Klimala and the Dembele-Edouard road


The January transfer window is set to burst into life today with the arrival of 21-year-old striker Patryk Klimala from Polish club Jagiellonia Bialystock.  Celtic met the €4m release clause.  The player has made 20 starts in top-flight football, among 51 starts in total.  Half of his appearances have been this season, as he made his breakthrough at Jagiellonia.

He is older and more experienced than Moussa Dembele and Odsonne Edouard were when they arrived in Glasgow, so his lack of match time will not be a worry for Celtic.  Both started promisingly and quickly improved.  The challenge now is to replicate the development work achieved with those two with Patryk.

Even fully fit, it is unreasonable to expect Odsonne to carry the load during what is likely to be a three-month spell where we play two games a week.  Patryk should get plenty game time during this period.  He also gives us the option of playing two strikers, a phenomenon we have seldom seen since the departure of Moussa.

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  1. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 13TH JANUARY 2020 2:27 PM



    I think his most attractive feature at this point in time was that he was a free transfer.



    Its always tempting when someone is available on a free to ‘pick them up’ but I always think if you wouldn’t be prepared to pay market value/want them when they were under contract then its probably best avoided.



    I know sometimes the free agent list can be used to our advantage and there are hosts of interesting names but in this case I doubt we’d have enough info on his current form etc. and generally many of these ‘names’ have had their day and are looking to stretch out their careers.



    But yes, lets see what other irons we have in the fire.




  2. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    He also gives us the option of playing two strikers





    Until one inevitably gets injured…




  3. weebobbycollins on

    Gene…No, he’s maybe not ‘oven ready’ but he will be when we finally say adieu to Odsonne in the summer…


    Just how good he will be remains to be seen…sincerely hope he’s a good’un…

  4. I said earlier that Celtic wouldn’t be able to sign Wanyama unless Spurs signed a new central midfielder.



    Looks as if they are finalizing a deal for a central midfielder called Gedson Fernandes from Benfica.

  5. TIMALOY29 on 13TH JANUARY 2020 2:42 PM



    Isn’t Fernandes more of a replacement for Eriksen who’s off to Inter?

  6. I hope this is not the only striker we buy in this window. We need a striker to back up Eddy and to hit the ground running. 9 in a row is at Stake



    Newcastle reported as paid £40 for JoeLinton who has scored one goal and looks short of quality.



    Money is no guarantee. However, we need to gamble on an established striker. one who can score goals. If this costs £20 m then its worth it to deliver the title

  7. PHILBHOY on 13TH JANUARY 2020 2:53 PM



    Mourinho and Fernandes both have Jorge Mendes for their agent. All very convenient

  8. Patryck might be older than Moussa was when he arrived at 20, but is he really more “experienced” than Dembele. He has played more games 70+ against 60+ but 30 of those were on loan to 2nd division teams. Of course Moussa also played in the second tier but I would argue that the Championship is far superior to the lower divisions in Poland. And the Moose also played in the EPL, not a lotta people know that..


    Seems a good prospect though, and that is what counts most these days. Could be a good foil for someone like Sam Cosgrove, after we have sold Eddie that is.

  9. He looks like the sort of player who’ll compliment Eddie and offer us something different



    If Soro signs that will be two young, energetic and hopefully keen players to give us a booost and give us different options

  10. From Odsonne Edouard to Sam Cosgrove.



    I think I’d jack it in at that point.




  11. Not adverse to the signing of Kilmala but if he is the immediate answer then we are asking for trouble. But ok, let’s see what develops between now and month end. We need to add more quality than a 21 year old project. Let’s not forget that he has not experienced anything like the pressure and exposure that is on his doorstep. Two bad games and he will be written off. This is a high risk signing. To compare him to Eddy and Moussa is the stuff of fantasy, those are two players who came from the elite French setup with world clas pedigree.

  12. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    DAVID17 on 13TH JANUARY 2020 3:07 PM



    I have similiar concerns – not convinced by the readiness of young prospects who have only just started to show glimpses in some of the smaller European leagues – eg Bayo.



    On the other hand I get that we need to act quicker or else face a fight with clubs from EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A etc for these guys, so heres hoping we’ve picked a good one.




  13. glendalystonsils on

    Just watch the comp of clips of Soro in action. Looks quick and strong , got to bring him down to stop him Uses his body well to draw fouls from opponents . Except of course , that he won’t get them here.

  14. weebobbycollins on

    Gene…the game time Patryk gets must amount to more than the last 5-10 mins of games…




    I have similiar concerns – not convinced by the readiness of young prospects who have only just started to show glimpses in some of the smaller European leagues – eg Bayo.






    The Polish league is a much higher standard than the Slovakian league to be fair.



    Secondly, Bayo hasn’t really had a chance yet.

  16. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 13TH JANUARY 2020 3:25 PM



    Not really wishing to have a debate on the merits of the Polish league vs the Slovakian league, neither is clearly a top league and we are trying out a strategy whereby we select players who have played 20-50 games for their clubs in this environment and hope we land a cracker before clubs from bigger leagues appear.



    Well worth innovating of course but we have a league title to win too.



    Hard to get the quality we need with experience in UK football(not a pre-requisite of course) so we have gone with Klimala. FWIW I think we may get another striker anyway but if not, pretty big pressure/expectations on the young man from the word go.




  17. Bayo looked very good when he played.Robbed of 2 goals,OGs,and set up one with lovely flick.How can he even be considered a flop,if he is not played.Same goes for all the others people want to write off. grossly unfair.Sh.ved,Arzani,Kouassi.

  18. Spoken and agreed on by the panel on MOTD.”You won’t get a top class striker under 70 million”


    Sad,but probably true,unless they are shopping in Glasgow.

  19. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TURKEYBHOY on 13TH JANUARY 2020 3:38 PM



    I think the phrase that has most commonly been used with Bayo (and Griffiths) is that they can’t be relied upon at this point in time…rather than ‘flop’.




  20. Having lost Tierney, Armstrong, Dembelle , Sinclair and Roberts from the invincibles, the team badly needs recruits. Lets hope the new lads can get a proper run at things and avoid early injury.

  21. Would like to see more of our fringe players getting a decent chance than buying in more projects.

  22. weebobbycollins on

    Turkeybhoy…I agree. These players haven’t even had the chance to prove they’re flops…`


    I still have hopes for them…

  23. I am beginning to think their should be two CQN`s.


    One for those who believe that general positivity somehow spreads and is likely to enhance the performances of our team and one for those who believe that general negativity somehow spreads and is likely to enhance the performances of our team.



    Clearly, the MSSM have adopted the second option. Does that mean they are hoping constant negativity re our team will lead to improvement whilst being positive re all things Sevco will lead to their downfall?


    Or does it , in fact, mean the exact opposite?

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