Newco will have to Surrender


Murdoch MacLennan’s Q&A, available here on BBC, and Neil Doncaster’s interrogations by various media yesterday, laid out the absurdity of the SPFL’s Trail Without Evidence.  MacLennan wrote:

“I have been provided with no evidence whatsoever that any club has been bullied or coerced.

“In the absence of any such report, [Rangers (sic.)] alleging “bullying and coercion” risk bringing the game into disrepute and sowing further unnecessary division.

“The suggestion of issuing loans is a red herring…….  The last loan made by the SPL was more than seven years ago, in unique circumstances to a single Member, secured against a personal guarantee given by a wealthy supporter.”

Ann Budge disputes the latter, in an attempt to sound more jaked that she probably was, she claims to have approved a loan to a club when on the SPFL board, but she cannot remember which club.  Honestly, these people are being taken seriously in some places!

He goes into great detail about how and why matters progressed as votes came in on Good Friday.  He responded to Partick Thistle’s horror at the financial consequences of relegation: “We have to remember that the league is a sporting competition. Each year we have promotion and championship wins for successful clubs, and regrettably relegation for the unsuccessful.”  Pick that out of the net, Jacqui Low.

And still, 20 days on from the vote, no evidence of bullying or wrong-doing has been presented.  The chairman is correct, the game has been brought into disrepute by one club, that should be brought to task.  Newco know with 100% certainty they will lose their EGM vote, but still they prevaricate, perhaps wondering how they will sweeten the Surrender pill for their fans to swallow?

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Yeah , I’m not on often but I always try to mark the passing of the great mhan, or the mad wee ginger *******



    to anyone who spent any time in his company.



    Still missed.

  2. Shuggiebhoy67 on

    International Workers Day celebrations and solidarity to all frontline workers,doctors,nurses,care workers, home carers, shop workers, transport drivers,the real heroes of this pandemic,that old saying comes to mind,”Lions led by Donkeys”,Kharma will deal with Bojo,Donald “the Quack” Trump and their ilk in the course of time,


    meanwhile stay safe.and stay home.


    HH C`Mon the Celts.

  3. Happy May Day to all the socialists of the world.


    Happy Lá Bealtine to all the Gaels who never surrendered to the Church of Rome.

  4. Hrvatski Jim on

    JOHNBAY on 1ST MAY 2020 10:25 AM



    Wonderful indeed.



    I made a comment. You will see me with ……can’t remember what it is………oh i got it……..the Petrofac Training Cup!

  5. TIMALOY29 on 1ST MAY 2020 9:16 AM


    Credit to the lad from the Celtic discord for setting up that hoax for the zombies and the state aid nutter



    TIMALOY, has that been confirmed as genuine? I thought there was still a possibility that it was a double scam? I’m not on Twitter so couldn’t check for myself.



    Ave Ave

  6. Being the feast of St Joseph the Worker, I prayed today for all workers on the front line during this difficult time for all of them. The prayer was also meant to include all on here who are required to be out and about at work today.

  7. Shuggiebhoy67 on



    got 100% in the quiz.


    only doubt was Stephane Bonnes,didn`t know he actually broke sweat in a Cellick jersey as per the photo.



  8. The Onlooker on

    The Workers Song by Ed Pickford


    Best version IMHO by Dick Gaughin



    Come all of you workers


    Who toil night and day


    By hand and by brain


    To earn your pay


    Who for centuries long past


    For no more than your bread


    Have bled for your countries


    And counted your dead



    In the factories and mills,


    In the shipyards and mines


    We’ve often been told


    To keep up with the times


    For our skills are not needed,


    They’ve streamlined the job


    And with sliderule and stopwatch


    Our pride they have robbed



    But when the sky darkens


    And the prospect is war


    Who’s given a gun


    And then pushed to the fore


    And expected to die


    For the land of our birth


    When we’ve never owned


    One handful of earth?



    We’re the first ones to starve


    The first ones to die


    The first ones in line


    For that pie-in-the-sky


    And always the last


    When the cream is shared out


    For the worker is working


    When the fat cat’s about



    All of these things


    The worker has done


    From tilling the fields


    To carrying the gun


    We’ve been yoked to the plough


    Since time first began


    And always expected


    To carry the can




    SHUGGIEBHOY67 on 1ST MAY 2020 11:54 AM






    I got 19 out of 20. Happy with that.

  10. Goat tae laff at Victorian Dad…………….complainin’ aboooot hun behavour in a previous life ( “lives”shoorly?)



    In Shorties despatch ne’er a wurd aboooot his previous behaviour!!!






    …now if that was someone from Our Great Club commenting, I’m sure shortie would have had it’s pencil sharpened and Ready!



    Oh aye.

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