Lustig, Samaras and problems after World Cup 98


We’ll all be supporting Mikael Lustig and Georgios Samaras as Sweden and Greece attempt to qualify for the World Cup tonight but the prospect of Lustig, Samaras, Izaguirre, Ambrose, Forster and possibly van Dijk not having a break until July, days before the Champions League bandwagon starts rolling again, is unappetising.

Celtic contributed more players to the 1998 World Cup than any other team.  Perhaps as a consequence, we started the new season in third gear, unable to string two league wins together until thumping five goals past a now defunct outfit.  A Perfect Day.

Georgios, Mikael, Emilio and Efe are hugely important players to Celtic.  They are also players we have an excellent chance of retaining, which in some respects makes it even more important that they are ready for action early than those like Fraser, who until he signs his new contract we can be less sure of retaining.

Best of luck to Greece and Sweden tonight, but if your guys return home disappointed there will be compensations.

Ross County have won the respect of many, and rightly so, for building a successful football club from little more than sticky backed tape and empty washing up bottles, but one of their key achievers, manager Derek Adams, has to be one of the most ungracious people in the top fight game, a fact now being picked up in the wider media.

It is unfathomable if this trait is a fundamental aspect of the club’s success.  The clichéd football manager is an unapproachable tyrant but surely there’s more to it than that?

I’ve heard a good few footballers tell their tales of drama, they all have them, even the quiet ones, but it is an objective fact that Frank McAvennie has more stunning stories than anyone in the game.  I’ve heard him tell some publicly, and then listened to the really incredible stuff privately.

The Untold Truth with Frank McAvennie, is at Victoria’s Night Club this Saturday 23rd.  Doors open at 7pm for a three course meal, entertainment and Frankie recounting his stories.  There will also be a sporting auction and a Q&A session.  Book at www.franktalks.co.uk
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    Incommunicado for too long,bud.



    There’s only so many olives you can pick,so get back on the lappy.



    Please,there’s a good fella….

  2. Since it’s a slow news day, here are a couple of facts you never knew……… and will wish you never did:-)



    My local Junior team Whitburn juniors (who incidentally won the junior cup in 2000), signed John Greig although he never played for them. He was signed as a favour basically, to allow him to return to junior football had he failed to make the grade at Ibrox.



    The ” enclosure” in Central Park was built just after world war 2 in 1946. It was taken f from the Polish army camp on Polkemmet Estate.



    There ya go…….that should empty the blog quickly……

  3. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Bawsman 12:42 on 19 November, 2013



    “Just missed out on post 888 there, I could have sold that to a Chinese person.”



    Charles Green is yer man if you are selling yer history.



    And seeing as he now resides in France and has cut his ties with Sevco, they, ahem … no longer have any history.

  4. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Quite a few saying they would like to see Bobby Murdoch in our current team.


    I never saw him in the flesh unfortunately.



    My old man said he was the best midfielder he ever saw.





    FRANKIEBHOY at Victoria’s.



    All our yesterdays……

  6. Celtic Park Days



    Indeed., hero worship is an embarrassing trait in a grown man. I admit I have been guilty of gushing sycophancy towards certain ones in the past and I still blush about it. Like the time in the car park, when I ran after Henrik Larsson ‘to get my five year old daughter’ his autograph, only for her to be too shy to step forward, then the Swede got fed up and eventually drove off.



    Another time I accosted Aiden McGeady *same car park* ( It’s always the car park) only for him to say, – ‘Whit is it’ – speechless, I nervously offered my hand, which to my relief he shook, and walked away puzzled looking back over his shoulder.



    I’m not alone in this trait, – ole EuroChamps67 gets agitated at the merest sniff of a celeb, even a Jim McNally *no offence Jim* or a Gary Caldwell seems to turn him into a fiend incarnate, jumping up and down, nudging you, and grunting look, look – Stephen McManus.



    When Kris Common rolled up at the gazebo, well you can imagine, we thought at one point, EC67 was going to need, gas and air.



    I console myself with the justification that I was a late developer and never really grew up properly. I’m sure those we look up to, accept a certain level of admiration and enjoy it to a degree, but overly enthusiastic ‘be my new best friend’ behaviour must seriously hack them off when all they want to do is stroll down the High St in solitude, or have a quiet pint in a pub alone or with their real friends. Especially when all they’ve done to deserve it is wear a Hoopy shirt, or score a few goals.



    I’m sure at times they are happy to talk and listen, but at other times are just itching to escape. It is a credit to some of these chaps that they deal with the attention in such a gentlemanly manner.



    The screaming girls analogy is a good one. – Calm down dears.



    Georgios Samaras CSC

  7. Morrissey the 23rd Viva Resolution 12! on

    Whitburn is the only place I know of where the swimming pool went on fire.





    With respect to both players,Bobby was deemed to be past it when he moved to Middlesborough.



    Just as Lubo was when he joined us.



    Both players are legends at their latter clubs. They were different players,but Bobby and Lubo were timeless.

  9. Tamrabam



    Saw your post at the tail end of the last thread.



    My view is that they all deserve each other and that it’s not for us to interrupt. My posts earlier in the morning were really just expressions of surprise that spiv after spiv can keep rolling up and relieving the deady bears of their cash basically just by banging a big drum and saying ‘No surrender’.

  10. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I saw McAvennie do one of his routines a few years back.



    At least he was a great Celtic player first-time around.

  11. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    MHARK67 – I’ve been told I’m going to the same movie, at the VUE in Hamilton, however it seems we got a “family” ticket for £40 – Hate Dr Who tho’



    What’s the script about Derek Adams, is he worse than Jeffries?





    You really shouldn’t,you know. I am extremely grateful though that you would even consider such a thing.



    I am expecting a VIP guest in The New Year,does it freeze,or am I just being a complete Philistine?



    I don’t have your details,though if you mail me at






    I will reply forthwith.



    To be honest,said VIP might be on to plums by the time he gets here-and I will follow your recommendation of grilling it. Honest!

  13. Met Macca in a bar in Temple Bar Dublin a few years back……has an infectious laugh when he tells you some tales.



    Most entertaining ex player I ever had the pleasure to sit with for 10 minutes was Bertie Auld in Bairds Bar….was literally hyper ventilating with laughter at one point.

  14. MHARK67 prayin for OSCAR KNOX on

    Thanks to all in their replies to my Dr Who conundrum on previous article for £45:00 Id want in the event to be in 3D rite Enuff !! Like acted live in ma bloody living room3D!!! And BT I’ve checked the listing on Sky planner and it appears to exactly same episode so save yersel some s heckles and watch it with a nice bottle at home on Saturday man





    Seems Adams said Goodwin was a thug on the pitch who had kicked his players all day.



    Collum was useless as he had allowed it.



    Goodwin has challenged Adams to repeat that to his face.



    Lunny says that as long as no Fenian B……s said anything,he’s not interested.

  16. Bobby after yesterday ,I am a weel informed BP kenner….aye it does freeze ….slice it first though …keep for up to a year ……though I cannot imagine what idjeet could sleep properly knowing he had a few slices in the freezer …hahahaha braw


    Good stuff.



    Petition site gets a £5m result for Philippines aid.





    “On Tuesday I launched a campaign asking for the rolled-over £12 million prize from the EuroMillions to be donated to the Philippines relief effort. In just days the petition grew to over 150,000 signatures.



    On Friday the jackpot was won but then yesterday something amazing happened. The Big Lottery Fund announced it would make a donation of £5 million to help the people of the Philippines to rebuild their lives!



    They released this statement:



    “The Big Lottery Fund cannot make general donations to emergency appeals. Nor does it believe its funds are best used for immediate disaster relief.



    “Instead, it will make up to £5 million available to UK based charities, working with communities in the Philippines, to help the long term process of rebuilding lives and livelihoods. ”



    This is fantastic news for the people of the Philippines, I am so pleased that the Big Lottery Fund has responded to this massive need with compassion and tangible action for those that desperately need our help.



    Please spread the brilliant news of The National Lottery’s kind donation by retweeting this message.



    Thank you so much for your support, we did this together!



    Rachel Riddall



    PS. Please do consider giving to the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal if you haven’t yet been able.”

  18. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Celtic first


    Very True


    The no surrender drum beat is the only thing that keeps them going isnt it


    a general inbred illogical hatred


    that is their one and their only motivation



    from the bottom of the MSM to the top of the stairs at the bigotdome


    they are driven by only one urge- unadulterated hatred

  19. morrissey the 23rd,



    I played at the juniors there back in the 80’s, I needed a bath after I came out of the showers!




  20. Mhark67…..



    Prepare yourself for pantomime antics at the Dr.Who movie



    Everyone shouts….



    What do we want……..






    When do we want it…..








    Will get my coat and the dug’s lead then……

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