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I have lost track of who each of the newspapers back in the battle over the bones of Newco.  Have the Record always been so critical of Dave King or is this a new phenomenon?  Yesterday’s piece in that ‘paper, which left responsibility for Newco’s plight at the door of chairman King, read like a placeholder ahead of more foreboding news.

You and I knew how King’s tenure would play out.  We rooted for him as he rallied fans and all pliable outlets to subvert the club into a position he would be able to buy a controlling interest. We want him to stay forever (which in a corporate sense may not be that long).

Now the future is writ so large even those previously sceptical can see it.  Towards the end of next month the Scottish Cup semi-finals will take place and season book renewal forms will arrive across the country.  A similar scenario convinced the Easdales to give up the fight three years ago; ultimately, they were pragmatic.  From what we know about King, I don’t expect a similar abdication.  He will stay until it is impossible for him to do otherwise, irrespective of the best interests of the club.

Which is a good thing.  His team is so much fun to watch.

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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    My view is that the Scottish/NI flavour of Freemasonry is aligned to the Presbyterian Calvinism of the country, with an added pinch of Orangeism.



    In which case, they are in tune with the “values” of Scottish society.



    Other countries don’t have this core structure.


    With them, it’s “just business”.

  2. The Green Jedi on

    Gormorrah, great show all 3 series were brilliant.


    Shot & located in Naples which makes it more realistic. Farewell Ciro, I’m gonna miss “The Immortal”




    My old man used to say to me often, “be careful what you say cos you never know when something you say saves someones life”



    I never forgot that after I got out of my own darkness, almost kilt me but here I am today and God willing I’ll see The Ten:))




  4. Starry



    The 10



    As good a reason as any to stick around……..and if its good enough for Brendan Rodgers, its good enough for me :))))))

  5. Sips – I suspect you are correct!



    Ref Broonie, McGinn, Kouassi….



    I loved how we bossed the midfield against the Diets at Celtic Park with Kouassi and Broonie the enforcers and Ollie the creator. I’m v disappointed we’ve not tried it since.



    While I want Broonie to be the Bhoy who lifts 10IAR Realistically not even he will be able to play every moment of every game by then.



    I think McGinn is a better player now than Broonie was when he joined us. And would settle better and quicker.



    Thunder Road – your every post on here and gentle smile in real life adds warmth and goodness.



    HH jamesgang

  6. Jamesgang , I see you’re being quoted in the Shark Jump tonight (anonymously) – ah the price of fame !




  7. What is the Stars on

    Thunder Road



    Good to see you back


    I will be in Polmont at the end of the month if you fancy a pint.


    Just the one mind you……

  8. Jamesgang



    Your a big gem :)



    You probably had your chance when i lay across your knee in the back of WITS motor in Dublin but its tooooooo late for 1 liners and patter like that now though as i do believe very belated congratulations are in order!!! :)))



    As for McGinn……..ive watched a few Hibs games to have a good look at him and he has blew cold and warm.


    In EVERY game though, he has put in a helluva shift and put his body on the line for his side and helped get break up the opposition and drive play forward.


    A very very rough diamond?


    Wee Dylan McGeough meanwhile sits pulling all the strings in that holding role with his composure on the ball, yet who the hell would want him as the holding player?????

  9. Thunder Road



    What transpires on WITS’ back seat……





    I thought McGeouch (and still more, Henderson) were allowed to leave without ever getting the full chance to prove their worth.



    HH jamesgang

  10. WITS



    When are you over?



    We can make it the size that Billy Connolly’s wife thinks a pint is :)

  11. WHAT IS THE STARS on 20TH MARCH 2018 4:40 PM







    Going to wedding on Friday 30th ( Good Friday) in Polmont.



    That’s just a couple of miles from where I stay.

  12. Jamesgang/Thomthetim et al



    The Reformation in Scotland made Roman Catholicism illegal in 1560 on pain of death eg for a Priest saying a mass. (See John Ogilvie) The faith was maintained in secrecy, and more often than not in areas in the Highlands and Islands, and also by the families of nobles in the Borders and elsewhere. The Act of Union 1707, left the now Presbytarian Church of Scotland in charge and the defeat at Culloden saw many remaining Catholics cleared or emigrating to Canada, and taking their faith with them. This continued despite the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1793. Following the Napoleonic Wars legislation was passed in the 1820s to finance the building of new Churches, in England, and Scotland, in particular the HIghlands and Islands of Scotland. Presbytarian churches that is. No less an engineer than Thomas Telford, Of Caledonian Canal fame etc was commissioned to oversee the whole process of building these, each with a budget of £1500. Dozens and dozens of these were constructed, and many of these modest buildings are still Church of Scotland churches are still in use today, many of them coated white. At the time they were referred to, in the Highlands, as “Parliamentary Churches”, and not always in a good way. That said they made their mark, and gave, and this was the idea, local but spread out populations a place to “worship”. That said the faith did survive, but only just.

  13. WITS



    Are you just over for the 1 day?



    Im off on Thursday the 29th….any good?


    Working til 8pm on the 30th so thats out im afraid.


    Also working on Saturday the 31st but just until 3pm so afterwards?


    Off on Sunday the 1st so that is VERY doable :)

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    CELTIC MAC on 20TH MARCH 2018 4:49 PM






    As has been said often.



    We were not paranoid enough!

  15. Freemasons



    1. In Scotland being a freemason was for personal advancement and used to keep Timmy down as they kind of excluded themselves. There were exceptions. The handshake was ritually used at interviews to identify non members. I believe the way the masons operate in Scotland is contrary to the aims and practises of the craft. In England it is much more acceptable.


    2. After the two Stuart led Rebellions, the Crown decided that the clan system had to end and with it the old religion, tartan and gaelic. The land was cleared of people and sheep and Grouse installed. There is a story about the catholics of Glengarry who ended up in Bridgeton and were involved in supporting a certain team which had been started by Brother Walfrid. I believe one of the social pioneers, David Dale employed them in dye works etc. The MacDonalds of Glencoe were catholic and were massacred by the protestant Campbells on the orders of King Billy. Presbyterians were mostly Loyal to the crown and were allowed to remain.

  16. Thanks Celtic Mac



    WITS – I’ve taken that day off as leave so I can go to thec wedding with you.

  17. Oldtim



    Yip, was thinking that we could get you along somehow if there was a suitable time for us all ……now that would be brilliant :)))

  18. DD, just catching up from last night. Just one thing to say:. look forward very much to seeing you next week in 102 pal – YNWA. HH

  19. You can tell when sevco are in trouble – they organise a leg-ends match – for the benefit of …….. keeping the lights on

  20. Not all Freemasons are bad folk,My Grandfather ,was one,a finer man you couldn’t meet,My mother told me often,that during the second world war,they got many meat parcels delivered to them,which they shared with there neighbors, and through out my working life, being asked to join the mason’s,one of them,the man being a gentleman,said to me he knew I was a Catholic,listen he said there are plenty of Catholics that are Mason’s,I declined Wattys offer,I think it’s the Orangemen that needs to be watched,rather than the Freemasons,buts that’s my option,yours truly Timbhoy 2 or Oldbhoy.

  21. In my opinion we will sign McGinn ..absolute no-brainer.



    £3m for a guy that will vastly improve at Celtic and will probably be in the first team for about 8 years.



    Kieran Tierney’s long-term vice captain.




  22. What is the Stars on



    over on Thursday evening the 29th. Wedding Friday,collect my daughters at Edinburgh Airport on the Saturday and drive up to Loch Lomond for a couple of days.


    Jamesgang recommended a place that does tea and scones….the big softie…ms jean brodiegang as he will henceforth be known

  23. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Interesting discussion re midfielders. Would definitely like to see Christie back with us next season. Been really impressed with him at Aberdeen. Could see Morgan being loaned back to St Mirren for a year. Bit crowded in that area, although Sinclair and/or Rogic may move on at some point.


    Allan has looked decent at Hibs, but might not have what it takes to be a Celtic player.


    Interesting to see what happens with Armstrong. Don’t think he would get as good a move as he would have last year, so might stay for the last year.


    McGregor gives us something different and has versatility. Would like to see him a bit deeper to get the ball moving forward quicker.


    Bitton isn’t to everyone’s taste but can play as sweeper. Has that long pass option to beat the press.


    Not sure about McGinn. Probably not any better than what we have, but you have to plan ahead. Armstrong might leave and Ntcham probably won’t be here long term.


    Think there are more pressing areas to be recruiting for though.

  24. What is the Stars on

    Never mind who will replace Broonie


    More urgently who will replace Rodgers when he takes the West Brom job next month

  25. Malorbhoy


    If you’re around, yes, Dunky, that was the bhoy in question at the Blackpool Shammy.



    St Stivs relative? He must’ve told me that and that’s where I got the idea it was St Stivs.



    Yes I remember you too. I’m sure there were a few others but I’ve got a poor memory for names.



    I do remember another lad from the Cumbria area. Name was Willie I believe. Really nice lad . Played snooker with him. Was Vmhan’s buddy I think.



    Ton Che Dan? He might be Vinny’s bhoy?


    Thanks for the info bud.

  26. What is the Stars on



    I was thinking more along the lines of Joey Barton as player manager

  27. Hola,






    is Daniel, father of the twins.



    I havnt seen him post in a long time.

  28. Jamesgang






    We are so driven by them.



    Too driven?



    I can get a bit defensive of our side after things don’t go as hoped for and recently after the Zenit and St Johnstone games i got pissed off enough with some of the criticism to go look at the ages of our side and the teams we were playing.



    I felt a sad b afterwards and didnt post anything :(



    I thought…….get a friggin life!



    Better late than never?



    I blame you :)



    Our outfield players(DDV is auld and was therefore excluded from the equation!)



    Versus Zenit we had an average age of 23.8 from the 10 outfield players that started.


    I compared that to a bunch of other games that were going on in the Europa League that night and generally they all averaged from about 25.5 – 27.5 or something like that.


    Anyway, i felt sad and didn’t want to bore the ass off everyone so i bottled it up.


    It didn’t end well and we got put out.


    Its been pointed out that a lot of teams that have spent an absolute fortune have only managed to go a round further than us.


    Can you imagine learning a job and looking back at yourself and how you were 2 years ago?


    Id say you would think you are much better at it after getting a few more years.


    Can you imagine how our young side could improve with a few more years experience?


    Brendan put a team on the park v St Johnstone with an outfield players average age of only 22,7 because of all the games and injuries we have had and in that number, Gamboa got a run out, as did Miller, Hendry, Musonda etc. and they came up against a typically over physical Perth side given a long leash by the MIB.


    Obviously the best will get flogged, yet there will be some that don’t/aren’t given the time to become what they can be because they are not given enough time here.


    Whether that is down to us having too many players and the need to jettison them from the conveyor belt or having an increasingly demanding support is probably down to how you view it but id say there’s a bit of both.



    I watched that programme about the Masons. Leery of them, myself. The programme itself wasn’t exactly investigative journalism.






    what about the rythmic handclap daftness. I found that really funny.

  30. Wits


    That’s definitely outside the box. Good shout.


    Celtic should let Brendan go now, before the cup semi.


    Teams always get the bounce factor when a new boss comes in.


    Let’s not make the same mistake as we did after Seville by sitting back and doing nothing.


    The natives are getting restless after that 0-0 v 10 men.


    This will get them back onside.

  31. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    My daughter got married in Callender, Loch Venechar.



    Lovely spot and, if possible, worth a wee trip.