Mid-hibernating Zenit for Celtic


Celtic will face Zenit St Petersburg on the last 32 of the Europa League in February next year. The first leg will be at Celtic Park on 15 February, three weeks before Zenit’s season resumes after a three-month winter shutdown, with the return leg a week later. They take to the field for the final time before the break tonight.

After going through the nerves of tackling mid-season Scandinavian opponents in the Champions League qualifiers, this draw is encouraging. While Brendan and the players have plenty of work today before our own three week break, they will be encouraged at the prospect of extending our run in Europe into the spring.

We’re happy.


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  1. glendalystonsils on




    Thanks for info. Sounds like a ‘coulda been better, coulda been worse’ kind of draw.

  2. Afternoon



    Still choked up wth the lurgy- or whatever you do with lurgy.



    I would imagine Zenit will be a good team so getting them in their break is probably the best time to play them.



    At the moment we look to be struggling a bit but with a good break I see no reason to write us off as it is not as though the Russian clubs in the Champions’ League set the heather on fire




  3. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    he Krestovsky Stadium Is an ultra modern venue with a capacity of just above 68,000. It is a grass surface and has a retractable roof. In 19 games in the league this year, Zenit have played 19, won 10, drawn 6 and lost 3.



    Stadium looks cool, if a little intimidating. Zenit’s average crowd, is the highest in Russia at 44,578.





    Happy enough wi that draw. Big club,but a big chance of winning.



    That’s not a prediction,of course. But if we can beat Zenit,it will give our players back their confidence,it will give the club back some international respect.



    It’s doable,for sure.

  5. Not the best of draws – a distance to travel and a good team but their winter break is good news and hopefully the time difference will impact more on them than on us.



    I suspect Brendan will be pleased in one respect with the result at the weekend as it gives him ample opportunity to focus on things that can be improved – which is difficult to do on the back of such a long unbeaten run – a credit to the players that they haven’t switched off before now but that was a reminder what can happen when they do.

  6. Could have been worse… but that place is going to be loud if they get a decent crowd in with the roof closed.

  7. After reading they’re in the winter break it’s looking like a better draw that I had first thought, like always though we’ll need to be at our very best against a high scoring Russian team..



    Let’s see what the January window brings I have a feeling BR will be looking to strengthen..

  8. Jamesgang




    ” Either we’ve got worse, the opposition has got better or the MIBs are costing us points.”




    I think you could also add that maybe we haven`t taken our many chances as well as we did last year. I believe that there is an understandable tendency to form opinion based on results eg 5-1 victory = Celtic were very good; 1-1 draw =Celtic were not very good.



    If the same number of chances was created in each game and we tucked away five in one and only one in the other, I would argue that our performances were both very good and finishing was the only difference.



    I realise, of course, that goals are the only factor in determining the result of a game but an analysis of performance should see them as only a part of the overall performance. I think we are performing at least as well this season as we did last year.







    Good to see you back on. I was asking about you a week ago.

  9. Zenit are a bloody good team, I think Paul’s optimism may be a tad misplaced.


    Anyhow all we know is there’s going to be a show.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    HOT SMOKED on 11TH DECEMBER 2017 12:48 PM



    Converting chances is precisely where we have got worse IMO. The number of games which have been narrow ,nervy wins or draws (including yesterday) which could have been 5 or 6 goal wins

  11. Zenit


    Top scorers in the EL this season


    Winter shutdown for 3 months


    Won 5/6 of their CL games last season


    Last 16 v benfica lost both legs during winter shutdown



    Re yesterday


    Seems I’m the only one who really enjoyed the game.




  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    Zenit will underestimate us, but lets hope we dont underestimate them, got some tidy players (Paredes for instance) and are quite an attacking team, we’ll need to be better defensively thats a given, heres hoping January brings us some new, good, recruits

  13. Som mes que un club on

    Not quite a full house…..



    Celtic will play in front of a partially shut stadium when they travel to Russia to face Zenit St Petersburg.



    The Russians were hammered by Uefa and found guilty of racist behaviour after displaying a banner praising former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic during a 2-1 home win over Macedonian side Vardar Skopje.




    Zenit are one of two teams who came to Basel and had the local British pub shut down, Feyenoord being the other.



    I was up town to take some photos of the fans saw their mob and decided that the tram hame would be a better idea.



    Well dress short haired scary looking bunch, silently intimidating where as Feyenoord were just mental and really loud and off their tits..



    Be careful over there Tims..

  15. glendalystonsils on



    Or 2 days 16hours by bus…:-))



    …or 3 weeks by Hillman Imp-))

  16. Folks ,



    Can anyone help ?



    Drummer wanted for pop & light rock covers band based in ML5 .



    Covering all sorts from the sixties through to today eg the Beatles , the Rolling Stones , T Rex , David Bowie , Fleetwood Mac , Tom Petty , Bryan Adams , Primal Scream , Oasis etc



    Looking to target the birthday party market ie fortieth , fiftieth etc



    I’ll monitor responses on the blog then arrange contact .

  17. Anyone thinking of heading to St Pete’s for the away game ………………think again we are not liked over there by the Ruski’s i went up in 2009 for the Dinamo Moscow game ……………….never again. Shyte fans and horrible atmosphere. And i can assure you St Pete’s will actually be worse than Moscow.

  18. Zenit all before. Not too bad a draw given the winter break. Hopefully a fully fit Paddy and a new right back and CH for us.

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