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  1. Big Joe did what big Joe does – inspires confidence most of the time and then jangles the nerves on occasions. Still not great with ball at his feet and I wonder why he doesn’t throw out more.



    Ralston is certainly more than competent in SPFL and deserves a new longer contract. Apart from occasional errant pass he was solid.



    CCV was imperious, no nonsense stuff. Good in the air. Get him a permanent deal asap.



    Starfelt had his best game yet, again no nonsense stuff. Good positioning.Impressive, looks finally to be settling.



    Looks like 2 centrebacks now have a better understanding of how they are supposed to play – get it out from the back but when must needs get it out of the park.



    Bolibolingoli had a great game. I think Ange wanted to give him as much time on the park as possible hence didn’t introduce Scales. Boli is certainly first choice but he needs a long run of games to come to peak and cement a relationship with Jota.



    Calmac – what a leader. The best midfielder in Scotland and one of the best in UK. Glad he’s happy at Celtic. We’d really miss him if he left.



    Big Tom surprisingly excellent despite his mid week exertions. Ange seems to have got him back to a good place. His replacement Nir Bitton strolled it. Why ever did we turn him into a CB? His development seriously curtailed by that move.



    Turnbull was good except for some errant passes, not spotting better opportunities for goalscoring by passing to a team mate, woeful free kick. But what a screamer of a goal. He will only get better.




    Abada looked dangerous but final ball very poor. Definitely will only get better.



    Kyogo had a quiet day by his standards but lacked the right kind of service. Most crosses overhit and too high. Still creates nervousness in opposition.



    Jota has a bright future for Celtic. Get him a permanent deal asap.



    Subs MJ and Giakoumakis not on long enough to have much influence but I’d say promising.






    1. This was sort of more subdued Angeball and it was good to watch without creating heart attacks in leaving too many opportunities for opposition to counter. Is this the future?


    2. I’d never have guessed we’d dominate the mid-field. with that lineup Obvious though that players still getting used to each other. I’d keep that formation for a while except bring in Bitton when opposition are well known for lightening counter attacks.


    3. Need to get Giakoumakis up to speed asap as we need a strong alternative to Kyogo in the centre to take up some of the high crosses (when they improve). I don’t think Ajeti is the answer.

  2. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Cmon bhoys and ghirls, another happy Celtic Sunday beckons.




    Great post mhate, agree with all of that?


    Wanted to see how big Christopher would link up with CCV, but


    Credit to Starfelt he had a good steady game.


    Wee question, are the Huns eating one another yet, no?


    never mind shouldn’t be long 😛


    H.H. Mick

  3. DAVID66 on 16TH OCTOBER 2021 6:35 PM


    Big Jimmy good to see you on.







    We might have to put our drinkypoo back a week as Doctir sent me a letter about my liver and alcohol etc.







    But I think it was my medication and recent illness that resulted in something showing up in my bloods.







    Going to abstain for 4 weeks until next blood tests to see what happens probably looking at Frday the 19th if that suits you sir.







    Stay safe big man and give my love to wee Rockybhoy.







    Thats fine mate, whatever DATE is fine by me as your/our health comes first obviously. I will ” Pencil In” November 19th, but IF it is longer than that, that will also be fine ?


    Hopefully, I can resume drinking again sometime this week after my hospital visits ( just Tests ), as I am gearing myself up to ” Tanning” 12 Pints of Beer…..just to get me up to speed and ” Match Fit” once again !




    I think wee Rocky Bhoy is a bit Constipated just now, and I will speak to the Vet tomorrow (Monday )on the phone ( hopefully) .I HATE it when the wee Guy is a bit unwell.





    Get that ” Curer” doon yer neck asap Mick…ye canny whack it…LOL.


    Hope that you and yours are all safe and well.


    Mon The Hoops.



    Oh, we’re gonna be the CHAMPIONS once again” !


    HH MICK.

  5. Melbourne Mick on




    Everybody good here, we open up next Thu. from the longest


    lockdown in any city in the world.


    Was it too much ? Don’t know, it certainly saved lives so that will


    do me.


    Smashing reading about you and David66 arranging a meet up


    and multiple pints being supped, I luv it and wish I could be


    there, alas I think my jaunts down the Gallusgate are over.


    H.H. Mick

  6. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Well played the Celts.



    Good luck to Scotland today and Ireland tomorrow as the cricket T20 World Cup begins. Three qualifiers to play v Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and Oman today, Tuesday and Thursday. Two of the four teams advance to the main event next week.



    Ireland have it tougher on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, v Netherlands, Sri Lanka and Namibia.



    I’ll try TMS on radio first but if it’s Billy Dodds and Ally McCoist providing expert analysis, then back to espncricinfo I go.

  7. I really enjoyed that game. Playing murderwell is usually as the name suggests and I certainly wasn’t expecting a goalfest but I was anticipating a long queue for the medical table come full time………



    Some of our passing was incredible, speedy and determined. We look like we carry the threat of a good team well coached and confident.


    I’m willing to suggest Ange knows how to coach. Quite hopeful of further progress.



    Turnbull’s goal was a stoatir……and our bouffanted Bhoy’s goal was a peach……..the paas tho from Tam was sublime.



    The huns result put me over the edge, such was its unexpected delight.



    Having seen the Aribo challenge – clearly we need to raise the questions around standards, fairness and consistency in the game.



    We should do this, especially after a win.




  8. We never ever call out the ref’s. Managers like Ferguson, Mourinho, Wenger, Klopp…called out the refs time and time again…even slippy G commented on the ref in his first ever league game against Aberdeen after Fat Fredo was sent off…We have had numerous opportunities to call out the ref’s this season regarding assaults on our players that have went unpunished…we must box more clever…and raise these issues…especially after we get a result too…

  9. glendalystonsils on

    How’s this for a conspiracy theory . M’well are denied a penalty in a game which we were clearly going to win anyway . The aim? To show that we get our share of ‘honest mistakes’ too and that us bleating about the Sevvies is unwarranted paranoia .



    That’s certainly how it will be portrayed .

  10. Very good performance yesterday. Much better than at Pittodrie.


    If we can get Julien, Mccarthy, Juranuvic and Forrest all fit and into the starting 11.


    We could have a decent team.

  11. GlenD………….



    You have a point matey.



    WE really need to move the narrative on this issue as much as we can as soon as we can. Especially when we enjoy winning momentum.



    There’s too much at stake.and there’s certainly no embarrassment in standing up for your own playing staff.



    CQN’s excellent Celtic By Numbers is doing a fine job from an analytical perspective.



    I’m as scunnered by the meeja’s efforts to shore up the Huns and denigrate our achievements but if enough’s enough.




  12. Wouldn’t agree, thee was plenty of time left. if penalty was given & converted , it could have been an entirely different outcome,


    They would have been galvanized and we would have been more nervous, personally I was hugely relieved we got away with it,



    ILJASB, I agree entirely with your summation, and if Ange has taken a step back from original Kamikaze Ange Ball than well done him. The European game will tell a lot on whether he is toning down his tactics, hopefully he is.

  13. Morning all






    I was watching the same stream as you here in Portugal. The commentator was Jock Brown (formerly of our Parish) and attempting to assist him was Mark er…ah…um…Hateley.



    I reckon he shares DNA with Kris…and…em…ur…Boyd!




    Someone mentioned earlier that we have 3 consecutive away games in December and Sevco have 3 consecutive home games. I’ve just checked this and notice that one is in midweek. Is this perhaps rescheduled due to an earlier LC tie?



    I imagine someone here might know.

  14. In ither news….




    wee Buuully cannae get a game for Norwich.




    Look oot for an audacious swoop by the straw-clutchin’ huns………………..


    after Fat Charlie’s puntedfor <4 to…….(insert name) of "turkish cracks "





  15. The above post shows the ball hitting the Motherwell players hand before it goes on to hit Bolis’ hand…yet no mention by anybody as yet…this is what we must counter with when we are asked questions

  16. Have just seen the Aribo ‘tackle’ on the Hearts player. Sportscene – like the ‘tackle’ on Doig v. Hibs – thought it acceptable to cut this shocking, potential leg breaker, out of their highlights. BBC (Scotland) are probably as bad as Sky (Scotland) .



    Biased and agenda driven, pure and simple. I don’t even think the editor of Sportscene will have the decency to reflect on his hopeless performance, and be embarrassed.



    I actually wonder if the Roofe assault/attempted decapitation on the Slavia keeper (the one where big-mooth Gerrard was strangely silent) would have been edited out had BBC Scotland been covering that game. Whoever their editor is now isn’t even fit to be working on The Sooty Show, let alone the state broadcasters flagship football programme.

  17. Bankiebhoy,



    Hoi,never you mind sending wee crabbit face over here.Anyway,no Turkish team could afford him,they are already putting together the 20 million for Patterson,the Ibrox Noise were quoting the other day.

  18. Isn’t it great waking up on a Sunday morning when The Bhoys have had a great win and performance at a very difficult venue and the other mob have slipped up after a last minute goal by their opponents. Magic!




  19. Did anyone actually see Aribos tackle.I have seen the pics,but no footage.Had a look at Sport scene there,and it never happened,according to what I saw.Shocking bias.Where are all the Hibs,Hearts fans,with their anger.Robbie Nelson ?Hubs manager,commenting on the bias of the BBC,who crucified Porteous,but never even commented last night.

  20. Turkey Bhoy.





    Scotland need to want change,


    ourselves alone wont budge – we need the support of those who want a better game and an end to hun chicanery…………………..




  21. !!BADA BING!! on 17TH OCTOBER 2021 11:57 AM


    ‘the BBC are a truly rancid organisation’






    Shortbread is, at least when it comes to football.



    But maybe that just a reflection of Scottish football.

  22. glendalystonsils on




    And yet wee Jonny Jon Jonathon Sutherland’s opening quip on the Celtic highlights was ‘should Celtic’s first goal have stood?’ Referring to Kyogo winning the ball in the build up to the move with what was obviously a good tackle .



    On another note , the thing I enjoyed most about the huns v minis game (apart from the late equaliser , was Morelas missing chance after chance that a half decent amateur striker would have buried .

  23. Neustadt…….and Bada…………………






    Toilet Block Bias Broadcasting……………

  24. Glen D



    Yon yin’s for the watchin’……………


    as the song goes…..



    ” Sutherland No More…….”




    smiley the wonder was oor wee new man fae Japan wasnae booked for it thing



    but what a pass from Tommy …




  26. TOSB…………….



    to coin another’s fine phrase






    “Awfy braw”




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