Last act of Ogilvie should be to call inquiry


The hours immediately after the First Tier Tribunal reports on Rangers use of Employee Benefits Trusts, which the BBC discovered is due this month, to loan money (!) to staff what happens at Hampden will be most interesting.  SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, as a director, was legally responsible for Rangers when they started using EBTs and benefited from one himself but he has refused to resign and the SFA have declined to put him on gardening leave, pending a public investigation.

Instead, SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, told press the Association had investigated Ogilvie’s contribution to the matter and found he had no case to answer, despite widespread scepticism that any investigation whatsoever was held into the president’s involvement in the issue.

If, despite protests from former Rangers directors that the club acted properly at all times, the FTT upholds the position of HMRC, that Rangers incorrectly failed to pay £94m tax, Ogilvie will surely walk (away), as the SFA will have to instigate disciplinary proceedings on the club which inherited Rangers membership, for deeds done while the president was in an executive position at Ibrox.

Even our new friend Charles Green would find it unpalatable that a man responsible for the subsequent penalty remains in charge of the body imposing the penalty.  We’ve said “Ogilvie will surely walk” before, of course, only to witness ever-higher standards of brass neck, but if he pauses for an hour before resigning, let it be to give those of us on the outside of the game what is needed, a full and independent inquiry into the game, how it is administered and controlled. Before the year is out we are likely to learn that our game was violated for more than a decade by people at the very top. A charlatan was expelled from the game earlier this year while the owner of a new club, without financial track record, is trying to raise millions from fans.

In any other European country, even Italy, the inquiry would already be under way.

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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo


    15:19 on


    16 October, 2012


    I think it is safe to say that David Longmuir will be Campbell Ogilvies successor.





    This would be the guy who denied the SFL clubs a no confidence vote for Stewart Reagan and also broke every rule in the SFL handbook to allow one club and one club only to be voted into the SFL3. This vote taking place when there was no position to be filled.

  2. Could the SFA not have a non-exec president of the board, or make the chief executive the president of the board in addition?



    Why pay two salaries?

  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I expect a Tony Mowbary approach from our board.



    The horsetrading between the legal authorities and the football authorities to avoid their embarresment with this affair will ensure no real change within the SFA.



    It is at that point I would like our board to go nuclear but I expect a damp squib.



    If we dont then we are Old Firm and still the submissive partner.



    BTW …. Great to see you posting again ;-)))




  4. Obonfanti 1888 said:



    ” Rule 42 of the competition rules states: “Any club refusing or failing to play the club against which it has been drawn, without sufficient reason for doing so, shall be judged to have lost the match and liable to a fine.”



    “Without sufficient reason for doing so.” I wonder what passes as ” sufficeient reason.” when having ELEVEN players missing because of international duty does not!!!

  5. BBC1 tonight Belgium v Scotland,but who is to sit fiddling his pen with Nevin?


    Billy Dodds


    Gordon Smith


    Craig Paterson


    Steven Thomson


    Sandy Clark


    Ian Mc Call


    Embdae see the link……:(

  6. twists n turns on

    Awe Naw


    just about got my feet cleared workwise for the first time in months. So, expect to see me around a bit more again. (even if only to annoy folks with my quality music taste).



    Leo still rules……….

  7. BBC website:



    ‘Charges have been dropped against a Perth man who was accused of causing fear and alarm by being aggressive with a black pudding.’




    Another case of institutional racism. If that pudding had been white…well!

  8. awe_naw_no_annoni_oan_anaw_noo



    15:43 on16 October, 2012


    I fear you are spot on mate,a lot of bad news will get buried.

  9. tommytwiststommyturns on

    danso – whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?


    Until the results of the FTT and the seperate SPL & SFA dual-contract investigations are known, then they have no case to answer.


    So why should we self-harm in the meantime?!



    Do you know that earlier in the year we had some complete and utter buffoons on here saying that we should resign from the SPL and apply to join the SFL division 3 as some form of protest. Leaving Oldco still in the SPL, with our club three divisions below.



    That’s us by the way, you know the club top of the SPL and playing and winning in the Champions League?!


    It takes all sorts…!




  10. Invercelt



    15:31 on 16 October, 2012




    Bigotry and sectarianism are features of life in Scotland, not England.



    Go figure.

  11. tommytwiststommyturns on

    TnT – where ye been man?! A very notable absentee from this season’s naps competition, but you’re probably frying bigger fish these days….hmmm?!


    Any chance of that horse mad family of yours coming along to the race night? ;-)




  12. Sorry I obviously read the STV article incorrectly as it seems to say that the SCOTTISH Women’s Association has kicked Celtic out if the cup for supplying the SCOTTISH national team with players… At what point did someone go “that makes sense”

  13. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    WATCH how quickly the SFA act to deal with Levein should it be required..



    A mere sacking of someone not involved as a sevcovian and in fact a manager who highlighted incompetence of Mike Mc Curry after the infamous game at Ibrokes..



    He ll be gone in 60 s..



    Only in Scotland..




  14. Gene’s a Bhoys name



    15:55 on 16 October, 2012



    ‘Ernie Lynch


    They still burn an effigy of the Pope in Lewes on 5th November’




    If that’s the extent of the bigotry and sectarianism then I think I can just about handle it.

  15. yorkbhoy




    Nothing has made any sense for quite some time in Scottish football.


    Anybody would think the game was rigged………

  16. Scotland team for tonight: McGregor, Hutton, Caldwell, Berra, Fox, D Fletcher (c), McArthur, Morrison, Commons, Maloney, S Fletcher



    McArthur for Brown is the only change. Commons starts along with former Celts Caldwell, Fox and Maloney.

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Gagging somone is expensive. The SFA cant afford it. Scotland gdy gubbed 10.0 tonight. Levein will still be in situ. What he does off the park is far more important to them than what he does on it presently.



    And Craigie has been a guid lad




  18. Bada Bing



    Rob Maclean is joined by Pat Nevin and Craig Gordon to present coverage of the 2014 World Cup Group A qualifier at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. With commentary by Liam McLeod and Billy Dodds.




  19. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Gordon_J : midfield too light again. He could have played Charlie in front of Fox to give him some back up. The Belgians will just go for the same weak areas from the Wales game!




  20. Steinreignedsupreme on

    danso_1888 15:22 on 16 October, 2012



    “they still play out of ibrox, for me this is a scandal in its self, that ground should have been confiscted and sold at a proper price for the tax payer, so hmrc did not act properly in fact they said it was better for them,for me again proof of goverment pressure”



    The process is not over yet as the big tax bill has still to drop, and the titles have not been removed – so, I’m not sure how you think they have been let off the hook. These procedures take time.



    As for the Government exerting pressure – the Huns are not that important. No one cares about them other than their deluded fans.



    The same people who believed that a deal with HMRC would be struck, that they were too big to be liquidated, that they would go straight into the SPL, that Scottish football would die without them … ect, ect, ect.

  21. Aw Naw



    There are plans and there is reality. I think one of the possible futures predicted in TBBs article is likely to happen before a club languishing in SFL3 who cannot win away from home reach anything like their former strength less tge steroids.


    Rangers should be the last thing Celtic are thinking of and will not be planning to assist in any recovery when UEFA are having to reconsider the impact of imposing national boundaries on clubs, boundaries that are suffocating them.


    If you wanna make God laugh, make plans.

  22. frankiebhoy-gobsmacked !! Shortbread could field a 4-6-0 with the amount of ex huns they employ,most will be on the wireless then……

  23. the jon gow article makes sense



    to a sevcozombiehun



    there was a £94mil admin error











    now shut it and enjoy yer new derby




    in the 4th tier





  24. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Headtheball 15:46 on 16 October, 2012



    BBC website:



    ‘Charges have been dropped against a Perth man who was accused of causing fear and alarm by being aggressive with a black pudding.’






    What’s the world coming to – offal news…

  25. None of them are Handsome ?????




    !!Bada Bing!!


    15:44 on


    16 October, 2012


    BBC1 tonight Belgium v Scotland,but who is to sit fiddling his pen with Nevin?


    Billy Dodds


    Gordon Smith


    Craig Paterson


    Steven Thomson


    Sandy Clark


    Ian Mc Call


    Embdae see the link……:(

  26. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Please read my post again.



    I was joking.



    I thought that much was obvious.

  27. From the CFC website:



    Celtic Graves Society lead the way in 125th anniversary celebrations



    By: Tony Hamilton on 16 Oct, 2012 14:16



    THE Celtic Graves Society are planning to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the club at St Mary’s in the Calton – the birthplace of Celtic Football Club and Celtic is delighted to be working with them at this significant time in our history.



    The organisation was formed to mark the final resting places of the Club’s original team and founders and has subsequently held events to mark the resting places of other prominent figures in Celtic’s 125-year history.



    The anniversary event will take place at 5.30pm on Tuesday, November 6, exactly 125 years after the club was formed with the aim of providing money for the ‘Poor Children’s Dinner Table’ in the East End of Glasgow.



    The Club’s founding fathers, led by Irish Marist, Brother Walfrid had one aim and that was to improve the lives of the local community in very austere times. In the church hall of St Mary’s, on the evening of Sunday, November 6, 1887, the Irishman proclaimed that: ‘A football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and unemployed.’



    Celtic has evolved beyond recognition in the past 125 years but has stayed true to its charitable roots. In recent times, through Celtic Charity Fund, the Club has raised and donated more than £4.5million for local, national and international worthy causes with intentions to step up this activity in the coming years.



    A spokesperson for Celtic Graves Society said: “Celtic is known across the world, not only for its brand of football, but for the fact that we see that helping those less fortunate than ourselves is as important today as it was at our founding.



    “We are very excited about the opportunity to celebrate this 125 years to the day since the club was formed.”



    Celtic’s Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell, said: “We are a Scottish club with Irish roots and this is something that all of us should celebrate together. We are delighted that Celtic Graves Society is leading the way in the celebrations of our 125th anniversary and we are delighted to support them.



    “Celtic supporters come from all walks of life and the event at St Mary’s gives us the chance to celebrate our roots and look forward to the future of one of Scotland’s greatest institutions.”



    The event at St Mary’s will be attended by all faiths and none, representative of the broad church that Celtic is in 2012. Tickets are very limited and details will be made available as to how supporters could get one in the coming days.

  28. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    TTTT, Steinreignedsupreme



    Where has all this trust in the authorities doing the right thing this time come from?



    If I was to create a list in where they are failing in doing their duty it would be as long as the open question list it would be the same bodies ?



    Asking these questions and stating how you reckon they might behave can only be positive for Celtic FC.



    I hope this is not regarded as a cheap shot it is far from it but 96 are still waiting on justice and from the exact same authorities …..what chance do we have





    You are either with us or against us in this fight and that includes our board.



    Who I have always said have done brilliantly. I do strongly believe that they want a regime change at Rangers and the SFA and the SPL. One and a half out of three might be acceptable along with the chance of 10 year CL money. Thats unacceptable.



    And CQN is as good a place to let them know that as any other.




  29. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    As tax payers we have all been cheated by Rangers not paying there tax and Newco being allowed to train at Murray park and play and use Ibrox and trying to claim the old clubs history is nothing short of a scandal.Murray park and Ibrox should have been sold to the highest bidder and the monies from the sale should have been paid to the tax man the fact that didnt happen shows to me how strong an influence the funny hand shake club has on UK establishments.Until they are stripped of the titles they picked up while cheating and Murray park and Ibrox are sold to pay back as much to the creditors as possible they will not have been punished properly for there misdeeds I wont hold my breath.H.H.

  30. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Sheik Yerbouti 16:13 on 16 October, 2012



    Gow is one of the jokers who believe Peter Lawwell runs Scottish football. Yet despite being given a platform by STV to spout his drivel he didn’t make any reference to Sevco’s favourite target.



    I wonder why?

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