Keep an eye on Pittodrie


St Johnstone have gone five games without a goal – and that includes a home game against Hamilton. They remain in the League Cup, but if they beat Hibs next week, will remarkably have reached the final after only facing lower league opposition. Their only Scottish Cup game against top-flight opponents ended in defeat.

What they can do is defend better than Hamilton, or several others in the league. They kept Celtic to three last month (which these days is an achievement), before keeping a clean sheet against Hearts. Only Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts and Partick have conceded fewer.

Tomorrow’s game is one Celtic will be confident of winning, but chances will not be as easy coming as they were on Tuesday night.

I get it.  The SFA have guidance which suggests New Douglas Park, one of the smallest grounds in Lanarkshire, should be the venue for our Scottish Cup game against East Kilbride. With 6,000 seats it is less than half the size of Fir Park, which is less than 3 miles away.  Moving the game to Fir Park would generate a significant amount of much needed money for grassroots football in Scotland.

Think about that……. generate money for grassroots football in Scotland.  Do the decent this and move this game to Motherwell.  If you want to register for a ticket, do so here.

The more who register, the more reason the SFA have to agree to Fir Park as the venue.

Keep an eye on the game at Pittodrie tonight. I watched 10-man Aberdeen come from behind away to Ross County last week, they were very impressive, but our nearest challengers have developed a blind spot against Dundee.

Three points and a clean sheet tomorrow, please, Celtic.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    If you want tickets for the East Kilbride FC v Celtic Scottish Cup tie, register interest here: http://www.ekfc.co.uk/make-enquiry-ekfc



    (It’s unlikely the SFA mandated venue wil be able to cope with demand. The more folk that register interest today, the more likely that the venue will be shifted to a ground with a greater capacity.)

  2. Gerryfaethebrig on

    I hope Apberdeen win tonight I don’t care if they do or don’t as long as Ronny n the Bhoys kick on like last January

  3. Just in from a lovely walk walk on Clogherhead Beach, County Louth.


    Next lunch while reading a book by a local man on the life of St Oliver Plunkett. I saw the book while at Mass last Sunday.



    Couldn’t resist it, the author is called Tommy Burns.



    This TB is from Drogheda.



    Safe journey to all the Irish Celts going over today and tomorrow.



    Three points please, Celtic.




  4. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Why is it every time i come back from a few days down the


    peninsula a few more posters throw the towel in? are you


    all trying to tell me something? o.k. i promise i won’t bore


    you all with my old tales again if you promise to come back.


    H.H Mick

  5. Well, Gerry, strange as it may seem, I do care, and, without hesitation, hope for a Dundee victory tonight, with no monetary profit being involved in that hope.



    A draw wouldn’t break my heart, right enough.

  6. Id unleash JF tomorrow.


    He will be like a spring lamb all over the pitch.


    Now that he has his ‘lad’under control…watch him go.


    Cmon James, concentrate on football:)





  7. foghorn leghorn on

    so where are people wanting the EK game moved to?



    Celtic Park is a no-no, a cup tie against a non-league team in a quarter full ground isn’t appealing at all – and don’t get worked up about it meaning EK will get more cash, they are owned by millionaires so aren’t short of a few quid



    Hampden – same as above



    Motherwell is out i think because they are playing at home that weekend



    Killie? I wouldn’t be against that but not been mentioned by the clubs i dont think



    So looks like Hamilton will be the final shout

  8. A Gascoigne showing the ref a yellow card moment on CQN?



    Go on, Paul, you know you want to!





    Due to my filter,you got a Gold!



    Only jesting,but a podium is an achievement in itself.



    Glad to see you back,bud. Don’t be a stranger,or it’s a forced diet of my type of curry for you.



    Wi no toilet paper….

  10. TBB-EK are not happy being forced to play at Hamilton,they intend to give Celtic 20% of the tickets,about 1,000,which is their right.

  11. BMCUWP,



    if thats the alternative, i’ll be back posting every day :-)






  12. Hooper signs for the mighty Sheffield Wednesday,I wonder how that England thingy is working out for him?

  13. Lennybhoy, aye, I like that prediction.



    Jobo, see what happens when you’re typing and on the phone at the same time…….



    Foghorn, enjoy that feeling!



    Carfin Tim, interesting point.



    Beatbhoy, I’m reaching for that yellow!

  14. Credit to Neil and his staff



    Big gesture






    Bolton’s coaching team have provided financial support to help out some of the staff that were not paid their January wages this week.



    “I’ve got staff – part of my football staff and backroom staff – that are struggling to make ends meet at the minute,” Lennon revealed. “That’s not a great scenario. Some of us have had a whip round for a few of them just to keep them on board. Hopefully when the car park sale goes through we can get a takeover done eventually and things can move on from here.”




  15. Paul



    Great article again. I took your advice and emailed the sfa. ..



    I implore all CQN’rs to do the same. I’ve copied below what I sent. No time to read any comments so will catch up later.












    The decision to play the 5th round Scottish cup tie against Celtic at New Douglas Park, the ground of Hamilton, should be reconsidered.



    Actually it MUST not only be reconsidered; it MUST be changed.



    Below are just a few reasons that immediately spring to mind:



    Income generated from this match will go a long way to supporting grass roots football.



    I’m pretty confident the players themselves would much rather take this, maybe once in a lifetime opportunity, to play on a bigger stage; in front of a bigger crowd.



    I feel the decision to play at New Douglas Park is ludicrous and lacks vision and foresight.



    Alternative venues, with far larger capacity are available in very close proximity to both the home town team and Hamilton.










    Or why not the National Stadium itself?



    I truly hope that common sense prevails and the decent and correct decision to change the venue is taken and taken soon.



    As custodians of our national sport it is your duty to support the smaller clubs and in turn grass roots football.



    I believe it would be a dereliction of duty to stay steadfast with this original decision.



    Finally, I understand you may have ‘rules’ that prevent committee members with blazers from ‘thinking outside of the box’; so I shall leave you with a favourite quote of mine.



    “Rules are for fools and the guidance of wise men.”



    All the best

  16. New contracts for Mulgrew and Forrest? Keeping Johansen.



    Ronny really shows remarkable loyalty to players who have let him down.

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