McGinn will sign for Villa


John McGinn will sign for Aston Villa before the English transfer window closes tomorrow afternoon.  Celtic’s most recent offer for the player was made several days ago and, unlike earlier bids, was not rejected by Hibs.  I understand Villa matched this offer, and the terms offered to the player.  While Hibs were in Europe, they were always going to wait until near the English deadline.

Celtic were honest with the player, who was told he would not be first choice, but would get a chance when others were rested or injured.  Steve Bruce, however, told McGinn he would be first choice every week and the core of the new Villa midfield.

I know he’s a Celtic fan, but the player is entitled to make this decision for football reasons.  He will be 23-years-old in two months, not by any measure a youth.  Young players come, happy to wait their turn, but it’s a hard sell to someone who wants to play every week.

We move on…

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  1. Then2DembeleesComeAlongAtWance! on

    Aw naw trains no working an aw noo.



    Signalling system fault, expected to last till 9pm.




  2. BIGBHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2018 4:23 PM



    I don’t see this ending here and I expect Brendan to go for one of the big money offers which come in. He now has a ready made excuse.



    *When I was a young lad my da proudly told me that after the Latter Day Christ returned we had only 5 managers in our 70+ year history, now in my lifetime I’ve seen the following walk through the Parkhead Gates:



    James Edward, the Big Mhan, Caesar, the Quiet Assasin, Caesar again, Liam Brady, Skip Tae Ma Lou, Twist and Turns, Wim the Tim, Dr Jo, John Barnes, King Kenny (won the LC), MON, WGS, Mogga, NFL, Da Doo Ron Ron and the Blessed Brendan.



    WGS once stated that the manager’s shelf life at Parkheid is relatively short, so if Brendan isnae happy then we’ll find someone else, I’ve seen managers and players come and go and naebody but naebody is bigger than Celtic FC.

  3. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TURKEYBHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2018 4:22 PM



    “So reading back on quite a few comments,it seems ,once again,its the Boards fault for not paying the £ 4 million Hibs wanted.The general opinion a few days ago was that we were right not to.Now the Board haters are back on sniping away,being joined by some who also thought we should not pay.On the night of our most important game of the season,this is what fills their minds.More faces than Tesco at Halloween.”



    What are you talking about? We supposedly matched AV’s offer. No one is talking about the board failing to pay £4m, as no one is claiming that is the case.




    You’re a deliberate point misser mate, the point being that so many of us have problems with Peter Lawwell me included that every wee thing is bent out of shape and off we go down the rabbit hole on here. Nothing to do with me being partisan just an observation.



    Brendan’s comments have given us all pause to thought and they been discussed well on here by some of our well read posters to a varying degree.



    I’ve watched you move the goalposts with people who tried to debate the points with you, so either you’re one of those guys for whom being right is the ultimate in life or you’re a plant mate, you’re quite new round here or like a load of others you’ve changed your blog name or have more than one??



    it seems if you’re not a negative James Hunt on here there’s no place for you anymore and by the way I live in Switzerland smart arse that’s why I know we would beat Young Boys over two legs..

  5. Two hours until I head off to Paradise to see the magnificent Celtic of Glasgow play in an important CL qualifier.


    I particularly look forward to seeing Tom Rogic’s magic feet and Olli Ntcham’s metronomic domination of the play and big Odsonne adding considerably to his burgeoning C.V.


    The normal 3 goals would be delightful but I will settle for a competent 2-0 tonight.




  6. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    The level of denial on here is off the scale, hope we get a


    positive result on the park we’ve had a bad day off it.



    Catch you all on the other side.

  7. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    TWISTS N TURNS on 8TH AUGUST 2018 4:28 PM


    So McGinn is now guaranteed a game for Villa every week is he?





    Not necessarily.


    He may, however, feel he has a better chance of getting it at Villa than at Celtic.


    I’m not au fait with the qulity of A V’s midfield, but there would have been a helluva queue in front of him at CP.



    If he was to replace Armstrong, then he would have been a squad player, able to come in when required.



    If he was to succeed Brown, then he would have a bit of a weight.



    If Brendan wanted him for either of both those reasons, then his disappointment stems from Mc.Ginn not agreeing to those conditions.



    I can’t see how that situation would have changed from the beginning of July until now.



    I could be totally wrong, of course.



    When you read a post that started off by saying the Mc.Ginn wouldn’t have imptoved us, etc., then goes on to support Brendan for wanting him, then, for me, logic goes oot the windae!

  8. Paul67



    Malcontent McGinn



    Sorry, disagree with the ‘can’t blame him ‘ theory and as one wise poster (TTT) said the other day we’d find out how much of a Celtic Supporter the player was.



    Of course money talks but if it was matched by Celtic then ‘first team football’ or ‘sometimes first team football’ is a baffling decision, and I’m not sure that’s why John chose to go to Aston Villa? Some Celtic fans will still doubt it if he says so himself.



    The sore thing about this very public disappointment is that whether we did, or didn’t Brendan Rodgers clearly wanted the player so the ‘Board Bashers’ and downright straightforward ‘Heated Drive Haters’ will fill their boots.



    SMSM are already foaming at the mouth readying the “ Paradise Lost” “ Celtic Blunder “ “ Biscuit Tin Celts “ headlines over a two million signing, that they say will drive a “wedge” between Brendan Rodgers and Peter Lawwell, and the internet gullibles will demand every second of broadband width., every hotline,


    including Radio Sevconia to bump their gums about ‘ what they know” .



    I blame the internet CSC

  9. I keep reading,”The problem was,Brendan wanted him”Your point being what?.So we should have paid Hibs asking price?.There are plenty of players out there that “Brendan would want”.


    Somebody saying thst Boyatta is not Brendans problem !!!!!!!!?.So according to him,he had a good long talk with him the other day,and”The boys in a good place”.WTF does that mean?Does he want to go,or not.Would it have been too difficult to get an answer?If the answer was Go,then the Board should have been informed,but no,this waffle,then saying,he wants him to stay.There is around £10-12 million at stake here.Does that not matter?

  10. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    ‘Who do you think you are?’ The Boy George Episode is very interesting from an Irish history/London/ republican/ tennement/ execution point if view!

  11. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ CELTIC40ME on 8TH AUGUST 2018 4:35 PM



    “Our current success is solely attributable to Brendan.



    Debatable to put it mildly.”



    Remind me where we were with Ronny 2 years ago? Please also tell me how the board have changed their approach/implemented new processes in relation to running the club in the interim (aside for hiring Brendan) which can be attributable to our new found success (double trebles, two years in CL, record breakers etc)?

  12. celtic1member1vote on

    Brendan Rodgers rated John McGinn, Davie Hay rated John McGinn


    and Scott Brown rated John McGinn ..


    For me 3 astute judges of a good footballer ..


    Brendan has doubled the clubs turnover in 2 years ..


    It can just as easily drop very quickly if Brendan leaves, and there’s


    no Champions League football, and we get crowds of 30,000 again ..


    I really do hope Dermot gets to grips with what’s going on ..


    Otherwise he’ll be looking for a new manager for next season ..

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    So now BR didnt tell the board that big Dedrick wanted to go, oh dear, oh dearie dearie me…………………



    Someone worried about their dividend

  14. Thehandscant hit,



    What is your grump then.If we matched Villas price,its down to Mc Ginn,nothing to do with Celtic.How,as is being said,we let the manager down?You know what my point is.Just an excuse for people like you to have a go at the Board,under any disguise.Does not work with me,so jog on.

  15. Guys any update on travel for tonight.


    I normally get a lift down to near the park from the Garngad, does anyone know if millers ton street is open?? If so is it clear??



    Might have to walk ???



    Mon the hoops



    D. :)

  16. While I’m not overly bothered about losing out on McGinn the fact Rodgers wanted him should have been enough considering the rumoured transfer fee involved.



    I just hope for Lawwell’s sake we win tonight

  17. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ STARRY PLOUGH on 8TH AUGUST 2018 4:41 PM



    Thanks for providing nothing constructive nor evidencing any of your points. Your outlook is far more suited to a Sevco website where no one is permitted a contrary opinion.



    Also, whether or not we win tonight is not really under consideration; I think we will win in any event.

  18. weebobbycollins on

    Remember when there was no window? You could buy anytime up until March…modern transfer periods are rubbish…


    and anyway….


    Why is the truth so hard to tell?


    Why is Kouassi not getting game time?


    Why is Compper such a wimp?


    Why am I posting this rubbish?


    Killingtime csc….

  19. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Disappointing from a football perspective as I rate McGinn and saw him as Broony’s long term replacement. He will probably never play for us now given inflated English prices, which I don’t doubt will be a matter of personal regret.



    More worrying is whether this will have a negative impact on Brendan and Pedro’s relationship. United those two are unstoppable. Divided and we have a completely avoidable vulnerability.



    Finally, that’s Hibs’ card marked, much as I love Lenny. Petrie was determined to stiff us over McGinn, so he can expect to get it back in spades. No more loans. No more big transfer fees. Sevco apologist tosser.

  20. If all the conjecture is true…



    Then PL has been a prat for not getting in the guy BR wanted.



    BR has been a prat for creating such public negativity prior to a massive, important match.



    JMcG has been a prat for signing for Villa (and running about like a headless chicken).



    But if all the conjecture isn’t true then naebdae has been a prat…or have they?



    I still think we’ll win tonight though…




    That the best ye got Mr Football expert?? No even embarrassed you were chinning me about my outdated opinion of Swiss football when I’ve been posting about what Celtic could learn from Basel on here for years.)))



    Just move the goalposts when asked to get to the nitty gritty..



    As I said the other day we’ve seen many like you come and go on here over the years…

  22. STARRY



    Hibs leaked it from day one, Neil Lennon gave specific details nothing Celtic can do about that once its out there they pestered Brendan Rodgers at every conceivable opportunity as SMSM do when they cherry pick their way through the maelstrom of Scottish Football ‘topics’

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Astonished at the arrogant sense of entitlement displayed here.






    BHOYLO83 on 8TH AUGUST 2018 4:57 PM


    While I’m not overly bothered about losing out on McGinn the fact Rodgers wanted him should have been enough considering the rumoured transfer fee involved.







    I just hope for Lawwell’s sake we win tonight






    So, if we want a player, we snap our fingers and he comes to us, like a wee puppy.


    Does the player have a say in signing for a club.



    In the old pre Bosman days, clubs sold players whether the player liked it or not, as they haeld the registrations and could put a player out of the game.



    Now, the player holds all the cards.

  24. Supposedly 2 changes from Saturday’s starting 11, KT and Hendry for Hayes and Simunovic

  25. Good evening, friends.


    Interesting debates over the last few days concerning the various potential comings and goings. However, as it’s now only 150 minutes until Broonie adopts his stare and leads The Bhoys out for a very challenging game then I know where I’ll be focusing my attention.


    So, 3 at the back or 4? Cos once that’s known, the rest of the team probably picks itself.


    Me? I’d be happy with




    Hendry, Ajer, Lustig/Simunovic


    Forrest, Brown, Ntcham, McGregor, Tierney





  26. !!Bada Bing!! on



    I smell Enid Blytons fingerprints all under this…



    Jabba Traynor would be proud of that article… we had 2 bids in for a player , who wasn’t going to play, and we didn’t really want?

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on






















  28. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Its 3 and a bit hours until k.o.We made a bid for a player and seems he is off to an English club.We have had players who wore the hoops and went off to english clubs.Jesus mary,there is much more important things at hand,namely tonight and a domestic campaign to prevent sleazy Gee from annoying us.




    Very good article on how important Calmac is to our team and I feel Euro games suit his game even better:))



    Let’s hope so tonight.




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