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  1. Georgios unavailability yesterday is a puzzle considering our game plan.



    All we did was cross balls into the penalty area. All day. How fit would Georgios need to have been to stand in the 6 yard box all day ?

  2. PHILBHOY on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:43 AM






    Pretty sure that was it.”



    I heard “cheat” por cierto

  3. AN DUN



    Ange says Georgios did not do a preseason and had to be managed carefully.



    I take it that since he joined us he has been training hard.



    Scales on the other hand, is not yet fit, according to Ange, but makes the bench.



    I give up………….well almost.

  4. If Scales has been playing regularly domestically and in Europe, he must be fitter than Bolingoli. Hard to avoid the suspicion that he and Shaw weren’t Ange signings and might need to do more to convince him.

  5. Eddie Howe debacle could haunt us for years.



    Utter shambles off the park.



    Which in turn will have implications on the park



    D :)

  6. I received an email a few minutes ago claiming to be from the ” NHS”, and it looked genuine enough asking me to Accept or Decline an ” Invitation” to a Covid Passport.



    I clicked on Accept, and provided my name and home details, and my mothers maiden name and my mobile number.


    This then led me to the next page which was asking ME to provide ALL my Bank Details.


    I declined to do so.


    At that point, I then also clicked on to DECLINE the Passport Invitation…


    I can only assume that it was/is a SCAM ?


    Does anyone know ?





  7. Unfortunately I see some of the old failings still happening . Back passing , sideways passing . We should have had that game over by halftime . Had we been playing yet we would not have scored . Livingstone were getting stuck into us , something we don’t do to other teams , again I can see a light non combative outfit . Now I’m not on the training ground but we signed two boys from Sheffield Wednesday who came with the reputation of being able to mix it and with skill attached . None of them near the team at present . The big Irish boy scales can definitely mix it and has skill a plenty , I’m not saying I know more than the coaching staff but we signed these lads knowing of there abilities maybe a bit of faith in them and get them ready for action soon . I don’t know what has happened to David Turnbull But the lad is off the boil , and dare I say it t I don’t think he has it in him for the rough and tumble games , as is Tom rogic although he wasn’t the worst offender yesterday , unfortunately jota looks the same , clever player but is always looking for the tackle coming in . A pick up in performance is badly needed , we can’t afford many more slip ups . Ange has taken responsibility he seems to take it too often for my liking , and I’m not sure he knows his best team by a long shot . Finally was sorry to read that he hasn’t been responsible for a couple of our signings , if that’s true then I’m afraid interference is again a problem to our managers , and blows out the water that ange takes no s@@t from anyone . But all just my view of things . HH

  8. GEEBEE1978 on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:11 AM




    Hope you are right – however currently there is no away game in Scotland that I would bet a penny on Celtic win.



    Rest assured every manager in the SPFL will use that game yesterday as a blueprint for beating us.



    We were lucky to come away with 1-0, in spite of have three times possession of the ball.



    Ten minutes to go I was shouting for CCV to move up to centre-forward -to hang with playing out from the back😂

  9. Three things mainly determine the outcome of a game:


    i the manager


    ii the players


    iii the opposition



    The manager picks the team and sets out the game plan


    The players perform according to the manager’s game plan


    The opposition gets in the way and has its own game plan



    Once the game starts the only one who can really make changes is the manager. The players can’t suddenly decide the game plan isn’t working and conspire to change things. So sometimes you will want to criticize the players for not performing according to the game plan – not pressing, not passing quickly enough, not being brave on the ball, not running into good positions off the ball . Shouldn’t the coaches be shouting for them to correct things or is that too old fashioned, emotional? Things might not be working out simply because some of the players are not fit enough (but the manager selected them) or are just having a bad game.


    Sometimes you will want to criticize the manger for team selection, for having the wrong game plan and for not changing things when they aren’t working.



    I can’t believe Ange is being well-served by his coaching staff or is he refusing to listen to them? We’ve played Livi 5 times now at Livi since BR’s time and they’ve always played the same game plan and we’ve never beaten them! 3 draws and 2 defeats! I think I’d question the game plan of wingers and a single striker. When you see it isn’t working I don’t think you wait till 72nd minute to change things. McCarthy should have come off sooner for sure, perhaps after 45 minutes as it was clear he wasn’t influencing anything. I don’t see what was expected of Bitton considering his contribution in the last games he’s played. Mikey Johnson too lightweight for Livi. Soro was acceptable as he has dig although a bit hot headed. I would have had Scales up front for last 30 (he was on the bench and certainly his fitness isn’t going to improve from that) and taken Joto or Abada off. And I’ve had Montgomery on as he’s got dig and enthusiasm.



    I think most of us like Ange because we’ve had a few games of excellent stuff but probably more so because his talk is good. I honestly don’t see big improvements unless he brings in some top class coaches to work on things with the players and to analyze the opposition. It was a big mistake keeping what was already there. Sorry if that is depressing and I hope I am not doing the present coaches a disservice because obviously I’m speculating.

  10. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    I heard the same as you mate.



    The editor didn’t do his job very well, or maybe he did………..