ange has so much to do due to the damage inflicted by the previous manager. Progress is all we can hope for. Small steps and we will get there.

  7. Hearing great things on McCarthy’s reaction and attitude at getting the call from Paradise…….




    Bhoy’s Over The Moon.





  8. 403dontneednohospitality.,



    Many thanks for your kind words.


    Maybe you could start talking about Celtic.Just a thought.

  9. The signing of McCarthy intrigues me. Probably the signing which is more of a punt than the others.


    I have a sneaky feeling / hope it could turn out to be inspired.


    Watch this space

  10. I would imagine JHB having a chuckle. Makes a change for different monikers to be getting called out. Be interesting to watch the reaction.



    While I’m on a non Celtic post, one thing that has been getting on my ti@s since Sunday.:-



    Ridiculous posts after a magnificent 6-0 win slagging certain posters for non appearance. A ridiculous point scoring exercise by sleekits.



    Maybe, just maybe some of us were at the game and celebrated in the boozers afterwards without needing to ” check in ” on the phone.






    “If your face doesn’t fit with certain posters on here, who cares?”



    Exactly, I try and hold my face a certain way when posting, works every time, por cierto :))

  12. Is it just me or is anyone else liking the idea of a midfield of Christie, McCarthy, Turnbull and McGregor….plus rotation with Soro and a fit/firing Rogic?

  13. GEEBEE1978 on 10TH AUGUST 2021 11:03 AM


    Is it just me or is anyone else liking the idea of a midfield of Christie, McCarthy, Turnbull and McGregor….plus rotation with Soro and a fit/firing Rogic?





  14. I noted Thomas Henry in a post back in April in a list of possible striker signings.



    At the time I reported he’s had a non-descript and journeyman early career but has scored goals whenever given a run of games. Exploded last season in the Belgian Jupiler league finishing 2nd top scorer with 21 goals, only beaten by Paul Onuachu of Genk who scored 29 and is valued around 18m.



    Started this season well with a goal in each of his three games.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Greenpinata makes a very valid point in his post if 10:38 this morning (IMHO).



    I admit to getting a little bit irritated by “Ah told ye!” type posts whenever something negative happens.



    Flip side applies equally.



    Off the back of a tremendous result and performance … No need to go after posters who (quite legitimately) may have a generally less positive (rosy?) outlook than others.



    We’re all Celtic fans (most of us anyway).



    Let’s enjoy the good moments




  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Speaking of “Celtic fans” … I fear I am morphing






    … a “traditional” Celtic supporter who has seen enough bad times historically to imbue a Que Sera view






    A 21st century, internet age consumer with a low boredom threshold and an insatiable need for a conveyor belt of regular content.



    Sunday’s feel good has worn off !



    Gies a signing !



    If not, gies a rumour !



    If not, gies a slap down of others !



    Nurse !!!!

  17. My reallocated seat was in line with Abada as he played the ball in, my first thought was that kyogo had gone too early and would be ahead of the ball but a wee swivel and touch sent it passed the keeper.


    It was magic to watch and great to cheer with the friends and fans around me!


    You canny beat it!!


    Bring on Thursday!!



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