McGregor contract within a year of his last five-year deal


Callum McGregor was given his chance at Celtic in 2014 by Ronny Deila, as an inverted right-winger.  After a promising opening few months in that role, his form slipped and he looked no different than the bevvy of wider players who passed through the club in the years before and after this.

A year later, with Scott Brown unavailable, Callum played in his now-accustomed deep lying midfield role in a Europa League game against Ajax.  I remember the “playing three wingers” horror when we heard the team, as Gary Mackay-Steven and James Forrest were also named in the starting line-up. We lost the game to a late goal, but McGregor flourished in his central role and opened the scoring.

Since then he has grown into Celtic’s metronome.  Last season he played more minutes professional football than any player on the planet.  Twice in the last year, when moved to left back, Celtic conceded control of midfield and suffered defeat.  We need either Callum McGregor, or we need someone with the same tactical discipline to do exactly the job Callum does.

In signing a five-year contract, he has committed himself to Celtic until he turns 31.  By then he will very likely be one of the most decorated players in Scottish football history and possibly Celtic captain.  This deal comes just 11 months after the player last signed a five-year contract.  It is undoubtedly a shot across the bows of those who might want to tempt him to the Midlands.  The player is demonstrably happy at Celtic and is intent on staying.

The question now, for Callum, is can he step up in the Eternal City?

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  1. Any idea what odds for Celtic and Porto to win tonight please?



    I’m not a betting man but if I was…………………..

  2. Best wishes to the Celts who were stabbed last night and I hope all our fans over there remain safe.

  3. !!BADA BING!!






    I’m at the physio in town today so will find a bookies there.



    Fingers crossed.

  4. Incidentally, Phil, I am not really a betting man myself but sometimes I bet on Sevco to win. If my bet loses, I am happy; if it wins, at least I am paid for my disappointment :-))

  5. Best of luck with your bet, Phil but I feel we will do well to get a victory tonight. Lazio impressed me at Celtic Park.




    Yes, you come across as a balanced individual!



    Just the Grand National for me!



    I think the last time I bet the winner of that it was “Highland Wedding”.

  7. Tonight is our toughest ask of the season so far. If we can remain competitive throughout the match then we’ll have made progress.



    There’s no need for us to gift Lazio any goals as they’re more then capable of making their own. Nothing stupid tonight, Celtic.



    Hopefully Cluj drop points against Rennes then it’s all eyes on Motherwell before the international break.

  8. In ither news………………..




    Shameful Shortie, scoddland’s meeja still on The Journey.




  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Most online bookies offer various incentives to sign up with them. Typically, matched bet up to £50, or £10 – £20 free bet. I mostly only use it for Yankee type bets, occasionally I make a donation to the bookies, by betting on a CQN tip 😃. I just do it for fun, I made a £50 deposit about three years ago, and I have been up to about £150, and down to about £20.


    My advice? Always write off, or at least be prepared to lose, the amount you have staked.






    My advice? Always write off, or at least be prepared to lose, the amount you have staked.






    Shirley you mean he should be prepared to front load and accelerate his investment ?

  11. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Wishing the injured Celts in Rome well.



    I’ve read the Celtic statement. Here’s the Celtic fans’ statement to those Lazio supporting fascists who assault away fans with knives – “Are you Sevco in disguise?”



    It’s very easy to imagine dozens of newspaper, radio and television reporters prowling the streets of Rome asking Celts, have any of you been stabbed yet?

  12. Alasdair MacLean on

    Hot Smoked,



    For that reason I keep thinking that if I’m passing a bookies I’ll put £100 on Sevco to win the league.


    Not only to be paid for the potential despair – but to double up as a curse on them!

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    AN DUN


    Of course. Lol.


    My fun bet today is a 10p “Canadian”, which is a stake of £2.60, on five results.


    My selections are wins for Qarabag, Krasnodar, Linz and Roma, and a draw between Feyenoord and Young Boys. If all five results come up, the winnings (Paddy Power ten minutes ago) will be £70.38 on my £2.60 stake. With a Canadian, there is a pay out on two, three or four correct selections, although the amount is obviously less than if all five come up. It depends on the odds, but four out of five usually returns a small profit.


    If you like the cash out feature, a Canadian is a great bet for that. I will report on the outcome later.



  14. I very rarely post (never :) but the below comment had £ signs spinning in my head like a puggy.



    “HOT SMOKED on 7TH NOVEMBER 2019 10:07 AM



    The Bookies ( William Hill ) have Sevco as favourites.”



    So checked Skybet ; Celtic 2/5 Huns 15/8 ???


    I realise bookies offer different odds, but rarely such a divergence.



    So no bet for me.

  15. Silver City 1888 on

    Personally I thought a banner of someone being lynched was a step too far for a football stadium. I doubt that it provoked the stabbing of a pair of Celtic fans though. Stabbing opposing fans in the legs is a depressingly common feature of Italian football thuggery. I expect banners in the stadium will be the average fan’s response to ours.

  16. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Not long back from a training night with our youths, soaked through


    but feeling good after a night of spider rain.. you know, it’s Tarantula.


    O.K maybe the aul wans aren’t the best.


    The princess ” You’re a heidcase Mick, look at the state of you, everything


    is covered in mud ”


    ” not important precious, what’s really life defining is my early morning


    sarnies ready for the Celtic gemme?


    ” Aye, so get tae yir bed, and if that big telly gets splattered there will be hell


    to pay.”


    Ah bless, 50 odd years married and i can still get her emotional 8-))


    Being a Celtic fan does that.


    H.H . Mick

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