Maribor, St Johnstone and resolving Murrayfield


Did you watch the European Super Cup from Cardiff last night?  Europa League champions Sevilla lost out to Real Madrid but the team from Andalucía got there after beating Maribor 4-3 on aggregate.  The Slovenian’s narrow defeat deserves some context: Sevilla also eliminated Real Betis, Porto, Valencia and Benfica.

Make no mistake, we’re up against a decent European team.  More on them later in the week.

Tonight it’s St Johnstone, who, like Celtic, have sharpened their wits with European football in recent weeks, and well as enjoying an opening day win in Dingwall at the weekend.  They have lost their talisman, Stevie May, which is a pity, as I would like to see the Celtic defence stretched as much as possible this week, but they will be as ready as any domestic opponent we could face at the moment.

Ronny Deila has two short games to sort out game plan, shape, partnerships and team spirit, before travelling to Slovenia.  It doesn’t need to be right for tonight, but signs of considerable progress on the Murrayfield debacle is needed.

The Kano Foundation are one of the greatest initiatives from any group of football fans I’ve heard about.  They bring the Celtic experience to childrens’ charities and groups, truly phenomenal work.  The Foundation was founded in the wake of the Bring Martin Home campaign, which brought our very own Kano home from life in a hospital bed.

You’ll see the volunteers outside Celtic Park before kick-off on Saturday with buckets, so make sure you bring something for them.

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  1. traditionalist88 on




    Those idiots that hold the power of veto here have even suggested it is a Government matter.



    Two and a half years after this process has begun and they do not understand that no legislation in Scotland has to change for this to be given approval by them?




  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Softunis – did you see that yesterday was the b/ day of both P.Wagoner and B.Owens?



    It’s not called the glorious twelfth for nothin’.

  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Karmic was a sickly sweet jobbie coloured chocolate bar.



    I don’t think they sell them anymore.

  4. Referees renumeration?



    I would not argue against workers improving their income but, in this case, I will.

  5. the long wait is over on

    Awe naw



    Very funny but please – I know it would spoil the impact – gonnae gies a wee heads up that its a spoof..?



    Some of us are trying to work here…




  6. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    big wavy



    14:03 on 13 August, 2014





    I’d hate to think we have lost Mr Z as a result of this. An absolute gentleman and I’ve no doubt is hurting.



    I fear him coming back anyway now would prompt him to have to defend that sort of thing from some on the blog.



    That’s the saddest part for me (and anyone losing their job as a result)



    Some amount of pish, it’s no hard to see your game, create division, who on the blog will blame MrZ for his incompetent club administration ?

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Sorry lhads



    You know I like to keep you on your feet.



    emailed it to three polish lads at work. Hook line and sinker. The Legia fan was leaving to go celebrate so I had to put him right . Not a happy bunny.




  8. Auldheid




    14:54 on 13 August, 2014







    06:08 on 13 August, 2014






    ‘Stinkin Thinkin’ – very good article. Many thanks. The problem is though, that once you admit to yourself you’re a ‘Stinkin Thinker’ you’ve got another thing to beat yourself up about.










    Once you realise that you are in charge of your thinking and not the other way around you stop being controlled by those events.



    You respond to what is rather than react to what your stinkin thinkin tells you what is.



    I hesitated to post the link but the stinky thinky behaviours described could be applied to what drives some comments. It’s not just a CQN thing it’s part of human nature to judge and get it wrong but believe it’s right.



    Here is the link again for day shift.





    I hope Celtic put on a good show tonight to relieve some of the anxiety being expressed, but even if they do not it only means we have still to improve to that acceptable level and that is win, lose or draw we played our best regardless of opposition.




    Good link – we can all do with more “mindfulness”.

  9. the long wait is over on




    Caramacs were “jobbie coloured” ..?



    You need to change your butcher if your’s are that colour…

  10. Standing is a hugely complex concept but marching is okay regardless of a history of violence, sectarianism etc.

  11. From the ‘fishal site



    @celticfc: Celtic FC statement on safe standing (NM)



    By: Newsroom Staff on 13 Aug, 2014 15:05



    CELTIC Football Club is extremely disappointed and concerned that approval could not be given at today’s meeting (Wednesday) of the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) to grant permission to install rail seating at Celtic Park, designed to allow safe standing by supporters.


    The club has provided substantial and detailed information in support of this proposal over the past two-and-a-half years and has made every effort to address comprehensively all issues raised by the SAG. Today’s decision has been made despite the Club also providing the requested additional information from an independent stadium safety expert, Dr Steve Frosdick.


    Surprisingly, we have also today been informed by the Safety Advisory Group, chaired by Glasgow City Council, that this may be a matter for the Scottish Government, and yet we have previously been told by the Scottish Government that this is a decision which must be taken locally at Council level.


    Spectator-safety at Celtic Park is of paramount importance and we believe the proposals we have made would significantly enhance safety at matches. This is a vitally important spectator-safety issue. It is also an opportunity for Glasgow and for Scottish football to lead the UK in this area.


    We do not understand the rationale for today’s decision and in an attempt to seek clarity on this matter, we have requested a full written explanation for the judgement made. Once this has been received we will be in a position to communicate further with our supporters.







  12. South Of Tunis on




    Yes ——– and Erwin Schrodinger ( OCD me has an app for such things ) .



    Low 40s today ———-day spent harvesting mulberries . Feel hot and bothered . A tepid sea beckons and then a big granita ( anything but mulberry ! )

  13. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    It looks like someone above City Hall level doesn’t want Celtic to flourish.

  14. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    Agree, and lets hope we start putting the team spirit youre alluding to into practice tonight.


    Time’s not on our side as far as Europe’s concerned and I dont want to see the onus falling on Kris, again, as he’s too easily identified as our major threat and subsequently too easily nullified by our opponents in Europe

  15. What is like to know is how can you get a licence to stand crushed together with lateral movement for three hours in the Glasgow green at an open air concert, and you can get one for 2 hrs with a fold up seating structure converted for standing and it has been passed as safe all over Europe?

  16. Neil



    I guess that could have gone one of two ways.



    The right thing to do would be to take my word on my intent and offered an apology for jumping in and making the wrong assumptions.



    The other, well, you went for it fella. Your reputation as the blog keyboard hardman overrides everything in your fragile psyche. Couldn’t possibly admit an error could we ?



    I won’t be providing you with anymore oxygen.



    Scroll on by. I’ll happily be doing likewise.

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I sproke with Zbyszek last night. He knows it has nothing to do with Celtic. His only grievance was him and his club being labelled as cheats here on CQN over an administrative error that was clearly made through naievty rather than being deceitful




  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Get the ruling in writing, great idea, that way they have to justify and advise who the dissenting voices are and their motives.

  19. traditionalist88 on

    If England had safe standing we would have it in the morning.



    Safety data from Germany doesn’t count, apparently.